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Guan Eng: “monkeys in the zoo”

The fourth precept of Buddhism is to have respect for Truth.


The DAP displayed no qualms about the lies permeating their candidate’s campaign in Teluk Intan.

I once asked readers if they felt besieged by the DAP. Why do so many Malaysians feel themselves to be under siege from the DAP’s ruthless brand of politics?

The DAP is all about the Politics of Hate. Theirs is the Culture of Lies. Hence they have created a climate of hatred and perpetual slander.

Twitter - cmlimguaneng

Twitter - cmlimguaneng- Teluk Intan

Dapsters condone and furthermore consciously choose to buttress the mendacity of their evangelista leaders.

Dyana Sofya has lost the by-election. Yet look at the behaviour of her mentor and their supporters. Any reasonable and rational person would be terribly distressed by the DAP.

The party has only tasted power a little over 5 years but already they’re stressing decent folks to death.

Twitter - cmlimguaneng- cheated

Twitter - cmlimguaneng- RT@Firdhous Dyana

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73 thoughts on “Guan Eng: “monkeys in the zoo”

  1. Words of a loser Lim Gone Egg. Ungracious post-election statements from PR leaders are continuing signs that the Malaysian Opposition is the most primitive and backwards in the world, the kind of opposition that can never accept defeat in good grace.

    You don’t find this kind of Opposition in other countries, even our neighboring ASEAN countries are having healthy Opposition that knows when to fight and when to work together with the ruling government.

    Malaysian Opposition does not know how to accept defeat graciously and how to celebrate victory with humility. Win or lose, they do not spare BN, they attack it and tear it. A loss is due to “BN menang tipu”, a win is because “rakyat benci BN”. Either way, BN loses. This is the primitive political culture no longer practiced by Oppoition in other countries, even in countries such as Timor Leste.

    This is one reason why I as a Malaysian voter will never support Opposition though I used to support them, even voting them. To these PR imbeciles it is either a win, or “BN menang tipu”. The idea of losing never occurs to them. If they lose, it’s because “BN menang tipu”. If they win, the rakyat rejects BN and SPR is telus but they never say “thank you” to BN for “not ‘tipu’ing”. Poor BN! They did not “tipu” in Kajang, and they “tipu” in Teluk Intan.

  2. as mrs speaker defines it LOW CLASS AND ALSO NO CLASS,

    Chief Ministers mentality of a child.

    But at the end of Teluk Intan, if anybody is to be blamed for the failure Lim Guan Eng and papa Lim Kit Siang should shoulder the full responsibility.

    In simple terms. Lim Kit Siang & sons fucked they own selves, and are now in a desperate change of daipers.

  3. These people are a joke. When they previously won with 7000-odd majority they did not blame the EC. This time the majority went up in smoke. How they explain the loss? EC. What a bunch of losers!

  4. Ong Kian Ming’s take on the Teluk Intan by-election results

    “The Chinese support for DAP decreased by 15% from 85% in GE2013 to 70% in this by-election which was the most pessimistic projection.

    This was somewhat surprising given the positive response that the campaign was receiving from the Chinese voters including the mammoth ceramah on the final day of the campaign.

    The Indian support for DAP decreased by 10% from 62% in GE2013 to 52% in this by-election, again the most pessimistic projection.

    If there was a silver lining to this campaign, it would be the slight increase in Malay support of 3% from 25% in GE2013 to 28% in this by-election.

    In 6 Malay majority polling stations, the DAP experienced small increases in the overall support ranging from 0.7% to 3.4%, an encouraging sign given that we were not expecting the Malay support to increase.”

    Read more at:

          1. Just to show the variation in defense of their defeat. Hope others will contribute so that we can see how they will “goreng”.

  5. It is an insult when they continue to badger us with their views of BN “mismanagement, corruption and deceit”. These are terrific slogans if you applied it to the Philippines, the US and India.

    There is no place on this planet where such vices exist within government and the public sector. These slogans clearly are ineffective and not working because as most Malaysians know it takes two hands to clap.

