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  1. re: the I am a Malaysian poster.

    It’s rather revealing that the order in which the different races appear is in accordance to the present socio-political status quo i.e. Malays first (if read left to right and then from top to bottom) and the future as envisioned by the Chinese, if read from the other side.

    A Freudian slip?

    Either way, the poster is designed to please (or dupe) the two largest groups who just happen to hold political and economic power over the country while the rest will continue to play third and fourth fiddle.

    “I am not bla bla bla. I am a Malaysian.”

    Yeah, right.

    Btw, does Zairil realise he’s a mutant?

    1. re: “the Chinese, if read from the other side. A Freudian slip?”


  2. As a Malaysian of Chinese decent, I failed to understand why there are many Chinese Muslims who had dishonour their given surnames. These people are not fit to claim their Chinese ancestral route and should be ashamed of their Chinese traditions!

    Islam is a universal religion and as its own identity as compared one’s ancestral route! What a disgrace!

    1. And why does DAP is claiming to be multiracial and not UMNO again?

      And why are the Ongs in UMNO are keeping mums about it?

      1. Zairil is neither a Malaysian Malay or Chinese or Malaysian Malaysia. He is simply Malaysian DAPSTER

    2. For someone who claims to be a Malaysian and refused to be identified as Chinese, Indian or Malay, this DAP gnat sure make a lot of noises about race.

      Don’t bring in Islam into your lame attempt to rile up the reader. Crawl back under the rock where you came from RBA.

      1. Urb,

        Mustapha Ong is a Datuk and like islam1st said in his comment @Jun 6, 2014 at 9:52pm above yours, Datuk Mustapha is an Umno member.

        1. A Cina ingrates that is.

          “For example, in Singapore, we own a third of Singapore’s electricity. There is no subsidy of any kind. There is no cronyism of any type. The good thing about these three territories, I don’t have to kowtow to the prime minister before I do deal(s), I don’t have to see them even, even after I’ve won the deal,” he was quoted as saying by a news portal – See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/be-grateful-to-government-daim-tells-tycoons#sthash.VZUaRE9A.dpuf

          YTL do be so PERAK & JAKUN can or not. American businesses had being doing the same for ages. The have ridiculously paid lobbyists to do their job for them. But free from grafts? I doubt so!

          1. Re. The good thing about these three territories, I don’t have to kowtow to the prime minister before I do deal(s), I don’t have to see them even, even after I’ve won the deal

            When you already have money that you squeezed out this country and billions that is, any country in the whole wide world will receive you with open arms. Put yourself back in Syarikat Pembinaan YTL Sdn Bhd and see what will become of you?

  3. I’m not Lim Kit Siang’s clan.
    I’m Malaysian.

    I’m not Karpal’s clan
    I’m Malaysian

    I’m not Anwar’s family
    I’m Malaysian

  4. Helen

    I just hope that we can find a suitable ubat to remedy the sickness of all these sick people like LKS LGE this Zairil apa surname and all other evangilista… Poor thing about them is they have no kesedaran about what they are fighting for…. ideas and actions conflicting all the time.. cakap tak serupa bikin…

    Been reading your blog for the past one year plus and I find you very consistent about what you stand for..

    Thank you Helen,

  5. Anglophile countries will have the national identity anchored to the mat Salleh culture, hence you see chinese in US and Australia talk loud to cover their snorty chinese pidgin english.

    In Malaysia, the reality is the Malay language and identity is the anchor, hence speaking proper Bahasa Melayu is one IMPORTANT criteria of being a Malaysia, you cant call youself Malaysian without knowing BM.

    When I started working, a senior engineer who crawled back to Malaysia after being dumped by his employer refuse to train the Malaysian technicians(mostly Malay) and write some OI in Malay because he says he’s been away too long in Singapore and cants speak and write BM properly, much to my amusement our American manager asked him ‘Are you really a Malaysian?’. Even mat salleh knows the value of national language, i bet if the mat sallehs realize the ahpek anglofilia cant speak BM properly, theyd sympathize with us racist Malays for sure.

    I watched Al Jazeera witness about a malaysian chinese family and their crazy ove Arowana fish, at one point the kids speak to a Malay Arowana farmer in disastrous Bahasa melayu and in the show they speak hokkien only… if only the world realizes the pain we racist Malays have to endure seeing such impudence.

    1. re: “if only the world realizes the pain we racist Malays have to endure seeing such impudence”

      Am I allowed to laugh?

        1. re: “we, the Malays, menangis air mata darah inside!”

          You all want to lantik Dapster Khairy “KJ 10 Q” as your Ketua Pemuda; you wanna give Saifuddin Abdullah oodles of funding to establish his NGOs to promote Firster idealogy, you want to have Pemandu and Talentcorp, and you all have Regina (sekarang ni nak lamar Dyana pula) …

          Lepas tu, dok komplen.

  6. Zairil

    What is your real name?

    You look 100% Chinese. Don’t mislead Malaysia into thinking you are a Malay as your father and mother are 100% Chinese.

    1. … if you are not sure check your birth certificate or ask your step sisters or brothers.

        1. Now the JPN is very strict when registering a new born baby. They will ask you to bring all relevant documents. Failing that, you will not be able to register your new born baby. Unless you kow tow with a doctor to register the baby as yours even though you adopt the baby.

          Previously you could do it at the nearest police station. Of course they were not strict as the JPN. I really hope that I explain that correctly. Excuse me if I am wrong..

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