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Anwar: Cina BN semua bodoh / What you all think? (Updated)

Reader comment @ (Teluk Intan by-election story)

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 16-42-35

Cina DAP menghina kaum sendiri

Mengiyakan dakwaan Anwar bahawa Cina yang menyokong BN bodoh belaka.

Dapster mencemuh Cina yang mengundi BN sebagai “pengkhianat bangsa”.

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 19-32-51

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 17-53-51

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 17-56-16

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 18-13-25

BN Chinese stupid AND “shameless”

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 18-00-08

“Seriously stooopid”? “Donkey?”

Now we’re all Alifah Ting — the 10 percent Chinese who voted BN are being roundly abused.

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 19-03-45

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 18-18-57

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 19-00-25

Malaysiakini 2014-05-27 18-22-58

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66 thoughts on “Anwar: Cina BN semua bodoh / What you all think? (Updated)

  1. DAP has done a great job in convincing the general public that their opponents are racists and that only they, are colour and religion blind.

    I don’t vote for them because I can see through their deception. They have used what they’ve learned from their Pentecostal movement, to insidiously worm their way into the hearts of the Chinese, Indians and Malays. This is a religious war that they are waging, but quite cleverly I must add.

    They are hyper-critical of UMNO Malays/Muslims, but in truth, they are critical of all Malays/Muslims. Meet any born-again Christian, and within minutes of having a discussion on Malays/Muslims, the truth is easily spewed out.

    They want to control the country and they want to control the religious direction of the nation. That is what they’ve been taught in Bible classes, and that is what they’re doing. Sooner or later, the Malays/Muslims who support them will realize that, but it could be too late then because by which time, a mini-Armageddon could well be upon us.

    To the reader comment in MKini: I am Chinese; raised a Catholic; has left the faith; and will vote BN.

    Gene K

    1. msian1st is so clever, BN are racist because only Malays will vote for BN.

      Malays vote for BN, how racist is that?!

      Just WOW, mind blowing to say the least!

    2. Dear Eugene,

      You may have lost faith in the Church’s Trinitarian teachings of Pauline Christianity, but I pray you do not lose your connection with Jesus the Messiah because his original teachings as recorded in the apocryphal writings of his immediate disciples have resurfaced in the last 50 years and they direct attention towards the secret of the “Kingdom of God” within every human soul, just like how the Muslim mystics believe and practice.

      Ted Nottingham offers a special presentation on key passages of the GOSPEL OF THOMAS, considered to be older than the four Gospels and source material for them. In these sayings of Jesus, lost to the world for two thousand years, we find a depth of wisdom and spiritual knowledge (gnosis) that is utterly transformational to those who would meditate on them and apply them to the moments of their lives.


      1. how about jelutung recently? don’t the Chinese voted for dap? Isn’t that racist?

        why take on the Malays? why not the chinese? Common on if you call one race a racist I beleive the other is the same.

        As a Malay I will vote BN now and forever. There is no govt in this world that is perfect. Even in the US and Europe the Govts are not perfect and clean.

  2. msian 1 st , gave a true picture what are in Chinese minds , anybody with DAP labelled will do in Chinese majority constituency , even a monkey will !.

  3. Oh, the delicious irony. Pot calling the kettle “racist! ” So, to a certain segment of Malaysian society, obviously anything in favour of BN or Malay is “racist” while anything non-BN or non-Malay is pure, fair, unified etc.

    Tunnel vision.

  4. 1- Accept that you are a ‘pendatang’. It’s the fact. It’s not an insult.

    2- When you accepted the fact that you are a pendatang, it means the rights of the native must be respected.

    3- Since the pendatangs had already been accepted as citizen of this fortunate land, work together with the native for a better future.

    1. ‘Accept that you are a ‘pendatang’.’

      I suspect you in good faith meant to say keturunan pendatang, thus ‘pendatang’ ?

      I know I am guilty as charge here, I used it rather loosely too especially on DAP donkeys.

      1. Strange, isn’t it? In M’sia when they are called pendatang, they will scream they are not, their spittle flying every which way. But in the US, Australia and everywhere “white”, if they are called immigrants they proudly announce how many generations removed they are from their motherland.

        1. What’s stranger is when they’re told to migrate back to China, they go ballistic.

          But when they hear stories of somebody’s son/daughter/nephew/niece migrating to USA, Canada or Tasmania, they say it’s the right decision for a better and brighter future.

          So it’s not really the idea of emigration that they’re against. Hypocrites!

          I’m sick to death of them.

