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Hannah Yeoh: “Umno’s old and cheap politics”, “dirty minds, filthy tactics!”

Out of the abundance of her heart,

the mouth of Madame Speaker speaks

— see Hannah Yeoh’s tweets below.


Twitter - hannahyeoh UMNO old cheap

@hannahyeoh: “Umno’s old & cheap politics”

Kit Siang’s “new politics





Twitter - hannahyeoh- Race-based BN must go

@hannahyeoh: “Race-based BN must go”

But Kit Siang’s cronies are here to stay



The new DAP royalty

Old bangsawan, ‘Dato Onn’s heroic ride on his basikal buruk in Batu Pahat


Twitter - hannahyeoh this is y race-based politics

@hannahyeoh: “Folks let’s move beyond race!”

And look at how the DAP delegates vote for their CEC





Twitterhannahyeoh UMNO own everrything

@hannahyeoh: “so much for parliamentary neutrality in msia

Selangor Speaker does not allow for ‘Allah’ issue to be debated in the House




Twitter - megathaz- But please hate UMNO! @hannahyeoh

“But please hate Umno!” @hannahyeoh

DAP is all about love. love, love … and what goes around will surely come around


Since the DAP has been giving and spreading only an abundance of love, there is no reason for the party to complain about getting hate speech in return. You give love, you get love.

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Secebis sejarah Onn Jaafar



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65 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh: “Umno’s old and cheap politics”, “dirty minds, filthy tactics!”

  1. London Weight Management should appoint her as their spokesperson. She’s the perfect test subject for their weight management therapy. Should do brisk business.

  2. You should look at this share from Marina.

    Marina Mahathir shared a link via Rose Ismail.
    7 June

    “A typical Malay Race carries Formosan lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup O) of between 66.7% (Malaysian Malay) to 88.6% (Indonesian Javanese), Polynesian lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup C) of between 1.9% (Indonesian Javanese) to 11.1% (Malaysian Malay), Micronesian lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup K) of between 1.9% (Indonesian Javanese) to 11.1% (Malaysian Malay), and Turkic lineage of between 2.6% (Filipino) to 5.6% (Malaysian Malay).”

    Oh now Malays are connected to the Taiwanese. Yes – the most bullied Taiwanese – the “orang asli”. They are kins to our Malays These aboriginies have been massacred and lands taken from them.

    On land loss
    “A major problem of the reserved land policy is that the area of agricultural land allocated to each Aboriginal farmer is shrinking, making unviable the purchase of fertilizers and other agricultural equipment, as the possible harvest will be too small. The situation is all the worse in the case of farmers who lack sufficient capital and training in cultivation skills.
    As a result, illegal renting or transfer of ownership of the land to Han people — with more capital and skills who are able to make better use of the land — has occurred frequently. In such cases, the indigenous farmers either become tenants of the farm or give up the land altogether, making their way to the cities where they typically find work doing heavy labor. ”

    On massacre
    “Occurring in 1930, the Wushe Incident has been portrayed ever since the KMT regime withdrew to Taiwan in 1949 as a righteous case of Taiwan residents resisting the yoke of their colonial masters.

    The incident was triggered by oppression by Japanese: the snatching of lands from indigenous people, the enslavement of Aboriginal men, and the mistreatment of their women.

    On Oct. 27 1930, over 300 Aborigines attacked Japanese who had gathered at a sports event in Wushe and killed over 130 of them. It took the Japanese two months to completely quell the uprising. ”

    You would again see the uncomfortable relationship between the Chinese and the Taiwanese Malays. What was MM’s motive on sharing such an article? Instead of showing the Malay loves Chinese vice-versa thing, this article opens up the wounds of the suffering of the Taiwanese Malay.

    1. This article’s assertion doesn’t jive with the Out of Africa migration and DNA dispersal pattern.

      Humans would have settled in the Malay peninsula first before reaching Formosa.

      Being an island population, it’s more likely that the Haplo O gene became exclusive over time due to isolation.

      Hence the native Taiwanese are an end result of a Malay branch, not the progenitor of the Malay race.

      not that it matters either way, we’re all human:)

      1. The Dong Yen Chau inscription was discovered in 1936 at Dong Yen Chau, northwest of Tra Kieu near the old Champa capital of Indrapura, modern day Vietnam.

