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Christians who kill “evil” people


Creepy Christians executed today

The death penalty was carried out on two members of the Church of Almighty God, an evangelical Christian cult which has since been banned by China.

Zhang Fan and Zhang Lidong were the ringleaders among a group of crazed Christians who had beaten a woman – fatally – in a McDonald’s last May.

The Church of Almighty God zealots kicked, stomped and hit Wu Shuoyan on the head with a mop stick after accusing her of being “evil” and refusing to be recruited into their evangelical faith. The victim died on the spot.

Execution of the convicted duo took place earlier today. See CNN report, ‘China executes cult members guilty of McDonald’s murder‘.

All sane people (and not only those in Zhaoyuan city, Shandong province) must beware unhinged Chinese militant Christians, including those evangelistas in Malaysia, who keep condemning other people as “evil” and “wicked”.

Updated: 2 Feb 2015

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Twenty minutes before she was battered to death by total strangers, the victim of the brutal slaying in a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan, Shandong posted in the China social media that she was being harassed by “some crazy people“.

The main accused – see bald man, photo below – yelled that she was an “EVIL spirit” as he hammered the thirty-something woman on her head with a steel mop handle. He then continued to kick and stomp on her.

Six members of the Church of Almighty God have been charged with her murder, police said in a statement.

The deceased’s husband, 7-year-old son and other relatives mourn her at the scene of the crime

Photo: China Daily

What kind of people are they – the Christian crazies?

They are like the “MAFIA”, according to one victim of their assault who had had a run-in with the violent Church of Almighty God.

“They send out evangelists throughout China,” an academic who studied the group for her doctoral degree revealed to the CNN. The academic was quoted in a CNN article yesterday (9 June 2014) as saying that Christian-affiliated movements “have been growing rapidly as China undergoes a religious revival”.

These “crazy people” are really “paranoid”, believing they are persecuted by the government. Meanwhile Chinese police have said that the Almighty God Church group, banned since 1995, is guilty of attacking the government and undermining social stability.

The police in Zhaoyuan also say members of this Christian cult – implicated in the McD’s murder – deceive the public, spread lies, collect large amounts of money through scams with elements of a pyramid scheme, kidnap potential recruits as well as endanger lives.

According to the CNN report, these Christian converts believe they are the only RIGHTEOUS ONES who would be saved by the Lord, and they carry out “very aggressive proselytizing, harassment, brainwashing“.

Narrative above is summarized from in-depth CNN article by Tim Hume headlined ‘Eastern Lightning: The banned religious group that has China worried’

Note: The Church of Almighty God is known by other names as well, including sometimes Eastern Lightning.

BELOW: The six suspects are a middle-aged man, his two grown daughters and his 12-year-old son, his girlfriend and a friend of his daughter

Police photos of the suspects who have been charged for the murder

They beat a dog to death too, a day earlier

Due to the McD random, frenzied attack, Christian cults have again become a big issue and top priority for government officials, said an associate professor in religious studies at the People’s University in Beijing who was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times.

According to the LAT report on 7 June 2014, state-run media have linked the Almighty God Church to riots in Henan in 1998 and a mass stabbing of schoolchildren in 2012.

“She is an evil and so we sought to beat her to death”

Among the modus operandi of Almighty God Church is to poach the parishioners of other churches through bullying, blackmail and even kidnapping. In China, tens of millions Chinese have joined illegal “house churches” and other underground Christian groups. Due to the illicit nature of their own Christian activities, victims of the Almighty God Church do not report the incidents to the authorities.

According to the LAT story, the Almighty God group is “quite rich“. The suspect and his cult gang had driven to the McDonald’s restaurant in a Porsche Cayenne!

Slick, aggressive evangelistas appear to be the same everywhere — their credo is Gold, Glory and Gospel.

Sane and rational people must beware those Christians who always project others who do not share their beliefs as “evil”.

