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Bubarkan sahaja Jais Mais, gesa penyokong pembangkang bukan Islam

Surat kepada pengarang Malaysiakini,

Kolumnis Kristian The Malaysian Insider memandai-mandai tentang Islam,

Malaysiakini 2014-06-16 13-39-29

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33 thoughts on “Bubarkan sahaja Jais Mais, gesa penyokong pembangkang bukan Islam

  1. Banyak cantik kamu hendak arah pihak berkuasa agama Islam, agama anak bumi Malaysia dibubarkan!

    Sedarlah diri majoriti pro pembangkang adalah golongan PENDATANG! Sudahlah diberi tinggal dan kewarganegaraan Malaysia hendak BERLAGAK pula.
    Tidak suka dengan undang undang dan perlembangaan Malaysia pergi balik kampung!

    Langkah mayat Melayu Islam sebelum cuba nencabar agama, bangsa dan negara kami.

    Najib wajib undur kalau anda benar benar sayangkan agama, bangsa dan negara. Anda amat lemah dan moyok. Itulah sebab kaum pendatang makin kurang ajar!

    Jangan lupa Najib, anda masih PM kerana Allah swt masih mengasehi kamu dan dengan sokongan Melayu Islam. Ingat lebih 95% Cinabeng menolak kamu dalam PRU 13!

    1. Pembetulan, bukan agama anak bumi. Tapi agama yang termaktub kedudukannya dalam Perlembagaan. Depa ni memang tak hormat Perlembagaan Malaysia. Tak tahulah perlembagaan mana depa ikut.

      1. Dear Orangkampung & Norlin,

        They are under the delusion that they’re free to say anything they like without any repercussions. And it’s not just one or two flers who believe they are kebal. The 1,500 comments torrent against Alifah Ting indicate that people who think like Dapster-evangelistas are a horde.

        The day of reckoning is coming soon.

        1. If that Harmony Bill goes through, there will be no legal reckoning, but possibly of the amok kind.

  2. I would like non Muslims not to interfere with anything to do with Islam. IT IS NON OF YOUR BLOODY BUSINESS. FULL STOP.

    1. Would you demand the same treatment from Islamic authorities, i.e. not to interfere the affairs of non-Muslims in light of the incidences like body snatching, disrupting marriage ceremony and child custody issue?

      1. I would like to ask how many incidences of body snatching, disrupting of marriage and child custody issue involving non muslim? There must be a merit in those cases for the authority to act upon don’t you think? The problem arise when people don’t want to hear the full story or spin the whole situation.

        1. plus, don’t be so perasan can or not? Its not that we, Muslims are a bunch of goons going gaga over each nad every mayat orang kafir anytime soon. They can be burn by the kafir brethrens, just like how Uthaya Shankar would be, soon. Who do you think we are?

          What we did, merely helping another Muslim brethrens, putting our self last, before Allah SWT. A Muslim,deserves a proper Muslim burials. Pull stop. Nothing more. Nothing less.

          A Muslims can only be married to another Muslims. This is not Indonesia or, as Huzir Sulaiman puts it, Singapore, where you can have mixed religious marriages as Jo Kukathas and her kakis wishes!

          Filthy eaters and with filthy buntot tak basuh kinds are not for us to save. God forbid!

          1. What about the refusal of JAIS to return the seized bibles? People respect the right of JAIS to seize the bibles for investigation purpose. AG has said no case. Meaning not illegal under the state enactment 1998. Why continue holding the bibles?

            1. to quote Xynal Hamzah

              ‘What is most important is that when the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) confiscated those Bibles containing the special noun “Allah”, they were acting on the provisions of Section 9 of the Selangor Shariah Criminal Enactment which prohibits the use of 25 or so Islamic words and nouns in non-Muslim publications. You will be committing a crime merely by having one in your house or car, let alone propagate one to a Muslim (or more).

              What does the Shariah enactment have to do with non-Muslims, you may ask. Everything! It is NOT an Islamic law, it is a State law! Actually, it is a State Criminal Law! And a state criminal law applies to all be they Muslims or otherwise. And it is a STRICT LIABILITY law! Like I said, you have one, you break the law!

              You constitutional law sexperts may also argue that the law is unconstitutional. It may be so. But it is the state law until and until a Constitutional court decides otherwise.

              …the AG should have known better!’

              1. The issue is not about the constitutionality of the enactment yet as BSM is not challenging it at court. The issue now is about separation of powers. The duty of JAIS is to investigate. AG has decided not to charge, i.e no offence is committed by BSM. Let us be clear on this separation of duties.

                JAIS is effectively playing the role of investigator, prosecutor and judge in this BSM matter. BSM is practically ‘convicted’ by JAIS due to the latter’s refusal in returning the bible.

                Would like to know Helen’s opinion on this matter.

