137 thoughts on “Yay!

      1. Lucky for Mah, I hope he didn’t be like MCA (Wee Kah Siong) badmouthing UMNO.

        Tak semua Melayu mudah lupa, they had showed their tolerance and acceptance.

        Cina juga jangan mudah lupa diri.

      2. Dear Aunty Helen,

        I’m very happy too!

        So, the DAP Chinese voters in Teluk Intan do not agree with Lim Guan Eng’s call “to reject racial politics”? Will anybody dare to blame LKS for choosing Dyana Sofya as the candidate?

        Will Hannah Yeoh add the Teluk Intan voters to her racist list together with UMNO, BN and the weather?

      3. Macam tak percaya, it was a close finish anyway. A Moderate and experienced candidate win over hypocrisy, lying and an opportunist candidate.

        I hope Mah take the opportunity to build his home base again. Enoughlah of DAP antics. a party that actually do nothing over the last 50 years except creating hatred among the races.

        1. There was a backlash from all three races against the DAP.

          (1) The Malays: Fence sitters have had an entire year since GE13 for the import/implication of the Chinese tsunami to sink in; the DAP candidate is a newbie, non tudung-wearing city Malay who not only fudged on hudud but dissed a purebred Malay institution UiTM, and there were signals from the PAS conservative leadership that they were lukewarm to Dyana’ candidacy. Only the Erdogans (Guan Eng bosom buddy Mat Sabu, Mujahid, Khalid S, Nizar J) went to the ground to help the DAP campaign.

          (2) The Chinese: They’ve also had a whole year to chew on the realisation that the DAP’s sweeping win in May 2013 did not benefit the ordinary Chinese in any material or substantive way. The success elevated Madame Speaker to her 5-figure salary and Prada but brought little else to the Ah Pek and Ah Soh on whose backs the DAP landmark victory was built.

          Voters living in Teluk Intan belong to the older age brackets while the younger ones did not return to vote as indicated by the low turnout. In this by-election the “Ini kali lah, “UBAH” Kerajaan factor was missing. Then too, Mah is a local boy born in Teluk Intan while Dyana couldn’t even cast a vote for herself yesterday being a parachute candidate who’s not registered in Teluk Intan.

          (3) The Indians: DAP in its greedy pursuit of Malay support – with an eye on expanding its voter base and march to Putrajaya and for which the Dyana manouver was crafted – had ignored this group. Indians were treated like they’re invisible, same as the Hindu Indians on Penang island under DAP rule, instead of having their ‘kingmaker’ role in Teluk Intan recognised.

          At 19 percent of the electorate or 1 out of every 5 voters, the Indian heft should never have been under-estimated by the DAP. It is revealing of the DAP’s inherent racism that they overlooked the significance of the Indian influence in this constituency. And to the BN’s credit, they did their grassroots work with all the Indian parties and satellites going on the stump. Hindraf remained neutral and stayed out of the estates. This is a demography impossible for non-Tamil speakers to connect with. Kelibat Dyana pun tak nampak pun.

          LOCAL FACTORS:

          The Dapster bad attitude. There’s a video circulating of an Indian being scolded “pariah”. But the way the DAP Chinese treat dark-skinned people would not have been confined just to the particular name-caller alone who was caught on tape. The DAP Chinese look down on Indians, e.g. their nasty contempt for the poor Indians who took/accepted the BN hampers. This reflects the Chinese lack of empathy for issues/people outside their own immediate sphere of concern, and this callous insularity does not escape the Indian community.

          The formidable PAS machinery was not cranking. The DAP with its own groundbreaking Malay candidate appeared to want to muscle in on Malay turf and make their own foray into the Malay heartland. It could be that DAP is preparing for the contingency of PAS moving closer to Umno, and Teluk Intan is a trial run for the DAP learning to campaign among Malays independent of its previous reliance on PAS to facilitate entry. In any case, the level of Malay support for DAP dipped (compared to GE13) and this vote drain would have had to come from the PAS polity.

          Kit Siang’s high handed decision
          which ignored local Chinese sentiments was punished by those Chinese not in thrall to the ABU slogan. He had sidelined ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau who had thought he was the frontrunner choice. He had ignored the wishes of the widow of the late MP as well who snubbed him and the DAP following her husband’s death.

          Kit Siang did not give face to former DAP Perak chairman Ngeh Koo Ham in Dyana’s campaign programmes.

          And there is the longstanding warlord rivalry
          for which the state DAP is infamous for. A win by Dyana would have allowed the Kit Siang & Son faction to become stronger in Perak which is not something cousin Nga (the current Perak DAP chairman) wants.

          And in any case, this by-election is for Parliament, not DUN, and does not determine who holds power and nor does it impact the state government changing hands so the Chinese can afford to abstain from voting. The unilateral decision – not to mention cronyism – by Kit Siang to install his pol-sec as candidate did not go down well vis-a-vis the dynamics of internal party power jostling between central (HQ under Kit control) and regional (state Ngeh-Nga).

          Like the PAS party workers whose usual ubiquitous presence was not felt in Teluk Intan this time, similarly the local DAP party workers and local leaders were also conspicuously absent and did not volunteer as polling agents and such.

          It was as if Kit Siang was the candidate. He overshadowed Dyana who patently lack political nous and the appeal was “Vote Kit Siang” rather than vote Dyana for her own worth (not that she had anything to offer Teluk Intan). The Dyana campaign had to be carried by KL heavyweights Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Teresa who may grab national headlines but this does not translate into local votes.

          Dyana’s cut & paste manifesto can be said to be vague in the general sense of “good governance” empty rhetoric not formulating any concrete or specific plans to uplift Teluk Intan unlike Mah’s manifesto.

          Furthermore, voters have had a previous taste of DAP insincerity in the Gelang Patah declaration which had plagiarized the Hindraf blueprint. This goes to show that the DAP does not put its heart into taking care of and looking into voter concerns. They’re just a power crazy bunch of greedy evangelistas.

          Dyana’s glamour and chutzpah in the social media cut no ice with the unwired Teluk Intan electorate, particularly the senior citizens. She is over-hyped to the digital audience and this is the reason why the expectations of the online urbanites ultimately failed to tally with the reality of the residents in a semi-rural constituency.

