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Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, an evangelical Christian

The J-Star profile on YTL boss Francis Yeoh:

“‘Which book can you read a thousand times over and still find fascinating?’ he says in reference to the Christian Bible.

“There are strong biblical perspectives to his [Francis Yeoh’s] talk.” Continue reading “Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, an evangelical Christian”

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Najib correct to sue; Aliran should be next in watchlist

Aliran did not ask Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim to withdraw their lawsuits against Utusan, did they?

If you still don’t know, Aliran is the “bodek Guan Eng” NGO based in Penang.

BELOW: The cosy relationship between Aliran members and Guan Eng Continue reading “Najib correct to sue; Aliran should be next in watchlist”