    The heroes of the DAP and the communities they support are that other hand. They will not acknowledge it and avoid the issue in this regard like we would the bubonic plague.

    All in all the BN government has delivered on its promises and those things that were never issues on our radar either.

    Malaysia is a prosperous country. The DAP are concerned about the sky falling. Take the sky away and they have nothing to offer us.

    At the very leas the BN government has given us the freedoms to debate such issues as politics even at the street level without a proper permit.

    This last point is relevant when one takes a critical look at our neighbours. In Singapore you go to jail or are framed for criticizing government. And therein lie the champions of Kit Siang his son Guan Eng and their political model.

    Further North is Thailand. Need I say more.

    The challenge now is to see if the Malaysian Bar Council has the courage to take on Dyana for her misrepresentation to the public she is a lawyer. Under the criteria of a fit and proper person to practice law, Dyana may not be admitted as she is not a fit and proper person if indeed it is true that she has misrepresented herself to be a lawyer whilst not entitled to do so.

    1. Perhaps the BN should challenge the Bar Council on the matter of Dyana’s misrepresentation.

      1. Aiya… they can’t even clean their list from blacklisted and corrupt lawyers that practice behind the legitimate team that they hired. The Banting murdered case is one such example. Plus, remember the story about their “lawless” voting system/process in their AGM where any tom, dick and harry can attend the meeting.

  6. correction: “There is no place on this planet where such vices exist within government and the public sector. ” should read:

    “There is no place on this planet where such vices do not exist within government and the public sector to some small extent at least”.

  7. As my son told me, “Ayah, these people have the peasant mentality; they can never rise above that.” That’s what the DAP is all about despite the many “intellectuals”, including DR. OKM, that make up its membership.

    The Bolsheviks have been here a long time. The history of this nation, as recounted and written by many foreigners will attest to this.

    Woe betide us if the DAP should gain power over the country.

    1. re: “Woe betide us if the DAP should gain power over the country.”

      Should this happen, we will become Darul Fitnah.

      1. Politickus Kit Siang and his doctrinaire red beanies really have not gotten over their Maoist chauvinism, to the detriment of the Chinese Malaysians. And these counter-culture bigots are wielding control over the vernacular Dong Zong education.

        The Cultural Revolution: Repelling Confucius, Buddha, and LaoTze and human ethics:

      2. Re Should this happen, we will become Darul Fitnah.

        More likely we will become a failed state. Worst case scenario we will end up with a civil war like what happened to Lebanon 1975-1990.

        The Chinese and Indians will then be left further victimize while the crooks from the DAP make their exits with all the gold. That is the sort of price the gullible and ignorant will pay for believing and supporting the DAP.

        Remember the story of the Pied Piper and the children of Hamelin ?

        1. DAP has promised the Chinese that they will help them to get visa and migrate to Western Countries which are better than Malaysia, should BN win GE14.

          1. Oh dear. Nanti the Dapsters outnumber the kangaroos in Tasmania pula. Environmental hazard ni.

            1. At the very least, Madam Speaker will fit in as a former Aussie grad & challenge the kangaroos as the “orang asap” of the land in a kangaroo court, offence nintended to the cute marsupials.

            2. When u said DAP is all about politic of Hate, then why u react at the same way teasing them by saying “Dapster outnumber the kangaroo” u are applying hatred and being sarcastic.

              I like the concept that your mention much earlier regarding stop hatred speech. Then u shouldn’t be like them applying the same dirty tactic by saying sarcastic comment.

          2. Oh my. Migration is not that easy. Without millions in overseas bank accounts, not possible to migrate to western countries. Besides, how many of them can speak a foreign language ?

            What will happen is the mushrooming of migration agencies claiming to help these gullible and ignorant people migrate to western countries.

            First we had the holy water industry promising that a change of government will solve all the problems.

            Then the holy water industry expanded into selling the premise that the Chinese are “loved” by the Malays and Indians.

            It looks like the holy water industry has now found a new niche, selling migration policies.

            Oh my. Here we go again.

  8. What comes from them (the lims and gang) actually reflects whats inside of their hearts, minds and soul. Blaming others and calling names is part of their DNA and yet have the guts calling BN as such.

