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The Tun’s take on the National Harmony bills

Last month, anti-China riots erupted in Vietnam.

However the violence took an anti-“Chinese” turn when the rioters also targeted Taiwan-owned factories as well as companies located in the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park. See ‘Vietnam anti-China protest: Factories burnt‘ (BBC, 14 May 2014)

The Vietnamese protesters were angry at China. However they retaliated by indiscriminately torching any buildings that had Chinese writing in their logos or signs although the owners of those factories could have been Taiwanese or Singaporean.

BELOW: France 24 news channel

Anti-Chinese sentiment on rise in Myanmar‘ (, 13 May 2014)

It is not the Vietnamese alone who do not like the Chinese. The Burmese don’t either.

But all is good in Malaysia still because people in this country possess a lot of iman. And since “Sabar itu separuh daripada iman”, there is enough kesabaran untuk melayan karenah si Dapster-evangelista.

BELOW: Marina Mahathir a member of the NUCC

Pertemuan paderi Kristian dengan NUCC pada 3 Jun 2014
NUCC met up with the evangelista leaders on 3 June 2014

NUCC’s National Harmony Bills

Dr Mahathir Mohamad commented a few days ago in his Chedet blog on the National Harmony bills drafted by the National Unity Consultative Council.

Dr Mahathir wrote:

“Di Malaysia kita kekalkan bangsa asal kita, bahasa dan budaya kita, sekolah kita, bahkan universiti kita. Susulan dari itu kita tinggal di tempat-tempat berasingan, amalan cara hidup dan kegiatan kita juga berbeza dan berasingan. Dalam bidang perniagaan masing-masing mempunyai network sendiri berasas kepada kaum/bangsa, bahasa dan budaya.”

BELOW: Nasi Lemak Telanjang served by Malaysia Airlines — picture by Chef Wan


Dr M pointed out that we are different in our

  • race
  • language
  • culture
  • lifestyle
  • activities

He also said we go to separate

  • schools
  • university

And we live and work in segregated

  • offices
  • neighbourhoods

The Tun forgot or perhaps deliberately omitted to mention that we go separately to different places of worship – mosques, churches, temples and gurdwaras – too.


Considered Japanese if you eat sushi, Korean if you eat kimchi

Urm, what do Malaysians who belong to different races, speak different languages, practise different cultures and religions, adopt different lifestyles and engage in different activities while living in separate neighbourhoods have in common when we’re outside school and our workplace?

Gerakan deputy president Datuk Dr Cheah Soon Hai said recently (19 May 2014) that the Chinese today “are already assimilated to the Malaysian lifestyle” because they enjoy eating nasi lemak and roti canai.

Dr Cheah (pic above) stressed that Chinese here are fourth or fifth generation, and ingrained in the Malaysian way of life … as proven by their love for nasi lemak and roti canai.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh believes that racist weather behaves exactly like some extreme NGOs

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist

New legislation to penalize hate speech

Gerakan’s Dr Cheah took to task the statement by Isma that Chinese immigrants are “penceroboh” as well as the allegation by Isma that a certain “political party [DAP] is capable of engineering a repeat of the May 13 incident”.

He wanted furthermore to know why there is no action on Isma as yet despite the countless police reports lodged against the said Muslim NGO. He accused Isma of hate speech “to plant seeds of distrust among the various community in Malaysia”.

If the National Harmony Bills introduced by the NUCC ever become law, you can bet the DAP Christians would be the first to demand that Isma be charged under the new Racial and Religious Hate Crimes Act.

Would curbing Isma bring Malaysians closer together in language, culture, lifestyle, activities and work ethics, mitigate the distrust and spread the Luurve?

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh believes that “true love narrows the differences”


Hannah Yeoh prescribes mega doses of “LOVE”

In her tweet above on the topic, Madame Speaker appears to concede that Malaysians indeed have our ‘little differences’ but that these differences can be narrowed by “true love”.

According to Hannah Yeoh, the problems of racism and extreme weather can be treated by teaching racists – and the weather – “how to love”.