        Siddham! Ni yang nāga punya putauv.
        Ya urāng sepuy di ko, kurun ko jemā labuh nari svarggah.
        Ya urāng paribhū di ko, kurun saribu thun davam di naraka, dengan tijuh kulo ko.

  3. Never never trust her.

    Whatever she accused of others is actually what she is doing !

    A great hypocrite.

    This is the way how she cover herself…….. accuse others first, when actually she is PRACTISING it,

    Her skin getting thicker!

    1. Her skin getting thicker

      Yes. Look at how thick the skin is on the neck. (The photo at the start of this article).

      1. That is more reason London Weight Management should approach her. She’s the perfect test subject for their latest weight management therapy.


        I doubt, with the pace in which her weight is booming, their latest therapy may not be of much help. Must be the 5 figure salary she’s on.

        1. Aaaah, it applies that your theory about the DAP men and their 5-figure salaries applies to the DAP women too.


          1. Sorry, typo in the jumbled sentence above but you know what I mean. The bigger the DAP politician’s salary, the bigger their size.

            1. Yes. Her hate mongering corresponds to her weight which in turn corresponds to her salary. Expect more of this from her.

              It was because of her that me and my family moved out of Subang Jaya. Here in Shah Alam, we don’t even see our ADUN and MP.

              1. re: “It was because of her that me and my family moved out of Subang Jaya.”

                Golly, that’s rather drastic.

                1. Helen

                  What are her contributions towards national development and national integration thus far.

                  I have only heard her saying nasty things about others !

                  Is she really perfect ?

                  Why don’t you give her a mirror so as to allow her to have a very very good look at herself !!!
                  Maybe then she will realize……oh…………

                  1. re: “What are her contributions towards national development and national integration thus far.”

                    If the gomen agrees to remove the Race box from official forms, then Malaysians can thank Hannah Yeoh for making us all Anak Bangsa Malaysia and at the same time sorting out her own domestic bizarre mix-up of having one Chinese child and one Indian child.

                    1. It is a real calamity to that soul whose meanderings and cravings exceeds the capabilities of its intelligence.

            2. Jadi CM banyak kerja, tapi yg ni nampak banyak makan aje ni. Dah mula jadi gemuk gedempol.. Apa dh jadi ni?

              1. Puan Speaker pun banyak kerja dan pikul tanggungjawab yang berat. Sebab tu lah gajinya setimpal gaji perdana menteri.

                1. HY kalau dekat China jadi village leader sebulan gaji RM280. Kat Ma Lai Si Ley Ahh, gaji 100 kali ganda, mana tak gemuk gedempol

          2. Eh. He can go to Gurney Plaza. Got London Weight Management also Bizzbody for slimming while FLOP (First Lady of Penang) does her hair.

  4. Race based politics can never be fully eradicated. But it should be toned down from the current strident levels it is at now.

    Focus on the country As A Whole.

    You know we have about 4 million young adults reaching employable age within the next 5 – 10 years, I don’t hear any politicians talking about having suitable long term jobs for them. Oh, apart from the ruling that fast food chains cannot hire foreigners anymore… you want fries with that?

    1. It is not so much the DAP’s strident call to tamp down communal politics that’s in any way objectionable but their rank hypocrisy.

      1. Heard the latest that Lim Sian See is being blocked and banned from DAP politicians’ Facebook pages. They can’t answer her points nor can their followers bait her into an emotional response.

        1. Aspan Alias wrote:

          “Komen [kritis] seperti ini sememangnya tidak digemari oleh ahli-ahli Pakatan Rakyat, kerana mereka tidak boleh dan pantang mendengar kritikan. Apabila mendengar kritikan, mereka akan melatah ke darat dan ke baruh dengan marah dan carut marut mereka. Mereka hanya gemar dengan cerita yang syok sendiri dan mengaku yang parti itu parti yang telus, tidak seperti UMNO atau BN.”

          1. I bet that next stop, these people will harass Lim Sian See physically, if they know where she lives, like the way they harassed the uncle.

