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Buku bertemu ruas: Why Dapster lies will be met with Malay fist

When the Chinese are willing to out and out support a slippery eel, then the national problem runs very deep. It goes beyond simply the shady character of the DAP Teluk Intan candidate.

The DAP touted Dyana as a “lawyer”. After checks reveal that she is not registered with the Bar, the DAP had to backpedal and concede that she is a “non-practicing lawyer”.

See, ‘Can gomen take action against Dyana for pretending to be qualified?(updated)

To recap, Dyana Sofya said her mother left Perkasa because Yammy

(a) “could not commit to the organisation after moving away from Perak” (first excuse given)

(b) “no longer believed in Perkasa” (excuse changed a few days later)

(c) However the mother announced yesterday in a press conference, seated beside Kit Siang, that she WILL leave Perkasa, meaning she had not yet left the movement but was planning to do so only now

Lim Kit Siang says: “Her mother is not the candidate. I don’t know why are we on a wild goose chase.”

Two things:

(1) The issue is about Dyana not being upfront with the truth and her story that slithers here and there

(2) DAP double standards

As young blogger Aiman Amani has so ably pointed out, Rosmah Mansor is not a politician either but Kit Siang himself has targetted the PM’s wife so many times.

Evangelista Bintang Lima


In this matter of sneakiness and shiftiness, I fault her Chinese handlers and DAP supporters more than I do Dyana Sofya. They are legion compared to Dyana who is one individual.

We can see from the menegakkan benang basah responses defending her lies that to the DAP urbanites, winning is everything. They have little concern for the Teluk Intan rural inhabitants whose interests are better served by the BN candidate.

Thus they condone Dyana’s lies.

They equivocate and make up all sorts of excuses to justify the telling of lies as a principle of realpolitik.

The pro-opposition media is complicit in all of this; their reporting is skewed to favour Dyana whereas story angles favourable to the BN are downplayed or buried.

Oh and by the way, Malaysiakini deliberately selected these pictures (below) of Dyana’s Gerakan opponents to publish in juxtaposition to the photogenic beauty contest aspirant [SI].



Packaging and marketing lies

DAP politicking at its core is about telling lies. They can make black to be white and vice versa.

And they will go to the extent of  running smear campaigns against critics who point out and highlight how the DAP shooting stars just can’t stop lying.

To the Dapsters, the ends justify the means. In their pursuit of Putrajaya, they have made the Culture of Fitnah the national culture of Malaysian Chinese who support the opposition.

This brings us to the core question: What kind of people are they?


Branding and promotion

I can’t imagine that I could want someone who’s incapable of getting her story straight to be the Yang Berhormat representing me in the august House. Parliament is after all the highest legislative body in the land.

Yet among the Dapsters, they have no qualms at all. That’s why they elected evangelista after evangelista to public office.

And herein is the crux of the matter: The DAP evangelistas

Democratic vote

ABOVE: Dapsters say Chinese who support BN are “stupid and shameless”

The ‘Allah’ word thieves

Some days ago, Umno Youth Wilayah Persekutuan threatened to burn down the DAP headquarters in Pudu, KL. They resorted to physical intimidation as a response to verbal provocation by a DAP Penang Adun.

It’s fair to frame the racial tensions in our country as emanating from the Umno-Malay vs DAP-Chinese battle.

Religious tensions emanate from the Muslim vs Christian conflict — the attempted robbery of the ‘Allah’ word, the Jais seizure of the Malay ‘Allah’ bibles, curbs on church planting and Christianization, the attacks on the UiTM seminar, and the strongly suspected dakwah that is ongoing to convert Malays to Christianity.


The excerpt below is taken from the write-up by Muafakat sec-gen A. Karim Omar in his blog entry yesterday.

“Seluruh Malaysia akan dikristiankan …


“Tajuk di atas adalah petikan sebahagian ucapan Khalid Samad pada 7hb Ogos 1987 di Parit Amal Johor semasa menjawat Setiausaha Pemuda PAS Pusat ketika itu.

Petikan ucapan beliau boleh dibaca dalam laporan kertas putih Parlimen 1988, Kertas Perintah 14, Tahun 1988, bertajuk Ke Arah Memelihara Keselamatan Negara.

