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Watch the dumb blonde in action

Dyana fluttering her eyelashes


I kid you not, take a look at 0:12-0:24 below

Patting her hair while the puppet master takes questions on her behalf



Dyana never walks alone, never sits alone.

There are always the Apek ventriloquists flanking her.

And DAP takes real good care of their precious INTAN.

Because she is a Malay … in a colour blind party.


Not allowed her own say

Reporter: “Let Dyana answer lah”

Mic taken over by Tony Pua, see 0:58 video below

Cannot answer questions but can flash dazzling smile

Tony passing the Force to Unker Kit’s young padawan

Dyana’s handlers fob off the media

Wong Shu Qi (Adun DAP Senai): “Sorry, dia tak buat interview, sorry, sorry”

Shu Qi again: “Sorry, maybe tomorrow PC, yah, tomorrow PC”

Candidate not loyar but liar!

Mammy never joined Perkasa — Dyana’s outright denial

Dyana: “She did not join Perkasa” (video here)



Most importantly

MCA-owned J-Star Evangelista is not telling the public all this.

The traitorous newspaper has in effect been campaigning for the DAP with its glossy and hyped-up coverage of Dyana as well as downplaying the patent shortcomings of the DAP campaign.

After the election is over and following the postmortem, the BN should take action against the treacherous MCA whose media mouthpiece backstabbed the coalition in their Teluk Intan foray.


Dyana dihalau penduduk Melayu


(225 words)


Lim, Karpal & Co. pemegang saham majoriti


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30 thoughts on “Watch the dumb blonde in action

  1. Helen,
    Memang calon DAP ni punya smile is ‘dazzling’….
    Tetapi, kiranya pengundi Teluk Intan memilih beliau, hanya ‘dazzling smile’ itulah saja yang mereka akan dapat….

    Masalah setempat takkan selesai hanya dengan senyum…..!

  2. Oh dear…

    If Dyana wins, and her chances are bright – which is about the only thing bright about her – our country will be going down a slippery slope. I cannot believe that DAP had the nerve to choose her as she doesn’t appear to be bright (that word again) at all. Is DAP trying to prove something? That even a pussy (cat, ahem), can whip any candidate BN puts up? That BN’s time is up? There is almost a sense of arrogance in DAP’s strategy to field Dyana. She really is thick.

    Yes, I agree with you on The Star. Their failure to highlight the failings of DAP’s candidate, and making her out to be some kind of gift to society instead, is all wrong. Even with the changes in the organization they continue to thumb their noses at their paymasters.

    Gene K

    1. All the oppo want is to silence and kill off UMNO. That is their ultimate goal.

      Dyana is juat a pawn to cheat and lie about umno for dap’s benefit. [Deleted]

    1. Since Dyana is practically given this golden opportunity on a silver platter, one can’t blame the young woman for grabbing it.

      As for the DAP, it’s a political party that competes to win. Their behaviour is quite understandable even if the tactics they employ are are underhanded.

      What is unfathomable is Umno allowing the MCA to permit its venomous Gunting to snip away at support for the BN.

      Umno ni memang menempah maut … macam ada Death Wish aje.

    1. Yeah, MCA is the biawak hidup that BN has to pikul.

      Hope Mah wins. He can occupy the Cabinet seat. No need to give MCA.

  3. how this bimbo can eloquent herself in court god only knows

    no wander she is a nonpracticing so called lawyer.

    she really looks spaced out, like she knows nuts , what more talks nuts.

  4. The Star published a piece today titled “Mah will take full responsibility if he loses in polls “. Seems to give an impression that Mah is going to lose?

    1. They ain’t called the Sneaky Star for nuttin’.

      When will BN sack the MCA?!

      1. ‘When will BN sack the MCA?!’

        impossible! why? almarhum tunku dah kata melayu pegang kuasa politik & cina pegang ekonomi, smooth sailing until dap, pas & pkr kacau daun. hujan ditengah perjalanan.

      2. MCA is in coma mah. You won’t be that cruel to take the life support out of a coma patient, right?

        OTOH, I wonder if Dyana would continue to draw a 5 figure monthly income (as alleged by GelagatAnwar) if she loses. Darn, no wonder people goes into politics these days.

        1. re: “You won’t be that cruel to take the life support out of a coma patient, right?”

          Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind.

          1. Yup… if in the life support, any treatment intended is only to prolong life without curing or reversing the underlying XXXXXXXpolitical condition.

  5. Malay stooge for Chinese DAP.
    Ini jadi kalau tiada jati DIRI melayu.
    BELIAU tak BEBAS BERSUARA, disekat, ditapis.


    Only the stupid will believe that there is democracy in DAP.


