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Isma please ask Zairil his Chinese surname

Lim Kit Siang reveals that his Dapsters think Isma are:

“Extremists; fanatics; moronic; Nazi; deranged sickos; stupid; racist; vitriolic hate; gila; seditious; defamatory; berserk; paranoia; bigot; cancerous; cave man; idiot; delusional; inferiority complex, etc.

The DAP Mursyidul Am said the compilation above still leaves out the even more colourful name-calling which are too rude to be published in his blog.

Kit Siang cites the statement issued by Zairil Khir Johari, the DAP asst national publicity secretary, as an “adequate response” to Isma.



Mama Dapster


Hannah Yeoh having her own application for Australian PR rejected but telling young voters “don’t change your country, change your government” so that she can be Puan Speaker with the same salary as the PM


3G: Gold, Glory, Gospel

In his statement criticizing Isma, Zairil said:

“While Isma intends for Malays to be united in hatred towards others, the DAP has throughout its existence always wanted Malays to stand united with other races for the collective good of the country. Again, we wonder who the extremist bigots are.”

[Agaknya si Zairil takde cermin kat rumah, sama lah macam Puan Speaker.]

Zairil also said that his party supports preserving the Malay special position. If this is so, why does the DAP want to abolish reserved quotas which is stated in the Federal Constitution?

“DAP’s struggle over the past 48 years has been to promote the Malaysians’ identity of patriotism and love for the nation above everything else,” Zairil said, adding that DAP has now grown into one of the most diverse parties with Chinese, Malay, Indian and Sabah-Sarawak pribumi members.

Actually DAP has grown into the most GREEDY party with the most opportunistic carpetbaggers of all races signing up since 2008.


DAP’s identity crisis

Dapsters and their evangelista leaders daily mock Dr Mahathir Mohamad as not qualifying to be a full-fledged Malay.

Yet at the same time, DAP pushes Zairil to the forefront as the party’s Malay face.

Why does DAP promote Zairil as a Malay while at the same time always degrading Dr M’s paternal grandfather? Isn’t this hypocrisy of the highest order?

Who is the DAP to promote a Malaysian identity when their own Puan Speaker has one “Chinese” daughter and one “Indian” daughter from the same spouse? See birth certificate application form for Hannah Yeoh’s daughter, below.

And they keep insisting that it is the Malays who are “easily confused”, duh.


DAP is Christian

Former DAP vice chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor said Malays in DAP are only worth 50 sen – ‘Melayu dalam DAP bersifat kosmetik‘ (Utusan, 4 June 2014).

But “Zairil is not a Malay” lah, says another former DAP vice chairman Tunku Aziz Ibrahim (NST, 14 Jan 2013)

The DAP’s identity is Christian; see Dyana Sofya photo here.


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6 thoughts on “Isma please ask Zairil his Chinese surname

  1. dear helen…

    the “caDAPbury” still cannot differentiate between race and lineage (correct my Malaysian “beza antara keturunan dan bangsa”)… lineage (keturunan) is our root (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Bengali, etc.) and our race (bangsa) is Malaysia.

    more or less like the thais… their ancestry is whatever they came and born of but their race is Thai… go ask any thai if their race is not thai… maybe they will “thai’d” u out of their country…

    these opposition people don’t do research kah when they start babbling stupid things? i know im proud of my lineage (keturunan) and am certainly, absolutely damn proud to be a of Malaysian race (bangsa Malaysia).

    1. The successful plural societies don’t call themselves by race, i.e. you don’t hear them saying the “American race”, “Australian race” or even “Singapore race”. They are Americans, Australians, Singaporeans (nationality).

      It is the homogenous societies that do sometimes, e.g. “Japanese race”.

      Therefore if DAP wants to membentuk acuan Bangsa Malaysia (like Bangsa Jepun), then I’m sure Isma would like the DAP to spell out what Bangsa Malaysia constitutes.

  2. ‘”Is Isma saying that Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud is a mere puppet of the DAP when she is actually a very intelligent and confident woman?”


    Unker Lim, kami belum lupa lagi la, masa lu rampas itu mic from Dyana Sofya sebab dia ‘very intelligent and confident woman’. Masa itu lu tak percaya dia meh?!

    Unker Lim, itu Dyana kalah sebab olang nampak dia puppet lu saja, maa. Lu ingat Melayu bodoh meh? kau sai!

  3. Dr. Mahathir is simply proven

    su·per·cal·i·frag·i·lis·tic·ex·pi·al·i·do·cious [YouTube]

    Kit Siang! but you ahhh, ummph . . . . you are ummphhh

    hahahaextremistfanaticsmoronicnaziderangedsickosstupidracistvitriolichategilaseditiousdefamatoryberserkparanoiabigotcancerouscavemanidiotdelusionalinferiority complexhehehe

  4. LKS louded with words of uncertainty like ubah lah ini kali lah and end to politik perkauman lah entah next apa pulak and is now back to foe suka cari musuh and you think Helen will he consider to Kj ngo friendly committee set up nak di jemput Ngo yang lembut-lembut. ini orang pun satu hal buat perabih (habiskan) beras saja

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