Dalam ucapan tersebut, Khalid dilaporkan memberitahu hadirin tentang ancaman gerakan Kristianisasi dan jika ianya tidak dibendungkan maka “ … seluruh Malaysia akan dikristiankan selewat-lewatnya pada tahun 2000 ‘…”


The contents of Khalid Samad’s alarmist speech are abstracted from a White Paper on Ops Lalang presented to Parliament on 24 March 1988 — see also scan of relevant pages below (credit: blogger Jebat Must Die).

BELOW: The black flag of ar-Raya (jihad) has been raised


“Basah ia (keris) dengan darah Cina”

To refresh your memory, 1987 was the year when the placard “Basah ia (keris) dengan darah Cina” was displayed during an Umno Youth protest gathering at the Jalan Raja Muda stadium on Oct 17. The ISA swoop commenced shortly after.

The fear entertained by Khalid Samad back in 1987 has not come to pass … yet.

Nonetheless the government White Paper has recorded the suspicions with which the PAS leaders – among them party president Yusof Rawa (Mujahid’s father) and then Youth leader Mat Sabu – treated evangelistas at the material time.

The call in October 1987 to bathe the keris in Chinese blood shows how angry the Malays were but the Facebook generation hammering away at their nifty high tech gadgets are oblivious and buta sejarah.

Today it is the Muslims who are angry because for the Christians to appropriate the ‘Allah’ word is perbuatan syirik. They are lying about the nature of Allah in their insistence that God is Three.

Coupled with the present religious strife is the nature of the Dapster-evangelistas themselves. They can’t stop their tipu, their bohong and their endless putar-belit. Sudah menjadi darah daging.

Some might counter that provocation through words does not deserve retaliation through action. They argue that insults are merely verbal and it is not a proportionate response for the other side to turn violent.

But how does any decent and conscionable person fight the Evangelista Bintang Tiga whose chief weapon is FITNAH and for whose behaviour there is no cure?

If the DAP does not want Umno Youth to make any further threats on burning down buildings, then stop provoking. And above all, stop lying.

(1,051 words)

The Sneaky Star and its nest of evangelistas

Note that The J-Star was suspended in 1987 as a threat to national security


BELOW: Ops Lalang White Paper






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69 thoughts on “Buku bertemu ruas: Why Dapster lies will be met with Malay fist

  1. The Bar Council, ‘famous’ for being very vocal about everything that’s related to the government of the day has chosen to remain deafeningly silent about the status of Diyana as a lawyer.

    From being in the forefront of everything and anything anti-establishment, it now appears that the BC is hiding behind somebody’s backside.

    What kind of people are they?

    1. I wanted to comment the same. After Arwah Dato Sosilawati and the other victim’s tragedy, plus their ex whatever itu Ambiga’s ways I am meticulous in choosing a Lawyer.

      Curious I normally google to know more of the DAP leaders’ personal backgrounds. Even LKS hardly any, briefly stated he once visited his BIL in mainland China.. samar2 le latar belakang mereka ni semua? And this Dyana, nothing of the father? Nak tau le anak cucu siapa.. very important lor.

      DAP letak Pak Pandir jadi Adun/MP pun no problem; Dewan sessions kalo tak faham just give the chengey look (like Adun P), shout here and there and stage a walk-out, then you will have LKS n Teresa posting syiok sendiri nonsense in their blogs.

      1. Barua council is out of date n lintah, even lawyer thought so :

        “Conveyancing fees are what we call “easy money” – clerks do all the work and lawyers collect their fees for signing on the right pages. The higher the value of the property, or the value of the bank loan, the higher the fee.
        The lawyers’ monopoly has no purpose whatsoever in this day and age. Moreover, given that the Bar Council has always fought for the political and human rights of the people, I believe it should extend this public spirit to conveyancing and other spheres, even if it means less “easy money” for lawyers.”

    2. Re: “… it now appears that the BC is hiding behind somebody’s backside…”

      I beg to differ. The Bar Council is not hiding behind somebody’s backside.., but rather hiding in someone’s bra (Dyana’s i.e.). Shouldn’t that make them as the ‘Bra Council’..?


    3. For sometime now, the perception I have of the bar council (deliberate non-caps) are a bunch of people who takes care of bars and are half drunk half the time and full on drunk them other times.

  2. Will Yummy Mummy join DAP.?

    “Oh, I have repented, oh UMNO not for me etc and other rubbish.” I hope this is not the future.
    In fact the crying game plan by Princess Diana will result in her winning. She is NOT the underdog. Mah is the underdog. I believe all the tears of BN bullying her and her mummy will make her win big.