          The J-Star deliberately did not tell its national audience the facts on the ground. The J-Star did not report that Dyana and Kit Siang were chased away when they visited some Malay areas. The J-Star did not report that Dyana was given the cold shoulder by Pakciks and Makciks (one who refused to selfie with her) on her walkabouts and that even Kit Siang was pointedly ignored by some Chinese Apeks when he greeted them.

          The J-Star also deliberately buried Dyana’s Perkasa connection which could have affected the Chinese votes. They only gave the Yammy office holder story angle a cursory coverage and blacked out revelations that Dyana herself participated in several Perkasa activities above and beyond her flimsy excuse that she was an unthinking student only helping out Mammy Dearest. The Jerusubang paper’s conduct is most definitely Gunting.

          Finally the strength of Datuk Mah himself. His family are rich and notable local inhabitants. He was a one-term Adun and two-term MP whose familiarity with the area allowed him to hit the ground running. He’s not pretentious. He’s personally well liked. And his gentlemanly campaign style did not alienate nor create hostility. In short, a solid and winnable candidate.

          Okay, there. Just a brief overview which I can think of in passing at 2am.

            1. Setuju… ‘burrppp'(excuse me). Rasa ‘kenyang’ bila baca kupasan PRK Tk Intan dr Boss Helen ni… semua ada, secukup rasa.

          1. Helen, could this be it too? [YouTube]

            Anwar is not the boss, he can’t even speaks Tamil like Azeez does.

            What a pleasant surprise?

            Tamils in UMNO? Mamak haters, eats your heart out!!!

                  1. MIC kena buck up. Kalau ini macam the attacks of the mamaks, MIC yang hidup segan, mati tak mahu, boleh tutup kadai!

            1. It could be that was the speech (in Tamil) that had swung the 238 winning votes from the Indian community for Barisan Nasional..! Who knows.., kan..!?

              Well done.., keep it up.., YB Azeez Rahim.


          2. Helen..,

            Your analysis on the PRK Teluk Intan is spot-on. However, so many of your visitors here seem to be far too happy despite the very slim majority victory enjoyed by Barisan Nasional. Being satisfied is OK but being too happy is something else.

            If we remember, BN won with 2/3 majority in 1999 General Elections, despite that Anwar [Ibrahim] was thrown in jail in the year 1998 while the Reformasi was at its boiling point.., nonetheless Dr. Mahathir as PM had handled the situation very well at the time despite the Reformasi scenario, to secure the 2/3 majority victory for BN.

            In the 2004 General Elections, BN had once again secured 2/3 majority and this time by a huge & thumping majority votes for BN in many of the parliamentary constituencies. Why so..? Well, it was because at that time Dr. Mahathir had left an impressive political legacy for BN upon his retirement as PM in the tear 2003. Also, at the time Pak Lah was still seen to be a ‘clean’ and reliable political leader.

            However, when Anwar was released from prison while Pak Lah was the PM.., then all hell broke lose for the BN party. Also, by the year 2007 Pak Lah was no longer seen as a ‘clean’ but who was by then perceived by many as being actually a weak and ‘flip-flop’ leader. Pak Lah’s ungratefulness to Dr. Mahathir (who had graciously handed over the helm of the nation to him) made situation even worse that prompted Dr. Mahathir to quit UMNO due to Pak Lah obstinate style of leadership in UMNO as well as of the nation. What was so obvious was that Pak Lah would rather refer, consult and listen to his extrovert, cocky & ‘greenhorn’ son-in-law (KJ) with regard to the party’s (UMNO/BN) concerns as well as on important national issues and policies, rather than seeking the advice of his ‘well-seasoned’ predecessor, i.e. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. A real blunder indeed by Pak Lah within those few short years.

            Thus, the results of the 2008 General Elections had spoken. It was a miserable display for BN with Pak Lah at the helm.., when this time around BN had lost the 2/3 majority seats in parliament which was the worst ever GE results faced by the Alliance/BN government since the May 10th 1969 General Elections. With merely one term as the Prime Minister, it seems as though Pak Lah had produced one of the best election result for BN in the 2004 GE.., however he had also produced one of the worst election results for BN in the 2008 GE.., within that short one term as Prime Minister.

            If Pak Lah had said that Dr. Mahathir had undermine him perhaps that may be true, but to say that Dr. Mahathir had undermine UMNO/BN in the 2008 GE is totally baseless and untrue. Pak Lah had failed to see that the real and glaring danger to UMNO was Anwar. He simply failed to see that Dr. Mahathir would not have sacked Anwar from UMNO as well as the Deputy PM.., if Anwar was not a menace to the party as well as to the nation. After the 1999 GE, Dr. Mahathir could have carried on sitting pretty, high & mighty as President of UMNO as well as the Prime Minister for indefinitely, rather than announcing his retirement as President of UMNO in 2002 as well as the Prime Minister in 2003. Why so..?

            In the year 2006 when the Altantuya murder issue had surfaced.., clearly Anwar had never-ever ‘touched’ or attacked Pak Lah in any way.., but he was all-out attacking and putting down Najib because he knows that Pak Lah is a mere pushover, while Najib was at that time in dire-straits to clear his reputation in his purported involvement of the Altantuya murder case. To Anwar’s mind, if he can get rid of Najib (via the murder-case issue) then Pak Lah can be easily compromised and pushed aside. The weakness and the flip-flop leadership style of Pak Lah as well as the relentless smearing campaign (by Anwar & Co.) towards Najib (in his purported involvement in the Altantuya murder case) was largely reflected and as expressed by the Malaysian voters in the 2008 General Elections results.

            Nonetheless, why is it that the previous 2013 General Election results did not fare any better than the 2008 GE results..? Well, the answer is still again.., Anwar ..! Many fail to realise that Anwar is a real crowd-puller.., i.e. a real snake-charmer and ‘kaki jual-ubat’. And, crowds are simply drawn to his ‘kencing-temberang’ antics just like throngs of side-street crowds are drawn to the snake charmer’s tricks and the sidewalk ‘love-potion’ salesman’s sweet-talk.

            Politically speaking, Anwar has the unique charm somewhat of that mad-monk Rasputin (a ‘holy’ cum lady’s man) as wells as having the charismatic and oratory skills of Adolf Hitler.., all rolled into one. Such feature is a rare combination for a political leader. Such a creature can lie straight into your face without squinting an eye that can convince you that it is as though he is one of those God’s gift on earth or an ‘anugerah Tuhan’. Possibly, most of the German people would have thought along the same line towards their ‘Fuhrer’i.e. Adolf Hitler.., i.e. prior to World-War-II period.

