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Dog beaten to death day before McDonald’s killing — Shanghai Daily

Additional note: The J-Star in its total of two online reports on the McDonald’s slaying failed to mention that the cult was Christian — ‘Six “cult” members held over China McDonald’s death‘ (31 May 2014) and ‘McDonald’s murder in China sparks outrage‘ (1 June 2014)

This is similar to how the Nest-of-Evangelistas paper had previously buried the City Harvest Church Singapore corruption trial scandal in its (non) coverage.

China has begun a crackdown on the Christian cults.

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Reproducing below a report from the online version of East China’s biggest English newspaper Shanghai Daily

Dog beaten to death day before McDonald’s killing - Shanghai Daily 2014-06-12 00-25-33

By Shen Ke

ONE of the six people detained following the death of a woman in a McDonald’s restaurant in east China last week had a dog that was beaten to death just the day before, neighbors said.

Zhang, 55, his two daughters and a son, as well as two women surnamed Zhang and Lu, one of them his mistress, were apprehended by police for the murder of the woman, surnamed Wu. She was beaten to death in the restaurant in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, after she refused to give the group her phone number.

The suspects were trying to recruit new members for their sect, police said.

Zhang’s family moved to Zhaoyuan from their hometown in Hebei Province seven years ago. In their apartment, police found a notepad with the words “kill cruelly,” “kill with maltreatment,” “kill the animals,” and “beat the dog.”

Neighbors said Zhang used to raise a dog, but it was beaten to death the day before the incident at McDonald’s last Wednesday. They also said Zhang owned three luxury cars — a Dodge, a Jeep and a Porsche.

Police also found books and printed materials related to the heretic sect Quannengshen.

The Quannengshen sect, which also calls itself “Oriental Lightning,” was founded in the 1990s by a man named Zhao Weishan, who fled to the US in 2000 and set up headquarters there, using the Internet to control his followers in China. He had been a physics teacher in Heilongjiang Province.

The sect was defined as heretic by the Chinese government in November 1995. Currently, it claims to have millions of followers nationwide, most of whom were between 50 and 60 years old and said to be a “vulnerable group” prone to  depression due to frustrations or unfairness.

The sect is said to use all kinds of methods, including coaxing, beating, maltreating and even sexually seducing, to absorb followers. Those who try to quit face severe punishments.

In 2010, a primary school student was found dead with a lightning mark on the sole of his foot. An investigation found that one of his relatives, a Quannengshen follower, had tried to quit the sect and the death of the boy was the sect’s punishment.

In 2011, follower Li Guirong cut the throat of her two-month-old daughter because she was “demoted” due to her pregnancy.

And in 2012, Min Yongjun, who was arrested for stabbing a total of 23 children in Henan Province, was said to have been listening to a Quannengshen follower, a woman in her 60s, who lived in his village.

In an interview with CCTV, Zhang said of the McDonald’s victim: “She is an evil and so we sought to beat her to death.”

Source: Shanghai Daily

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Dog beaten to death day before McDonald’s killing - Shanghai Daily 2014-06-12 00-29-00


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18 thoughts on “Dog beaten to death day before McDonald’s killing — Shanghai Daily

    1. For Madame Speaker, “evil” is Unfairness and Uncleanliness.


      She not only thinks Umno is wicked but the rest of BN too.


    1. Typical Dapster. The topic thread – location – is Shandong, China and you “go to Holland”.

      1. This fella “loogl” is displaying the delusional paranoia and spreading wild lies that China’s authorities have just exposed about the Chinese Christian cultists. — Helen

        1. It is you that are deluded and obsessed that trying to use Christians elsewhere to imply that Malaysian Christian are as ‘bad’ as well and then trying to provoke the Muslim to hate the Christian. You are promoting hatred between religions especially Muslim against Christian.

          1. It is you who insisted that the McDonald slayers were “youngsters” when the police are charging a middle-aged man (55) who owns a Porsche Cayenne, Dodge & jeep, and two grown daughters (said to be 30) and a mistress.

