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Video: Chinese Christian cult beats woman to death with chair and metal mopstick in McD’s

Members of the ‘Almighty God’ army in Shandong, China beat a woman to death after she rebuffed overtures to join their Christian cult, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said.

The attackers first used a chair from the McDonald’s restaurant, and then the steel handle from a mop to hit her viciously on the head. A 13-seconds Liveleak video clip of the assault on May 28 has received more than a quarter million views since it was uploaded a week ago – HERE (Warning: You must be above 18 to watch).

Police said the Christian cult was conducting their membership drive for new recruits, and found books and other materials related to the ‘Almighty God’ ideology in the suspects’ homes in Zhaoyuan, according to a report by China official news agency Xinhua.

“Meek and mild” Chinese Christians did this

The peace-loving Chinese Christians

The assailants had demanded the victim’s cellphone number in order to further ‘persuade’ (pressure) her to join their Christian cult, and went berserk after she refused.

China had banned the ‘Almighty God’ organization in 1995. Nonetheless, like other aggressive missionaries, the cult members still continued to harass people despite the government ban. According to the Beijing Morning News, 17 Almighty God churchgoers were arrested for harassing non-believers in a public park in December 2012.

“The audacity of the cult members to terrorize their victim at a McDonald’s, a chain frequented by average Chinese, further racked people’s nerves,” Xinhua said, commenting on the public reaction of shock and horror to the violent episode.

(Sources: Reuters,, The Independent)

Christian Traditions - Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project 2014-03-01 21-54-21


Funny how the Christians can call non-believers “savages”

Chinese who belong to Christian cults look set to take over the role of Mao Zedong’s Red Guards in terrorizing people who do not share their beliefs.

China has the third largest number of Protestants in the world after the USA and Nigeria (see table above).

With a Christian population of 67.1 million, China hosts the largest Christian minority group in the world (table above). In fact, China has double the Christian population of Canada.

The huge number of Christians in China is a testimony to how very aggressive the Chinese evangelists are. Christianity is experiencing an explosive boom in China as well as among the diaspora in Southeast Asia.

Contrary to DAP propaganda, the Christians in Malaysia are not a weak minority. The global religious landscape map by Pew Research (below) shows what a powerful chokehold Christianity and their network tentacles have on the world.


Jais fears the evangelistas (for good reason?)

Red colour areas denote Christian land, green Muslim and dark orange Buddhist.

You can see from the Pew map above that it is really the Buddhists who are small in number!

Furthermore, please note that communist China is NOT coloured orange-Buddhist. And because Buddhism is not a proselytizing religion, the religiously “unaffiliated” China with its billion over population is ripe for the picking by the Christian evangelists.

Hinduism has a limited reach and Hindus are a majority only in India, Nepal and the small island of Mauritius. When Jais raided the Hindu temple recently, it was an act of the authorities bullying Malaysia’s smallest religious minority.

Jais ostensibly protects Islam but the Selangor Islamic state department is afraid of the rich and powerful evangelistas. Jais dare not take on bullies who are ‘bigger’ than themselves and who wield tremendous influence in the state government and have strong connections in the corridors of corporate power.

It is ironic that Jais chooses to raid a Hindu temple but doesn’t give two hoots about the invasion of the suraus and mosques by the DAP evangelista politicians especially during the puasa month.

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55 thoughts on “Video: Chinese Christian cult beats woman to death with chair and metal mopstick in McD’s

  1. The boom fake Christianity is currently experiencing around the world is similar to the dotcom bubble of the 1990s and the sub prime bubble that led to the financial crisis of 2007/2008. Just bubbles.

    A backlash is inevitable. Don’t believe me ? Just look at Singapore. Look at China. Their governments launch crackdowns from time to to time. India is also under threat. The situation in India could be explosive. If you think the Hindu-Muslim animosity is “explosive”, wait till you see the Hindu-Christian animosity resulting from the activities of the evangelicals in India. It will make Hindu-Muslim “animosity” look like child’s play.

    Latin America and other Catholic majority countries are also facing similar threat from this fake Christianity movement. Africa is also in tailspin due to the work that’s being done by these evangelicals. Just wait a little bit longer. Sit tight. The fireworks are about to get interesting.

