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Marina mewakili NUCC jumpa rombongan paderi evangelis

Mengikut Mujahid Yusof Rawa, pengerusi jawatankuasa undang-undang dan dasar Majlis Perpaduan, deraf yang dirangka NUCC bertujuan untuk menghapuskan jenayah kebencian (hate crime) dan ia amat mustahak bagi mengekalkan keamanan dan keharmonian negara.

Rang Undang-undang yang disyorkan NUCC ialah:

1. RUU Jenayah Kebencian (Hate Crime) Kaum dan Agama
2. RUU Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi
3. RUU Suruhanjaya Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi

Pertemuan paderi Kristian dengan NUCC pada 3 Jun 2014
Pertemuan paderi Kristian dengan NUCC pada 3 Jun 2014

Pada bulan lepas, Majlis Perpaduan juga menggesa kerajaan mengambil tindakan tegas ke atas puak pelampau yang menggugat perpaduan melalui hate speech.

Berita Astro Awani bertajuk ‘NUCC: Govt should take action against those causing public unrest, disunity‘ (20 Mei 2014) melaporkan:

“We must be fair and rational at all times as patriotic Malaysians and thus contribute strongly to build a more united peaceful and progressive Malaysia for the mutual benefit of all Malaysians,” said NUCC.

“Racial and religious tensions have been on the rise of late, with the likes of Malay-Islamist group such as Isma making anti-Chinese statement and the organising an anti-Christian forum at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on May 6.”

Perjumpaan Uskup Ng Moon Hing (jubah ungu), Uskup Agung Emeritus Murphy Pakiam (kanan), pastor DUMC Daniel Ho (bertali leher) dengan NUCC
Perjumpaan Uskup Ng Moon Hing (jubah ungu), Uskup Agung Emeritus Murphy Pakiam (kanan), pastor DUMC Daniel Ho (bertali leher) dll dengan NUCC

Satu rombongan pemimpin-pemimpin gereja diketuai Uskup Ng Moon Hing, pengerusi Persatuan Bible Malaysia, telah menyampaikan aduan mereka kepada NUCC pada minggu lepas.

Delegasi Kristian-evangelis tersebut yang berjumpa dengan anggota-anggota NUCC termasuk Uskup Agung Emeritus Murphy Pakiam, pastor Daniel Ho (DUMC), Tan Kong Beng (Christian Federation of Malaysia) dan Eugene Yapp (NECF).

Baca juga, Bishop Ng on persecution and Christian-bashing by extremist groups

Sebelum ini, NGO-NGO Islam pernah mendakwa bahawa NUCC – yang turut diberi jolokan majlis ‘Marina-Wardina’ (gambar bawah) – adalah condong kepada pro-Kristian.

Marina Mahathir dan Saifuddin Abdullah berjumpa dengan paderi
Marina Mahathir dan Saifuddin Abdullah dalam perjumpaan NUCC dengan paderi

DAP hari ini menggesa supaya Jais patuh kepada undang-undang dan segera pulangkan Bible yang disita, sebuah laporan Yahoo! News memetik Ong Kian Ming, pengarah strategi parti Kristian itu, sebagai berkata.

Timbalan presiden Perkasa Zulkifli Noordin tidak menyetujui tiga Rang Undang-Undang tersebut yang dirangka NUCC. Beliau beranggapan bahawa Majlis Perpaduan adalah diwakili beberapa kerat “pelampau agama”.

Kehadiran pelampau Kristian yang menduduki kerusi NUCC menimbulkan keresahan di kalangan umat Melayu-Islam, kata Zulkifli dalam satu rencana bertajuk ‘Malayan Union 2.0‘ di blognya kemarin.
Siapakah agaknya yang dimaksudkan Zul Noordin sebagai “extremis agama”?


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16 thoughts on “Marina mewakili NUCC jumpa rombongan paderi evangelis

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

    PEMBELA and other Muslim NGOs had made a media statement about the NUCC’s and Bar Council’s RUU. It is hard to imagine something that comes from Mujahid and Bar Council can be good for the Malays and Muslims.

    PEMBELA also made a police report regarding the AG’s action on the bible issue.

    1. It looks like the church people, egged on by TMI, will not let go the UiTM seminar controversy until some kind of action is taken. Astro Awani brought up the episode in relation to the NUCC’s recent warning.