            Anwar’s leadership capability as being the ‘king-pin’ between PAS and DAP is absolutely crucial and indispensable. One can imagine without his pivotal skills (through PKR) that neither DAP nor PAS can sit together and compromise on several political issues.., such as the kalimah Allah and the Hukum Hudud issues. In short, Anwar is that great stabilizer and ‘balancer’ for the component parties within Pakatan Rakyat. Take away Anwar from that equation then surely the Pakatan Rakyat ‘marriage of convenience’ shall surely crumble and fall apart.

            The problem is that not many UMNO/BN people or others would dare to confront and ‘face-off’ one-to-one with Anwar on simple issues.., other than Ummi Hafilda and Dato’ Nallakarupan. In fact, Anwar really dread facing those two characters.

            Setting-up Anwar for some sexual indecency acts and scenes prior to the PRU-13 (like some of those pro-UMNO bloggers had done) is a silly and lame personal attack that merely strengthens further public sympathy for him. Even when the courts have found him guilty and sentenced him to jail (pending appeal) in sodomising Shaiful Bukhari, but yet he remains popular and acceptable by many and who is still unperturbed and goes about on the campaign trails all over the country. That’s how jenis so muka-tebal that [Anwar] is. Ironically, the problem is that many people would believe in him rather than accepting the decision and ruling of the courts of law. That is how so conniving, deceptive and convincing that Anwar is.., just like the ‘love-potion’ salesman scamming the common pedestrians.

            To this day, despite more than 90% of his able political & ‘Reformasi’ strongmen had long ago left him since the year 1998.., in the likes of (say) Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Ezam Md. Noor and down till Zahid Md. Arip.., nonetheless Anwar seem to be able gather and recruit those fresh and young faces to support him. Why is that so..?

            In the 2013 GE, even though BN had formed the federal government with 60% of parliamentary seats, nonetheless it won a mere 47.38% of the popular vote while the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition led by Anwar Ibrahim formed the bulk of the opposition in Parliament after winning 50.87% of the popular vote. This is the worst result ever for Barisan Nasional in terms of popular votes. Again.., why so..?

            Barisan Nasional’s popular votes performance in past General Elections:-

            1969 – 50.90% – Tunku Rahman’s dwindling leadership
            1974 – 60.80% – Rise – after formation of BN
            1978 – 57.20% – Hussein Onn’s period of leadership
            1982 – 60.50% – Anwar joins UMNO & becomes MP
            1986 – 57.30% – Slight drop due to economic recession
            1990 – 53.40% – Some drop due to S-46 & Pairin factor
            1995 – 65.20% – Anwar’s apex period in UMNO
            1999 – 56.53% – Sudden drop – Anwar kicked from UMNO
            2004 – 63.90% – Rise – Mahathir legacy, Anwar still in jail
            2008 – 50.27% – Drop – Anwar released, deception unleashed
            2013 – 47.38% – Ditto – despite the Lahad Datu affair

            Clearly, BN’s performance for popular votes was best in the 1995 GE while the worst was in the 2013 GE. Observe those figures and results seriously and objectively rather than with skepticism. Should it be that in the next General Election, BN’s popular votes dips to around 45% or lower, then we shall have to prepare ourselves for a change in the ruling government..!

            For the supporters of the BN party, its recent victory in the Teluk Intan by-election with the mere and slim 238 vote majority is nothing to be proud of. Despite being a young Malay woman representing an overwhelming Chinese-based party, Dyana Sofya had managed to garner 19,919 votes from the electorates. Despite losing by a slim majority in Teluk Intan, clearly with DAP’s ‘experimental’ and greenhorn Malay candidate, it should be said that Dyana Sofya had done pretty well.., considering that the results indicate that she had not been completely thrashed by a far more seasoned and experienced local Chinese candidate.., and what more as the president of political party (PGRM).

            Those are very clear signs in the future that DAP are no longer to be taken for granted and are no pushovers, regardless whomsoever they decide to place as candidates in any urban constituencies. Coupled with DAP’s association with that thick-skin of a mad-man comparable to Rasputin/Hitler, i.e. in the likes of Anwar, thus DAP’s chances to create new political inroads into non-urban areas in the future cannot be discounted and left unnoticed.

            Barisan Nasional must come out with new strategies to recover the faith of the people where the popular votes towards BN shall have to be returned in the region of 55% to 65% as before enjoyed. If otherwise, when complacency or over-confidence may set in, then the largest single political party in Malaysia, i.e. UMNO.., may have to prepare themselves in becoming opposition members in the Dewan Rakyat.., in the next General Elections.

            Be advised.

            1. “What was so obvious was that Pak Lah would rather refer, consult and listen to his extrovert, cocky & ‘greenhorn’ son-in-law (KJ) with regard to the party’s (UMNO/BN) concerns as well as on important national issues and policies, rather than seeking the advice of his ‘well-seasoned’ predecessor, i.e. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad”

              Today: The Son (in law) Has Risen.

              1. Re: “..Today: The Son (in law) Has Risen..”

                It would be such a huge mistake for Najib and UMNO people to allow such a cocky extrovert in the likes of KJ to rise so rapidly .., unabated..!

                Wasn’t Anwar Ibrahim quite an extrovert.., i.e. always wanting to shows-off his ‘political’ & oratory skills…? Wasn’t he finally abated by Dr. Mahathir to save UMNO from such an over-ambitious creature..?

                Let us observe KJ’s extrovert nature in this video, as below:-


                During President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Malaysia, upon arrival at the airport he was received by our Foreign Minister (Anifah Aman) while other ministers were also there. KJ also happens to be one of those Minister in Attendance or as ‘Menteri Pengiring’.

                Observe how KJ had broken normal protocol while welcoming President Barack Obama by getting out of line from the other ministers (i.e. by over-stepping onto the Red-carpet). He also followed behind President Obama (while still on the Red-carpet) but away from the other Malaysian ministers in attendance.., so much so that at one instant Foreign Minister Anifah Aman had to chide KJ to fall back into line. He listened for a while but continued to follow behind President Obama.., so much so he perhaps would have wanted to open the President’s limousine door for Barack Obama to enter. That is pure extrovert, show-off and ‘bodek-bedek’ techno-how at its maximum..!

