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Latest results / Lim Kit Siang tak ubah-ubah dari 1969

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Malaysiakini NOT updating and temporarily offline!? [surge]

DAP will ask for recount


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Teluk Intan

Lim Kit Siang thinks Malays do things “without understanding”.

At 73 years of age, he still likes to bait the Malays (“I tried to egg them on”).

Twitter - limkitsiang- Their vocabulary very limited

Twitter - limkitsiang- I tried 2egg them on 2hold ... 2014-05-31 17-14-55

New Politics

Twitter - limkitsiang- New politics


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42 thoughts on “Latest results / Lim Kit Siang tak ubah-ubah dari 1969

  1. Half a century his eggs still just won’t hatch! Majority in this country still have no confidence and don’t trust him!

    His is right about the vocabulary. I live in this DAP Cina Apek community, one need to be exceptionally good with facial expressions, swift hand and leg movements to communicate efficiently with them. Very difficult as they are not fluent in our National language let alone Inkelisss.

    We have people like Teresa suing or asking you to seek forgiveness just because they cannot even pronounce words correctly .. keep it short and simple yes Unker Lim? Otherwise you people don’t understand owh!

  2. LKS really makes me laugh. I would say that the DAP supporters have limited vocabulary too. They love to say that we are stupid, DUMNOS and the like. Is LKS aware of the comments frequently thrown by their supporters at portals such as Malaysiakini? Like the pot calling the kettle black.

    No rude/crude/vulgar language that reflects rude/crude/vulgar mentality, eh? *snorts* He should emphasize that to their supporters whose language are at the most atrocious – what with the series of F-words and all. Get off your high horse, LKS. I despise everything about you.

  3. chin pengs brother in arms….all he needs is a bintang tiga cap it will paint the full picture.

  4. LKS is leaving politics soon to be handled by the younger ones. It’s as clear as daylight.

    He knows with him around, UMNO will forever use him as the Target to discredit the Party and create fear among the Malays.

    When he leaves, don’t be surprise BN will break up finally and that’s the end of 57 years of BN rule.

    Anwar may finally get his wish to be PM. Poor Mamakutty may die of a heart attack hearing this. Time is running out for him to get his son to continue the Mamakutty dynasty in UMNO.

    1. Anwar will the the PM? Most likely Anwar will be an inmate in a prison and not the PM who occupies the office at Putrajaya. The Malay majority will never trust DAP even when LKS is no more in the picture.

      And speaking about the person you and your ilk call Mamakutty, he is still fit and healthy, bless to Allah! The latest news is Haji Hadi who is very much younger than Dr M is being hospitalized in Turkey with breathing difficulties.

    2. Why did you call Tun Mahathir, Mamakutty? Is it because he is of mix Indian/Malay descent? Is this suppose to be a degrading name for him? Do you look down on Indians?

    3. LKS is leaving politics soon to be handled by the younger ones. It’s as clear as daylight.

      Like in the year 2500. Leaving my foot.

    4. Delusional as always. Where is your logic? If LKS knows that his leaving would break up BN he should have left before GE 13 so his PR can win.

      You do know AI has lost his case in court and he’s facing jail time?

      1. ‘You do know AI has lost his case in court and he’s facing jail time?’

        I bet he did. He is just playing dumb like he always does. What else can we expect from a Dapster.

        Like Helen, always said, ‘no hope, no cure’!

    5. Dandy,

      Awwww…. Mamakutty eh?? Brader…. Sori to burst ur bubble but Anwar is worse la dei…… We all know TDM is mamak which he also acknowledges…… But Anwar?? Totally denies he is pure Indian……

      Have u seen his family?? Know who his grandpa is? Ever heard the expression “Keling botol”? Tat was grandpa to Anwar….. A pure Indian hindu… Go take a good hard look at his siblings and father… And u tell me are they melayus??…… Hahahaha

  5. If one says that Lim Kit Siang tak ubah-ubah since 1969.., then why is he so insistent in baiting & conning others (especially the Malays) to UBAH or ‘change’ for something better..,when he himself has not at all changed his ways for the better.., even since his years prior to 1969.

    Lim Kit Siang keeps saying that he is bringing new or ‘newer’ politics (politik baru) into Malaysia, when actually he is still his same old self with his same old ways.