          1. True, And then they would flock to China to visit or do business. What is that? I wonder do they go back and thumb their noses at the locals and parade their dross .. I mean gold…and behave like they are better than the locals?

            1. Yup.

              Did you know that Guan Eng paid a visit to his father’s ancestral village in China after he became CM?

                  1. That’s true you can check he supposedly on an investment trip… Xiamen is the location that he visits almost every year. in the last trip an entire army of DAP leaders and their wives went along.

                    1. Have you seen how the Dapsters are doing acrobatic contortions to defend Dyana? These people … they’re so delusional they actually think the rest of the world is taken in by the pretty picture that they draw.


                    2. Yes I did and it is so painful to see their denials and taking the Ostrich pose. And funny thing is they expect people to be equally delusional as they are.

                    3. If they’re doing The Ostrich (head in the sand, butt in the air), then their butts are begging to be kicked.

        2. ‘in the US, Australia and everywhere “white”’

          In the land of the Whites, these pendatangs speaks the White’s man language with local slangs to boot.

          In the land of the Bodohland, err, Bolehland, they wants nothing to do with the lingua franca of the Brownies.

          The funny thing is, Malaysia is their motherland, but their mother tongue is in mother China. Strange indeed!

          1. One thing you can bet that while in Malaysia these dapsters refuse to speak or even learn BM but when they go overseas within a matter of weeks they will have the thickest accent just like a Mat Salleh. They cannot even speak BM after 21 years yet they can speak Queen’s english within 1 year which they keep speaking long after returning from the UK.

            1. They don’t speak Queen’s English lah. They fake an accent, maybe.

              Hannah Yeoh’s English, for example, is discordant to the ear. Cringe. Just listen to her video.

                1. Got accent or got Queen’s English?

                  Please lah. Listen to DS Najib for comparison.

                  1. They tried don’t they…

                    I doubt Ping speaks BM the way Pang Chin Fei did.

                    The fact that I have to quote PCF is already a problem don’t you think?!

                    CS was right on this. Hannay Yeoh kat Malaysia takkan dia nak tunjuk skill dia kut, semua orang tahu PR dia kena reject!

                    1. Hahaha.

                      BM Hannah Banana berterabur manakala penguasaan BI nya bukan setakat mana pun. Dia hanya pandai mengucap Love, Love, Love.

                    1. You should also listen to the way Ong Kian Ming speaks. Najib is miles ahead.

              1. I had to admit that HY is good at convincing people with her speech – that’s what politics is all about, convincing others. It’s not about what they can really do for people, it’s how they convince people to be taken up by their speech.

                Apparently, she is aware that milk powder is very expensive these days, especially for people below the poverty line. However, does DAP have any strategic plans for the nation on how to increase the monthly household income as well as increase the buying power of Malaysians as a whole? It is also pointless to have high income but low buying power. Do they have plans to eliminate poverty?

                Speaking of English, I would say that DS Najib is the genuine article compared to HY.

  5. Hello Helen…
    Evangelista DAP=Sesumpah…
    Evangelista DAP=’Bangsa Malaysia’

    Di Malaysia ni tiada dan takkan mungkin ada satu bangsa yang dinamakan Bangsa Malaysia… Yang ada ialah bangsa Melayu, Cina, India, Mamak, Kadazan Dusun, Iban, Melanau, Orang Asli dan juga kaum minoriti yang lain…

    1. Ada “Bangsa Bodoh” juga — di kaca mata mereka, barang sesiapa yang mengundi BN tak kira lah India, Cina, Melayu atau lain-lain kaum, kiat semua sama-sama dianjingkan oleh para penyokong DAP.

  6. ha ha ha anwar……most people dont even want to bend down to pick up anything when anwar is around.

    yet all the chinaman remarks justify their exeistence , for their fellow chinaman makind they would beg borrow,steal, curse but more importantly get screwed left right and centre for the chinese benefit.

    and also please remind these chinaman commentators above,who they call chinaman that support BN “” running dog”‘ they themselves evolved from running dogs.

  7. Hi, Helen. It ain’t surprising. What do we expect when HY, one of the DAP leaders, even self-praised herself and her party members ‘Gathering of brilliant minds’? Not to mention calling others ‘low class’, ‘no class’ etc? Who is she to judge others?

    However, I do believe that those who love to belittle others by calling stupid, idiot, running dogs (not to mention a whole slew of cussing words) are actually reflecting the kind of people they are underneath.