Thus let’s go back to what Tun Mahathir mentioned earlier about our differences and apply the Hannah-Firster treatment.

BELOW: Sisters in Islam founder Zainah Anwar says “We’re all Allah’s children”

Marina Mahathir dan Zainah Anwar, pengasas Sistsers in Islam, mengadakan flashmob serentak di ibukota
Marina Mahathir and Malaysian Firsters unite for peace

Christian cure

(1) To narrow the differences between our various ethnicities, begin at home with your own family. Petition the National Registration Department to have your children recorded under rainbow colours in their birth certificate.

Madame Speaker Hannah Yeoh has shown Leadership by Example through her older daughter being registered by the NRD as “Chinese” and her younger daughter as “Indian”. Her third child will be “Malay”.

(2) To narrow the differences between our various languages, everybody learn to speak Korean. We can do this from watching lots of cable TV and listening to K-Pop.

The botak Christian cultist charged with the McDonald’s murder

BELOW: A trio of notable DAP Yang Berhormats


(3) To narrow the differences between our various cultures, everybody eat McDonald’s.

Reminder: But before you enter the restaurant, please recce to see that there are no Christian crazies inside who might beat you to death with a mopstick.

(4) To narrow the differences between our various lifestyles, Malaysian citizens must be subject to one uniform set of laws. ‘Hudud for All‘ is the answer.

(5) To narrow the differences between our various activities, everyone must learn to like watching badminton and football. The Dapsters will cheer for China badminton ace Lin Dan (see HERE and HERE) but that’s alright because we’re democrats who believe in the freedom of expression.

BELOW: Dapsters believe they are the beautiful reflections of God’s image

hannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

Is DAP doing anything to narrow our differences?

The Christian party’s foremost Anak Bangsa Malaysia icon has preached that “true love narrows the differences” and “racists must be taught how to love”.

What has Hannah Yeoh herself done to narrow the differences? Well she has been wearing tudung so that she doesn’t appear too much different from the Muslims, unlike some of her fellow Dapster-evangelistas whose dress sense is considered mendedahkan aurat.

To reckon that the DAP has succeeded in narrowing the differences, we must have hordes of ordinary, young Chinese women following in Hannah’s footsteps and voluntarily donning the tudung. So far they had only one success — Felixia Yeap.

A man kicks a topless Femen activist in Paris

Air mukjizat yang dibotolkan di Jerusubang

Next, the DAP must deploy more volunteers to the rural areas where the 47 percent pro-BN kampung folks remain woefully unenlightened. These DAP volunteers will teach racists how to love.

“Love thy neighbour” is the solution put forward by the DAP even though the majority of their party supporters themselves are living in Chinese enclaves and do not interact with the other races.

StarBlackHeadlineRIGHT: The J-Star provocative black front page suggests that the Alkitab Bibles seized by JAIS will be “disposed” of. How? Burn them?

Legislation, on the other hand, is the method proposed by the NUCC that wants to enact anti-hate speech laws which will compel Malaysians of various races and religions to harmonize with each other.

Nonetheless, Dr Mahathir, in his review of the National Harmony bills, felt: “Keadaan terpisahnya kaum/bangsa dan pencapaian kaum/bangsa yang tidak sama tidak membolehkan penyatuan dan harmoni di kalangan mereka dengan mudah”.

So do we believe that the Tun’s appraisal is closer to the reality on the ground or do we have greater faith in Hannah Yeoh’s mass marketed holy water?

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Is DAP Chinese or are they more Christian?


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23 thoughts on “The Tun’s take on the National Harmony bills

  1. With all the recent news stories pertaining to Christian and Muslim Chinese converts, does the Chinese community especially the Taoist and Buddhist realise why people convert in the first place.

    Do they ever think about how Taoist and Buddhist “encourage” down and out people to convert? Think how insensitive and demeaning funeral rites are. A loved one is grieving and one is handed out with insensitive taboos when one needs comfort. No visiting relatives because visits bring bad luck.

    Show you ass to the coffin when the coffin is being lowered. The insensitivity causes one to leave Taoism and Buddhism and to leave it with a vengeance to destroy Taoism and Buddhism.