    Your plan failed and at the moment people are not supporting you. Just accept as part and parcel of life and no need to spew hatred and forever blaming UMNO/BN.. Learn to be a good and gracious loser.

    And DAP/PR thinks people will forever support them. Some Malays are supporting them BUT in time, they will feel being used and cheated and will leave DAP/PR

    Enjoy the sunshine before you fold up…

    1. LGE mulut cabai, Mah Gerakan menang, UMNO juga yang dia salahkan!

      Nampak sangat benci dia dengan Bangsa Melayu. Apa pasal tak nak sentuh Mah? Sebab dia Cina, takut Cina lain tersedar yang LGE cbai suka fitnah? Instead kutuk Melayu, Cina tak payah nak terasa dan guna otak pikiaq, terima hasutan benci LGE bulat2!

      Memang Oink2!!!

  9. After what happened to Dyana, is his qualification genuine esp with the Excel CEC confusion? Betoi ke dia ni Accountant?

    50yrs DAP still cannot shake off the RACIST mentality, bukan saya cakap ya, LEG sendiri yang mengaku! Yang dia kata increase by 3% tu semua tu pasti yang keluaq rumah tak payah bawa dompet.

    1. Teka-teki. Itu tweet2 LEG hantar adalah kelohan seorang yang sedang merana. Agaknya apa yg telah dijanjikan kepada Dyana dan ibu, tiba-tiba hajat tak kesampaian sampai naik meghoyan macam tu?

    1. Iguana dalam zoo. Iguana jenis anjing saya nak gigit.

      Tau tak binatang pun tak suka DAP? Anjing saya menyalak gila2 bila van kempen Ram Karpal datang dekat rumah saya. Kucing saya pun nak menangis.

      Haiwan pun boleh tau siapa benar siapa palsu.

      Ini renungan yang baik.

      “Itu lah, jangan ‪#‎hatibusuk‬. Selalu doa calon lain kalah deposit. Orang Tionghua yang beragama Buddhist and Taoist percaya ini adalah Karma, balasan kepada mereka yang #hatibusuk, terutama pemimpin DAP.”


  10. DAP has always been proud of winning elections by thousands of majority. In Teluk Intan, DAP did not lose by a slim majority of 238. In fact DAP lost by a 7,000 margin (the difference in the votes DAP got in PRU13 and this recently held by election in Teluk Intan).

    The not so stupid rakyat notices this. DAP conveniently forget to mention this in their so called analysis. Shame on you DAP for being a sore loser.

    This 7,000 voters are in fact Chinese who have become disenchanted by the performance of the two previous DAP ADUN who did not serve the people. Their only contribution to Teluk Intan are the mushrooming rumah urut and prostitution centres manned by DAP gangsters under the patronage of DAP who gets a cut from these illegal activities. Now how can the DAP leaders talk about corruption in the BN government when they themselves are in deep shit over their supposed CAT.

    Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and Gorbin Singh should concentrate on cleaning their own house first.

    The Chinese are wiser to the dirty tricks of DAP now which made them do the Chinese Tsunami in PRU13. DAP should stop all these nonsense spewing hatred at BN. PRU14 will see the Chinese wiser and we will see who the Chinese will vote. MCA is out. Gerakan will be the champion of the Chinese now. DAP can say all they want but in Malaysia race politics is here to stay.

    1. The Chinese will not become wiser. By GE14, they will still vote for the DAP and those associated with the DAP. This is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, the younger generation of Chinese will become even more determined to vote for the DAP in GE14. This is a hopeless situation.

    2. The Chinese vote can swing either way. Remember Pak Lah’s landslide? Remember how the Opposition was almost decimated when they were under the Barisan Alternatif banner?

      As the DAP learned over the weekend, nothing is permanent. Support cannot be taken for granted.

      I believe (or hope) that Malaysian political thought will eventually mature beyond bi – partisan /communal / emotional views and start to focus on issues instead.

      Oh, and politicians should drop their stupid habit of shooting the messenger and blaming the victim.