            You also said the victim was a “girl” when she was in her mid-30s with a 7-year-old son.

            You implied that it was a group of youngsters cuba mengorat a young girl who “overreacted” when she didn’t give her phone number when all the Chinese and international media have reported the Christian cult link.

            What kind of people are you? Always in denial, menegakkan benang basah dan tak habis-habis nak tipu.

    2. If the officers were Christian, there would be an article by Helen vilifying Christianity. Since they are not Christian, they just get a mere mention and a slap on the wrist.

      1. On the contrary, you appear to have missed my sidebar poster where I urged animal lovers to report the Johor Bahru council officers to the Public Complaints Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office.

        Note: If you’re reading my blog from a mobile device, the sidebar may not be visible on your screen. If you’re using a laptop or PC, you will see it.

        1. “you appear to have missed my sidebar poster where I urged animal lovers to report the Johor Bahru council officers to the Public Complaints Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office.”

          Yes I saw your sidebar and your one-sentence blog post about the issue. As I said, a slap on the wrist.

          1. My urging to “Bombard Putrajaya!” over the issue is a BIG sidebar poster.

            On the other hand, are any of your DAP Yang Berhormats taking any interest in this issue?

  1. Holy water is a hazard. Looks like we’re seeing the excess of consuming too much holy water.

    Closer to home, we ought to heighten our vigilance. Sooner or later, due to excess consumption of holy water, we could witness hysterical people running amok hacking people to pieces because they heard voices telling them that the only way to change the government is through violence.

    Considering that the majority of holy water consumers is located in urban areas, this makes for scary scenarios. I hope our law enforcers are cognizant of this and a contingency plan is in place to deal with this eventuality.

    By the way, 99% of our law enforcers and other security forces are non Chinese. I hope that in carrying out their duty to protect the people, they are not labelled as heavy handed, or worst still, accused as racist just because those who make trouble are Chinese.

  2. Reading this week’s news:

    – Islamist militants attack airport in Karachi. Many dead.

    – Islamist militants attack Mosul in Iraq. Many dead.

    – Likelihood of escalating civil war in Iraq between Muslim sects

    – More people killed in the Syrian Civil War.

    – Boko Haram in Nigeria launches more attacks. They still hold over 200 schoolgirls captive.

    – Religious department interrupts a wedding of a practising Hindu woman. The woman was converted by her estranged father

    – A woman in Sudan faces the death penalty for marrying a non Muslim despite being a practising non Muslim

    – Our police has to be specifically ordered by the court to return M. Indira Gandhi’s daughter to her after they dragged their feet

    – Religious department interrupts non Muslim funeral and seizes body. The deceased apparent conversion was later found to be invalid.

    Do not worry. Helen will mostly disregard these and go on attacking the Christians.

    1. You seem to have forgotten that I blogged about the interrupted Hindu wedding very early on and at a time when the DAP leaders had disregarded the raid by keeping quiet.

  3. “You seem to have forgotten that I blogged about the interrupted Hindu wedding very early on”

    Yes, before returning to continuous Christian-bashing.

    “at a time when the DAP leaders had disregarded the raid by keeping quiet”

    …while Isma supports Jais disruption of the wedding.

      1. “Hullo, I blogged the Hindu wedding story from the outset on June 3”

        And since then, it has been a return to normal to Christian-bashing on your blog.

        As for the religious officers gate-crashing the funeral… no word.

        1. Hullo, I followed up on the Hindu wedding story again the next day on June 4, see

          which is more concern than that shown by your DAP evangelista Yang Berhormats.

          You so senang-senang aje cakap “Christian bashing” just like your type alih-alih call Malays “racists”, “bigots”, “extremists”, “haters”, “fear mongers”.

          Any legitimate questioning about the Christian evangelista behaviour, and you demonize it as “Christian bashing” just like how some Jews scream “anti-Semitism” as a shield so that they remain untouchable.

          It’s also like how Guan Eng can sue here and sue there but Bar Council and Aliran never said a thing. Yet the minute Najib Razak sues, he’s made out as a villain. What kind of people are you?

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