    1. re: “Latin America and other Catholic majority countries are also facing similar threat from this fake Christianity movement.”

      True. The evangelistas are betting the backlash in South America:

      “Morning Star News, is reporting that traditionalist Catholics abducted, jailed and beat a group of evangelical Christians with rods and stones in Oaxaca, Mexico”

  2. Haha! Telling lies again trying to provoke bloodshed between Christian and Muslim. The actual fact is some youngsters trying to get phone number from a girl but refused and they overreact by beating the girl to death. As usual Helen is the agent of hatred against Christian and wish to see violence bloodshed by provoking the Muslim against Christian.

    1. You are the one who is lying.

      (1) The video (already linked above) shows one of the assailants. He is NOT a “teenager”.

      (2) Some news reports have said that the woman was in her early 30s and a mother of one. She was NOT a “teenager”.

      (3) Beating a woman to death is a cult-induced insanity, not “overreaction” because someone refuses to divulge her phone number.

      (4) ALL of the news reports whether international wires or China news agencies (which I referred) mention that the perpetrators were members of a Christian cult. This is a fact any reader can Google to double check for himself.

      (5) I didn’t originate this piece of news or the videos which have been viewed around the world. And yet you still want to deny and spin. What kind of people are you?

      1. This is a fact any reader can Google to double check for himself.”

        Me thinks Google could be the greatest invention of this century. Yet they could be the next big evil corp ala OCP in Robocop or Cyberdyne Systems in Terminator.

        1. I’m beginning to be convinced that you’re a Christian cultist who’s not much different from the assailants from the Almighty God Church, judging your deranged mental make-up in the way you keep making false accusations.

          To recap, you commented @ 2014/06/07 at 2:45 pm:

          “The actual fact is some youngsters trying to get phone number from a girl but refused and they overreact by beating the girl to death.”

          You insist that “some youngsters overreacted” when they couldn’t get phone number. Below is a still/capture from the camera[phone] recording of the assailant as he was hitting the woman with the metal mopstick. He’s the bald MAN.


          And below is the police line-up of the suspects. The bald man is the main suspect. Does he look like a “youngster” to you? He is 54 years old lah, wei.


          Below is a picture of the deceased woman’s husband and her son mourning her at the scene of the crime. You claimed that the victim was a youngster who refused to give her phone number to a group of youngsters. How can the dead woman have been a youngster if her son is already this big (7 years old)? She was 35.


            1. Thanks. One of my top ‘like’ songs from M. Nasir.

              You know, the methods employed by the Almighty God Church – according to the latest Xinhua reports – sound very Dapsterish.

              Lies, spin, coercion, brainwashing, intimidation and violence — all for the purpose of mind control and collecting money. It may have happened in Shandong but it could easily have happened in Jerusubang. They are the same kind of people.

              As I mentiooned, Chinese meet Christianity spells Catastrophe.

              1. ‘You know, the methods employed by the Almighty God Church – according to the latest Xinhua reports – sound very Dapsterish.

                Lies, spin, coercion, brainwashing, intimidation and violence — all for the purpose of mind control and collecting money.’

                The more we are worried over the ‘Allah’ tussle! Imagine these things done in the name of Rumah Allah?


                Muslims had enough masalah already we surely don’t need Dapters Evangelistas to add to the lists.

                ‘As I mentioned, Chinese meet Christianity spells Catastrophe.’

                What is it with the Chinese?

                Please watch the two guys conversations in the yellow car… [YouTube]

          1. ……Sorry, Helen. I think you make a mistake here because you cant read Chinese….Almighty god Church ..全能神教会. The name of “God” they use here is direct to a girl name Yangxiaobing 楊向彬. The founder of the church claims Yang as the coming Jesus or returning biblical God. They deny the theology of trinity and the completion of salvation on the cross. They take some of theologies from bible and some from Buddhism and Taoism. They even believe in Transmigration …… Some even say the cult members share their wife or partner with others.