    Just as his same old kiasu self (takut & tak mahu kalah).., Lim Kit Siang’s politics is still the old politics, that he will siang-malam insist for others to ‘ubah’ or change others, when he himself cannot change for the better.

    That is Lim Kit Siang’s modus-operandi with his siang-malam punya politik menyalak.

  6. Assuming he becomes PM of Malaysia with songkok but his members party are ahead of him putting tudong and samping dan songkok cause in his frequent ceramah he told his audience UMNO will force them to wear songkok

    1. Pakcik, how far back does your memory go? You must share with us … oral history. The younger generation really have little idea.

      Even me, my eyes are only beginning to open more and more.

    2. I still remember the time when Johor DAP rep refused to wear songkok during the opening of state assembly back in 2008 and this angered the Sultan.

      June 22, 2008 (NST) – The Sultan of Johor yesterday expressed displeasure over the refusal of a DAP state assemblyman to wear a ceremonial attire for the opening of the first term of the 12th state assembly on Thursday.

      Sultan Iskandar made his feelings known in an impromptu speech during the declaration of Kulaijaya as a new district in Johor.

      “It was the other day that someone had shown arrogance by not wearing the right attire.

      “If he still is, come right now right here,” he said, challenging the state assemblyman to meet him over the issue.

      The Bentayan state assemblyman, Gwee Tong Hiang, was however not present at yesterday’s event.

      On Thursday, Gwee had refused to wear the ceremonial attire, which includes the songkok, because he thought it did not matter and that he was holding on to his principle that he was there to represent his constituents, with or without the attire.

  7. “Even me, my eyes are only beginning to open more and more.”

    Cik Helen, how to replicate this for the Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian to emulate you?


    1. If they stop hating Dr M, and learn to analyse from a detached perspective, then the learning curve will be very steep.

      All that venting against him clouds their judgment.

      At some point in the longstanding ‘bad blood’ (if you can call it that) between the Tun and LKS, I saw/realised that our ex-premier in comparison was far more measured and talked sense.

      1. Ms H. Why hate Dr M ? He is the guy who created the great urban Malay middle income group which brought up the non-Malay middle income group by buying and selling with each other. Business is not a one way street ! This created the peace and stability and the prosperity in this beloved land !

        1. re: “Why hate Dr M?”

          You have to ask them. They hate everything and everybody (mamak, mualaf, Bangladeshi …)

          1. Ms H. Hate hampers a person’s productive and creative thoughts which will result in a person’s mind behaving in all sorts of funny manner as can be seen in this Beauty and the Beast contest.

            1. agree, that i y u shd hug yr bro lky and shower him yr love, start by saying sorry 1000 times.

  8. Ms H. ONE DAP SWALLOW DOES NOT AN INDIAN SUMMER MAKE ! With my apologies to whoever who crafted this rhyme !

    1. We hope there is more to come.

      The resistance against DAPster lives! May the force be with us!!

      1. mulan. We start working to win the 14th General Elections tonight ! Not tomorrow ! We hope to send the made in Singapore Trojan Horse DAP back to Chinkapore their spiritual home !

          1. Saudara islam lst. or Sinkapore and the Sinkies. This is what they call themselves.

            1. u start to sound like a eunuch the first time.

              btw umno shd tell the voters they dun need chinese votes, n ask gerakan n mca to get lost.

  9. Ms H. From tomorrow, there will be internal strife in the DAP because the dull, colourless and obstinate leadership back a muse and not a matron for Teluk Anson and lost big time. A low turnout means their own supporters boycotted a beautiful young lady without any recorded.

    1. Perhaps LKS has got zero understanding of the ‘new politics’ he tries to push among the local DAP members. Perhaps this is a way the guys are giving the old man the middle finger.

      1. His is antiquated politics of the New Covenanters wrapped in newcon jargon. LKS and new politics is like Eminem and Nasyid music.

  10. you know what pisses me off? after so long he STILL can’t speak Bahasa Malaysia properly! Heard him in one of the sidang dewan several times and he’s still struggling with the language! WTF! Cakap Malaysians First tapi bahasa kebangsaan pun masih lintang-pukang after SO MANY YEARS!

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