    In fact she got the King of The Hockien (Cry) Soap LKS as her mentor.

    I am sure quite a lot of Hockien housewives in Teluk Intan are in tears with the Hockien soap where the evil landlord Mah is bullying beautiful Princess Diana and her Mummy.

    Remember Zairil’s first wedding to Alfah.

    “Ini hanya mengingatkan kami akan Majlis Perkahwinan Zairil (Khir Johari) bin Abdullah yang ketika itu, Tan Sri Khir Johari masih hidup. Majlis itu dihadiri oleh pembesar-pembesar negara khususnya orang-orang UMNO.”

    Dejavu will Princess Diana’s famous Perkasa photo.

    1. DAP simply can’t help it but to gather the best of UMNO rejects. UMNO is synonymous with the Malays. I don’t think PAS nor PKR can deny this! DAP tries but they end up signing lots of anak-anak UMNO.

  3. Dear H:

    I’m glad that you’re seeing the current situation as that of a Christian /Muslim divide, something which I’ve alluded to on numerous occasions.

    Both religions hold on to the inherent belief that their faith is the savior to the world’s ills. In the case of DAP, they hold on to this core belief to change our country’s religious direction and will use lies to achieve their goal because they believe that their actions are supported by their God.

    Incidentally, they might have you believing that there is just one God, but truth is, it is their God that’s the true one. All others are false Gods. Attend any of their awe-inspiring, showbiz-driven, entertainment-extravaganzas they call worship service on any given Sundays, and you will hear this spewed forth from the pastors forked-tongues.

    I am no lover of Christianity or Islam or any of the monotheistic faiths, but I find how young bourgeoisie Muslims buy into the lies of DAP deeply disturbing.

    I also find the aggressive rhetoric of the other Muslims when they feel aggrieved by the actions and words of these DAPsters equally disturbing.

    The DAPsters are very adept at playing a game of persuasion and influence and the nation is buying into it because the ruling party hasn’t found a way to overcome it. They are trying to use logic to win over the people. Logic never results in action. If the ruling party can’t win the hearts of the people, DAP is going to be the big winner in the next GE.

    Gene K

    1. re: “how young bourgeoisie Muslims buy into the lies of DAP deeply disturbing”


      I hope the Muslim NGOs take note of this too since it is futile to expect any proactive remedies from the PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa).

      re: “If the ruling party can’t win the hearts of the people, DAP is going to be the big winner in the next GE.”

      Isma is winning the Malay hearts. Umno Baru is ” KJ 10 Q ” and NUCC – the National Unity Consultative Council of Marina-Wardina-Mijahid-Saifuddin.

      1. With sad puppy face from Diana (yup, in Chinese) and Chris, the Hockien housewives and the Melayu’s who will cry like someone sudah mati after watching the Hockien soap and telenovela will VOTE for Diana.

        (In Cina ya)

        Diana present law license rumor
        Lim Kit Siang called on voters.


        Diana today at the election of the total action Action Party held a press conference room, the present report, published by the Malaysian Bar Association, a lawyer practicing in one-year license issued in 2012 years, to distance themselves from her trickster untrue accusations.

      2. Ditujukan khas untuk orang Melayu

        Sopan bertudung dengan PAS. Hudud pun dah lupa

        Dengan Cina pula cakap pasal rasuah.

        1. Nice picture. So M’sia Truly Asia pic. I truly don’t see any Indians, Chinese or Malays in that pic, just delusional dapsters. Almost makes me wanna shout hell-a-yeah!


          1. Tak tipulah. Dapsters ni ada dua standard- 1 untuk geng dia dan 1 standard lagi untuk bukan dapsters.

            A. MI tulis rencana kutuk Umno – freedom of speech; Utusan tulis rencana kutuk Dap – racist Umno running dogs
            B. TK, HY make fun of Rosmah – satire (you got no sense of humour?); Umno supporters make fun of TK, HY – racist Umno running dogs
            C. Dapsters menceritakan peribadi ahli keluarga calon PRU Umno – because important to know everyone related to the calon; Umno supporters question Princess Dy’s mami yammi – racist Umno running dogs
            D. Dapsters call melayu umno bodoh celaka – true what??? ; Umno calling dapsters (just pick any adjective) – racist Umno running dogs.

            That concludes my lesson on Dap’s standards for today.