            Yes you are right abt the are Christian Cult, but i’m curious why did you linked this cults to normal Christian beliefs?
            According to the information on China Christian media, their main missionary targets is Christian ….thats mean a normal present christian is still not one of them. So the lady who beaten to death can probably a normal christian too.
            But anyway, if you go to their official blog. There is a open letter that claim since now, there is still no any obvious evidence to prove the murderer’s family is the member of their church. They fell sorry about the incident and deny to admit the murderer is their member. They even listing a series of contradictions on what the news report from the public media. They doubt this either a trap/mistake or their were framed by the Government.
            Maybe you will also notice that their is no any CROSS十 sign on their page.
            I have to admit, I’m not sure about the truth behind. But according to my understanding, this cults theology is far difference with our belief. But i’m not fully trust in China Communist Government either.

            So please…..I kno you ar not good in Chinese just like i’m not good with my English…but please make it clear before you post your word here . Almighty God church is not a recognized Christian Church, not even close. Just like Terrorist not equal to Islam.

            Thank you…..

            1. They’re a cult, and if they can kill people like that, then they’re a crazy cult. The McD’s was not the first time. The China authorities have stated that this same cult was responsible for a few other murder/murders/mass murder.

              The Almighty God Church is a ‘Christian’ cult. They call themselves a church and their teachings refer to the return of Jesus.

  3. ‘When Jais raided the Hindu temple recently, it was an act of the authorities bullying Malaysia’s smallest religious minority.’

    No lah Helen it is not so. JAIS is merely protecting the Muslims.

    ‘Abdul Majid Gulam Kader berkata keempat-empat anaknya dilahirkan oleh ibu bapa beragama Islam, memandangkan ketika perkahwinannya, bekas isterinya juga dahulu memeluk agama Islam.’

    1. Okay, I grant that this other side of the story does change the complexion somewhat.

    2. re: JAIS is merely protecting the Muslims. (?)

      Please lah…how many times has anyone seen JAIS “protecting the Muslims” as boldly and aggressively against Christianity as they have against non-proselytising Hinduism?

      Is proselytisation by Christians and consequent apostasy of Muslims not the main problem for JAIS?

      How many Christians dead bodies have they snatched as opposed to Hindu ones?

      How many Christian child and adult conversions into Islam have they forced as opposed to Hindus and even Buddhists?

      How many churches intruded into and desecrated as opposed to Hindu temples?

      Etc, etc…

      JAIS boh lampa laa.

  4. This is Christianity throughout the ages. If it were not the Reverend Jim Jones in Guyana asking 1000 of his followers to consume cyanide laced grape juice then die with him, it was he Crusades, the Protestant Catholic wars of Northern Ireland, the Vatican American nexus that butchered millions of south Americans on the excuse of purging the south American states of communism.

    It is ironic that they would kill tis poor Chinese woman in a McDonalds restaurant. Their religion has become the McDonald fast foods of religions. Its symbolic of their ways and means too.

    1. Gandhi the father of non-violence, once said: “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  5. I’d be wary of what comes out from Pew Research, their funds come from the Pew Trust that also funds Christian missionary stuff.

    China would have about 66% adherents of traditional syncretism of Taoism, Buddhism and Shenism, although some may say that Shenism is a form of “Low Tao” or “folk Tao”.

    Nonetheless, this increasing trend of cult behaviour centred around paranoia and hatred is very disturbing. All religions have their respective spin – offs but the ones supported by a lot of money are the most dangerous ones.

    1. re: “the ones supported by a lot of money are the most dangerous ones”

      I wonder if our stats dept do per capita income by city. It’d be interesting to know Jerusubang’s.

      1. They don’t have it exactly in income levels but you can get the distribution of employment categories by mukim and daerah. Income breakdown is only at state level.

        As you would expect, places like Subang and PJ have a much higher proportion of execs, managers and professionals.

        1. Places like Subang and PJ also have the most number of pastors (lay preachers yang tak bertauliah) and RM2 churches.

    2. This “folk tao” is really an agglomeration of shamanistic practices and superstitions whose purveyors have co-opted with some elements of Chinese religious high culture. Ask the common Chinese person about Lao Tze’s classic “Tao Te Ching” and you’ll probably witness a blank look – when in fact it’s the only legitimate treatise on Taoism handed down to us this day. Expectedly, this shamanistic taoism is intimately allied with Chinese commercial concerns and the underworld.


