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Christians who kill “evil” people


Creepy Christians executed today

The death penalty was carried out on two members of the Church of Almighty God, an evangelical Christian cult which has since been banned by China.

Zhang Fan and Zhang Lidong were the ringleaders among a group of crazed Christians who had beaten a woman – fatally – in a McDonald’s last May.

The Church of Almighty God zealots kicked, stomped and hit Wu Shuoyan on the head with a mop stick after accusing her of being “evil” and refusing to be recruited into their evangelical faith. The victim died on the spot.

Execution of the convicted duo took place earlier today. See CNN report, ‘China executes cult members guilty of McDonald’s murder‘.

All sane people (and not only those in Zhaoyuan city, Shandong province) must beware unhinged Chinese militant Christians, including those evangelistas in Malaysia, who keep condemning other people as “evil” and “wicked”.

Updated: 2 Feb 2015

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Twenty minutes before she was battered to death by total strangers, the victim of the brutal slaying in a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan, Shandong posted in the China social media that she was being harassed by “some crazy people“.

The main accused – see bald man, photo below – yelled that she was an “EVIL spirit” Continue reading “Christians who kill “evil” people”

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Bishop Ng on persecution and Christian-bashing by extremist groups

Bishop Ng Moon Hing thinks that Christians as well as Malaysia as a whole are under threat from “a few groups of extremists” whose agenda is to destroy our country’s muhibbah.

Bishop Ng is a Bersih supporter so the extremist groups he means cannot be the pro-Pakatan ones. Please take a guess as to which groups Bishop Ng considers as extremist. Continue reading “Bishop Ng on persecution and Christian-bashing by extremist groups”