            1. Tambah satu lagi, ni pelik tapi benar.

              Zahid Hamidi kata orang Cina yang enggan undi BN tak tahu bersyukur, maka MCA & Gerakan pun meronta-ronta.

              Anwar Ibrahim kata Cina yang enggan undi Pakatan sememangnya bodoh, Dapster-Dapster mengiyakan dengan girang sekali.

        1. Do you think that they would be so influential today if they did not have public support?

            1. Their networking is very strong from an ever expanding. I noticed this when I was covering the Alifah Ting saga.

  4. Nah more fitnah from DAP. I am sure Princess Diana will win big. She will be Queen Bee.

    “Kenapa menggunakan tragedi orang lain dan memutarbelitkannya untuk kepentingan politik sendiri? Inikah yang diajar oleh pemimpin mereka? — feeling hampa.” (Courtesty of Friends of BN).

  5. the malay can actually run amok. it is not just mere bedtime story telling or an urban legends to scare small kids.

    will the dapsters run amok? no, no — they’ll run away only. they like to menyalak but penakut. the louder they bark, the more penakut they are.

    that time will finally arrived, if um-no balls do nothing. in facts, um-no balls cannot even charge the P rayer. what a pity!

    Neo-Malay (the dapster Malay) like KJ, Marina & Dyana will soon realize, they have no place to go.

    what will happen to the remaining 10%?

    collateral damage?



    1. re: “what will happen to the remaining 10%? collateral damage?”

      Victims of collective punishment. An amok will not differentiate between a Dapster Chinese and an anti-DAP Chinese. All he sees is red, and a Chinese is a Chinese first and foremost.

  6. Was reading a post by Hardtalk.

    Quote : Well, I don’t know what to say about this except that Dyana must be the biggest idiot for condemning her own self. She seems to be totally unaware that what DAP is trying to make her do is confess that she is not credible and that her qualification is not based on merit. In fact, Kit Siang specifically wrote in his blog that Dyana is a ‘testimony of UiTM’s chancellor’s failure!’

    Hmmm, sometimes these dapsters punya la putar belit sampai bersimpul habis lidah.

    1. If Dyana was a 27-year-old Chinese or Indian woman with a lapsed certificate of legal practice, I doubt that Ms Amoy or Ms Tangachi would have been selected to contest a Parliament seat.

      Her selection was the DAP’s “racism” … because she is Malay. What a hypocrite of a party.

      1. So.. if DAP puts up a chinese they are racist…and if they put up a malay candidate then they are hypocrites..

        So.. what suggestions do you have?

    2. Padan muka dyana lah. She allowed herself to be DAP’s puppet but then the money was too good to pass off. So let DAP more so lks and lge, pull the strings.

      Conclusion: money lah .

    3. Come crawling faster
      Obey your Master
      Your life burns faster
      Obey your Master

      Master of Puppets I’m pulling your strings
      Twisting your mind, smashing your dreams
      Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
      Just call my name, ’cause I’ll hear you scream
      Master, Master
      Master, Master, where’s the dreams that I’ve been after?
      .. Master, Master, you promised only lies
      Laughter, laughter, all I hear or see is laughter
      Laughter, laughter, laughing at my cries
      Fix me!

      (.. great guitar solo follows, by Metallica 1986)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  7. MALAY can and had done amok…the latest was the incident in Lahad Datu by a Commando guy. period

  8. Sebut pasal hutang darah dibayar dengan darah dapsters tahu ini sebab perjuangan senjata tidak akan kemana sebab itu ching peng kalah dan menolak tawaran pendamaian dan menyertai pilihanraya sekarang dapsters mencuba politik merentasi kamu dan najib menubuhkan majlis perpaduan negara setelah tsunami pengundi cina angkara tukaran stretigis dapsters yang licik disebalik bunyi tolak mereka bermandi rasuah tidak darah

  9. Helen, lama tak komen ur blog …still reading but no energy to leave any comments. Just to inform, i hv joined Isma. Hopefully something gets done before everything goes to pieces

    1. Okay, thanks for letting us know. And please do drop a comment here now and again.

      As is obvious, Isma is being thoroughly demonized by the pro-Christian press. Maybe you could tell us what it’s like really rather than the bogeyman image foisted Isma by the oppo media.