    You can understand the fervour of many Christian converts to convert fellow “unwanteds” to the Christianity. Taoist rites are replaced with Christianity as Taoist rites are superstitious and “evil”. Please remember in certain churches Chinese dresses with dragon is considered evil. In the Bible, the dragon (Chinese symbol of greatness) is the symbol of the Devil himself and the dragon symbolises the end of the world.

    Christian all come together and celebrate Christmas and Easter. In Islam, Ramadan and Syawal comes whether there is or not a death in the family. When someone dies in a Taoist family, the right to celebrate Chinese New Year or marry is revoked and so is a shoulder to cry of for 100 days. See the difference.

    You can say the same with the Hindus. Where do the Indians with Western surnames come about? The caste system has caused many Indians to be chucked out as unwanteds like the Taoist/Buddhist system for the Chinese. Unwanteds are converted and names like Lopez, Francis etc. are adopted instead.

    You would notice all the recent stories pertaining to Muslim converts come from people who are fed up with their family or their spouses and since islam is tied to a strict code of family law, conversion creates an “injunction” from the clutches of their overbearing Taoist/Buddhist/Hindu family member.

    In fact the non-Muslim community should stop pointing fingers against Islam and Islamic administration and look at how messed up their community really is. Why does Ridzuan Tee Abdullah leave his life from a pig farming family and become a critic of Chinese kiasuism? Why does Felixia Yeap want to leave her life as a sexy model to become a Mulismah? Is there a void in her previous life? Many drug addicts become Christians you know.

    The non-Muslim (or non-Christian) must ask themselves what void have they created in a person’s life that a person will leave the religion and way of life. As a former Taoist, I can attest the insensitive kiasu behaviour towards death draws me away from Taoism. When you father dies you are branded dirty and “pantang”. When someone dies they are “dirty” in the Chinese practice. Instead of a salute when you die, all the attendees show their asses in your honour. When a Christian or a Muslim dies, he/she dies in dignity. Nobody shows their asses when the coffin is lowered in a Christian and Muslim funeral.

    Why I became a Christian? I don’t want to see the asses of my friends when I die and remain a poltergeist. I want some dignity. I DO understand some of the anger of Ridzuan Tee Abdullah and I empathize with him. Chinese people – look at your culture please!

    1. re: “Show you ass to the coffin when the coffin is being lowered.” / “Nobody shows their asses when the coffin is lowered in a Christian and Muslim funeral.”

      It’s NOT showing your backside to the coffin lah. It’s just turning the other way to avert gaze. Each culture and religion has its own practices or what you call (sometimes) superstition.

      1. Actually if you read what McArthur wrote in his memoirs, it is respect. Japanese do not look at the emperor because emperor’s goodness and aura is overwhelming. It is to show great respect.

        This practice came from Chinese practices. Unfortunately Chinese do not understand the reason of the practices, worst of all this becomes superstition.

        You would find tons of superstition in Chinese superstition finding its way into Christianity. One English was shocked that in Penang, devotees asks him to pray and bless for parking space and cellphones.

        Do you know why Chinese do not sweep during CNY or wash their hair? Post this question and most aunties cant answer. Answer pantang. The real reason, it is middle of winter. How can you wash your hair and walk miles for water. Btw in China, many sweep during CNY today. I saw this on CCTV.

        1. Isn’t the Tao Te Ching the only authentic heritage of the understanding of the teachings of Lao Tzu? I concur with you – that almost all the taboos in popular folk Taoism today are innovations of human creativity and ignorance. But how many Chinese have a good grasp of the substance of Tao Te Ching:- the Way things are in Creation and the Constitution of human nature?


          1. re: “But how many Chinese have a good grasp of the substance of Tao Te Ching”

            Hence my contention that DAP speaks the political language of Christianity. Their leaders like Kit Siang and Guan Eng have a mission school background while Hannah Yeoh is Sekolah Kebangsaan.

