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Is DAP Chinese or are they more Christian?

We shall examine how the evangeliSTAR mind ticks.

This is very important. Please pay close attention.

gunting star dalam lipatan

According to the J-Star:

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(1) MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong said the Umno Adun “submitted a letter to the Selangor State Speaker (Hannah Yeoh) informing her of a motion to be tabled at the state assembly to study the probability of implementing hudud”.

(2) “He was commenting on Yeoh’s statement over the matter that was carried in Chinese dailies,” the paper reported.

(3) Complaining that she was only telling half of the story, Wee said “Yeoh should be more responsible as she was the State Speaker” — do note that the sentences above within quote marks are lifted verbatim from the J-Star report.

(4) “She cannot partially reveal some things and not read out the whole texts. People can have wrong assumptions,” he said.

(5) “If indeed a motion to implement hudud was to be tabled, it still falls on to the Speaker’s prerogative to carry out a debate on the matter,” he added.

In the J-Star‘s 256 word article (see screenshot), Wee Ka Siong refers specifically to Hannah Yeoh in the five sentences quoted.


Jerusubang, taking it for Jesus

This tabling of the Kaji Hudud motion is Selangor business, and Wee does not refer to the DAP per se in his criticism (with ref. to the news report above).

After all, the DAP is a national party whose sec-gen is the YB for Penang, organizing secretary is YB for Negeri Sembilan and Mursyidul Am is YB for Johor.

Hence Wee rightly hones in on the Adun for Subang Jaya in the context of her job function as Selangor state assembly Speaker.

But just look at how The J-Star has twisted the story by focusing on DAP instead of on Hannah Yeoh’s Dewan decision as Selangor Speaker.


Backstabbers are the most dangerous

The J-Star said “MCA has slammed DAP for twisting facts by alleging a Selangor Umno assemblyman wanted to push for a motion to implement hudud in the state”.

Alarm bells must ring loudly in the BN’s ears if this is the way the MCA media operates! It is Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan that is doing the twisting and turning.

KOMAIf Hannah Yeoh had misrepresented the latest developments – as the (1)-(5) portions quoted above suggests – then the sentence in the paper’s introductory paragraph of the article should properly read “MCA has slammed [Hannah Yeoh] for twisting facts …”; and not “MCA has slammed DAP for twisting facts”.

Likewise, the sentence in the paragraph following next should NOT have read: “MCA deputy president Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said DAP was only telling half of the story”.

It is really Hannah Yeoh who was only telling half of the story, unless for The J-Star Hannah is DAP and DAP is Hannah.

Well is it? Is it true that The J-Star regards DAP as Christian evangelist?



Wee Ka Siong further highlighted that Selangor is a Pakatan-ruled state that has a total of 44 DAP-PAS-PKR Aduns versus the BN’s 12 reps.

He put the stress on P-A-K-A-T-A-N while at the same time, it is clear that Hannah Yeoh’s role is as a Selangor office holder. Yet The J-Star headline goes “Wee raps DAP for twisting facts” when it should rightly be “Wee raps Selangor Speaker for twisting facts”.

The MCA media headquarters is a nest of evangelistas whose their Scissorati are really not much different from Red Beanies.

All around the world there is now a backlash against the aggressive evangelical movement. Even the traditional Christians, like Catholics in South American Latin countries, have had enough of the Bible Belt evangelistas sweeping down on them from the USA.


What a great pretender Wong Chun Wai is

Here he is posing with a scooter for his column’s picture byline. Wong using a scooter like a Kg Baru mamat? Come on lah.

Wong Chun Wai is chauffeur-driven in the company car. After all, he’s the J-Star Group CEO cum managing director whose director fees sitting on the company board is likely RM2 million a year — see table below from the Star Publications (M) Berhad annual report 2013. And this princely figure still excludes his monthly five-figure salary as the paper’s head honcho.

Furthermore, Wong is the Christian hypocrite who bragged that “My private library has one of the best collections of books on Islam, I dare to say“.

Think, readers, think!

What kind of people are the evangelistas?