      1. re: “Oh, and politicians should drop their stupid habit of shooting the messenger”

        Most definitely. I’m speaking from experience as one of the most bullet-riddled Malaysians.

  11. Waiting for your analysis of the Teluk Intan by-election, Helen. Comments about OKM’s analysis that DAP’s malay support increases by 2%. Also I don’t think it is really a swing by Chinese, more likely a temporary one.

    1. My analysis here,

      I’d love to crunch the data on the polling districts! But I need the scoresheets. OKM as the DAP election strategist has them. I don’t.

      And most definitely I’ve been itching to counter-check his claim on the Malay upswing. Here’s what I got so far (see below). I’ll post if I can get my hand on the numbers.

      There are altogether 11 Malay majority PDs. All the PDs in Pasir Bedemar are Chinese majority or mixed but none Malay majority. Changkat Jong has some Indian-majority PDs in the estates. Pasir Bedemar is 69% Chinese, 17% Malay and 14% Indian.

      Umno and Gerakan should have been on the ball and made public their postmortem instead of allowing DAP to set the agenda by frame the narrative that their Malay votes went up. Grrrr!! Padan muka bila BN dilanyak nanti. Their comm people are not working and none of the bloggers whether Umno or PKR/PAS appear to have the data sets either.

      Malay majority Polling Districts in Changkat Jong:

      Sungai Tunku (97.9% Melayu)
      Kampung Bahagia (93.8% Melayu)
      Sungai Kerawai (91.2% Melayu)
      Kg Padang Tembak (95.4% Melayu)
      Kampung Banjar (campur, 43.8% Melayu)
      Batak Rabit (60.1% Melayu)
      Kampung Selaba (95.8% Melayu)
      Kampung Changkat Jong (79.1% Melayu)
      Kampung Baru Ayer Itam (88.6% Melayu)
      Kampung Sungai Samak (97.6% Melayu)
      Sungai Bugis (96.8% Melayu)

      Changkat Jong mengikut etnik ialah Melayu 62% dan India 24% dan Cina 13%.

      1. Don’t expect UMNO to come up with their analysis! Kan mereka ini paling tidak apa?

        1. Roll my eyes.

          Umno ni ada death wish. Tengok betapa pantasnya juru strategi DAP bertindak.

      2. You are right, without the detailed votes cast and ethnic % by voting district it is not possible to make any statements on voting pattern with any confidence.

        There is a difference between the numbers touted by BN and DAP. For example, DAP says its Chinese votes dropped to 70% from 85%. MCA puts the number at 66% for DAP and 34% for BN.

        Based on some simple calculation, I tend to concur with MCA’s assessment. I think OKM, despite his PhD, is wrong not only about Chinese votes but also incorrect when he claims that the Malay votes has increased.

        The voting % of 66.7% is usually low for a by-election based on past records and especially when considering the kind of media frenzy, publicity given and intense rivalry.The poor turnout cannot be dismissed as disinterest.

        The logic of DAP is also wrong. The difference between GE13 and by-election in terms of votes cast was around 7k. The majority for DAP was also around 7k. It cannot be that all the 7k people who voted for DAP did not turn up. In fact the outstation voters were probably in the region of 2k maximum (DAP only provided 15 free buses = 660 passengers). In fact some of the buses did carry passengers back and many of these voters attended the supposedly the mamooth ceramah on the eve of the by-election (MKini put the crowd at 10k).

        I don’t have the data by voting stations / district but can make an educated guess. I think the missing 7k probably consisted of around 1k outstation voters plus another 6k of both PAS supporters who were upset with Dyana’s anti-hudud stance and Chinese voters who were angry with DAP federal for fielding a Malay candidate over local Chinese heroes.

        In summary, the cause of defeat is due to Lim & Son Sdn Bhd.

  12. What I see in Lim Guan Eng is he is mentally retarded … useless Chief Minister Of Penang. He is not human being he is animal in the Zoo the right word for him.

    1. OPPORTUNISTS can apply. Like Ong Kian Ming who jumped from Gerakan to MCA to DAP.

    2. Yang tak suka bawa dompet bila keluaq rumah. Bole buka private practice jual kacang putih aje tapi banyak wang masuk tiap hari sampai mummy tak laghat nak kira.