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46 thoughts on “Christians who kill “evil” people

  1. Here is an excerpt of similar manifestation of their antic here in Malaysia.

    Steady…! Zahid Warning Kongsi Gelap Dengan Bookies Jangan Kacau PRK Teluk Intan

    Barisan Nasional (BN) berjaya memenangi kerusi Parlimen Teluk Intan pada Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) 31 Mei lalu disebabkan amaran yang diberikan kepada kumpulan kongsi gelap untuk tidak mencampuri urusan pilihan raya kecil itu, kata Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    “Disebabkan amaran itu mereka tidak campur tangan langsung daripada segi mengugut, mengarah, dan memberi amaran kepada pengundi di Teluk Intan,” katanya. Ahli Parlimen Bagan Datok itu bagaimanapun tidak menolak kemungkinan berlaku campur tangan kongsi gelap dalam pilihan raya sebelum ini.”

    1. When the Ah Longs and Dapster Gangsters convert to Christianity, then old sins will be washed away upon baptism and their becoming Born Again.

      1. Now you know why the Rumah Urut, Along, and Illegal Gambling Den are flourishing in Subang Jaya….. (fill in the blank). According to my source who is privy to the news, the Rumah Urut is listed under “Pusat Kesihatan”. They can only do so much to curb them, but these businesses are protected.

          1. Do you remember TV series “the Soprano”? I think that’s how it works, and on Sunday they still go to church for confession. In the evangelista version it is even better you have the state and church under one roof.

            Trivia: I think the US made do with separation of church and state in 1974.

            1. re: “and on Sunday they still go to church for confession”

              Amazing, ain’t it? Subang Jaya is the City of Sin but Mama Dapster goes around labelling other folks “low class” and “wicked”.

            2. Re I think that’s how it works, and on Sunday they still go to church for confession

              Macam ni. Bila baju dah kotor, apa boleh buat ? Cuci sampai bersih.

              It is the same with going to the church for confession.

              Back in the old days, we didn’t have laundry shops. Now look at the proliferation of such businesses. The taman where I m staying right now, the last time I counted, there were 10 such shops.

              The function of the church nowadays is similar to what laundry shops do for people. If its dirty, go to the laundry shop. For religious confessions, its going to the church.

              In other words, laundry shop = confession. Then you come out squeaky clean.

        1. Re the Rumah Urut is listed under “Pusat Kesihatan”.

          There is scientific basis that a healthy sex life is good for a person’s health. Could it be that “Pusat Kesihatan” is trying to convey a similar message ? L O L !!!

    2. Kegiatan kongsi gelap adalah menyalahi undang-undang. Kalau Zahid tahu siapa terlibat di Teluk Intan, patut ambil tindakan polis. Mengapa hanya memberi amaran sempena PRK? Adakah kalau bukan PRK, maka kongsi gelap di Teluk Intan akan dibiarkan sahaja?

  2. Helen,

    Are there no examples of Muslims who have killed those they have judged to sin against Islam? I doubt any religion is free from extremists. That you have chosen to highlight this case is very telling.

    1. Dear tiredofhypocrites,

      re: “Are there no examples of Muslims who have killed those they have judged to sin against Islam?”

      Of course there are. They are called jihadis.

      The difference between jihadis and evangelistas is

      that the former are willing issue upfront and clear warnings not to mess with Islam or be prepared to face the consequences

      whereas the evangelistas say they will turn the other cheek and that they’re meek and mild Christian martyrs willing to be fed to the lions.

      re: “I doubt any religion is free from extremists. That you have chosen to highlight this case is very telling.”

      Let’s take our local context where Isma is being labelled “extremists” by the DAP. Isma at least say what they mean, i.e. Chinese immigrants are “penceroboh”.

      On the other hand, do the DAP evangelistas mean what they say when they declare that they love their enemies and treat every neighbour as their brother and sister?

      As I recall, the evangelistas are immensely gleeful at the thought of plenty of Malays (“Umno thieves”) having their hand all chopped off under hudud. What a loving people these evangelistas are…

      Since you say that you’re “tired of hypocrites”, may I ask if you’ve identified who the real hypocrites are?

      1. When you ask a hypocrite who the real hypocrites are, he will either divert the subject or will not respond.

        These hypocrite species, especially the racist DAP evangalistas, are exactly what the Malay malay DAP Aspan Alias aptly described:-

        “sifat kepura-puraan dan bermuka-muka bangsa chauvinis perkauman kecinaan yang tidak dapat disorokkan lagi”.

