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Khalid administration may poison S’gor rivers for generations to come

Klang MP Charles Santiago said Selangor has not provided “a shred of evidence” to counter studies that showed disused mining pool water, soon to be pumped again into Sungai Selangor and Sungai Tinggi, contained a high level of heavy metals, according to a Malay Mail report today.

These traces of heavy metals cannot be removed from the water because our treatment plants are not equipped to do the job, added Santiago.

He further highlighted Universiti Malaya’s research by its Chemistry and Geology departments that involved 15 sampling stations which pointed to contamination in the Bestari Jaya pond in Kuala Selangor.

Contaminated water sourced from disused tin mining pools has the potential to cause cancer and other dangerous disorders if consumed.

Wake up BN!

Wake up

Wake up!

Wake Up!!


Do not let the Gunting dalam Lipatan continue to cover this up just to protect Pakatan’s fat arse. From now on, The Scissors must be considered a weapon ready to stab the BN lethally in the back at any opportune moment.

The Scissorati, like the ABU-ers, want to see the Parti Paling Tidak Apa dead and buried. BN will not be able to hold on to Putrajaya unless it is able to take back Selangor – the richest and most powerful state.

Aren't the Firsters supposed to be colour blind? Why the 'Bangsa' placard?

There is something very wrong with DAP supporters.

They went criminally insane over Lynas as well as the purported danger posed by ore mining operations in Raub. But they do not mind drinking water laced with dangerous heavy metals which can lead to life-threatening ailments.

These Dapsters are impossible to reason with.

No hope. No cure.

Wake up BN and “save Selangor” for the sane people!



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16 thoughts on “Khalid administration may poison S’gor rivers for generations to come

  1. Charles Santiago should be praised for bravely speaking out. I cannot understand why Khalid is being so pig-headed and stubborn about this, He’d rather poison millions than admit his mistake.

    Yes, the Star is being two-faced, After all, it prides itself on its environmental and green stories. Wonder what its environment editor (is it still Tan Cheng Li?) is doing? No need to carry stories about saving the sharks, dolphins etc. How about saving Selangor folk?

    There’s been a spike in kids having tonsillitis, hand and mouth and chicken pox this past 2 months in Klang Valley. Just ask parents. wonder if it’s a result of the water contamination and rationing?

    I read the safest is to drink distilled water.

    as for BN…still celebrating about Teluk Intan, I suppose.

  2. At least some people in menara gading ‘ Wake Up ‘ ! It is practically more dangerous than Lynas.

    A coming next generation of mutant ! Samplings are needed…

  3. Water-related Diseases

    Lead poisoning

    Exposure to lead causes a variety of health effects, and affects children in particular. Water is rarely an important source of lead exposure except where lead pipes, for instance in old buildings, are common. Removal of old pipes is costly but the most effective measure to reduce lead exposure from water.
    The disease and how it affects people

    Lead is a metal with no known biological benefit to humans. Too much lead can damage various systems of the body including the nervous and reproductive systems and the kidneys, and it can cause high blood pressure and anemia. Lead accumulates in the bones and lead poisoning may be diagnosed from a blue line around the gums. Lead is especially harmful to the developing brains of fetuses and young children and to pregnant women. Lead interferes with the metabolism of calcium and Vitamin D. High blood lead levels in children can cause consequences which may be irreversible including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and mental retardation. At very high levels, lead can cause convulsions, coma and death.

    The health based guideline for lead in drinking water is 0.1 milligrams per litre (WHO, 1993). If high levels are detected in a supply, alternative supplies or bottled water maybe necessary to protect young children.

    Please click here to understand more:

    Prepared for World Water Day 2001. Reviewed by staff and experts in the Programme of Chemical Safety (PCS), and Water, Sanitation and Health Unit (WSH), World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva.

  4. Why worry about mutants? They are already here (see last photo). That’s why they have been so quiet about the contaminated water.

  5. The effects of consuming holy water. There’s no hope for Selangor. Just imagine. 60% of the voters in the state voted for PR. You think there is still hope for these people ?

  6. Charles Santiago is one brave man but there’s nothing much he can do. I actually think that by highlighting this he’s exposing himself to attacks from the Dapsters.

  7. It is only to be expected that DAP supporters remain silent over this matter, don’t you think?

    After all, they must remain consistent and committed in their ardent support for their party, because anything else would seem incongruous in their battle to oust UMNO completely. So, the question isn’t why DAP supporters remain silent, it’s why BN supporters and their parties have remained silent too?

    Isn’t this a golden opportunity for them to stake a dagger into the mindsets of the opposition supporters, to reinforce belief in supporters of BN and to tilt fence sitters into BN’s direction?

    I wonder: do they know how to persuade people to support them? A goose lays a golden egg in their direction and they won’t see it.

    Gene K

  8. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I think PR supporters cannot think sensibly any more. They are like the cult group members, they had stopped thinking on their own. They only do what they boss want them to do.

    Aunty Helen, please do something about this, please…

  9. Just shows how utterly useless is the Selangor BN’s leadership at the current moment. Similar to the Dapster’s sheeple, no hope no cure. Unless they wake up from their slumber, Selangorians will just have to be prepared to be mutants…..

    Sad but the painful truth.

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