    This is because, if a person is really learned and well-educated, they would have good manners to go along with their education level. If a person is really brilliant, he or she will not self-praise himself/herself and belittle others as they understand the concept of humility. In this case, the education that they received has no effect whatsoever on making them wholesome beings. If they don’t respect others, they can’t expect to be respected in return, right?

    Actually, the Malays who support BN are victims too. They will call us running dogs of DUMNOS. They will say why the Malays who still support BN are so stupid that they never wake up from their slumber?

    However, I would rather trust a Black Mamba or King Cobra than trusting DAP and their troops. As a lover of animals including snakes, I am talking about some of the most venomous species in the world.

  8. Me think Indians who vote BN are more stupid.

    And the most stupid are Malays who vote Cinabengs in BN.

    And the most most stupid are those Cinabengs who vote a horse instead of Princess Dyana.

    How’s that?

    1. Me think you are speaking about yourself. Keep it up, Tokong Lim will be very proud of you.

    2. Sure… why not? As long as you’re the Moronic Jester in the
      ?rincess’s Court…

  9. If right now they can even think about abusing their fellow Chinese who disagreed with them, just imagine what they will do to ‘others’ if one day they managed to wrestle to power from the Malays.. God forbids.

    1. ‘ just imagine what they will do to ‘others’’

      For one, we can revisit the ‘banglas’ being caught and abused by the so called just, peace loving and hard working Malaysians First!

      My all time favorite [YouTube]


      Saya tanya you saje? Cina DAP Pailang

      Lu siapa mau tanya saya? Rakyat Malaysia dituduh Bangla [YouTube]

      Adakah abang bole cakap sendiri ruma punya address? Cina DAP tanya alleged Bangla [YouTube]

      And how can we forget this Bersih lady [YouTube]

    2. Adakah orang Melayu Mukmin dalam Pakatan Rakyat itu dunggu akal boleh mengikut seorang peliwat dan penzina sebagai pemimpin Muslim mereka? Walaupun beralasan demi membalas dendam kepada parti politik yang mereka menganggap sebagai karut?

  10. now now

    d dumbass

    a ass

    n not

    d doing

    y yourself

    any good …. go to the corner, shove your thumb up your as then suck on it,…. yeah you like the taste of your own crap right.

    Enjoy yourself in your perpetual adoration.

  11. Princess Dyana???!

    dont overdose ok dandy.

    You are starting to Hallucination.

  12. As I am stupid, I will not shop at the shops for the Smart Chinese.
    I cannot read the labels so I might accidentally eat poop instead lollipop.

    1. Oh mulan, I feel for you. The Smart Cinas think you bodoh and the racist melayus lump you with the dapsters and think you are PENDATANG.

      Btw don’t get a lollipop, have a Cadbury instead. ;)

  13. BODOH is d favourite word used by Apek DAP specifically for the Malays la bang Anwar ooi.

    Depan awak mereka senyum, d minute you turn yr back they whisper among themselves “BODOH itu Anwar, manyak slow le mau jadi PM, banyan L#@*%U punya jantan”.

  14. The word bodoh is now on Mr Mah’s campaign banner (me geleng kepala liao).

    1. I hope Mah can win this by-election.

      BN, please give it your best in this last lap to the finish line.

  15. Hello Helen…

    Cukup-cukup la Anwar dengan scam @n@lnya… Semua yang sokong BN ni bodoh le??? Semua yang sokong PR pandai la ye???

    Ni negara demokrasi le!!! Suka hati la nak undi apa pun!!!

    Nanti kalau Anwar ni yang berkuasa konferm sesiapa yang tidak mengundi PR konfirm kena bersedia dengan hukuman baru Rejim Anwar yang paling sadis iaitu @n@l program… Hahahahaha…

  16. Dulu isteri dia kira BODOH le duk pangkah BN berpuluhan tahun. Dengar kabar isteri dia kalau check DNA is 100% pure Chinese, betoi ke?

  17. I saw Teresa demanding apologies from Zaid for saying the Chinese are ingrates for voting DAP (not sure if that’s what he said). Wonder if she would demand the same from the Ketua Umum as well…

    Just imagine if an UMNO minister used the bodoh word…..

    1. re: “if an UMNO minister used the bodoh word…..”

      All hell would break loose in Dapsterland.

      But when Anwar says it, they agree and echo him.

      1. And CELAKA? Well she is merely her community leader, will react only where Chinese r involved. Anwar is Malay, the Adun (P) is an Indian.

        Kalau peringkat International habisle Obama pun silap2 dia sue or ask to minta ampun.. Haiya cannot imagine lot with her beloken Ingelisss. Stress juga having this type of leaders..