      Currently the UiTM Christianization seminar is being bundled with JAIS’s refusal to release the Bibles, and the content of the MAIS booklet.

      I’m betting that in the 3rd June meeting that the evangelistas had with NUCC, lots of complains were made about how the poor small minority (“only 9 percent”) Christians are being persecuted by the big, bad gomen.

    1. If you want to view it that way. But I prefer looking at it as giving the Muslims an insight into the Cina’s psyche and acts as a caution to the Muslims. Now if you want to talk about memupuk kebencian, you should read LKS and Ngeh Koo Ham and Teresa and Hannah et al from the Malay perspective.

      Every word uttered and written, every expression on their faces, every gesture they make perpetuates hatred towards the Malays and Islam, some sugar-coated with expressions of love but mostly dripped with the poisonous, vengeful antipathy or what the Malays termed as “dendam kesumat” towards the Malays.

      No matter how well-meaning they are, in the end all these evangelists will show their true feelings towards the Malays, the latest example in the form of Francis Yeoh.

      You have pledged the oath of citizenship, the Rukun Negara, but yet you choose to ignore all the principles of said Rukun Negara. There is no Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara – you look down on the royal institution, you refuse to acknowledge the Agong as the head of the nation, you trash the country every chance you get and you spin that as your constructive criticism towards nation building.

      Keluhuran Perlembagaan – I doubt you even know what that means. You pick and choose the articles of the constitution that would benefit your ideas of what this country should be and the hell with the articles that recognized that this nation was built through the generosity of the royal institution and the Malays that you detest.

      Kedaulatan Undang-undang is upheld only when the law benefit you and your kind. You call the institution of justice Umno’s running dog and worse whenever you are found guilty of any wrongdoings and yet you run to that institution every time things do not go your way. You make a mockery of the whole justice system, expected since I doubt you know the meaning of “Kedaulatan”.

      Kesopanan dan kesusilaan – now that’s the one I find to be the most ironic. For a culture that has been around for what you people claim to be over 5,000 years, you do not have any kesopanan or tata susila. You trampled on the feelings and culture and religions of other people. You want an example look up the “love message” the former Aussie PM gave your people, after all according to your icons like Hannah love begets love.

      1. ‘articles that recognized that this nation was built through the generosity of the royal institution and the Malays’

        now which article in the fed con would that be?

        generations of indians and chinese explorers and traders have already settled and had dealings with the malay sultanate even before the colonist’s arrival who eventually drafted the fed con
        if you wish to talk about generosity you should also mention the humble tax payers whose contributions made it possible for most of us to go to college, pay the civil servants, take the trains, take a flight on mas, drive a proton etc etc

        it is they we should be grateful to and not those fork tongued hypocritical politicians

        btw, loyalty to king and country should not be confused with loyalty to gomen, i trust you are able to differentiate

        1. Unfortunately the bulk of national coffers is contributed by glcs. Petronas mainly not petty shopowners owned by superior chinese. Go read the lhdn annual report if u dont believe. So dont come here n brag about your hoax of massive contribution as a meagre tax payers.

          As much as contribution of tax paying, it is an open secret of company to have 2 sets of account for the purpose of evading tax. So wats so humble bout it? Even civil servant to an extent of a salary cap is obliged to pay taxes. And it cant be evaded since makan gaji people cannot cheat cause its automatically deducted from ur salary every month.

          1. Petronas’ contribution on average is 1/3 of the government’s income.

            If we add contributions but other GLCs and GLICs then we are looking at another 1/3.

            So we’re looking at Petronas + GLCs + GLICs contributing 2/3 to government’s income.

            We also need to remember the contribution of foreign companies operating in Malaysia.

            So all this hoo hah that the Chinese contribute a proportionate amount is basically a lie.

          2. was there a mention of tax payers of a particular race making the most contributions?

            the humble tax payers are people like you and me

            if you feel your contributions are insignificant and it does nothing to national wealth then good on you, perhaps you should voluntary contribute more and its no skin off my nose

  2. re: “Mengikut Mujahid Yusof Rawa, pengerusi jawatankuasa undang-undang dan dasar Majlis Perpaduan, deraf yang dirangka NUCC bertujuan untuk menghapuskan jenayah kebencian (hate crime) dan ia amat mustahak bagi mengekalkan keamanan dan keharmonian negara.”