                Even those US Secret-Service people guarding President Obama at the time, must be thinking that this ‘Kid-Minister’ must be some kind of weirdo, to break normal protocol while at the same time giving them a hard time to protect their President.

                So.., how much more is KJ going to rise and climb with his head in the clouds..?

    1. hai yah

      At least my blog prediction betul unlike the syok sendiri TMI “analysts” and the DAP fanboys.

      1. ‘the syok sendiri TMI “analysts” and the DAP fanboys.’


        It shows who’s credible and who’s not. Helen haters, stay far2 away!

  1. Yay! Tahniah Datuk Mah! You really made my day! As for Princess Dyana, let her suck her thumb!

  2. TAHNIAH CIK HELEN for all yr hard work and support… My son and his Chinese housemates r already celebrating!

    Tahniah BN our prayers be with you. Serve those in need with all sincerity, everyone in Malaysia deserves to lead a good life.

    Bravo once again to Helen.

  3. Congratulations to Datuk Mah and the Barisan Nasional!

    Is it not time to demonstrate to Kit Siang and his Anti-Confucian Cultural Marxist political ideologues, how neo-Confucian ethics can contribute to a better Malaysian society?. . . . .


    “Imagining Confucian Democracy” was the overarching topic of three lectures/discussions at Stanford by Professor TU Weiming 杜维明 and Professor Francis Fukuyama. Institutional Challenges was the third one held on Wednesday 2013.02.21 at the Center For East Asian Studies of Stanford University.

    1. Chris,

      Congratulation to BN and Dr Mah.

      Finally good sense does prevail. The Chinese finally realise that no way they can wrest political power from UMNO. Hence, Teluk intan provides an opportunity to show that the “change of heart”.

      Not that UMNO is so desperate for Chinese support. after all, UMNO led BN still manages to forms government recognised by the whole world without Chinese support.

      1. Bro. Shamsul,

        Maoism has been the death knell for the Chinese soul, more so in China but also everywhere. Like the dead Maoist Chin Peng it likes to profess, the DAP strongmen are venomously anti-culture, anti-intellectual and have little concerns for matters of the heart when obstacles stand in the way of their humongous ambitions to power and the state coffers.

    2. Imam Shafi’i said:

      “If you fear becoming deluded and overly impressed by your own deeds then remember whose pleasure you are seeking, and the joy (of the paradise) in which you want to be, and also the punishment (of hellfire) you fear may befall you. Whoever ponders these things will find the importance of his deeds diminish in his mind.”

      “Three things in this world have been made lovely to me: avoiding pretension; treating people kindly; and abiding by the way of the people of tasawwuf (the ethical and spiritual ones)!”

  4. yabadabadooo BN menang!!!

    good riddance lah Cik Helen punya bashing tentang Dyana & siang DAP memang part of BN victory…tahniah & syabas!

    Datuk Mah menang, Dyana pula akan balik Gelang Patah untuk diperap lagi dalam bilik khas sebagai pegawai khas kepada kit siang…hahahaha

  5. Tak aci, helen pakai bomoh. Haha. Hope u will be a candidate one day n menang jadi MP.

  6. Congrats to Datuk Mah and Gerakan.

    To Najib give Datuk Mah Transport

    To princess diana, sorry, but look at it this way you still got your job in kit siangs office, maybe its not parliment but something is better then nothing.

      1. Dapster outstation yang tak balik mengundi and thinking that it would be an easy win, must be “menghentak-hentakkan kepala sekarang ni” in disbelief. I am in still in awe with this news.

  7. At last! Orang teluk intan dah buka minda untuk hidup dalam kenyataan bukan seperti the dapsters, asyik kutuk, komen dan komplain, tapi semua hampeh. Congrats Datuk Mah

  8. Tahniah mah and bn… tahniah all!! Helen did a super good job! Voluntary tapi hebat…. lim ks, jgn ingat trick kau boleh pakai selalu! Diyana dgn yammy yum, kene belajar banyak dan jgn sombong….. rba, jgn kelentong lagi…. dah cukup!

  9. you know, sometime I wish that Dyana win. How long would Dyana handle the pressure in DAP (due the perkasa connection) before turned independent.

    Anyway I’m sympathized with uncle kitty siang. He is going to face The Rebellion. And the whole of DAP is going to tremble. The mandate of Heaven on Emperor Lim Is expired !!

    This is new Dawn on DAPism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandate_of_Heaven

  10. Helen, how come, d, dandy and dapster donkeys are no to be seen ini malam?

    Did I miss anything, I masuk party lambat ka?


    Helen please dissect the keputusan like you always does…thanks.

      1. It is a very slim margin, a win is a win nevertheless. The question is will YB Datuk Mah able to retain the seat in the next PRU?

        1. Dyana and her mother made a grave mistake by going all against everything Malays i.e. UiTM, ATRM, Hudud (to certain extend) and there was a report posted by pro-UMNO FB stating that Yummy (is that how you spell her name?) has uttered ” Dyana Tidak Perlukan Undi Melayu Untuk Menang”. And for Dyana to say “UiTM untuk semua” is just like saying “Hapuskan Sekolah Venakular” to the Chinese, is another big blow;

        2. The internal conflict in DAP is not a big obstacle for them, for coming PRU14 they will learn this lesson and will feature the local candidate;

        3. This PRK has recorded among the lowest turn out of the 5 PRK i.e about 60% plus where Bukit Gelugor being the lowest where more than 50% (if I am not mistaken) didn’t cast their vote. On this note, it must be remembered that majority of those who didn’t turn out in Bukit Gelugor are most likely BN supporters (for they couldn’t care less) and fence-seater, not because Ram Karpal Sigh has that aura and strength to begin with. That is why the rest of the candidates lost their deposits;

        4. Coming PRU14, if BN fails to disperse or weaken the anti-BN/UMNO sentiment in non-Malay majority areas, all other BN component party i.e. MCA, Gerakan and MIC can kiss their seats goodbye;

        5. Whether you like it or not, the young, professional and urban non-Malay voters have been indoctrinated that Malay/UMNO/BN equals evil, come PRU14 their sentiment will remain the same. So what is MCA, Gerakan and MIC going to do about it?