      2. Did you notice how the alternative media has completely buried the matter of Anwar’s Bodoh remarks ? BTW I didn’t see the MSM publishing it either…

        In the pro-PR social media such statement hardly caused a ripple. On the other hand had UMNO leader (even a kampung one) said the same thing you can expect an earthquake of the size 8.0 on the Richter scale. All the PR-front NGOs will be shedding crocodile tears saying how the racists are allowed to run riot and destroy the nation…

        1. Absolutely. If an Umno Minister had called the Cina “bodoh”, Krakatoa will erupt alongside your 8.0 earthquake.

          The J-Star which buried Anwar’s remark is Gunting Dalam Lipatan. MCA must be held accountable for the actions (or inaction) of the media which it owns.

          If Umno still refuses to act, then we’re going to get 1946 with the Muslim NGOs uniting and setting a new political paradigm. But first the Malays will themselves deal with the weak links in the Umno top leadership.

          We should remember that Tunku and Pak Lah and Hussein Onn all “stepped down”.

  18. What I learned from “D”AP is only hatred ! Hatred against anything Malay/Bumi !!

    To certain extend they can at least accept other races if they can have control or influence/pull string on them. Sincerity in friendship ? Questionable !!

    Gangsters, criminals, rumah urut operators vote PKR and DAP (except PAS), because they don’t have to go hard on them ( Opposition are not law enforcers). In fact, they are emotionally attached to them with their presence as pembangkang. How to support BN, when BN are behind all the law enforcers.

    In fact, I can safely say all gangsters support opposition. Sehati Sejiwa – Melawan kerajaan.

    1. ‘To certain extend they can at least accept other races if they can have control or influence/pull string on them.’

      A thinking Malay is a racist one. Thus the love for Dyana Sofya, she barely could articulate her line of thinking. She’s not a good liar, er lawyer, either.

  19. Pasal undi pun mahu gaduh panggil orang bodoh taiki kena kepala ambil kasi cuci sudah la tak payah gaduh pergi tidur Sg. Buloh

  20. Sebab itulah pemimpin perlu belajar … berfikir dahulu sebelum bercakap. DSZH kata ada Phd, tapi tergamak kutuk Cina kaw-kaw 4 hari sebelum mengundi. Kalau Cina tu 10% saja tak apa la.

    Susahlah nak support DSZH ni, kalau tak nak berubah. Dulu kes Lahad Datu, DSZH kata nak dedahkan pembangkan yang menjadi dalang. Dulu juga ada kes Mohd Sabu, DSZH kata ada sepuluh bukti gred A … hampeh

  21. Tanah ini berkurun lama telah menjadi rebutan macam2 oghang dari kulit putih, kuning, hitam, coklat dan kelabu pon ade. Majority yang cerdik pandai dan tak laghat menyesuaikan diri dengan oghang tempatan akan berangkat pulang keNegara asal masing2.

    GE13 bukan sahaja tsunami Cina tetapi telah membuka mata Cina2 yang tak bodoh that their cycle here is almost complete.. the reason I suppose some even offer free services to facilitate migration to the West. Hai exMCA yg lompat (atau yg talam dua muka) impossible left MCA empty handed – just observe the STAR udahle.

    Karpal dah takde and as for LKS the clock is ticking tik tok anytime wan. After GE14 gelombang penghijrahan besar2an akan berlaku, probably only the remaining 10% yang kata Anwar bodoh2 will stay on. Excited pula nak nunggu warna kulit apa pula akan datang. Dah naik bosan le dengan yang duk ade sekarang..

  22. Alamak! I stopped listening to Hannah’s speech after hearing her say “public humility” instead of public humiliation. A short while before that “wooomen.”

    DAP and her gang do need to show public humility because their wanton desire to heap public humiliation on representatives of BN is ungracious, uncivil, and uncouth.

    Gene K

  23. what rubbish are you all talking? After more than 50 years of Merdeka that our forefathers has fought for thru the Alliance (UMNO/MCA/MIC) you all have bitten the hands that fed you. This is what you call balas budi.

    The worst is that guy by the name of TIBAI. He was a nobody until TDM brought him into Umno and rose to be TPM. Who cause his down fall? Dia sendiri lah. Dulu he was the one going around telling the Chinese to vote MCA and now since he is a nobody, he is running down the Chinese who voted out Dap in TI.

    To all the Chinese ingat dia panggil you BODOH. The next PRK don’t vote for PR. And for all those comments above you are a bunch of sour grapes.

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