            1. They harass me every time my name appears online whether in the English portals or when my blog articles are aggregated in the English language blogs.

  5. Her bottom lips are doing all d talking owh?

    Race, race, race day and night.. Move on la Tembam.. BN saja ade berapa races bonded together? This beautiful nation dah berkurun lamanya have seen all colors and shapes.

    Tokwan Tembam n hubby dulu mai dari ceghoq kampung pendalaman mana, mai hijrah kat Tanah ni baru sedar besides Chinese n Indians there r hundreds other races living in this country?

    Masuk aje Islam, bole turut serta perform yr Umrah or Haj… Nah situ you can mix wth thousands other races, buka minda kamu tu cikit Tembam oooi.

    Tak sudah2 race, race, race.. Nanti ajak lumba lari tersembam semput kut, reduce yr weight Tembam. Not only yr body will look beautiful, yr mental health too will stay fresh and healthy. Asyik jeles dgn keupayaan kami, bersaing le dgn sihat, bring in progress la like what BN does to the rakyat!

  6. Nice article, how the DAP skinned their body with hypocrisy and cheating words.! PAS got to be their slave.

    TQ Madam Helen!

    1. These two ideologically-polarized political allies slyly make use of one another in their burning ambition to fill the seats of Putrajaya.

      Their evil is compounded in that everybody realizes that if ever – hypothetically speaking – they get there, then they will rush to slit one another’s throats to gain the upper hand for the ministerial offices; the same way they are going for the throats of the current government.

      How we wish the BN did not have in their ranks, the selfish and the greedy officers, who give our adversaries ammunition for their canons.

  7. Her heart and mouth are as filthy as the dapsters and evangelistas she so champions and represents!

    1. It’s that when they open their mouths they have to lie:- politically-motivated polemics must always over-ride the reasoning of “the other” so as to always win, not so much as to be true. What if the other guy was wrong, are you right?

  8. UMNO dulu lain sekarang lain UMNO fasa Baru tidak lagi menghunus keris apa DAP buat di Teluk Intan adalah cubaan menyalahkan hudud cubaan mengekalkan idea si tua penasihat pun cubaan DAP survive dipenuhi banyak dengan cubaan dulu kini dan selamanya

  9. The more this fatty mom talk, the more will she expose the kind of person she is.

    We are not as stupid as your party followers. We use our brain to ANALYSE what you talk. It’s all rubbish and rubbish.

    She deserve to be in the rubbish bin !

  10. Helen

    I bencilah tengok gambar nyonya gemok and apek tua ni….
    Tak usahlah publish gambar muka diaoreng lagi.

      1. Oh of course NYONYA Melaka berbudi bahasa, Dan very feminine perwatakan nya…….Dan SUDAH TENTU slim Dan menarik.
        A different brand of NYONYA.

  11. Ironically u dont need Dap to rule Johor but Johor tetap tergadai to Spore and foreigners.
    Thanks to umno and the royals.

    Cik Helen, u selalu hentam Mca tikam umno dari belakang, mahukah anda beri ulasan tentang ribut yg melanda Johor ni, adakah KJ saja jadi sasaran? Will u as brave as Dato Onn Jaafar.
    With Dap out of the picture, who is the trojan horse now?

    Harapkan pagar,pagar makan padi
    Harapkan melayu, melayu makan melayu.

  12. I’m not a fan of Rosmah but in my opinion she looks much thinner and hotter back then. Hannah Yeoh ni muda2 tengkok dah macam kek lapis. She must watch her weight. If she reaches Rosmah’s age she would need a crane to carry her around.

    1. Yup, Rosmah was a real looker when she was younger. Let’s see how Madame Speaker fares when she reaches Rosmah’s age, 62

      And how well their memory serves the evangelistas when they reach the Tun’s age, 89

      1. By the time the speaker is 62, gone already la. She will only be seen in a wax museum.

        1. East Asian women generally tend to age very well, especially those who are petite. Big boned and statuesque Nordic blondes don’t age as well (can see the crows feet at their eyes even before they hit middle age).

          Shorty Hannah is however an exception to the petite Asian woman rule. Here’s a computer simulation of how she will look at 40. She really oughtn’t rag Rosmah so much.