            The way they attack their opponents/enemies as “wicked” and “evil”, and the other words the DAP idealogues use, is based on the Bible thumpers’ vocabulary.

            Yes, we are Chinese in our ethnic make-up, we who make up one-quarter of the Malaysian population. But against the larger number of 1 billion something souls in China, the diaspora would hardly be any yardstick to measure “Chineseness” b’cos we overseas Chinese are hybrids,

            e.g. Wong Chun Wai who boasts that he has the best private library of books on Islam in Malaysia is not speaking like a Chinese. He’s speaking like an opportunistic, lalang, evangelista poseur.

            The Malays have to realise the political ground on which the two sides are fighting so that the ordinary Apek and Ah Soh (just like their counterparts the average Mamat and Minah) are not made unfortunate pawns and scapegoats in the battlefield.

            The man-in-the-street has become a victim of anti-Chinese sentiments when in fact it is the GREEDY DAP evangelista gospel spewers pursuing Gold and self-Glory who are fanning the flames and racheting up the religious tensions.

            1. ya lor! he can speak English well and his lifestyle like westerner and he makes lots of bucks, so we wanna be like him, mah; so suave and scientific, leh.

              1. Below is WCW’s Twitter profile. It says he “loves London”.

                Apparently he likes to go to that capital city every now and then. Wonder if The J-Star has property/penthouse there? (anyone interested can Google this)

                He also lists Arsenal as his fav sports team and The Economist as his fav read (like I said, a poseur).


        2. “Do you know why Chinese do not sweep during CNY… “

          This is kacang puteh. God of Fortune comes and we don’t want to greet him with a broom mah.

    2. Dear Mulan

      Can I make the assumption that when you were a Taoist, and you asked for the reasons for all these rituals but nobody told you? Or worse, you were scolded to just “shut up and do it”?

      Well, it is the sad fact that most Chinese don’t really know and are too lazy to find out why we do the things we do… the result is as above: angry, converted to something else and hell bent on trashing the former religion.

      Karma for everyone, I guess.

      Every step in the traditional funeral has a specific reason. If you were not taught when young to understand why, that is not your fault. But as an adult, you should endeavour to understand why it is conducted in that manner, instead of carrying this negative feeling against it – which, by the way, doesn’t affect anyone else but yourself. So you might as well get rid of this baggage for your own sake.

      Oh, and by the way, the conflation of the dragon with the Devil is a purely Anglo-Christian construct because in converting the Celtic tribes of Britain, the Christian missionaries had to PERVERT the Druidic holy emblems of the serpent (wisdom) and dragon (power) into demonic symbols so that their new converts could feel separate and different from their old religions. Thus, the legend of St George slaying the dragon; which is an allegory of the defeat of the druids and the subjugation of the Celts.

      1. Can I make the assumption that when you were a Taoist, and you asked for the reasons for all these rituals but nobody told you? Or worse, you were scolded to just “shut up and do it”?

        Yup. The elders told you shut up or we will curse you.

        Sad that they understanding of rituals among the Chinese is almost non-existence. Worst of all, the Chinese have the same ignorance when becoming Christians. Most Taoist have never read Tao Te Ching and have practices that you cannot find in the Tao Te Ching. Old Christianity demands devotees attend Bible study and know the Bible well. New Christianity well… just listen to the pastor. (Bible reading is only recommended, not compulsory, but church service – attendance is taken) This is one reason the new churches can change the tune of bible verses to suit their liking. The 10 commandments maybe side-lined but tithes (which are not in the compulsory 10) is highlighted and pork eating allowed.

        Leviticus 11:7-8 – And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he [is] unclean to you.

        Yes. Chinese can choose and amend religion to their needs and fancies thus the Evagenlistas suit their purposes. In fact pay for your salvation. I remember some old Taoist say that Ang Kong called them and told them that … is soai. (bad luck). You here the same thing now in church. God has telephoned them to do A or B or C. Thus God can apologise to the City Harvest pastor.

