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Dyana: “I have never felt truly Malaysian until after I joined DAP”

Dyana’s headline quote here.

The J-Star is spinning major damage control for the DAP. Its Dyana piece is the online’s second main story of the day.

The MCA-owned DAP mouthpiece quoted Kit Siang’s pol-sec as saying: “My brothers and sisters in DAP have made me realise that it is possible to be a true Malaysian without obliging hypocrisy”.

Golly, Dyana’s sure been drinking a lot of holy water. She’s talking sebijik like an evangelista.

The Star Online Dyana

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33 thoughts on “Dyana: “I have never felt truly Malaysian until after I joined DAP”

  1. She wants to talk about hypocrisy. Her party DAP is the biggest hypocrite there is! As are its evangelista leaders….. worse than Anwar…

    1. Garrett. AGREE ! The DAP sits out in Oppocisiton for over 48 years and are more Malaysian than you and me. They are as stupid as they come.

      1. Garrett. A certain percentage of a person’s income is creamed off for these temples of worship like GST.It is good tax free business.

        My illiterat sister-in-law who used to work as a hair rinser in Jalan Imbi, KL, set up her own tax free RM2 incorporated church and collected millions of ringgit personally and re-invested in London where she made millions of ringgits again. This is a very profitable otherwise you will not find so many Chinese setting up these places of worship.

        Again, my cousin who is the Chief Abbess of a major temple rides around in a gold colour Mercedes S saloon !

        I know personally Tan Sris, Latuks and convicted felons all having their own churches and collecting money like mad.

        It is money, money, money !

  2. Spoken like a true member of a cult that is DAP 3.0. How on the earth she could spew such utter and complete nonsense and get away with it ? This sounds something taken right out of DAP’s Idiots Guide to Malaysian Malaysia.

  3. I love calvin’s re: ‘DAP’s Idiots Guide to Malaysian Malaysia’.


    probably you can use calvin’s word as a title and get everyone to fill in the Idiots Guide.
    probably someone can get it printed into a book so that the generations after us will know how to identify an idiot of malaysian malaysia….

    hahahahaha…thanks calvin… your word save my day!

  4. Ceramah tempat melayu pakai tudung, lepas tu buang tudung. Dyana ni faham ke apa yg dia cakap, dia tau tak apa erti hipokrasi?

    Atau dia bercakap macam burung kakak tua saja. Sebelum jadi lebih parah baiklah kamu keluar saja dari Dap putar alam tu…

  5. dear helen,

    dyana is becoming hannah 2.0! statement sebijik mcm the dapster evangelista. just wait a few more years n she will follow tunku aziz’s footsteps. bet tunku”s prediction will come true. (of dyana leaving dap!)

    btw, i too always like calvin’s comments.

  6. Wonder who ghost-wrote that for her? Reminds me of Michelle Obama who said she only felt proud of being American after her husband got elected. She’s still getting flak for that.

    Waah, dare to kutuk Tunku Aziz also. She’s getting full of herself. Never mind lah, let her enjoy herself while it lasts.

    Nothing’s more expendable than a Melayu who’s outlived his or her usefulness to the DAP.

  7. what do you expect, when a parrot talks………. lim kit siang for sure.

  8. Everyone Please Say THANK YOU to Ms Helen.

    She has made a great difference in the world with her effort today, there is couple out there who can finally take a breathe and hope for a better tomorrow.

    Thank You Ms Helen.

    1. Saihas. Some are born to be donkeys and some are born to be heroes. A fool should never open his or her mouth like this born loser !

  9. Tokwan dia takde in Malaya ke when Arw Tengku Abdul Rahman menyeru rakyat supaya ber”Muhibbah”.

    Tu la.. kecik2 tidak diasuh bergaul mesra dengan kaum lain dah besaq terpaksa mengalami kejutan budaya, Dyana ni kalo pi study kat Russia pasti balik ngaku diri she is a Russian! Muahaha

  10. Beri laluan ya Cik Helen, nak parrot macam KJ sikit…

    You shut up Dyana…

    Warga Teluk Intan pun tak terima awak.. Just shut up la..

  11. According to the Prophet s.a.w.:

    The Hypocrite is he who does not keep his promises; and who deceives by his speech; and who betrays his trusts.

  12. KJ and his band of dumb asses inviting dyana to join umno?

    tak de kerja lain ke, on one side mummy kena show cause letter from umno, and pemuda trying to be dyana saviour.

    kekadang hard to understand these dumb asses, teluk intan over just forget about her, What is pemudas point? she is a lost cause, let dap have her and her mother for good.

    Hard up sangat ke umno, for this person which has no experience, and cant even present herself without fumbling, Dap will be laughing their ass of at umno, see even losing Dap candidate nurtured by Dap, Umno still wants…………malu beb

    1. Perhaps KJ feels that with Dyana alongside Regina, twice the … erm, contribution.

  13. What’s being “truly Malaysian” about? I hear this day in day out and wonder what they eat drink or swallow that makes them “truly Malaysian”. Is it like you are not a real Christian if you are a Catholic, Church of England, Protestant or Methodist till you become a “Born again Christian”?

    1. Isn’t it? . . . there seems to be a lack of critical standards in the statements of public figures.

  14. Jika ia apa yang dikata saya tertanya juga satu ketika mantan PM LKY melebelkan mantan PM Dr M ultra era Almarhum TAR itu dulu tapi sianak muda yang ni dah makang garam telebih sebelum usia matang era tersebut ini dikatakan deciveing & misceveing

  15. senang kena jual ini orang…just because you in this so called bangsa malaysia party doesn’t make you a truly malaysian..well byk org mcm dia baik lelaki atau perempuan..kononnya nak up to date follow the ‘in’ crowd.. join bangsa malaysia party.. ko tak tau menilai jauhari atau manikam dek ooi.. kau tak cukup kenal lagi hipokrasi konco2x DAP ni

  16. Ms H. Diana’s statement is the most naive of all in 2014. And she should win a prize.

    1. re: “she should win a prize”

      Her prize: Platinum card membership in Umno Youth

  17. Very obvious it was not written by her but more likely by her chinese boss Lim Kit Siang.

    A melayu will hardly ever, almost never, use the word “comrades” when writing about relationship or organization. “In DAP i found friends and comrades….” said it all.

    And whacking 1Malaysia in such extreme manner is non other than the Papa Lim himself. So dont get carried away with this Dyana’s crab. Its Papa’s voice all the way.

    UITM sure have class if greenhorn Dyana herself wrote it with such ability, contrary to DAP’s whacking of Uitm standard.

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