    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
    there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense . . . .

  3. dear helen,

    it seems that ds najib is still day dreaming. he was fully awake only during the first few months post pru 13 chinese tsunami.. i think most conservative malay muslims are getting tired n
    annoyed with ds najib day
    by day. he seems paranoid
    of pleasing the agrressive
    minority malay liberals n
    evangelists. though quite a
    number are disgusted with
    pakatoons, ds najib n bn’s
    actions is making pro bn people
    pissed of. ds najib is really
    weak and follows the
    minority in spite of
    repeated advice from tun m
    and tun daim. he just
    doesn’t get it, it seems.

    we can see that more
    malay ngos are starting to
    voice out their
    dissatisfaction. its really
    stupid that najib ignores
    them when these are the
    people who will be bringing
    the winning malay votes for umnobn. the chinese protests against dap in teluk intan but come pru
    14, their votes shall be
    against bn.

    i think soon enough these
    malay muslim ngos will be
    exasperated with najib n
    umno…. somehow i too
    think if ds najib still day
    dreams, he should be
    replaced immediately demi
    bangsa agama dan negara.

  4. No need all this NUCC crap just a waste of time money, and trying to make these act look as these idiots are be able to provide a solution.

    Just bring back ISA and EO dah cukup, no need to try and bring all these new laws.

    Cukup with ISA & EO, no need for terminology Kebencian (Hate Crime) Kaum dan Agama,Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi,Suruhanjaya Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi

    With ISA & EO, melayu, cina, india, punjabi, iban, kadazan, muslim, christian, buddha, hindu, sikh, murut, dll, all on a level playing fields, YOU COCK UP YOU PAY THE PRICE

  5. It is ironic that Hannay Yeoh allowed the motion for hudud allowed in the Selangor DUN, the wench probably thought she could fuse her hijabista skin and allow the motion to pass and appease the Malays under the guise of open discussion but now the Chinese chauvs and even the MB office is going beserk over her self serving decisions.

    Expect the other states DUN to discuss more on hudud as belligerent UMNO and the Taliban PAS goes on a showdown to show who is more islamic.. soon it wont be about stoning to death (which is considered normal as we already have death penalty) ….we will soon discuss issues like not allowing women to work and maybe female circumcision and whacking women in public ….

    now the Islamic and christian extremism is not only gatecrashing hindu weddings.. now MAIS and JAIS peopke who are accountable to both BN and PR leaders snoop at Malay weddings looking for mak nyah wedding planners who never harmed anyone go be balded and humiliated as soon to be dwellers of hell and soon maybe tomboys and laki lembut will be sent to the gas chambers.. even commentators in Helen blog already stand firm on cruel hudud laws just so that they can defeat Pakatan Rakyat or for their selfish interest to go to heaven by condemning others as less islamic or less christians…..

    It is race to the bottom or barbarity….

    Congrats to PAS and the DAP evangelistas and to the extent Malay UMNO zealots… you have made the first in implementing archaic biblical and koranic laws that are despicable.

    Forget about producing nobel price winners for malaysia….. everyone should be like imbecile azhar idrus answer questions whether its halal to eat ‘coss that have been sodomised by a Malay sex pervert’ at the mosque to teach everyone how to be a taliban.. can drive ferrari after that

  6. Wokay la kita pinjam kata2 emas yg dikeluarkan oleh TGNA to Dyana “nak ikut cara mereka yg baru ujud 50thn atau …..” Plus minus macam tu kut teguran dia.

    Melayu/Bumiputra dah berkurun lamanya berakar diTanah yg bertuah ini, dah jadi darah daging cara hidup, adat resam budaya dan majoriti kita berkurun lamanya generasi yg berAgama Islam.

    Kita dah puaih melihat kerenah macam jenis manusia yang masuk keluaq Tanah yang bertuah ini. Eskimo aje belum mai kut pasai Negara ini terlalu panas..

    Apasal kalut dan kelam kabut semacam sangat depa ni owh?

    1. Mujuq Eskimo tak mai, kalau cidak habis semua oghang depa keghah hidup dalam igloo pulak dah!

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