        6. Talking about young, professional ( “non” included) and urban in general, what has the MENTERI BELIA DAN SUKAN done about it after 1 year in office? He is there as ketua UMNO, because the election process in UMNO allows him to gain advantage over the rest i.e. bila dia pegang hidung ketua cawangan dengan kuasa dan kewangan yang dia ada sudah tentu dia boleh menang;

        7. The Indian basically have no strong and capable leader to lead and represent them. There is a lot distrust among the Indian community about everything. They have been betrayed in BN, DAP and PKR, but looking at the lesser of all evils, you have to admit BN still has done something good all these years compared to the rest. Datuk Mah should take this opportunity to highlight the plight of the Indian community;

        8. There are 3 major news that may have swung (some influence if not) the vote among the Chinese, and I read that about 3 “saluran” where Gerakan has won more than 50% votes. one began with a statement made by someone ( can’t remember the name) that it is going to be very tough for Dyana to secure the funds from the Gomen; followed by PM announcement about Datuk Mah being appointed in the Cabinet should he win and rebutted by Iguana Eng saying that the cabinet position has nothing to do with the election; and finally PM visits to China with all the good news about strong bilateral relationship with PR China and MOU which have been splashed in the news the past several days. These are Chinese-centric news that sent positive vibes and disperse/soften the anti-Chinese (from the Chinese perspective) on BN. Me think they have begun to learn the act of war in perception in a more effective way, but it is just my opinion.


        Even the Redbeanies have nothing bad to say about Datuk Mah this time around, I maybe wrong for I haven’t read any.

        1. The Red Beanies too busy fanning Dyana Mania and promoting their standard-style personality cultism.

        2. No#5 – sejak lahir dah diasuh supaya MEMBENCI dan tidak membenar anak mereka bermesra sama sekali dgn Melayu (can’t even smile). These are facts of DAP Apek kids living in my area.

          LKS talk caya saya jemput dia mai sini dan lihat sendiri.

          1. ‘sejak lahir dah diasuh supaya MEMBENCI dan tidak membenar anak mereka bermesra sama sekali dgn Melayu’

            Kat Penang pun macam ni. Tengok Melayu macam nampak hantu!

                1. re: “Tengok Melayu macam nampak hantu!”

                  Maybe the Dapsters are admiring the tudung, songkok and kain sampin, and recalling that their own DAP leaders HY, TNC, OKM el al are also fond of wearing these things.

                  So the interested ‘look’ that you see on their faces is just their curiosity when their itching to ask, “Eh, where can I buy one of those?”

                  1. Hahaha, maybe the saw the ‘panda’ in us.

                    But what about these, Tony Pua ‘look’ says a lot about his true feelings towards Dyana. [tweet]

  11. tulah pakai lagi ahli perkasa sebagai calon… kata benci.. bodoh punya strategi.

    1. Nope.

      There is still a free flow of Holy Water in Penang. Not possible for Guan Eng to be stirred or shaken from there for a long time to come.

      Penang will remain an opposition bastion like Kelantan and its DAP supporters eventually isolated from the national mainstream.

      1. You are right. You can see the face books of some people I know. They place the black berkabung posting. They seem to constantly do that since 505,

  12. lim guan eng kata:

    “The drop in Chinese votes for DAP could have been due to the candidate Dyna Sofya Mohd Daud being a Malay”

    hahaha, tergamak lim guan eng menyindir pengundi cina totok DAP di Teluk Intan sebagai RASIS

    what’s your say Cik Helen?

    1. re: “what’s your say Cik Helen?”

      It is for good reason he is Iguana Eng.

  13. confirmed, ah, that BN won?

    Thought DAP was going to win. So glad to be proven wrong!!

    Congrats to Mah and Gerakan. Dump that useless MCA.

    Any idea of the racial breakdown of voters? It would be interesting to see the number of Chinese voters.

    Anyway, big slap for Kit Siang. He’s become so arrogant to take Chinese votes for granted.

    1. re: “Dump that useless MCA.”


      re: “so arrogant to take Chinese votes for granted”

      You’re so right.

    2. ‘Anyway, big slap for Kit Siang. He’s become so arrogant to take Chinese votes for granted.’

      Would the rest of Cinas see this? Or would they be willing to tag along and being used (and perhaps dump) for the sake of ABU?

      Apa lagi Cina mahu?

      ‘Dump that useless MCA.’

      SHAME ON MCA!!!

      MCA stops the politics already and start working.

  14. Hello Helen…

    Betul apa yang Helen kata… Kita tak boleh bergembira pun dengan kemenangan ni… nasib la orang-orang Melayu kampung dan Cina bukit tak mahu undi Dyana…

    Tapi apa mangkuk ayun KJ tu buat??? Menumpang je bila menang??? Hanya datang bila rasa Malaysia boleh menang Piala Thomas hari tu??? Nasib la kalah, kalau menang hari tu mau dikokoknya satu Malaysia ni kata dia Menteri yang berjaya bawa balik Piala Thomas…

    Sama macam Teluk Intan, PRU 14 mungkin akan bermula 3 atau 4 tahun lagi… Tapi apa yang KetuaPondan Umno buat??? Selfie memanjang, catwalk atas pentas dan menaikkan imej diri sendiri sahaja??? Lebih baik tendang je Ketua Pondan Umno ni… Takde faedah pun simpan dia dalam Umno pun…

    1. Mood teman spoil habis bila nampak si Ketua Pemuda Umno masa perlawanan akhir badminton tempuh hari di TV.

      Nak sokong pasukan Malaysia pun dah jadi separuh hati. Kesian Chong Wei.

      Inilah jadinya bila sukan di politikan.

  15. Hopefully this victory will be a stepping stone towards gaining some lost ground. It doesn’t hide the fact that there’s a lot of to do. Imagine if the foul mouthed Hew was drafted in. Mah would have been obliterated.

    That said, perhaps there’s still life in Gerakan. I certainly hope so. MCA would do well to emulate their hard work.

    Btw, congrats on your 4 ton hits.

    1. Thanks FFC and all wellwishers and readers who contributed to the figure.

      1. You must not forget to thank the likes of Acik Ducik, Dandy, d, f & whatever other letters of the alphabet the fella is using to claim the 50sen a comment bounty. 😝

        1. And they’re diligently slotting their limaposen bounty into “piggy” banks. Duit haram tu :D

  16. Booo Hooo to MCA, jual mahal lagi. Now Gerakan will have a minister and you are left sucking your thumb.

    1. This is what comes from true BN spirit.

      I wonder if D will continue to be LKS trophy.