        “But how many Chinese have a good grasp of the substance of Tao Te Ching”

        The same lassie-faire attitude to Taoism goes to new Christianity. Who says they are no superstitions in new Christianity? Same. I remember at one seminar, a pastor from Singapore says Christians should not visit hospitals unnecessary because there are spirits that lurk and want to mislead us. Christians cannot practice yoga and taichi as unholy spirits can harm Christians. Oh yes, Jane Fonda is evil as elements of evil yoga warm-up encourages the Devil to usurp the body when we do aerobics. Crazy is it? And many believe the crazy pastor. Unlike Islam, the Chinese do not have regulatory bodies to guide us through those crazy leaders. How many time have we heard Chinese mediums molesting their devotees?

        ” instead of carrying this negative feeling against it”
        Well I am over it. Age makes you wiser. But angry, the Chinese are considered “smart” but extremely silly when it comes to matters of faith. Sad to say as modern the Chinese are, they easily influenced by the mediums or evangelistas – for the simply reason they don’t care to go back and read the source – the Tao Te Ching or the Bible.

        In terms of devotional matters, the Malays are better and more consistent in matters of faith.

        1. chinese so called silliness in faith matter is a bless, we r less fanatic, however less doesn’t mean none or best, most dynasty founders created various myth as tool of legitimacy, via taoism, the main source of superstitious.

          the concept of tao te ching is entirely difference with bible, ttc is merely one of the source of reference, taoism have the tendency to appoint anyone as immortal as long as one is hmmm respected and idolised by the people. thus laozi can be one, guan yu also one, mao almost one perhaps 100 years later. thus i think the tao jiao believer shall read certain paragraph of the ttc that might suit to taoism if they want, but not necessary as there are many other sources. to read the entire ttc could only render one tao jiao believer to become a wise fella close to philosopher, bec ttc is actually a teaching of philosophy rather then religion.

          that is y one author say the diff btw ttc n taoism is like hotdog n dog. wakaka.

          1. mao almost one perhaps 100 years later.

            So Tokong Ang Kong soon. Good idea HuaYong. We can have the running dog and Kucing kurap eat the hot dog. Waikiki.

          2. Ms H. The religious world according to HY of the Selangor Legislative Council without the pants.

  2. Tembam oi Tembam.. One of the 5 pillars of ISLAM is – perform THE HAJ.

    More than 2million gathered together at one place.. Same time. Nah berapa ribu races kami Muslims in Malaysia diberi peluang dapat bercampoq dengan segala jenis manusia dan bangsa.. tidak berkemampuan or quota dah full, can go for our Umrah anytime!

    So too the weekly call for Friday prayers and for many, everyday la they pray in mosques. It is a continuous process, tak payah kalut, all laid down in our Quran. Itu adalah satu tanggungjawab tiap Muslim.

    Kita bergaul dgn apa segala warna, adat, budaya dan bahasa la, bukan sekadar Cina dn India saja tau!

    Dia ni bangun tidok fikir RACEx1000 tak pernah lekang dari mulut.. macam peghaq semacam aje dia ni.. Kalut dan mengelabah one kind la you people..

    Anyway, its never too late. Kalo dah toknek makayah tak ajar, or nothing much done by your religion to this effect, you can start by teaching yr kids to be more open, belajar le bercampur dan dgn iklasnya bermesra dengan bangsa2 lain.

  3. Like to eat’s nasi lemak and eating roti canai ,are taken as prove of assimilation of Chinese into Malay culture , what a stupid assumption ?.

    1. To be fair, Cheah didn’t exactly say assimilation of Chinese into Malay culture. His assertion probably carries a different meaning here- he said “assimilated to the Malaysian lifestyle”.

      So the next question is- What is exactly Malaysian culture/ lifestyle? Roti canai is not exactly a Malay-influenced food, is it? My guess is that Cheah is probably speaking from the Bangsa Malaysia perspective (Haris’ favorite topic) again. To tell the non-Malays or Chinese that Malaysian culture equals to Malay culture is something totally unfathomable.

      PS: Sometimes I think the issue with Malays and non-Malays is that both seems to be having sort of a chicken and duck talk problem- one quack the other cluck.

