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Najib correct to sue; Aliran should be next in watchlist

Aliran did not ask Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim to withdraw their lawsuits against Utusan, did they?

If you still don’t know, Aliran is the “bodek Guan Eng” NGO based in Penang.

BELOW: The cosy relationship between Aliran members and Guan Eng

Aliran member with Guan

Aliran said yesterday, “we call upon Najib and Umno Baru to drop their legal suit”.

“Najib and Umno Baru” should treat Aliran’s call with the contempt it deserves.


Are Malaysiakini subscribers generally “concerned readers”?

Yesterday Aliran stated that they are appalled by the PM’s lawsuit against Malaysiakini and accused “Najib and Umno Baru” of  trying to instill fear in “concerned readers” (see Aliran press statement, bottom of page).

I beg to differ. Malaysiakini subscribers are not “concerned readers”. They are SAVAGES.

Don’t believe me, look at the more than 1,250 comments (in English alone) that Malaysiakini readers made against young Isma activist Alifah Ting Abdullah.

Teo sh: “berapa dia kasi kau?”
An-Tel Hantulu: “She’s been paid to talk”
Yeow Aun Lim: “Amazing what a few ringgit would do”

Platform to defame

As you can see from the above Malaysiakini Facebook comments, the portal is a podium for libel. Many ordinary people who feel that Malaysiakini have crossed the line want our Prime Minister to see this libel suit through.

Malaysiakini [and The Malaysian Insider] are Goliaths, and it is difficult for mere individuals who have been defamed by their readers to fight back.

Alifah is only a young person who has just finished college, and who sold cakes in the school canteen to help pay her tuition fee and study expenses. Malaysiakini on the other hand is the country’s biggest and most powerful news portal.


“A fucking whore of Isma”

Excerpts below extracted from first 20 comments on the first Malaysiakini reader feedback page (screenshot, bottom of page)

Comments @

  • abc_3390: “No need to pity this type of girl. She loves money more than anything in this world. If it is not for money she will not give such stupid statement.”
  • adrian thambyrajah: “This young ciku is talking about social contract?? She will just end up being a fucking whore of ISMA.”
  • ThisLandIsMineToo: “I feel sorry for this poor chinese girl( if she is for real) whose mind is SCREWED BIG TIME by the religion she embraced!”
  • Nah ! Nah ! Nah !: “It got a lots of supporters of it’s facebook from the pendatang seberang selat melaka where their nenek moyang still kambus over there, all the circumcised porky support it!”

The Malaysiakini subscriber comments above have insulted and libelled Alifah in addition to inciting hatred against Chinese mualaf.

And the four examples above were selected from page 1 of 20 reader comments. You can imagine how vitriolic the rest of the comments are:

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-34-51
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-11-22

Isn’t it ironic?

A young Chinese convert nobody whom had ever heard of before outside the Isma youth circle makes a short 400-word statement and the Dapsters start World War III in retaliation. Yet Malaysiakini subscribers can blithely turn around and ask why is Alifah “so hostile”.

It is a testament to the Dapster perpetual hysteria that they are unable to discern their own thermo-nuclear hostility to Islam and the Malays quite evident to the rest of the world.

But it is Utusan that is accused by Aliran of being a hate monger. I haven’t heard Aliran say anything about the oppo media being hateful.

Days of infamy- - ALIRAN



Look above at the poster to see how Aliran bashes Utusan.

Aliran president Francis Loh holds a most negative opinion of the “Umno-owned” paper — “the increasingly rabid Utusan Malaysia,” said Francis.

It is not the Aliran prez alone who characterizes the “Umno-owned” paper as insanely feral (which is what the word ‘rabid’ implies). His NGO Aliran collectively take the same tone — “the rabid Utusan Malaysia”, “the rabid mainstream media”, here.

Cannot Najib Razak also say the same then? i.e. the opposition news outlets are “increasingly rabid”.

So why should Najib refrain from taking necessary action against the “rabid” oppo portals? After all, rabies can kill and thus must be prevented.

-utusan- - Google Search

“Spinning”, “unsubstantiated report”

Aliran has many times before slammed the “Umno-controlled” Malay broadsheet — see “Utusan’s unsubstantiated report irresponsible(screenshot above), as one among many examples.

Najib is only saying the same thing, i.e. that Malaysiakini’s unsubstantiated report is irresponsible. His lawsuit is to instill a sense of responsibility into the oppo portal.

Why is it that Aliran is so gung ho in flinging allegations at Utusan but chooses to object when Najib wants to have his day in court with regard to Malaysiakini?