        Bukan melayu Umno yang kata (sebab mereka dah tahu) tapi melayu malay DAP yang kata.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    This is so sad and scary too. I hope this won’t happen in Malaysia.

    re: “Christian cult.”

    Some people who call those groups as Christian cult and say that Christian cult are not real Christians want the Malaysian government to accept the ajaran sesat and call those ajaran sesat members as Muslims. When those ajaran sesat members cause trouble, they’ll blame the Muslims as bad people.

    1. Re This is so sad and scary too. I hope this won’t happen in Malaysia.

      I believe it is only a matter of time before we see this happen in Malaysia.

      The question is, are our security forces and law enforcement agencies ready to contain such a threat ?

      1. re: “are our security forces and law enforcement agencies”

        Our security forces and law enforcement agencies are 99 percent non-Chinese.

        I hope this fact sinks into the Dapster-evangelistas.



  4. Its time the authorities start probing the evangelist christian in Malaysia before this cult become cancerous. This cult is also known to be rich and with the underworld back up in their operations, they could become a real threat to the nation multi religious populace.

    So, YB Zahid Hamidi can you sense something is brewing with this cult? Better act now before its too late.

  5. How the liberals have adopted Drucker’s marketing and management methods in their evangelical harvest of the masses, in the US and around the world:

    The following is excerpted from the article:

    “Here is another important lesson: In order to attract “the unchurched” (i.e., unbelievers) to church, the seeker-sensitive pastor / businessman has to tell his audience what they want to hear. By telling people what they want to hear, rather than the truth that Christ commands His pastors and teachers to teach, a pastor who is talented and marketing-savvy can attract a very large group of customers / parishioners to his church.

    But once they are in the habit of attending his church, the seeker-sensitive pastor dare not tell his parishioners / customers the truth. If he were to begin telling them the truth about their sin, their inability to save themselves from the wrath of God, and their need to repent and to have the kind of faith in Christ that comes only with a personal commitment to Christ and from hearing the whole Word of God expounded and taught accurately week after week, most of them would leave. And if they were to leave, they would take with them their money, their volunteer work, and their sheer numbers, all of which the seeker-sensitive pastor / entrepreneur has come to love and crave.”

    1. re: “tell his audience what they want to hear”


      Sounds like the familiar relationship between the evangelista leader and his/her sheeple flock.

      1. Allow me to add the emphasis:

        Sounds like the familiar relationship between the Dee-Aay-Pee evangelista leader and his/her DAPSTER sheeple flock.

      2. Re re: “tell his audience what they want to hear”

        That’s how they garnered 90% Chinese votes. So the method has proven its effectiveness.

    2. Was Paul a Liar?

      Paul of Tarsus lied. But now I must tell you that Paul did have a witness as to his integrity, and it was not a favorable witness – it was Paul himself; and he said:

      “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a slave to all, that I might win the more. To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order to win Jews; to those under the law I became as one under the law – though not being myself under the law – that I might win those under the law. To those outside the law I became as one outside the law – not being without law toward God but under the law of Christ – that I might win those outside the law. To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.”
      (I Corinthians. 9:19-25).

      What a Marvelous Expression of Total Commitment to Winning Souls! I once found this to be one of the most inspiring and motivating passages in the Bible. It made me just want to go out and win souls – to do anything or be anything to accomplish results.

      But look closer – he openly acknowledged a practice that is UTTERLY DISHONEST. To the Jews, he presented himself as a Jew. But to those outside the law, ie. the Greeks and others, he presented himself – as outside the law – as a Greek if we go by his Greek name. He became all things to all men! WHATEVER THE SITUATION DEMANDS, HE BECOMES THAT. Its begins more and more to appear as though the Ebionites may have been correct in their statements about Paul – that he was a Greek and never a Pharisee Jew. By his own firm statement, he was a human chameleon!

      1. Wow!

        “I have become all things to all men” / “WHATEVER THE SITUATION DEMANDS, HE BECOMES THAT” / “he was a human chameleon!”

        It explains a lot about the link between DAP 3.0 and the evangelical Christian movement.

        1. Re “I have become all things to all men”

          When I address a Malay/Muslim crowd, I tell then that I love all of them.

          When I address a Chinese crowd, I tell them that we are being discriminated by the Malays/Muslims and that we must fight back by voting for the opposition.