Wong Chun Wai is the uber evangelista. What do you think he is capable of doing in order to protect his very lucrative income touching millions of ringgit per annum?

Btw, the Special Branch has got a dossier on him and they know which DAP top leaders Wong has been meeting.


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27 thoughts on “Is DAP Chinese or are they more Christian?

  1. Spot on Helen. But what do we do now?

    Individuals like us boycotting the Star wont do. There are too many of “them” against too few of “us”.

    It will have to take a concerted effort form the big guys to tackle this gunting dlm lipatan. Problem is the big guys – KDN, UMNO bigwigs are all sleeping. The chinese partners in BN are in cohort with them pulak tu…. jahanam! jahanam!

    1. The J-Star is protected because their owner MCA is in the BN.

      If the MCA’s appointment to Cabinet is blocked and the party is sidelined in the ruling coalition (MCA will be dead by GE14 anyway), then the Jerusubang media group will no longer have the protection they are enjoying now.

      The J-Star can be stirred and shaken the same way that Cadbury was by a concerted public outrage campaign.

      The Nest-of-Evangelistas can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but they cannot fool all the people all the time. Tick tock tick tock.

      One day they will come crashing to the ground. Sepandai-pandainya tupai melompat …

    2. Practical action the Malay grassroots can take

      Use the Umno channels. Send the message up from the Malay ground and keep pushing it up through the ranks until it reaches the PM’s office.

      But beware Dapster Khairy whose press secretary is a Scissorati.

      1. Re But beware Dapster Khairy whose press secretary is a Scissorati.

        I would launch a campaign to attack her. Why?

        Because that would embarrass and silence KJ.

        If he speaks up for her, then hentam her more. Better yet drag his wife into the picture. If you place nice with people like KJ and Regina Lee, you’re going to lose big time. Time to up the ante.

    3. The malays could at least do these things: boycott berterusan the star, buy utusan paper eventho we dont read it, perkasa & other malay ngos should form a coalition and act as pressure groups to the govt or high ranking umno leaders, maintain good communication channel with grassroot umno members/malay masses

      1. The malays in general are unaware about whats going on until its too late & finally cuba fikir secara kritikal..

        honestly lah Helen the malays simply dun have the wisdom to play real politik.. if not for people like you, reduan tee & anifah i guess masih ramai melayu yg melopong tak tau apa2 yg oppo buat selama ni..

        mmg ada org melayu yg pandai tpi all for the wrong reason.. contohnya ialah prof aziz dlm pelembagaan tapi… erm malas nk komen..

      2. Damn right. buat bungkus kacang putih atau nasi lemak pun ok gak. Let’s start a Buy Utusan Malaysia (BUM) campaign or in Malay, Kempen Beli Utusan Malaysia (KBUM).

  2. Yg baru convert after Merdeka gedik2, hayal dua alam. Don’t know nak jadi cina/india atau mat salleh.. Nak ikut bangsa dan bahasa Jesus christ atau Mother Mary (pakaian traditional habit) taknak pla.

    Time sya dulu most new Christian converts are those from the very poor or brutalised families. To forget their unhappy origins, bangsa ni le yg duk mengoyan tak habis2 nak ujudkan satu bangsa baru.

    Chinese among themselves practice the worst form of RACISM and discrimination. They don’t mix freely, snub and gossip silently like hell about one another.

    United only when they feel their MYTHS of being a superior race and their periuk nasi is being threatend by the STUPID MELAYUS..

    MCA and DAP buat trip to mainland Cina after the tsunami, cuba habaq what project they being home?

    Hai mustahil pi sana sekadar makan angin aje nih, bawa balik dua biji teloq aje ke?

    1. Re: “To forget their unhappy origins, bangsa ni le yg duk mengoyan tak habis2 nak ujudkan satu bangsa baru.”

      Bangsa baru : Cainis.

      That’s true, it will be a nightmare if they amend the constitution to define a Cainis as as a person who professes the religion of Christianity, habitually speaks the Cainis language, conforms to Cainis custom and such.

      As if without this religion, they are nothing.

  3. “Is DAP Chinese or are they more Christian?”