      Lao Tze professed: “I have three things which I prize above all else: The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility which keeps me from putting myself before others. So be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you may be a leader among men.”

      1. The TTC does recognise these practices in the verse:
        Man follows Heaven, Heaven follows Nature, Nature follows the Tao.

        Heaven here being the pantheon. But the pantheon is also ultimately subservient to the unknowable Tao.

        Yeah, ask most Chinese about this and they’ll draw a blank.

        1. re: “they’ll draw a blank”

          And their kids are lured by the singing, dancing and happenin’ evangelical churches.

          1. Isn’t it? It’s the new age shamanism isn’t it? A cult of feel-goodie, powerful politicking & wealthy consumerism – but where be Jesus the wise, humble and loving Messiah of the poor and the forgotten?

            1. Jesus is an acknowledged Prophet in Islam, but the Sufis take a special interest in Jesus and have collected stories and sayings of Jesus that are nowhere to be found in conventional Christianity. Al-Ghazali (d.1111 AD) collected Jesus stories such as the following:

              Jesus said: “O disciples, make your stomach hungry in order that your hearts may see your Lord. O disciples, make your life hungry and uncover your bodies (except the privates) in order that your heart may see your Lord.”

              * * The meaning of this prophetic counsel is that one should practice fasting and be contented with the clothes one already has and not chase after the fashions of the day.

              read more

    3. ‘I’d be wary of what comes out from Pew Research, their funds come from the Pew Trust that also funds Christian missionary stuff.’

      Ahem, ahem…Oh My Gomez!

  6. I hope the Chinese government will execute the assailants. Bang and let them go to the next world. Good for them and China.

  7. Just like that cult family who stacked on top of one another and suffocated a child to death in our tanahair. Itu tak highlight?

    1. There is a difference. The family believed they were exorcising an evil spirit. People do carry out bizarre, dangerous rituals. Mona Fandey killed that Umno Adun. However, Mona and the family acted in their individual capacities. They did not act under a religious organization that is a mass movement.

      There was no indication that the family was a cult. Just like Mona Fandey was not a cult. (The teapot commune led by Ayah Pin however was a cult.)

      This Almighty God Church in Shandong is a cult that was banned by the China government as well as arrested by the police earlier for harassing members of the public.

      Instead of msleepyhead sidetracking (why doesn’t Helen blog about this, why doesn’t Helen blog about that) each time I bring up a current topic that interests me, why don’t you start your own blog?

      Then you can delve into “that cult family who stacked on top of one another and suffocated a child to death” for those readers interested in reading your views about the incident that happened in August 2013.

  8. China’s Most Evil Cult

    Eastern Lightning has set out to destroy the key leadership of China’s Christians. Late last April, Internet sites reporting on China’s Christians were abuzz with a deeply disturbing story: 34 of the top leaders of one of the largest house-church networks in China, the China Gospel Fellowship (CGF), had been mysteriously kidnapped by a vicious Chinese cult group, Eastern Lightning (EL). No one knew where they were being held or what was happening to them.

    To those who have followed closely China’s Christian developments over the years, the news wasn’t just disturbing, it was terrifying. The EL cult is by far the most violent in a long roster of Chinese cults that have arisen over the years. The CGF has long been considered one of the most vibrant of China’s house-church groups.

      1. This may interest you.

        Evangelism Today: New Ways for Authentic Discipleship
        Report of Ecumenical Conversation on Evangelism

        Why people oppose Evangelism?

        Almost all non-fundamentalist Christians and non-Christians identify missionary activity and evangelism as an activity detrimental to a healthy society and spiritual growth. Here are the most important reasons cited.

        *Religious Conversion destroys people’s lives ( 1 items )

        *Family breakdown/ Higher divorce rate ( 1 items )

        *Evangelical fudamentalism breeds intolerance. This intolerance effects even the families as fundamentalist Christians develop the mentality of ‘I am right; you are wrong’. This mentality seems to be reason for higher divorce rates among Christians.
        *Missionary activity is Colonialism ( 2 items )

        * Missionary activity is widely considered as an arm of colonialism.
        *Evangelism is a psychological disorder ( 4 items )

        *Conversion is an uncivilized act ( 1 items )

        *Conversion is Violence ( 2 items )

        *Evangelism is religious intolerance ( 3 items )

        *Evangelism is an act of religious intolerance.