  10. Hello Helen…

    Nak juga komen, tapi takde mood pasal DYMM Sultan Perak telah mangkat…

  11. And Suhakam and the Malaysian bar Council opposed Jude Pereira’s application for admission to practice law purely on a political basis.

    Wonder why Lawyers like Ambiga, Sankaran Nair, Sivarasa and others have not commented on this Dyana Sofya’s lies and misrepresentations.

    Suhakam does not have the power to make a finding or a decision in the legal sense sufficient for it to be accepted by the High Court as evidence of character for Jude Pereira to have been found to be a person not fit and proper to be admitted as a lawyer.

    Jude’s crime was that he arrested a bunch of lawyer who broke the law. They were demonstrating outside the Brickfields police station when he was a Deputy Superintendent of Police there and continued to do so in defiance of an lawful order to disperse.

    Thy were detained and were refused immediate access to a lawyer. No offence was committed by Pereira.

    Suhakam which is only an advisory body set up by government to advise on human rights issues, ordered Pereira to attend a kangaroo court they set up and found his responses unsatisfactory. But the Act under which Suhakam was formed does not give it any judicial or quasi judicial powers so that their ” findings” and “decisions” can bind the High Court.

    The actual decision to punish Jude Pereira the man who arrested Anwar Ibrahim which Suhakam and many of its PR members believe was a moral crime (inspite of the fact that Jude Pereira was merely following orders in uniform) is indicative of the type of person Anwar and each of those lawyers and academics who are Suhakam will be in government.

    Talk of corruption. If they are in government, the decision to arrest an offender would be made on the individual preference and decision of a policeman and not by the practice and rule book under the law.

    1. I concur. It is the same case with the harassement and hounding of Cecil Abraham who supposedly prepared PI Bala’s 2nd SD for professional misconduct. While Cecil’s alleged offense if it is true, a minor one, they close both eyes for the serious offense which PI’s Bala’s lawyer Americk Singh committed in stage managing the entire sorry episode. This is a gross and severe abuse of law and legal process for the political benefit.

      Now they are turning a blind eye to Dyana’s offense. Had this been a BN candidate, Bar Council would have issued a statement within hours to condemn the candidate and start disciplinary action.

    2. Dah terang lagi disuluh. The objective of the opposition and all the ngos and what have you is only to kill off umno.

      Once that is achieved, and if by the biggest fluke, they come into power they will plunder and destroy the country.

  12. Orang Melayu bukan saja mudah lupa tapi juga mudah dibeli dan ditipu. Dapat 100 rgt berguling guling, melolong atas jalan. NI sama kerana nak jadi mp buang bangsa buang agama buang maruah. Kesian. pak dia mana pi?

  13. You seems to have answer when comes anything related to Dap. As what you have answer to my email concerning the case of community at Ipoh. The way you answer my question are full of anger and emotion. I think you not credible to write about this cos you are bias and i dont see any logical substances in your arguement , other than anti Dap and Pro Bn. I beleive you are also a paid missionary.

    1. re: “As what you have answer to my email concerning the case of community at Ipoh.”

      This Daptser is delusional. I do not engage in e-mail correspondence with strangers or perpetually hysterical people.

      re: “I beleive you are also a paid missionary.”

      I believe you shot the sheriff.

      In Dapsterland, you people can simply say anything without any sense of responsibility or evidence at all. We (the rest of Malaysia) should start giving you Dapsters back what you deserve.

  14. Helen Ang,we do not consider you are a logical person.The lady produced a lawer practising certificate.This has proved that she is a qualified lawyer.Just because she stopped practice as a lawyer does not disqualified do not understand the meaning of a profession.go back to school.The UNMO youth thugs are everywhere manking troubles to the by-election.You never condam e them.

    1. Loke, we consider you one of the delusional and perpetually hysterical DAP supporters.

      re: “The lady produced a lawyer practising certificate”

      It is lapsed (past its shelf life, like rancid milk). You wouldn’t buy a bottle of milk that is past its expiry date, would you?

      re: “This has proved that she is a qualified lawyer.”

      It shows that she holds a UiTM degree but she is “non practicing” — DAP’s own words.

      re: “Just because she stopped practice as a lawyer does not disqualified her.”

      She does not have a valid certificate of legal practice with the Bar. That means she is disqualified from attending court and from operating a law office.

      re: “you do not understand the meaning of a profession”

      Which part of the above explanation do you fail to understand?

      re: “go back to school”

      Did you finish Standard 6?

      re: “The UNMO youth thugs are everywhere making troubles to the by-election. You never condemn them.”