    1. re: “Sampai bila Melayu boleh jadi barua DAP?”

      Selagi ada pasaran … supply meeting demand, willing buyer willing seller

      That’s what the Dapster market wants — because that’s the kind of people they are.

  6. AIYO! Thanks for posting the videos as i haven’t had time to check her out. I think it was Churchill who said that it’s better to keep silent and be thought stupid than to open it and confirm it (or words to that effect).

    Can’t feel sorry for her as she’s obviously thrilled by the attention. But compare her with Nurul Izzah (not that I’m a fan) but to give credit its due, Nurul Izzah had way more depth at that age, compared with Miss Dyana, who seems to be like an Akademi Fantasia contestant.

    Sadly, is that what the Chinese want to represent their interests in Teluk Intan?

    But then maybe, that IS what the Chinese want in a Malay. Amenable and parroting whatever the sifu states.


    1. re: “is that what the Chinese want to represent their interests in Teluk Intan?”

      I believe more Chinese (compared to the DAP’s level of support during GE13) in Teluk Intan will vote against the DAP or abstain from voting but these are older Chinese and rural inhabitants.

      In the social media among urban Chinese, she appears to be popular.

      There is something wrong with the Chinese when they do not give a rat’s ass that Dyana is “No integrity, No honesty and No sincerity” (according to Gerakan). On the contrary, the more Dyana’s web of deceit unravels, the more furiously the DAP fanboys will spin.

      1. ‘that IS what the Chinese want in a Malay.’

        A thinking Malay is a racist one.

        ‘On the contrary, the more Dyana’s web of deceit unravels, the more furiously the DAP fanboys will spin.’

        Dyana Sofya had lied for her masters for UBAH’s sake. That in itself is noble for the Dapsters!

        1. re: “Dyana Sofya had lied for her masters for UBAH’s sake.”

          Cerita dia pun asyik ubah-ubah.

  7. Dap second stage of planning, enough of chinaman parlimentarian now to the dll young malay and indian puppets to fill up the balance.

    If only DAP could could sumbit “batu and kayu” as canidates they would, and chinaman would vote for them whole heartily, without a even a flinch. This is the chinaman of malaysia.

  8. I don’t think that she is “dumb blonde” :

    1. Her mother is a season politician, having been experiencing the turmoil within UMNO, to Semangat 46, back to UMNO;

    2. The mother is the “Mak Ayam” behind all this I think, she must have something to do with Dyana being where she is now;

    3. She joined DAP and went straight to Lim Kit Siang to become his Political Secretary, it just not any politician mind you, despite nothing has been contributed by the later to this country;

    4. If she joins Puteri UMNO, she will have to toe the line and it will take years before she can where she is now, for that is how things done and work in UMNO/BN;

    5. She has the look and that is a major assets for her; as it works in advertising all this years “Sex sells, Sex sells”;

    Note: That is what many of them i.e. Pretty Bimbo did in corporate as well. You can hardly see an average looking (or ugly) and hard working females climb up so fast in corporate ladder.

    6. Never mind integrity, honesty and morality, in dog eats dog world the important point is to get where you want to be fast, even if it means one has to sell his/her mother;

    7. The way I look at it, both she and her mother are using DAP and vice verse;

    8.It is an easy job frankly for her, she just sits there being pretty and let the rest do the dirty job for her;

    9. Will she stay there for a long time, only time will tell but it is a classic case of “same story but different scripts”, it is only a matter of who will dumb who at the end;

    10. Her beauty will last for so long, when the time come she will either be challenged by new fresh face or worst still when Lim Kit Siang is no longer there she will be fried alive by the enemy within; I read somewhere that even Nurul Izzah is not happy with her;

    11. As always, the Malays are a very forgiving lots, you have seen many are back in UMNO or joining UMNO and doing very well now.

    1. re: “who will dumb who at the end”

      Dapsters are at the bottom of the pecking order. They’re the grunts who are made use of.

  9. BTW while we are getting caught with Dumb Dyana Mania, the alternative media (and MSM) have imposed a Blackout on Anwar’s Cina Bodoh comments….

    1. Imagine if Pakatan controls the levers of federal power. BN will never be able to wrest the country back.

  10. Dyana will be just like Wan Azizah is to Anwar. Anwar masuk jail Jijah ade. Anwar cannot bertanding Jijah ade.

    Whatever issues LKS or his son dare not touch (Askar Melayu, UiTM, Islam and whatever that involves Bumiputras and Melayu) they will USE her to do it. PAS sekadar tumpang sekaki.

    They have resorted to baling Dyana and sembunyi tangan. Poor girl, one day “bukan saya cakap itu Dyana yang cakap, go after her lor”… just wait.

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