  17. Do you know JSTar is not placing the win as front page win unlike Malay Mail?

    Najib’s China visit is on page 1.

    1. ‘Do you know JSTar is not placing the win as front page win unlike Malay Mail?’


      A-Because DAP’s lost

      B-Because it will make MCA looks bad

  18. Tahniah untuk kemenangan.

    I hope its not ‘business as usual’ for BN. The majority too thin to survive GE14.

  19. Tahniah BN esp Gerakan.

    I cant wait to see the breakdown of the voter turnout. Did the Chinese really voted against “seluar dalam LimGE” or the scales were tipped by Indians or by the Malays.

    Kena analyse the breakdown. …. I still cannot forgive the win of LKS or SamKetot etc…. Ini semua senseless wins..

  20. Alamak ! LKS took the Buddhists, Taoists, Confucius, Atheists old folks for granted.

    He forgot Ngeh and Mah have not been donating to their temples. Only the churches seem to benefit during the last Pakatan state Govt and it’s payback time silently thru their votes.

    PAS Hudud aims just added more worries for them.

    What to do? Anyway congrats to Gerakan Presiden. The party can still survive till PRU 14.

  21. So we have to believe that the Elections Commission (EC) has done its job well?

    The total votes in the counting was 40626 (20157/BN + 19919/DAP + 550/SPOILT)

    But earlier, the Elections Commission said that 39850 voters cast their votes on 31/5. Count in the postal votes of 392 the total number of votes cast should be 392 + 39850 = 40242.

    Where did the extra 384 votes come from?

    The EC is AGAIN letting down its credibility by being blind to such inconsistency and yet announcing the winner.

    Imagine if this was the situation if BN as trailing? Would the EC have still proceeded to announce the result?

    Can we all take it that this is how the EC will hold itself accountable for all future elections?

    Now do you all know why the EC must be accountable to parliament and not the administration of the day?

    Don’t celebrate too soon!
    Get the process in order first – for the better of our generation and the future.

    As a responsible citizen, do your part to mould this great nation to be a shining model of law and order for the rest of the world.


    1. If you wanna apply the DAP CEC brand of mathematics and you’re dissatisfied with the EC calculations (below) why don’t you file an election petition in protest?

      Ballots issued: 40,668
      BN: 20,157
      DAP: 19,919
      Spoilt votes: 543
      Missing/unreturned ballots: 49

    2. Arasu use EXCEL, all automatic no need to pening kepla.

      BN. – 20157
      DAP – 19919
      Xvotes. 543
      Not submitted 49

      Total 40668 equals total voters

      Polish sikit Bahasa Kebangsaan kamu so next time u will not misunderstand.

        1. Arasu is questioning the “39,850” figure earlier released by the EC and which the commission modified later.

      1. Did someone say Excel? It has already been proven that Excel and DAP does not mix. Excel will malfunction and generate funny combination of numbers if used by Dap.

    3. “Imagine if this was the situation if BN as trailing? Would the EC have still proceeded to announce the result?”

      —show us any Election over the past 10-20 years where the EC failed to announce result when BN was trailing?

      —did DAP protest or request for recount before the announcement?

      As a responsible citizen, please respond to the above since you have raised this issue.

  22. The day after – DAP version. Rasa tidak puas hati. We expect that.
    First from Lord Darth Tokong.

    “Can Mah Siew Keong Pass His First Test That He Will Not Be An “UMNO” Minister By Getting Zahid Hamidi To Apologise For Calling Chinese Ungrateful?”

    “3 Preliminary Reasons For DAP’s Defeat:-Correction To False Reporting That I Had Blamed Dyana Sofya For DAP’s Loss Of Teluk Intan Parliamentary Seat.

    I am shocked at the false reporting that I had blamed the candidature of Dyana Sofya for DAP’s loss of the Teluk Intan Parliamentary seat. Nothing could be further from the truth and I hope that this correction can be published.”

    So Malaysiakini tak betul lor. See citation from Tan Khai Beng

    “Tan Khai Beng

    The blame game has started and a racist one too. ..Dyana ‘ s race ?? What the shit is he talking ? Better ask your Lau Pek …who decided to put her as calon ..Tokong don’t keep talking shit. ..I hope all the Malays supporting this talk cock tokong better be awaken .. ”

    Malaysiakini’s headline, Perhaps Dyana’s Race led to drop in Chinese voters”.

    “TELUK INTAN The drop in Chinese votes for DAP could have been due to the candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud being a Malay, said party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.”

    Yeah. Mi Lord Darth Tokong semua lu menang lor. Dyana salah, Malaysiakini salah, UMNO salah, Mah salah.

    1. What happened to Dap’s claims that the party is not race-based? You know, the one about no Malays, Chinese and Indians but all Malaysians?

      What, the members all didn’t get the memo on that?

    1. I’m baffled.

      How come LKS knows the BN uniform donning Malays are from UMNO and not Gerakan?

      Could they be Malay looking Cinas who donned BN bajus?

      Is LKS confirming the fact that Malays = UMNO?

      RSN Rayer, komen sikit, boleh?

    2. The wise do not call themselves wise; but the foolish do not know any better. The emperor who wears no clothes presumes the imperial finery on himself.

  23. saya tidak pernah miss baca tulisan helen……. harap hy punya pa pun turut serta baca seperti kita semua… deme tu ada tempat nak migrate….

  24. Hi, Helen. Glad that BN won.

    Met with one Dapster this afternoon who is cab driver. Wow, he gave all sorts of names to BN, especially UMNO. DS Najib was called ‘Bapa Puaka’, his wife was called ‘Betina paling tak guna’, including Shahrizat and Rafidah.

    He told me that DS Najib bought a private jet that costs billions. I asked him, ‘How do you know, uncle?’ He replied ‘Internet la. Tak guna baca semua suratkhabar. Semua dikawal oleh BN’.

    He was complaining ‘Selagi kita tak jatuhkan BN dan UMNO, mmg kita teruk la.’ That is the extent of a Dapster’s intellectual level. They actually believe news from the Internet, where anyone can write absolutely anything, even lies. Even I myself, don’t simply trust every news published in newspapers, let alone Internet.