      Really? The news report said that it was a BN woman election worker who was assaulted.

      1. She does not have a valid certificate of legal practice with the Bar. That means she is disqualified from attending court and from operating a law office.

        She is not a lawyer. The lawyer is a protected word.

        Click to access LPA.pdf

        You can’t called yourself a lawyer if you have not been called to the bar.

        Click to access Act%20166%20Teks%20%281-50%29.pdf

        The government can take action under sec 37 LEGAL PROFESSION ACT 1976. In fact anyone can report (esp BN)… but will they?

        No unauthorized person to act as advocate and solicitor
        (1) Any unauthorized person who—
        acts as an advocate and solicitor or an agent for any party
        to proceedings or in any capacity, other than as a party
        to an action in which he is himself a party, sues out any
        writ, summons or process, or commences, carries on,
        solicits or defends any action, suit or other proceedings
        in the name of any other person in any of the Courts in
        Malaysia or draws or prepares any instrument relating toany proceedings in any such Courts;

        wilfully or falsely pretends to be, or takes or uses any
        name, title, addition or description implying that he is
        duly qualified or authorized to act as an advocate and
        solicitor, or that he is recognized by law as so qualified
        or authorized,
        shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to
        a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred ringgit or to
        imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both
        (2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), any
        unauthorized person who either directly or indirectly—
        draws or prepares any document or instrument relating
        to any immovable property or to any legal proceedings
        or to any trust; or
        takes instructions for or draws or prepares any document
        on which to found or oppose a grant of probate or letters
        of administration; or
        draws or prepares any document or instrument relating
        to the incorporation or formation of a limited company;
        on behalf of a claimant or person alleging himself to
        have a claim to a legal right writes, publishes or sends
        a letter or notice threatening legal proceedings other than
        a letter or notice that the matter will be handed to an
        advocate and solicitor for legal proceedings; or
        solicits the right to negotiate, or negotiate in any way for
        the settlement of, or settles, any claim arising out of
        personal injury or death and founded upon a legal right
        or otherwise,
        shall, unless he proves that the act was not done for or in expectation
        of any fee, gain or reward, be guilty of an offence under this
        (3) Any unauthorized person who offers or agrees to place at
        the disposal of any other person the services of an advocate and
        solicitor shall be guilty of an offence under this subsection:
        Provided that this subsection shall not apply to any person who
        offers or agrees to place at the disposal of any other person the
        services of an advocate and solicitor pursuant to a lawful contract
        of indemnity or insurance
        4) Every person who is convicted of an offence under
        subsection (2) or (3) shall, on conviction, be liable for the first to
        a fine not exceeding five hundred ringgit or in default of payment
        to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months and for the
        second or subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding two thousand
        ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or
        to both.
        (5) Any act done by a body corporate which if done by a person
        would be an offence under subsection (1) , (2) or (3) or is of the
        nature or in the manner as to be calculated to imply that the body
        corporate is qualified, or recognized by law as qualified, to act as
        an advocate and solicitor shall be an offence under this section and
        the body corporate shall, on conviction, be liable for the first
        offence to a fine not exceeding one thousand ringgit and for the
        second or subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding three thousand
        ringgit and where the act is done by a director, officer or servant
        thereof the director, officer or servant shall, without prejudice to
        the liability of the body corporate, be liable to the punishment
        provided in subsection (4).
        (6) Where any firm does an act which if done by a person would
        be an offence under subsection (1), (2) or (3) every member of the
        firm shall be deemed to have committed the offence unless he
        proves that he was unaware of its commission.
        (7) Any person who does any act in relating to a contemplated
        or instituted proceeding in the High Court which act is an offence
        under this section shall also be guilty of a contempt of the Court
        in which the proceeding is contemplated or instituted and may be
        punished accordingly irrespective of whether he is prosecuted for
        the offence or not.

    2. ‘Helen Ang,we do not consider you are a logical person.’

      Dear loke, may I ask what the hell are you doing here wasting your two minutes of your precious life to debates with a person whom you have low regard about.

      I just can’t seems to see any logic in it. Can you, loke?

        1. HE gave a comment because this is an OPEN SITE.

          If you cannot tolerate opinions that do not coincide with yours, then maybe you shoud suggest to Helen to label this groups like other closed groups ;ie: this is ONLY for volkwagen owners forum or, ONLY for IBM thinkpad users. Or in this case , ONLY for DAP haters?