BELOW: More Utusan-bashing by Aliran

“Right of reply”, konon

Aliran appeals to democratic principles in their endorsement of the “freedom of speech” of Malaysiakini subscribers to slam Najib Razak. Aliran says this is to achieve the “objective of making politicians accountable for their actions”.

Well, how about for once making the cyber terrorists accountable for their action of sengaja memfitnah — the widespread defamation which they inflict with impunity on their victims? Slander is not only second nature to the Dapster gangsters, it is their first resort.

Aliran asserts that Malaysiakini “provides enough space for any aggrieved party to respond to any critical pieces or readers’ comments”.

Pray tell, how would Alifah reasonably respond to the 1,000 defamatory, vile and vicious readers comments targetted at her?

DAPster stone throwers
The lynch mob

Sustained smear campaigns

Najib’s lawyers are correct to pursue their case that Malaysiakini acted with deliberate, malicious intent to destroy the PM’s reputation. Malaysiakini’s offer of the so-called right of reply is worthless after the damage has already been done.

[For that matter, its twin terror The Malaysian Insider is no different. TMI even defamed the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

The portal’s fitnah about the council’s purported anti-RIP “fatwa” – it was not a fatwa, TMI lied – on Karpal Singh had gone viral in the social media and spread to the foreign media as far as Australia and the UK before a small correction was issued by TMI days later. And mind you, the redaction was only noted in a footnote added to the amended page.]

You can bet that the slick pro-oppo portals are not going to let up on their smear campaigns. And you can be assured that many Chinese believe everything negative about BN people that they read on the Internet.

For far too long the oppo portals have allowed scum hiding behind anonymity to sling mud at the good name of their hapless targets. This is a preferred and purposeful modus operandi, mind you.

High time BN fights back

In his own defence, Malaysiakini boss Steven Gan claims that Najib was “more than welcome to explain to them why he thought their opinions of him and Umno were wrong, and they would have been published in full on the portal”.

Why should Najib waste his time on “them”? — Anonymous #06188481 lah … Anonymous_1396849985 … lah dan Delusional Dapsters yang sewaktu dengan mereka who are nameless, faceless commenters that baling batu sembunyi muka.

Just sue! Libel suit is the correct way to go. The time is past for any need to “explain to them”, those anon Malaysiakini subscribers going by handles like “Kangaroocourt” and “KnockKnock” (see screenshots above).

Indeed take them to court to teach the Dapster-evangelistas a lesson that they will no longer be allowed to fitnah sesuka hati.

(1,267 words)

Malaysiakini See you in court

Aliran is appalled by the legal suit instituted by Prime Minister Najib Razak and Umno Baru against news portal Malaysiakini over readers’ comments published on the site.
While we abhor defamatory remarks in principle, Najib and Umno Baru’s action is tantamount to instilling fear in other alternative media and their concerned readers.
Malaysiakini, as a matter of principle, provides enough space for any aggrieved party to respond to any critical pieces or readers’ comments – a practice that is common in any thriving democracy.
By not taking up Malaysiakini’s offer of a right of reply, Najib and company only reinforce the suspicion that the powers that be are inclined to muzzle the news portal, which is known for its relentless pursuit of truth without fear or favour.
Just as important, Malaysiakini is noted for living up to its objective of making politicians accountable for their actions, particularly those who claim to rule the country in the name of the rakyat.
Bearing in mind the wider implications of this legal action on democracy, we call upon Najib and Umno Baru to drop their legal suit.

Source: Aliran website

Malaysiakini Alifah Comments Subscriber


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19 thoughts on “Najib correct to sue; Aliran should be next in watchlist

  1. Way to go Najib… its long overdue.

    Now it time for you, BN & the ruling govt play fire with fire with racist & anti establishment organizations… its only the beginning and we the rakyat are right behind you… way to go PM..

    1. Jimizul,

      Yup. It is time to take bull by its horn.

      It is time to flex muscle. To show to these communists that they must pay the price for slandering.

      I now understand why then Sultan of Melaka, Sultan Mahmud ordered Kitol and Mendeliar to be “sula”.

      One thing for sure, you cant be nice to Malaysiakini.

      1. And TMI, theStarm TheSun, Yahoo News dan yang sewaktu dengannya, seperti akhbar2 Cina yang berkiblatkan China dan Ketuanan Cina!

  2. I may be wrong but I think Alifah was the last straw for Jibby and UMNO and who knows, maybe even ISMA.

    Anyways, its long past due for Mkini and Aliran to be crucified and left to rot. Gan and Loh must be taught a life-long lesson, as must be their pack of Pakatan running dogs.