          When I address an Indian crowd, I tell them that its all the Malays/Muslims’ fault that Indians are so downtrodden and therefore Indians must rise up and fight the Malays/Muslims.

          When I address a Christian crowd, I tell them that Christians are being oppressed and denied the most basic rights of worship. Our oppressors are evil people and for the sake of our Lord we must rise up.

          The Chinese have a saying. When talking to a human, speak human language. When talking to a ghost, speak ghost language.

      2. Isn’t that why the Christian canon is largely a Pauline bible compilation while the true teachings of Jesus as contained in the Apocrypha gospels of his direct disciples have been purposely brushed aside and ignored?

      1. I was resident of Subang Jaya in 1988-1992, so calm and peaceful area then. This Tembam when did she move in there? How come now got many rumah urut wan? Haiya why like that wan. My kampung not a single rumah urut. You people want UBAH, ubah cara hidup tak sihat apa faedahnya?

        Dandy why like this wan? Kawasan DAP apasal brothels and rumah urut florish like cendawan?

    1. [deleted]

      Even before DAP and Mama Dapster took over Subang Jaya, MPSJ is already the most successful city council in Malaysia with annual revenue of RM100 million and this circa 2006-2007. Can you imagine how much more the City Council is making now with this flourishing business?

      Accounting for drugs and prostitution to help push UK economy up by £65bn

      A more inclusive approach to GDP comes into force in September to comply with EU rules on measuring the economy

      1. Re Can you imagine how much more the City Council is making now with this flourishing business?

        This is called a Big Business. According to Francis Yeoh, this is “innovation”. Francis must be very proud of Hannah.

  6. This is the Christianity of Reverend Bishop Moon, Pakiam and the Assemblies of God in Malaysia whose sole purpose is to “convert” and “save souls” all over the world.

    The government ought to take these people more seriously than they have of late. These are mad men and women “soaked” in the “blood of Christ”. This is but an extreme example of their bloody rituals taken form from their dangerously bloody gospels.

    The self righteous who tolerate no other form of worship or theology. Christianity today is an extension of the Amway principle. read whatever you want into that last statement.

    1. Re whose sole purpose is to “convert” and “save souls” all over the world.

      This is big business. Convert them into ATM machines and send all the money to the you know who.

      Re These are mad men and women “soaked” in the “blood of Christ”. This is but an extreme example of their bloody rituals taken form from their dangerously bloody gospels.

      Been going on for the past 500 years. Ask the Indian tribes of the Americas north and south. Ask the various tribes in Africa. Ask the people of India and China. The most successful con job so far. Managed to con the world for 500+ years and still counting.

      Re extension of the Amway principle

      Greed is a strong motivator.

  7. This is nothing compare to the militant and fanatic Muslim terrorist threat to the world.

    1. wow ! now you use this name to conceal your identity. let me remind you that if you think you’re under threat living in this country, I suggest you migrate. can’t migrate ah ? why ? no country accepts you ?

      re This is nothing compare to the militant and fanatic Muslim terrorist threat to the world.

      Christians started 2 world wars. Christians committed genocide of native Indian tribes in the western hemisphere. The list goes on.

      Now what are you going to say ? I know you are Christian. Fake Christian of the City Harvest type. The snake oil paddler. Holy Water bottler.

  8. disturbing news aside – who the hell took the video? Is it a passer-by? one of the cultist? Why didn’t they help (if it’s the former?) I always wonder when I see videos like these (like that recent bullying that happened in Kota Samarahan – who took the video?? why didn’t anyone get help instead of taking a video?)

    also it makes me wonder if the zealousness in which such evangelical movements are embraced in China is due to the dearth of spirituality among the Chinese there due to the Cultural Revolution – which had sought to remove all form of traditional and cultural elements from their society. I personally find Chinese culture at its core very spiritual in nature, and the Cultural Revolution had nurtured ideals opposite of that. Maybe a thirst for these elements that had missing in their society led them to grab onto whatever form of it they can find – which makes them an easy prey for evangelists.

    1. re: “who the hell took the video?”

      An ethical dilemma, yes, especially for professional news photogprahers.

      The infamous Rodney King video (amateur chance footage): The acquittal of the LAPD officers who beat up the black man triggered race riots in Los Angeles.

