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MCA: Usul hudud ditarik balik kerana pendirian kami yang tegas

Kenyataan akhbar oleh timbalan pengerusi MCA Pulau Pinang Tan Teik Cheng hari ini:

“We pay tribute to MCA President Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai for his firm and unwavering stances to wield MCA’s influence in BN, leading to the motion’s withdrawal from debate.”

MCA stuck to our stance leading to UMNO withdrawing motion

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8 thoughts on “MCA: Usul hudud ditarik balik kerana pendirian kami yang tegas

  1. alahai MCA…..!
    mengaku ketegasannya yang membawa kepada penarikan balik usul hudud oleh UMNO Selangor?

    sedangkan semua tahu bahawa UMNO Selangor sudah takde kudrat dah takde ‘telor’…..

    terang lagi bersuluh…. tapi masih buta di mata, buta di hati…. keduanya!

  2. Helen Ang Jun 13, 2014 at 4:48 pm:
    “Here in Selangor, there are so many bola tanggung by Pakatan (e.g. water issue) but Umno Selangor is unable to killer smash”.

    Ni… nampaknya Umno S’gor yg bagi bola tanggung, MCA pula yg buat smash. Kiranya mereka ni from the same team, nyata sekali ini bukannya permainan badminton tetapi sepak takraw. Still… that does not look right.

    Sejak bila permainan takraw di Selangor ni memerlukan feeder Melayu dan killer Cina pulak…? Polisi baru dari Kem. Belia dan Sukan atau sememangnya Melayu sudahpun ‘hilang penguasaan dalam permainan ni…’

  3. Isn’t elements of Hudud mentioned in large chunks in the book of Leviticus? What kind of Christian would reject chunks of the New Testament? Before DAP Christians and their kiasu Christians in MCA reject Hudud, they should ask themselves what kind of a Christian would reject the Bible. Why go to Bible study and then reject chunks of the Bible? Or perhaps trhese people go to Bible study and sleep through or do not understand at all.
    III. The Distinction Between Clean and Unclean (chs. 11-15) A. Clean and Unclean Food (ch. 11)
    B.Purification After Childbirth (ch. 12)
    C. Regulations for Skin Diseases (13:1-46)
    D.Regulations for Mildew (13:47-59)
    E.Cleansing from Skin Diseases (14:1-32)
    F.Cleansing from Mildew (14:33-57)
    G.Discharges That Cause Uncleanness (ch. 15)

    V.Holy Living (chs. 17-26) A.Eating Blood Prohibited (ch. 17)
    B.Unlawful Sexual Relations (ch. 18)
    C.Various Laws for Holy Living (ch. 19)
    D.Punishments for Sin (ch. 20)
    E.Regulations for Priests (21:1;22:16)
    F.Acceptable and Unacceptable Sacrifices (22:17-33)
    G. The Annual Feasts (ch. 23)
    H. Rules for Oil and Bread in the Tabernacle (24:1-9)
    I.Punishment for Blasphemy (24:10-23)
    J. The Sabbath and Jubilee Years (ch. 25)
    K.Covenant Blessings and Curses (ch. 26)

    VI.Regulations for Offerings Vowed to the Lord (ch. 27)
    “The institution of the law and the Ten Commandments in Exodus reveals the emphasis and importance of choice and responsibility in God’s kingdom. God blesses obedience and punishes disobedience.”

    On pork
    Leviticus Chapter 11

    7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he [is] unclean to you.

    8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they [are] unclean to you.

    1. Hudud is nothing new in the world history. Considering “hudud” had appears in a much much severe forms in the Old Testament it is only understandable why the rejection comes mostly from the non Muslim.

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