  13. Kak Helen & friends… you gotta read this. (And gongxi gongxi 4 mil !)

    The juicier part (use the URL if you want to read in full)
    LSS Reply: What have you shown in Penang? The ability to run an increasing operational loss/deficit year after year camouflaged by asset and land sales. Might I remind you that your Penang state operating revenues have been stagnant since 2008 while your operating expenses have doubled from 2008 to 2012 while your asset and land sales have increased 10 times during that period? How is increasingly selling assets while running operational losses a sustainable and viable management strategy?

    Can I also remind you that foreign investment into manufacturing in Penang has dropped 90% since its peak in 2011 and from the number one spot in 2011, Penang have dropped to 6th in 2012 and 4th in 2013 and 5th so far this year? Even your neighbouring Kedah has 20 times the amount of manufacturing foreign investment than Penang right now.

    And you were quoted on record saying that “Ikea is a Critical Economic Catalyst”. I fail to understand how a Swedish owned shop selling China-made furniture to Penang people be considered a Critical Economic Catalyst.

    LSS reply: I would put a major part of the blame for religious and racial intolereances on you and Pakatan Rakyat. DAP and Pakatan people provoke racial and religious tensions all the time and knowing each time that the other side will over-react.

    For example just this year alone so far 1) “Kangkung” issue by stuffing PM face with kangkung 2) “Teresa’s onederful video 3) Hew Kuan Yew’s wishing for Rosmah to die 4) Tony Pua’s valentine’s day mocking of Muslim fatwa 5) Rayer’s CELAKA issue

    Who started those issues above? Did anyone put a gun to DAP and Pakatan’s head to start those issues or say or do those things? And some UMNO and BN side are gullible fools for over-reacting and giving them ammunition – in the end UMNO has been used by DAP. And this is how DAP shows the Chinese that Malays are aggressive and unreasonable people out to hurt the Chinese and how DAP holds on to the Chinese support.

        1. Thanks. I hope BN will be more receptive to alternative Chinese parties (perhaps the mosquito ones can merge) and Koma — Kick Out MCA Already.

        2. Lim Sian See is not from Gerakan or any BN party. I think LSS is among the most potent online force (save for Helen Ang) in BN now. Yet to see LSS lose a debate online and full of facts, sarcasm and wittiness but seldom, if ever vulgar or insulting.

    1. Firstly, the reporter Boo Su-Lyn is from TMI before moving on to the revamped MMO which is neither ‘Malay’ nor male-dominated. so, with Ms Boo being ex-TMI, you already know what to expect, right?

      She wrote: “Hopefully, that will change soon in the future, after a change of government that will force both sides to come out with specific policies and manifestos.”

      She’s actually said it: “UBAH”, change gomen.

      Now this next bit, she writes: “Still, the phenomenon appeared confined to the older generation, with the youth more accepting towards the idea of breaking free of the yoke of communal politics.”

      Oh, really? … Chinese youth “more accepting towards the idea of breaking free of the yoke of communal politics”

      ha-ha-ha, I’d credit that as much as I credit the Dapster cartoon below,


  14. LGE is an embarrassment to the Chinese, true demonstration of low class politician and how low a human can be. He is the typical product of the new generation of Chinese whose upbringing are indulge in self-serving alter-ego without know the sense of respect and fair play.

    If he is not the son of LKS, he would fit as one of those RBA that troll the cyberspace spitting insult and poison in MI and MK.

    Anyone who has voted him (or if I would say any Chinese) should be embarrass with such an act of kiasuness. He has just proven to the fact that the term Ultra-Kiasu as coined by Ridhuan Tee fits him well.

    Malu, memang malu ada orang macam ni yang nak jadi pemimpiin.

  15. Ms H. Actually the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is beset with problems eg. their tussle with the ROS, the loss of their Chairman, and now their Waterloo at Teluk Intan. Their over 48 years of inaction has proven that their swords are rusty and blunt.