          Hannah at 40, HERE

            1. As fate would have it, she is fast ballooning to become very much like the object of her derision.

                1. Give her a couple more years and you’ll see a Birkin hanging from her arm.

                  1. It will be a gift for officiating an event etc. etc. Not RASUAH you know, just a token of “APPRECIATION”.

                    1. Cinas are hardworking lot, they need to be showed some appreciations.

                      Malays are stupid lazy lots, appreciations must mean rasuah.

  13. Just to ulas in our National Land Code there’s no clause forbidding any nationality to buy or own land except the state itself make its own rule to further their executive power to curb such big deal. In Johor itself they are still in the dark with this big land deal may be true or not might this ongoing situation cool down. For small rumah Taman I think it’s ok money gain money.

  14. Saudari Helen,

    Mengapakan golongan Kristian DAP begitu bodoh menggunakan teknik menghina dan memaki hamun UMNO untuk menarik perhatian pengundi?

    Tidak tahu ke dia teknik ini mungkin berjaya ke atas pengundi Cina. Pengundi India pun belum tentu lagi tetarik dengan cara begini!.

    Pengundi Melayu saya yakin jangan haraplah menarik minat mereka kepada DAP kecuali Melayu PKR dan PAS yang jumlahnya mungkin sekitar 20-30%.

    Itu pun belum tentu semua akan menyokong. Menghina UMNO bermakna menghina Melayu. Perlu diingat situasi pemikiran politik Malaysia menjurus ke arah kaum.

    Mungkin dari sudut politik mereka ( Melayu PKR & DAP ) ‘benci’ UMNO tetapi bila menjurus kepada aspek bangsa keadaan mungkin berubah. Jangan lupa ‘Blood is thicker than water’ !

    DAP jangan lupa, untuk merealisasi impian mereka menduduki Putrajaya, sekurang kurangnya mereka perlukan undi Melayu sebanyak lebih dari 50%

    Lihat sahaja PKR Teluk Intan dengan meletakkan calon Melayu mereka hanya berjaya meningkatkan 3% sahaja undi Melayu.

    Mak Cik Hannah Yeo peningkatan undi Melayu 3% belum cukup untuk tinggal di Putrajaya!

    Jadi Mak Cik HY jaga jagalah sedikit mulut ( di sini sesuai dikatakan pen )

    Jadikanlah pantun dua kerat ini sebagai panduan Mak Cik.

    Sebab pulut santan binasa,
    Sebab mulut badan merana!

    1. Hati dia KALAU dah busuk, tetap busuk !
      Dari hati bawa ka MULUT.
      Nothing surprising.

  15. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Hannah Yeoh is very rude. She loves to say bad things about her nemesis. She must learn good manners and to respect others.

    But PR leaders and members think that being rude is cool. The ruder they are, the more popular they’ll be. What’s wrong with them?

    1. re: “What’s wrong with them?”

      They do not adopt the Middle Path (moderation) but indulge themselves too much in the extremes.

      They are extremists because they have too much LOVE boiling over and spilling from their heart and mouth, and not enough unbelievers to generously share all that Christian LOVE with.

      1. ‘They are extremists because they have too much LOVE boiling over and spilling from their heart and mouth, and not enough unbelievers to generously share all that Christian LOVE with.’

        Magellan came to the ‘sea of Malayu’ and spread some Christian LOVE

        ‘When Magellan came, in the manner that they came, they disturbed a happy people’-Oswalda Cabel

        Honorary curator and administrator of National Museum, Sulu Branch, Philippines

    2. And these are the “class” of preachers they have today! Their converts will be the RBA!

      Kesian betoi Christianity, to compare with my Catholic nun teachers’ ways bagaikan gajah dengan kuman! Silap hari they gonna produce followers who will act the same way as the China McD christian fanatics.

      Alahai Tembam, best she just concentrate and preach to the prostitutes and the pimps. Tembam and them about the same class wan.

  16. The greatest barkers are not the greatest biters. si gemuk gedempol nyonya yg suka menyalak… biarkan… no harm at all… sooner semua penyokong dia akan sedar nyonya ni punya hati & bulut yg busuk

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