          1. If you cannot tolerate Alwie expressing his opinion in an avowedly open site, then perhaps YOU should go to the DAP fascistic sites where contrary opinions are not allowed to see the light of day.

    3. Loke,

      I think you should go back to school to learn proper English. Your above comment proves that your command of the English language really sucks!

  15. The attacks on Muslim institutions Yg Bhg Sdri Helen
    is Evangelists inspired, and using DAP as the proverbial mule(?)

    Iban & KD-M:
    The British colonists had 00s of years to turn Borneo overwhelmingly Christian, and that success is to be repeated on the Peninsula.

    Orang Asli:
    Christian are not seriously proselytizing to Malays due to constitutional restrictions, and clear Tawhid win vs Trinity.

    Peninsula Christians use English in Church and have no real use of Kalimah Allah here. The unspoken target is the 200,000 odd Orang Asli who speak Bahasa Melayu.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. re: ” The unspoken target is the 200,000 odd Orang Asli who speak Bahasa Melayu”

      I believe the unspoken targets are Malay-speaking fishes in the much bigger pool.

      1. TQ for the important correction Sdri Helen.
        Yes, there must be millions of Malay-speaking non-Muslims/ no religion other than Orang Aslis.

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah

        1. I beg to correct you again Hj Zin.

          There are Malay-speaking Muslims too who are considered fair game by the evangelistas. The Ops Lalang White Paper mentioned the conversion of Malays.

          1. Which group is bigger/ easier to convert(?) Yg Bhg Sdri Helen
            we can differ on this/ no correction necessary, kut?

            Should we just give credit to the Evangelists for their perseverance, and sly hijack of DAP for their agenda ?

            M Zin
            Alor Gajah DPH

    2. So are the 200,000 orang asli the exclusive purview of the Muslims ? Believe me the biggest danger to Muslims are not the Christians but Muslims themselves.

      In Jakim website there are listed no less than 50 Islamic deviant groups. Imagine if each deviant group has 1000 followers, then there will be at least 50,000 Muslims who have become deviants. Add to that, virtually every month we read in Metro of yet another deviant group who has “memesong akidah”.

      Now, if that is not frightening, there is Shiah Malaysia. Some 300,000 (latest report) Malay-Muslims who are now followers of Shiah. And its growing.

      With the Wahhabis and the Salafist also pitching in, Christians need not do anything to cause harm. You guys are doing well.

      1. Norman,

        At least Muslim deviancy is monitored.

        The Christian rackets like City Harvest are not subjected to oversight by any authorities.

        1. Norman you are doing well too. Like the City Harvest. Because City Harvest is about Christians not about Muslims. So you close one eye and keep quiet when it comes to Christian evangelistas and pastors mismanaging god’s money.

  16. Here’s another example of the evangelista’s arrogance –

    Quote:” According to the Health Ministry, these batches contain “traces of porcine DNA.” Samples were collected in February and tested by the Chemistry Department in May.

    What constitute “traces” of porcine DNA? (I am not aware of a method to quantify the amount of porcine DNA.) How was this level set? What test method is stipulated? If a thousand samples are drawn from the market and tested, how many will fail?”

    Seriously, why does every dapster evangelista and his worms think that they know better than the Muslims about Islam. For F*%k sake get off of my religion or I may feel justified to kick your balls out of your noses..

    1. You are indeed quite justified to kick Rama Ramanathan’s balls out of his nose (just my own personal opinion).

      He’s a Christian, y’know. But I didn’t have to tell you that.

      1. thanks for the link. Is that writer related to the PKR lawyer?

        See, this is what I don’t understand. IF you want to know more about some subject, say halal cert, shouldn’t you ask the people who are related to that field?

        People seem to think that halal certification is a simple matter that everyone can have an opinion without any arguments to back them up, just their f*%# up logic.

        1. The apparent objective is to invite selected Muslims, Sdr Orangkampung
          to criticise Syariah in alternative media.

          Openly ridicule Islam:
          This will draw comments mostly from non-Muslims who have a field day to ridicule Islam and Malays.
          (103 comments to date)

          I have sent a Form 1 – Notification of Complaint to the MCMC and huhu still waiting for a reply.

          Haji M Zin
          Alor Gajah DPH

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