    1. “Citizens” face real problems in the Singapore system:

      Singapore’s Medisave system forces the next generation to pay for the current generation if the current generation doesn’t have enough money in his or her CPF. This can cause a snowball effect upon the 3rd generation. Other first-world countries treat each citizen individually with dignity. As long as you are a citizen, you are entitled to medical benefits. Here, if your family can take care of you, let the family do so and the government won’t spend a cent. Never mind if the family members have financial problems of their own to solve. So there’s a major difference in how the different governments treats its citizens.

      1. Chris. Let the truths be told. The CPF Trust money was loaned to the Singapore Government at about 2%. These funds were invested all over in commercial undertakings. No sound accountant will ever permit this. How to return the money to the contributors if there is a loss as had happened in October 2008 when both the GIC and the Temasek lost US108 Billions in a jiffy ?

        1. ED, in the TRE article quoted the CPF Medisave issue concerned this:

          “My mother recently suffered a heart attack. She was hospitalised and a stent was inserted into her heart. The resultant hospital bill came up to about $18,400.”

          How much would such a medical procedure cost at the Institut Jantung Negara, i’m wondering?

          Despite their ample funds in their own Medisave accounts, the poor sons were not allowed to cover the bill from their CPF Medisave funds, and so they had to fork out $14,000 in cash!

          If DAP is the Trojan Horse, then the people of Troy should see through their deceptions before it turns into an all-consuming organism.

  16. Irony my immediate neighbour comes fm the Lim clan and behave EXACTLY facial etc like LEG. They have a family registry and still collecting more names (told me) and tablets are sent regularly back home to the mainland so relatives can also offer prayers.

    This Lim fella after the last GE, a bus-load (sewa pi airport) of them went back to look into the possibility of building high rise apartments on their ancestral toknek land, so said he. Uncles include from Hongkong and Taiwan. MCA also visited the Mainland after GE13?

    Wonder if this Lim and son are in their registry… sebiji perangai macam tu, snobbish, shows no respect to others and VERY anti GOMEN and UMNO n Malays n Islam… cakap melambong, BM/BI kaput.. very bonggoq and unreasonable but always try to look intelligent. I suspect either 1st or 2nd generation Malaysian as like the two Lims, sister/uncle/aunts are still citizens of PRC.

  17. Interesting comments from Mkini…


    Dr Suresh Kumar: DAP supporters are congratulating Mah for his victory, this sudden act of humility is not because they have become civilised but because Mah is a Chinese. Would they congratulate the winner if he or she was Malay or Indian? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Dr Suresh Kumar: Tokong LGE this is the price you and your racist and condescending supporters and commentators have to pay for being arrogant and mean, so stop giving excuses and accept the defeat. Your own community sold you off and supported a Chinese from the so-called evil party. It’s all about race, race and race for them. Ahem, I shudder to imagine what would be the reaction of your racist commentators, if this defeat was caused by the ‘stupid’, ‘alcoholic’,’can be bought over for a packet of rice’ Indian beggars! KARMA works in mysterious ways. Bite the dust

  18. Tokong said that Dyana being a Malay caused the lost as reported by Mkii and then denied saying it. Imagine Najib saying the same thing…. Krakatau would explode, Tsunami would rise up and Richter 8.0 earthquake would shake Malaysian political scene thanks to the Red Beanies.

  19. Sedih. Idola LGE cakap Pakatan tak bagus. Mesti heartbroken LGE Tokong ya.

    Datuk Huan Cheng Guan shared Lim Sian See’s photo.
    25 minutes ago
    Lee Kuan Yew: “Pakatan is an opportunistic ad-hoc group not held together by even a vaguely coherent set of ideas but by a common desire to unseat the government’’.

    “The moment the bluff is called and it is handed the full power to push ahead it will either be torn apart from within or be paralysed by indecision,” said Lee Kuan Yew.

    Therefore, why pick a pariah coalition like Pakatan that is DOOMED TO FAIL because their fundamental structure was never sound in the first place?


    Note: this was said by Lee Kuan Yew last year after GE13 but Anwar don’t agree. lol

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