      Not just Mao’s Red Guards but also Pol Pot’s cadres in Cambodia. It is their own race who cause the most harm to themselves. The China communists and the Khmer Rouge killed their own people.

      Same situation with us. Dapsters are a catastrophe for the Chinese and the DAP evangelistas are a catastrophe for the Christians.

      1. S. Korea police storm church compound in search for ferry owner

        The huge operation came a day after President Park Geun-Hye urged police and prosecutors to step up a manhunt for Yoo Byung-Eun, 72, a leading member of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Korea.

        Yoo is the patriarch of the family behind the Chonghaejin Marine Co. — the company that owned and operated the 6,825-tonne Sewol passenger ferry which sank on April 16 with the loss of 300 lives, most of them schoolchildren.

        “Yoo must be brought to justice,” Park told a cabinet meeting.

        He is wanted for questioning on possible charges of embezzlement and criminal negligence, as prosecutors investigate the extent to which the Sewol disaster was caused by a lack of safety standards and regulatory violations.

        Yonhap news agency said the raid had netted three church followers suspected of helping Yoo evade a nationwide dragnet put in place after he defied an official summons to surrender to prosecutors last month.

        Read more at:

        1. Where’s WCW ? Where’s June Wong when you need them the most ? Get someone to cover up this story fast. Our readers must not be exposed to such content. This is harmful stuff.

          Sorry. I m not trying to be sarcastic here. I will apologize if my comment is offensive to The Star. I m really sorry. Please forgive me.

          1. Ini semua takdir. Kita insan kerdil. Kristian ke, Buddha ke, Hindu ke, itu semua ciptaan yang maha Esa.

  9. (also between this and brutal dog slayings in Johor, I think I’ve had enough to depress me for days sobs)

  10. To me, the root cause is mental health issue. A lot of people are finding it harder to cope with an increasingly complex world. They look to religion for solace.

    Unfortunately, if they get mixed up with the wrong crowd and a leader who panders to their base desires, then this is the result.

    On a political level, BN being the incumbent makes for an easy target because they’re big and they’re there. Of course, they also bring it onto themselves too. Nonetheless, the Opposition recognised this wave of discontent and rode it and whipped it along. This is a dangerous situation because they seem to think it’s a just a big show but they don’t realise that some of their foot soldiers take this all very seriously because they (the rank and file) haven’t got else much going for them. Job is so so, money is neither here nor there, this political drama being played out now had become their life!

    Fanaticism can exist in anybody, even in those whom we think are perfectly normal on the outside but mentally and emotionally, they are like a time bomb.

    The proliferation of these cult like organisations is one clear warning sign. But the real way to eradicate them is to deal with the disenfranchisement and ill feeling that is prevalent in the middle and working classes.

  11. Kena baca. Even Isreal pun pening kepala with the Christian crazies.

    “The Israeli police department this month activated a special unit established years ago to deal with the annual phenomenon of Christian tourists who during their visit to Israel develop “Jerusalem Syndrome,” a psychological condition that causes a person to believe they are a biblical character. ”

    “Joseph then told us about a woman who came dressed all in white who was convinced that she was a Biblical character and kept using precious water to clean everywhere in the hotel.”

  12. Some facts on the Evagnelistas

    The evangelical population is more racist than the norm. – Macam cik puan yang tak rasis tapi UMNO rasis.

    Evangelical teens have sex just as much as their peers. – Macam itu Sarah Palin virgin daughter yang pregnant tiba-tiba.

    Evangelical adults divorce more frequently than others.[1] – Gatal juga mereka.

    Only 6% of evangelicals cough up 10% of their income when the collection plate comes around. [2] – Oh Tuhan pula elak cukai. pandai ya.

    Just 22% of Americans feel positive about Evangelicals. [3] – Tau pun. Saya pun tak siok mereka.

  13. The crazies are also here and they start training them young just like elsewhere.

    “This grandma’s comments reminded me of a recent incident when I was on holiday and a friend had her sweet little friendly dog on a leash when a little boy holding his father’s hand exclaimed: “Look, Puppy Dog!” He then walked up to the happy pooch and kicked the dog. His father just pulled him and walked away.”

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