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Like, duh Iguana?

In his last ditch appeal, DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng said he hopes the non-Malay communities in Teluk Intan will “give their support this time to a Malay candidate”.

He also told journalists today that this is “an opportunity for voters to reject racial politics”.

Let’s examine Guan Eng’s “weird science” shall we?

DAP, a multiracial party, puts up a Malay girl to contest. Guan Eng says that if you (he means the Chinese who are the majority voters) support Dyana, you deserve a pat on the back for rejecting “racial politics”.

J-Star promoting Guan Eng’s illogic

Now let’s look at the other side, shall we?

BN, a multiracial coalition, puts up a Chinese man to contest.

The backbone of BN is Umno whose members are Malay. In the last general election, Mah Siew Keong obtained his votes from the Malay polling districts in the Changkat Jong ward.

BN’s Malay electorate had already proven on 5 May 2013 that they rejected what Guan Eng calls “racial politics”.

Guan Eng’s appeal for the DAP Chinese to reject racial politics by voting the Malay Dyana is so behind the times when the Umno Malays had shown an example earlier of voting a Gerakan Chinese. Heck, in fact the Umno Malays in Teluk Intan first voted for Mah in 1999 — that’s 15 years ago!

Tsk, tsk, tsk … Guan Eng, DAP and their Firster politics are really behind the curve. And yet Guan Eng and his DAP evangelistas dare to tout their New Politics as something novel. BN has been voting across racial lines for decades.

Only delusional Dapsters and the MCA newspaper are willing to buy this bootleg moonshine which the DAP bottles as Holy Water. Drinking it knocks your brain out.

Twitter - YouTiup- meanwhile everybody else can ... 2014-05-30 17-03-25

J-Star promoted the twit above, @YouTiup

Details, see @YouTiup ‘anak buah’ The J-Star disoalsiasat SKMM kerana menghina raja?

Stevie Chan aka @YouTiup has been ceaselessly insulting the monarchy, Islam and Malays. He is a Twitter personality who has been promoted by the MCA-owned newspaper.

Chan is a reflection of the media that has been promoting him.

Despite The J-Star‘s kumbayah hypocrisy — its CEO Wong Chun Wai, for instance, claims his “private library has one of the best collections of books on Islam” — the paper has been diligently providing free precious space for @YouTiup as well as a campaign platform for Guan Eng’s logic or rather illogic.

This media group controlled by the MCA has gone way beyond stabbing in the back. The J-Star is a stab in the face.



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24 thoughts on “Like, duh Iguana?

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

    re: DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng said he hopes the non-Malay communities in Teluk Intan will “give their support this time to a Malay candidate”.

    Now I am confused. I thought Hannah Yeoh said that there are only Malaysians, ‘no Malay, no Indian and zero Chinese.

    1. re: “Now I am confused”

      You and Mukhriz too. And how all the berserk Dapsters jumped on him for failing to grasp their illogic.

  2. It is mere hypocracy of dap to show that they are multiracial. I am sure that the Malays and Indians majority can see this and lets hope a good percentage of Chinese do not agree with Kit Siangs stupid ego.

    1. It is mere hypocrisy of dap to show that they are multiracial. I am sure that the Malays and Indians majority can see this and lets hope a good percentage of Chinese do not agree with Kit Siangs stupid ego.

  3. Who Lim’s going to fools anyway, he knows very well the Chinese will vote anything that labelled “DAP”, he knows that, he just wanted to tell the world that Chinese voters are color blinds and not raciest when he himself spews the raciest venom.

    In another words he is telling the Malay voters in Teluk Intan that if the Chinese can go for the Malay candidate, the Malay must have no reason not to support Dyana because she is a Malay.

    Malay voters in Teluk Intan must have bad taste with Chinese wakil rakyat all these years and the Lim’s knows this.

    Umno / Barisan still mahu jaga hati kawan that will pull them down.

  4. The Old Sage Lao Tzu counsels us:

    “By an accident of fortune a man may rule the world for a time, but by virtue of love he may influence the world forever.
    Charity has no label, Compassion no religion, Wisdom no dogma, Empathy has no rules. Integrity needs no laws, Enlightenment requires no temples. Living in total harmony with the Heavenly Tao is beyond culture, oneness with Tao goes beyond philosophical reasoning. The Emptiness and Silence of just being cannot be defined. The Way has no name, for it is from Tao and returns to it.”

    Man’s foremost goal is to recognize the Absolute Being, Original Source of the infinite creations. Seek to understand yourself that you may comprehend your Origin.

    1. “la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah”

      There is no divinity other than Allah, the One without partners. For Allah there is no likeness whatsoever, the Most Merciful and Just Lord, Source of all creation. And Muhammad is the First Being of Infinite Light to emanate from the eternal mystery of Allah Most High.

  5. Dyana will win the elections, mainly because there are still a lot of stupid, naive and blind DAP and Pakatan supporters out there. Period.

    1. but do the Telok Intan people that gullible?

      i would vote for Mah for being the more and super more experienced politician than that green horn Dyana.

      surely, the voters can see that?

      1. The social media is enabling oppo urbanites to live in their own Dapsterland where they delude themselves with “everybody says” (everybody is the 9 out of 10 Chinese who vote DAP).

        Their info input only serves to reaffirm the biases in their echo chamber. And let me tell you that their taksub to the Chinese-Christian social media network and chain mail is darn scary.

        The HATE (hate Malays, hate Islam) that they’re soaking in is already irreversible and impairs judgment. Indeed level of of their hate precludes any rational judgment.

        However, I do not believe the ground in Teluk Intan, especially among the older rural people, will buy into the Facebook & Twitter hype and oppo portal propaganda largely thanks to the area not being wired.

      2. Setem… that’s exactly what I mean. Anyone in their right mind would vote for Mah, for his credibility and past services. But I am pretty sure the Teluk Intan folks are that gullible and stubborn and die-hard to vote DAP. After all, they’ve voted in the hypocrites for the last 2 elections.

        Having said that, I really pray that they’ve come to their senses this time.

        1. The DAP warlordism will be a factor.

          LKS imposed a fiat and his personal parachute candidate from Central while brushing aside local sentiments.

          Being too clever by half, and not to mention arrogant and hubristic. There will be a Perak DAP backlash.

  6. The Catholic lawyers sent delegations to Telok Intan to support their non BN candidate there. What a laugh. Religious fanatics.

      1. Will BN voting Catholics end up in the arms of Lucifer?

        Shameless. Using Catholicism for political gains. What kiasu against the Evangenlistas?

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