    Chinese; ultra kiasu. Christian is just a ‘boat’ for them to sail to Putrajaya Island.

    1. Here is a cute “Ubah photo” from Local Banglasia FB. Enjoy. Hehehe

      Local Banglasia
      24 November 2013

      RIP Ubah

        1. No. These birds migrate from place to place. The bird will return as usual. Last I heard, the predatory bird is heading for Johor.

          I am reading this amusing article by your kawan Ah Wong.

          “Soon, the infamous controversial ­lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah joined in the fray and listed out the achievements of Malays. Repeat: Malays, not Muslims.”
          “Ridhuan can think and dream like a Malay but he is still a Chinese. The fact also remains that Ridhuan was given the name of Tee Chuan Seng by his parents.”

          Ah Wong is so full of it.

          1. re: “Ah Wong is so full of it.”

            Ahem, 77 percent of J-Star readers were inspired” reading his article wor.

              1. Yup, 77% “Inspired” and a further 14% “Happy” to read Ridhuan Tee being ridiculed.

                Ah Wong is on a roll.

                1. I forgot to add this one piece. If you need “Inspiration”, go to the nearest evangelical hideout to get your bottle of holy water.

  4. See Cik Helen, not many Malay Muslims like to poke their noses into the practices and adat of others. Berapa oghang yg minat or bother to comment?

    Malay Muslims are busy people. Not only in search of wealth but have to work hard to learn how to become a good Muslims.

    Our roots are here, sanak sedara berlambak, hari minggu atau cuti terlari sana sini to attend all kinds of family and friends functions, demi untuk merapatkn silaturahim.

    Pendatang masuk keluaq Tanah Air ini berkurun lamanya. Macam2 kerenah mereka bawa masuk cini, Chinese/India n their sudden Christianity craze is one out of hundreds of happenings we have.

    Jepun dulu mai sini pon berlagak semacam.. Pancung kepala ikut suka depa, last2 kena BOMB sampai skrg sedar diri yg langit lebih tinggi dari mereka.

    Yang duk ngada2 sangat just they wait.. their time will cime too..

  5. dear helen,

    i really hope the rational malaysians will see thru dap’s n star’s concerted effort to fan anger among muslims n christians. just look at star’s front page today on mais insistence the bibles will not be returned.

    dap is getting terribly crazy for power. they fan the flames on race, religion, federal constitution, monarchy, civil servants n today starts the campaign to smear the IGP by making mass police reports. fairness and mediation and diplomacy is no longer in dap’s dictionary.

    personally the IGP is in a very difficult position, as the IGP said, both civil n syariah courts ve different rulings but dap chose to whack the IGP. i pity tan sri khalid. at least he’s not a coward or hypocrite like the attorney general.

    i am shocked that the ‘pious’ and ‘true islamists’ pas are keeping mum on all things islamic due to their marriage of convenience.

    moral of story-think hard and choose your soul mate carefully be it in politics or love. just remain single if the ‘marriage’ becomes destructive. i can’t imagine how pas is going to repair all the damage done to their own party and to our beloved negara, bangsa dan agama.

    1. Thanks for monitoring the EvangeliSTAR paper. More readers must do the same.

      Never forget that The J was suspended in 1987 as a threat to national security. The harimau bintang has not changed its tompok-tompok.

    2. anti kj,

      re: personally the IGP is in a very difficult position, as the IGP said, both civil n syariah courts ve different rulings but dap chose to whack the IGP.

      The police force is a creation of a civil statute, not a syariah state enactment. Police is the enforcer of civil laws. As such, they are bound to follow the ruling of civil courts. They enforce the laws on all Malaysians, not exclusive to Muslims only. DAP is indeed correct in ‘whacking’ the IGP for not obeying civil court orders. This is the constitutional position of our country.

      1. You should know by now what grkumar said when he mentioned that the Malays, or rather the establishment people have the administrative apparatus to deal with the miscreants.

        So what ? If you’re not satisfied, get your lawyers.

      2. IGP was listening to Miley: ‘We run things, things don’t run we, Don’t take nothing from nobody’


        we run the coutry, we do what we like.

        sayonara toshiba.

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