      1. re: “chicken and duck talk problem- one quack the other cluck”


        Is Roti Canai really roti Chennai, from Chennai? (capital of Tamil Nadu, city’s colonial name was Madras)

        1. Let’s see… Based on the occassionally-not-so-reliable-Wikipedia-which-occassionally-also-ask-for-donation, your statement is probably true. But then again some food historians may tell you that there’s no such thing as Roti Canai in Tamil Nadu- they eat Naan(?)- a distant cousin dish of Roti Canai, which is also similar to Roti Prata(?). Maybe Chef Wan can lecture us ;)

  4. There is a superficiality in the Marina Mahathir Sisters of Islam approach to a political problem that is opportunistically underwritten by the anti Islam crowd in places like Malaysia.

    The borrow slogans with little or no relevance to the Malaysian situation but find ready acceptance from a converted sms texting, Harvest Church evangelistas (as you refer to them) of converted robotic slogan chanting groups.

    Marina Mahathir fails to realize that many of the churches whose head quarters are in deep bible bashing southern states of the US as well as the Catholics in Europe and south America find the word Allah repugnant to their religion. They would not utter it without taking a spit in disgust after having uttered the word Allah.

    There is something about Marina Mahathir and her Sisters in Islam that needs further investigation. Why is it that they regurgitate and circulate the mindless and highly provocative narratives and rhetoric of western agencies which even the most right wing of governments eschew these days?

    Or has the Catholic church amongst others bowed down to the modern day Muslims of the theology of the Sisters in Islam by their acceptance of Marina Mahathir’s logic and self proclaimed messiah status over that of the pontiff in Rome?

    As for Cheah, more to the point, the Chinese like the Indians in Malaysia have not assimilated at all. They remain Chinese and Indian, identify as such and live as such to the exclusion (except where a mixed marriage occurs with a Malay).

    There can be no reconciliation or integration till the demonization of one group by the other two stops.

    The opposition failing to find anything else to support their unworthy causes grabbed on to the tail end of George Bush’s anti Islamic stance a stance that has come to haunt his nation and successor in office with the worsening situation.

    The lamb will indeed lie down with the Lion it seems. The US till a few hours ago baiting Iran as the centre of that “axis of evil” in the middle east has sought a convenient ally in them to fight the “terrorists” in this Sunni group calling itself ISIS.

    The point here is this. The failure of US foreign policy in cultivating these disruptive groups like the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia’s case appears to be lost on the Ambiga’s, the Sisters of Islam and the Marina Mahathirs of this world.

    However sharp their rhetoric, they will not be supported by the US, Britain or Germany if the push comes to shove.

    Perhaps we ought to give them less space in these pages which are too precious to be used as the metaphoric “toilet paper” to advance the causes of these loosers.

    Till Marina Mahathir can do something worthwhile in any sphere of human activity, she should not be allowed to ride on the coat tails of her more honourable father who she apparently despises.

  5. Ms H. Have you noticed that only in our beloved Malaysia there are so many impersonators, religious, corporate and academic FAKES OF ALL KINDS and they get away with it. There was one from the same Clan as your embedded female personality who set up his own Foundation and collected money. There were numerous other cases too. BUT WHEN FAKERS ENTER THE POLITICAL ARENA AND STIR UP AGE-OLD EMOTIONS TO FEATHER THEIR NESTS, when trouble comes with all its might and fury, THESE FAKERS SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT.

    In passing, Burma in 1962, cleared out all the Chinese business which ended up in Hong Kong from there, some of them appeared in our beloved Malaysia !

    I SINCERELY HOPE THAT THESE FAKERS COME TO THEIR NORMAL SENSES and not use something apparent religion to fox us all.

  6. Doctor by profession, Cheah Soon Hai but brains of kacang putih to equate nasi lemak and roti chanai as a assimilation factor for the country. Guess chinaman all forgot about rukun negara and bahasa malaysia.

    Same mould as WCW and his biggest collections of Islamic books.

    Is the McD murderer, relatad to the 3 guys in pic,, like brothers they look all the same or wolves in sheep clothings

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