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Well said, satD

We must ask @imokman if he heard that either when he was serving MCA as well.

"DAP SuperCyber Bully"
“DAP SuperCyber Bully”

Ong Kian Ming hops from Gerakan to MCA, and from MCA to DAP … eh? And OKM’s party people like to call Ibrahim Ali names for the latter’s hopping.

What kind of people is the Christian party attracting?

Btw, the Chinese word ‘ong’ which is the YB #sahur’s surname ” 王” means king.

Twitter - satD- @imokman did u hear that when

Jazlan memebri amaran kepada OngKianMing     DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming
DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming
Why I joined the DAP — Ong Kian Ming - The Malaysian Insider

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7 thoughts on “RAJA KATAK

  1. I cakap u diam… & he really diam when that UMNO guy instructed him to do so..

    after years of tarbiah under the MCA and gerakan.. the calm act that he struggling put up during the fracas is not a sign of composure and calmness, but a clear sign of embedded obedience of a former running dog to his former master..

    Now Ong makes up a good servant to the Lims & Kims & Singhs of DAP..

    Sekali Ada Babi, Selamanya Tolak Cadburry!


    1. Last I checked there is no halal logo on cigarettes.

      Ingat Dunhill, ingat fatwa.

  2. He worked for think tanks of both MCA and Gerakan before mving to DAP? So masa kerja kat tangki di MCA tu, apa dia pikir? Dan adake MCA atau Gerakan guna pemikiran dia? Atau mungkin dia tak pikir pun tapi duk ceduk idea orang lain dalam tangki tu untuk dibawa ke Dap?

  3. From the TMi reports it’s look like he is Lim Lam Thye or Tan Chee Koon one in the making credible and strong opposition later wanted regime change its look like Otai LKS so which way he is going to the left or right Helen!

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