    Jibby had better make good on his threat or the Dapsters are gonna call him “pussy” to his face.

      1. That’s right. Execrable, servile sadists pandering to the Pavlovian instincts of the masters’ rabid running dogs.

        What an abominable bunch.

  3. kalau jibby teruskan saman fitnah, barulah terbukti bahawa kerandutnya berisi dan kedua-duanya (kerandut dan isinya) berada padanya, bukan dalam genggaman cina dapsters seperti yang saya syak sebelum ini.

  4. I keep hearing words like Dumno, Perkosa, Yemaisee and make Chinese Angry etc etc from the Dapsters.

    Privately they must be referring to Mkini and Aliran as Machaikini and Airliuran.

  5. Take each of them and their parties, NGO’s churches and their families if necessary to the cleaners. The court is where it all belongs.

  6. ‘Aliran did not ask Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim to withdraw their lawsuits against Utusan, did they?’

    Enough said.

    1. betul xynal…..

      sudah banyak kali pemimpin umno memulakan saman, lepas tu tarik balik, konon dah settle luar mahkamah la, yang disaman sudah minta maaf la…..

      rakyat dah naik muak, dah naik menyampah, dah hilang keyakinan dan inilah yang membuatkan BN berterusan kehilangan sokongan atau undi rakyat….

      kali ini… saman PM Najib biar betul-betul… kalau sama jugak seperti sebelum, alamat UMNO/BN akan BUNGKUS next PRU!

  7. Barulah ada itu ‘Tarak Takut Punya’ quality..!

    Teach them a lesson at their own game..!

    1. Mentri KASI ANUGERAH.

      PERDANA MENTRI KASI saman…….. Ada JARUM aluskah .

  8. its high time for malaysia to introduce a new act to the long list of acts that it has…


    a good example for study would be the “US Patriot Act, Title VIII”. there is a portion on cyber-terrorism and cybersecurity.

    this way, pdrm and law enforcement agencies can make arrest and take every suspect with raw cyber data of cyber-terrorisming the nation. if possible acquire some tech to trace these seditious weblogs like the “predator program”, the “carnivore program” etc. baru padan muka asyik lawan kerajaan saja!

  9. Wow, I have made to the top of Malaysiakini hate list within 4 hours after I set up “Asal Bukan DAP …” facebook account. They have blocked me from posting any comments on their page.

    All I did was gave them a little taste of their own medicine. I didn’t even post vulgar, negative and name calling remarks, unlike the other DAP fans there. Just honest alternative views from an uneducated kampung troll. Is this how DAP and its loyalists plan to run Putrajaya? So much of Freedom of Speech that DAP preaches. I rest my case.

  10. Dear Aunty Helen,

    What’s wrong with Najib suing MalaysiaKini?

    I just cannot understand how Aliran, Bar Council and others can question Najib’s human right; it makes them look so silly. And about their supporters, can’t they think sensibly? I pity them.

  11. Bloody Aliran lost the plot long ago. From being probably the oldest human rights organisations in the country, they’ve sold their souls to Pakatan, especially DAP and have openly and unashamedly become their mouthpiece and machai.

    They’ve willfully and irresponsibly abused their position to pervert the human rights organisation and cause into another Pakatan (DAP) running dog institution like Penang Institute or a more literate version of Iguana Eng’s Bajungu private army.

    They’re morally reprehensible, all the more so because they profess to be a “social movement’ for ‘social justice.’

    What lanjiao social justice when they kiss Tokong’s backside and kowtow to him when he does as he pleases, right or wrong?

    Aliran is no longer a human rights organisation. Period.

    This is why they have no regard or respect even for the PM’s basic human right.

    They are clearly NOT objective, neutral, nonpartisan or apolitical.

    I cannot understand how supporting Pakatan or UBAH or kowtowing to Tokong in fear can in any way be equated with championing human rights.

    Take a look at their “Basic Principles” ( Do their words and actions today reflect these principles in any way?

    Btw, this comes right after the BP: ‘God, the human being and society’

    No prizes for guessing which “God” they’re referring to.

    ‘Belief in God as the Eternal Truth that embodies all the universal values that define our humanity; the affirmation of God through actual deeds that evince our humanity.’

    Yeah, Hallefreakinglujah. Knnccb…

    Sorry, Helen. I reli marah with them because they’ve perverted and bastardised the cause that they’ve been entrusted with, into an instrument of personal political preference and expression. :(

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