    1. re: “They actually believe news from the Internet, where anyone can write absolutely anything, even lies.”

      Yup. The Dapster-evangelistas have been running a dedicated smear campaign against me. The Red Beanies even have the nerve to push their lies in my own blog, such as Dandy calling me a mualaf.

      They have been writing absolutely anything without any boundaries of decency and their sheeple swallow the lies wholesale like chewing grass. No hope, no cure for them.

      1. I admire you, Helen, as you have the guts to write this blog and voice your opinions. It is tough, especially when you have folks who love spreading lies, hatred and launch smear campaigns against others who disagree with them.

        I have read Dandy’s comments before which pops here and there. I just didn’t want to the entertain the fella because it is a waste of time. You see, when a person has a fixed mindset on something, he/she will refuse to see things other way.

        When Dandy calls you a mualaf, it is the same as those folks who keep insisting that Dr. Ridhuan Tee wants to be a Malay, when he is clearly a Chinese. A Chinese Muslim at that. And then there are even folks who ask Daphne Iking when she wants to become a Malay. That’s one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. She is a Kadazan-Dusun and yet some people think that she is a Malay because she is a Muslim.

        I don’t know, I think they suffer from an identity crisis, Helen. That is why they insist on being Bangsa Malaysia, when we are all basically Malaysians since we are citizens of Malaysia. Race and religion are just difficult issues for them to deal with.

        Keep up the good work, Helen. :)

    2. The PAS Makcik also blames BN for all the increase in cost of food item… “Negara keluar minyak dn minyak kelapa sawit apasal jual mahal kat rakyat sendiri?” Dia ingat all these oil pancut keluaq sendiri dari bumi Dan pokok kut!

      1. Salam, Rina. I believe that PR has deluded their supporters into believing that everything should be cheap and free such as free water, free education, free petrol, etc without thinking of the consequences. Sure, who doesn’t like everything cheap and free, right?

        However, there are pros and cons to each ‘entitlement’. For example, cheap water tariff may result in users wasting water like nobody’s business. Instead of educating people on how precious water, appreciating water and using water wisely, they promote campaigns on cheap water. And sure, we end up with water rationing since demand exceeds supply. It is not merely due to droughts. Not to mention, we end up having water infiltrated with trace metals which may have a detrimental effect on health in the long term. In general, it is not cheap to treat water.

        The same goes for electricity and petrol. Instead of educating people to reduce carbon footprint by saving on electricity and commute more by public transportation, it’s all about increasing subsidies. For example, I even have a friend who is lazy to walk to the shop, when it is within walking distance and she would rather drive her car. And yet, she is always complaining on traffic jams, rising cost of petrol and parking issues. Why drive your car when you can walk then? What she doesn’t realize is that we are all part of the problem and solution. We can even be healthier if we choose to walk more. In my case, I don’t have air-conds in my home, my family’s clothes are all hand-washed and therefore there is no washing machine, we use energy-saving bulbs and yes, we commute by public transportation. :)

      2. Re. The PAS Makcik also blames BN

        They blame UMNO/BN for everything. I have a very funny story to tell and it happened just last week.

        I was waiting for my ‘Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin” to go, for dinner at my favorite stall in Bukit Bintang. This is a totok PAS area and they will make it known to you that they are anti-UMNO/Gomen loud and clear. When I was there, the kakak was telling (rather gossiping) about the “Jemaah Surau yang berpuak-puak” and all of them are PAS followers mind you. She was complaining that there are three different groups at “war” currently, and each group will congregate at her stall and tell “stories” about other groups. She was sick of it, but the her punch line is “samalah macam orang UMNO, dia orang saja yang betul”. Later on I asked her whether the surau does any “Khariat Kematian” collection (Funeral fees sort of), and her response was “Dulu ada RM5 ke macam tu, tapi dengan-dengan duit tu pun dah lesap”. Can you beat that? They keep complaining about the Gomen, yet they can’t even manage their own small group.

        1. Salam, LOL. This is the problem when they think that everyone is else is corrupt but themselves. In addition, what’s with the ‘Jemaah surau yang berpuak-puak’ when they are all PAS supporters? Apparently, Islam does not teach them to be united, as well as practising honesty and integrity, when ‘duit khairat kematian’ can also vanish.

    1. Pecat aje le.

      Lepas tu, biar MCA bergabung dengan DAP atau masuk Dong Zong, Hua Zong … ikut suka hati mereka.

    1. Dong Zong has done a good job throughout the years but its current president Yap Sin Tian is controversial and got punched in the face during a convocation at New Era College.

      Hua Zong came up with a 20-year plan of action to steer the country in the right direction but they seem to allow DAP to steer the agenda.

      In the past, on two occasions, i.e. 1987 just prior to Ops Lalang and 2000 during the Suqiu demands/requests, Umno Youth threatened to burn down the S’gor Chinese Assembly Hall building which signals that the Chinese associations and guilds are the leaders of the Chinese community.

      This month Umno Youth threatened to burn down the DAP headquarters which signals that the DAP today is the leader of the Chinese community.

      1. In Vancouver, the Cina pendatangs are not allowed to bring in their woman, to stop the Cina communities ever growing.

        In Vancouver the pendatang Eropah sent the aborigines to reserve lands. The Chinese were made to pay ‘head tax’ amounting to two years salary of average workers, it took ten years for them to settle it.

        Yet the Melayus are the most racist and hated by the local Cinas. Mind boggling to say the least.

        Helen, how come the Cinas in Malaysia are the most racist one, hating the Melayus so much for upholding what is theirs?

        1. Aiyooo! In Vancouver you’re talking about which period in time? Year reference?

          1. When the Cinas first settle in la…

            Just to prove a point how thick the Cinas there kena kaw-kaw with the Ang Mohs vis-vis the Cinas here dengan the Malays…

            Cinas here memang tak tahu bersyukur, macam Zahid kata. Atau Cina lebih selesa dengan apa yang Anwar kata?

            1. The whites similarly did not give the blacks in the USA equal rights, last time. Ditto in South Africa, last time.

              But today in Vancouver Canada, in the USA and in South Africa, all the races have equal standing before the law.

              Human rights have evolved, so talk about the present time, lah.