        *Evangelicals are against Nature/Environment ( 2 items )

        *Evangelism is violent Religious Expansionism ( 5 items )

        * Evangelism is Satanism ( 1 items )
        Some great thinkers consider the practice of evangelism equivalent to Satanism.

        *Evangelism is Christian Fascism ( 3 items )
        “Christian fascism” or “Cristo-fascism” as synonymous with a worldview and political philosophy which are both fundamentalist Christian and fascist in nature

        *Evangelism is a commercial empire ( 7 items )
        Many prominent Christians feel that Western Evangelism is a commercial empire just like any other business. The evangelicals exploit people’s soft corner for religion and buy into their over-priced and often useless products. Examples are Pat Robertson’s and Benny Hinn’s businesses

        *Casteism in Indian Christianity ( 10 items )
        Christianity is promoted as liberation theology with reference to castes in India. Contrarily Church is the biggest promoter or casteism where the lines are clearly drawn between the castes. Among Hindus the burial ground is same whereas among Christians even the burial grounds are demarked by caste.

        *Deceptive Rhetoric of Moral Values ( 3 items )
        Most of the missionaries and Christian groups claim that Christianity and white race have the highest moral values whereas all other religions and cultures are corrupt

        *Evangelism is revengeful act of Sex abuse victims ( 1 items )
        Sex abuse victims tend to become abusers themselves and, if sexually abused. Research has shown that religious fundamentalists are more likely to come from families where sexual abuse has occurred. We know about the widespread abuse by Catholic priests. Sixty percent (60%) of Evangelical pastors, most of whom are married, have a problem with pornography

        * Christianity promotes Racism ( 4 items )

        Racism is rooted in the founding Christian belief that all non-Christians were servants/soldiers of Satan, the relentless and cunning enemy of the Christian god and all morality (1 Cor. 10:20�21, Gal. 4:8�9, John 8:44 for examples). Christians considered pagans who converted to be morally cleansed and �purified.� Christians called pagans and Jews who rejected conversion �obstinate,� �atheists,� and an �infection� in the world, and treated them as a constant threat to Christian purity.

        The lost goes on and on

  9. I was informed currently Singaporean Malay priests are on their prowls in Seremban. Busy distributing mineral water. Wallahualam.

    1. They shld target the thousands of prostitutes as their new recruits – brothels, message parlours esp in Penang n Selangor. And pubs producing drunkards too. These are very unhealthy places tht need to be cleaned up.

      Do something good n worthwhile for the society la…

      1. Haven’t you read? There are prostitutes all over Singapore plying their trade in the open these days.

        1. LOL, Singapore jauh sangat..just visit Bukit Bintang area. Apa la gadis2 duk buat pagi2 buta beratur depan pintu2 kedai?

          Tembam and hubby should go round and preach to these ladies and the busy bapa and ibu ayam there. Jgn lupa customers mereka juga. Sundays bawa mereka joget2 sikit kasi release their tension. Hah satu hari dah bole cekop berapa potential converts.

          Jais pun ikut sama, serbu le kat situ hari2. None of them will make noise wan! Masakan rabun mata bila lalu kawasan tu? Sya pergi jengok sekali dah bole cam.. Cik Helen, ayuh kita pi sana ambik gambaq dan masuk muka2 ni dlm blog you. Kita tengok sikit siapa yg akan naik angin.. Geng UMNO atau geng DAP? Muaha3

            1. ‘Jais tak bole masuk kawasan BkBintang’

              YTL anak beranak punya kawasan tu, shooting skit pun lia olang talak kasi wor!!!

    1. Thanks for the update.

      ‘Nice’ to know what members of the Church of Almighty God are capable of doing to other people.

      Ditto our very own Bintang Lima who are an ‘improved’ (more lethal) version of the Bintang Tiga.

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