              Why lah you wanna ungkit cerita omputih mendiskriminasi orang Cina in Vancouver in the 1850s? The Gold Rush occurred more than 150 years ago. The white Canadians have moved on already wrt to their immigration policy and no longer have the Chinese Exclusion Act as law.

                1. The anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam is current.

                  But I don’t see much likelihood that the Dapsters will ever sedar diri. Look at the amount of spin they’re churning out on the DAP loss in Teluk Intan.

                  “What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it… well, he gets it.”

                  Quote above from Clint Eastwood movie, Cool Hand Luke

                  1. re: Quote above from Clint Eastwood movie, Cool Hand Luke

                    Correction: It’s a Paul Newman movie.

                    Happens to be one of my favs in my old movie collection. :)

            2. Re. But today in Vancouver Canada,

              Do you know why it is called “Hongcouver” this day? It all started after Hong Kong was returned to the PRC.

              Re. in the USA

              National poll finds discrimination prevalent in the United States

              Highest level of discrimination

              Nearly seven in 10 Americans (69 percent) feel African-Americans are discriminated against, the highest of any race. In addition, six in 10 (63 percent) feel Hispanic Americans are discriminated against, while five in 10 (51 percent) feel Native Americans and nearly four in 10 (39 percent) feel whites are discriminated against.

              Generally, individual races feel they are discriminated against more than other races. This is particularly pronounced among African-Americans and white respondents:

              – African-American respondents (96 percent) are more likely to believe they are discriminated against than white (65 percent) and Hispanic (76 percent) respondents.- White respondents (45 percent) believe they are more likely to believe they are discriminated against than African-American (11 percent) and Hispanic (21 percent) respondents.

              – Hispanic respondents (75 percent) believe they are more likely to believe they are discriminated against than white (63 percent) respondents.


              Re. and in South Africa,

              They still have a long way to go. It is a different scenario altogether the black was robbed from their right as the native via apartheid system. When the Apartheid system was abolished, by default the Chinese, Indian in South Africa and any other minorities received the benefit.

              Re. all the races have equal standing before the law.

              By the book yes but not by practice, unlike Malaysia they are forced to assimilate into the dominant culture with the exception of South Africa. In South Africa the White are still living within their community wealthy enslavement.


              San Francisco is the most Chinese-friendly city in America, still the community live within their own enclavement in China Town. Through out America the scenario is still the same, where mostly they are lump into the same group as Asian i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pinoy etc. Look at the poll about discrimination, Asian doesn’t even make into the statistics.

              1. So? You keep complaining that Malays are discriminated in the private sector. The Dapsters complain that Chinese are discriminated as if second class citizens.

                1. I have never complained about it, it is something that the Malays have learned to accept with their “tidak apa” attitude. It was only brought up and highlighted, when the Dapsters have started to push the envelope further and further each time. Remember, what is mine is mine, and what is yours is also mine including “kalimah Allah”

                  Even the study done about the Bumiputera Graduates being sidelined by the Chinese Owned Companies and Multi-National was done by Chinese professor. I merely highlighted how it was done. Here is the re-post of my comment from Annie’s blog:

                  LOL27 May 2014 08:21

                  Thank you for bringing up this issue. It has been known for a long time actually, it is just that the Malay applicants couldn’t be bother about it anymore. These are some of the tactics used by them to systematically sidelined the Malay applicants in any organisation:

                  1. If the Head of Human Resources is Chinese you are most likely have to kiss your application goodbye, for you will never be good enough for them;

                  2. If the Head of Human Resources is Malay, but the Head of Department who is hiring is Chinese, again you can kiss your application goodbye;

                  3. In order to cover the blatant discrimination practice, they will hire the Malays for a lower positions in the department so that it won’t be that obvious;

                  4. If you are a registered applicant or have registered your CV/Resume in a very popular recruitment portal you may have also been a victim of another type of discrimination. Sometime in 2007, a former staff told me that the said recruitment company unknown to many have also discriminated the Malay applicants over the other race. His friend who worked there and had since left discovered that.

                  5. I have commented about this in here or in Helen’s blog before. For the Malay job seeker and new graduates out there, please do not get disheartened. We always believe that “Rezeki itu datang dari Allah swt”. Thus here is what you need to do:

                  a. Look for the job advertisement in the said portal that interest you;

                  b. Go to the company websites and look under career, and check whether the same position is posted there. Even it is not there you can still apply for sometimes to forget to update them;

                  c. Look at the list of Management Team, and look for the Head of Human Resource, Name and E-mail;

                  d. Send your application directly to the Head of Human Resources, if there is no email address available you can send a hard copy of your application directly to the office address; another option is by calling the general line and ask for HR department and ask for the email address if possible;

                  e. For additional measure, please also search for the department that is hiring and send a copy to head of department as well;

                  f. There is reason why you are doing this. Many of the time I was informed that the said recruitment company had allegedly and purposely suppressed your applications favoring the other race application;


                  KPJ Heatlcare, KFC Malaysia, Tabung Haji, Bank Rakyat, Koperasi Tentera, Felda FGV are few examples of Malay dominated organisations that are very successful. These organisations have been recognized internationally unknown to many of you.

                  If your care to read the SME business portal, you will see more and more successful Malay entrepreneurs and they are very young and vibrant.

                  I am giving you these examples so that you understand, whatever they can do, we can do better.

                  1. Re: Send your application directly to the Head of Human Resources

                    I make it a point to blacklist anyone who sends a CV directly to my email. There’s a proper procedure in place to apply for a job sending a CV straight to me isn’t it. Any HR practitioner will tell you the same.

                    1. Many Malay HR practitioners are aware that the Malay candidates application have been blocked by certain party, especially from certain recruitment agency/websites, thus this is acceptable to many of them, after it was exposed.

                  2. re:
                    1. If the Head of Human Resources is Chinese you are most likely have to kiss your application goodbye, for you will never be good enough for them;

                    2. If the Head of Human Resources is Malay, but the Head of Department who is hiring is Chinese, again you can kiss your application goodbye;

                    Guess where the Indian figures in all this?


  25. Congrats BN for that very important win in Telok Intan.

    Also congrats to you, Helen for your blog has hit the 4 million hits!

    Annie’s blog recently surpassed the 1 million hits, after just a year.

    You ladies bloggers, rock! Syabas.

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