                  1. Don’t read the Selangor Enactment 1988 per se. Need to look at the entire legal system. If I am not wrong, the Enactment is a state civil law. Hence, applicable to everyone including non-Muslims. That is why Jais is empowered to seize the bibles from BSM. When it comes to prosecution, the authority is with the AG. He is an appointee under the civil legal system. The court to hear the case is also the civil court.

                    I have not read anything about the role of Ketua Pendakwa Syarie Selangor having the power to prosecute BSM under the Enactment 1988. Have you read any?

            2. Sorry I dont have the chance to read the AG press statement. Did they asked JAIS to return back the confiscated bible?

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I do not understand how could a non-Muslim write about Islam when she does not understand Islam. She uses her imagination to write articles about something that she does not understand. Does she feel that she knows more about Islam than the Muslims?

    Today, TMI published another of Khoo’s article on Islam entitled, Faith is not about ‘acts’.

    They complained about the seminar in UiTM but they are doing what they accused the speakers everyday by publishing lies and slanders about Islam.

    1. The Muslim NGOs have to articulate your positions clearly because you’re losing the battle of perception, and with that the “moral high ground” which in turn emboldens these Christians and Firsters to further push and push, browbeat and encroach.

      And then when the Malays mengamok, innocent Chinese and Buddhists become the collateral damage of the provocation by Dapster-evangelistas.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,

        re: “And then when the Malays mengamok, innocent Chinese and Buddhists become the collateral damage of the provocation by Dapster-evangelistas.”

        The innocent Chinese and Buddhists must not vote for DAP evangelistas because if they have power, they can cause more harm and do more provocations.

        We must work together to fight them.

        1. re: “The innocent Chinese and Buddhists must not vote for DAP evangelistas”

          Touche, young man :D

          1. Do we know that Jesus once studied the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha in India and Tibet? What transpired in the life of the Messiah between the age of 13 to 30 years – the “lost years” of the Jesus narrative. Who wrote the “canonized” gospels; and why were other gospels rejected as “apocrypha”?


    1. Prevention is always better than the remedy. We better nick it in the bud. We do not want collateral damage just because to satisfy a few lustful and greedy dapsters.

      I really do not understand why Malay and Muslims join Dap. For what reasons? Or are they really hate the leaders in Umno?

      1. re: “I really do not understand why Malay and Muslims join DAP”

        Do you think that if Dyana Sofya had joined Puteri Umno she would be offered a Parliament seat to contest at the age of 26?

        Do you think that if Zairil had joined Pemuda Umno he would have been made the CEO of a so-called state “think tank” when he was barely 30?

        Do you think that if Sakmongkol (Ariff Sabri) had remained in Umno, he would have been given another shot at a DUN seat much less Parliament?

        Hear it from the horse’s mouth, Zairil’s own words in his interview as to the meteoric rise that DAP offers,

        1. What is the value of a Parliament seat and the position of CEO in a think tank compared with:-

          1. Project Track 4A awarded to YTL;
          2. import duty exemption given to Bernas of Syed Mokhtar;
          3. concession to build and operate UiTM campus Johor given to some local UMNO politicians;
          4. interest free loan given to a carpet dealer;

          and many more crony deals?

          1. Your examples (1), (2) and (4) are off track.

            The commenter was wondering why a Malay individual would want to join the DAP.

            YTL, Syed Mokhtar and the carpet dealer are not known to be members of any political party. They may be for all we know but it’s not a factor of their wheeling-dealing unlike Zairil’s or Jeff Ooi’s DAP memberships being a factor.

        2. My own experience with Umno. I was persuaded to join Umno before the split to contest for head of pemuda umno of a branch. Then the umno was declared illegal. I did join Umno baru. I wanted to contribute as an ordinary member and not more than that. But I really did not like the kampong politics.

          I thought that urban politics was better so I transferred my membership to Bukit Bintang. To my surprise it was even worst than the kampong politics. The urban umno people wanted only projects from the government. To quote one guy ” a project given to him can last 5 years without working”. These are the kind of people in Umno and they will also the cause of free fall of umno influence I predict.

          When I was in UK study at the height Anwar sacking I was invited by Pas top gun to join Pas but I decline.

          1. re: “the kind of people in Umno and they will also the cause of free fall of umno influence”

            KJ 10 Q, thank you, thank you. And his konco-konco too like Cocodilly (nickname given by the Malay bloggers to Pemuda Umno’s social media unit chief).

  4. You seriously believe that in order to get government largesse, one must be a ‘registered member’ of UMNO? In order to join UMNO, a person has to be a Malay Muslim. But in order to get tenders, contracts etc via capital cronism, a person may be of any race and religion. Like YTL, Vincent Tan, Ananda etc. You don’t need UMNO membership card.

    1. Precisely, so you’re the one who’s off topic.

      To repeat: The commenter was wondering why some Malay individuals would want to join the DAP.

      I pointed to Dyana Sofya and Zairil as two examples who had gotten from the DAP – by parading themselves as Malay faces – what they would not be able to get from Puteri or Pemuda Umno, over there being two ordinary Malay individuals in a sea of Malays.

      You are the one who made the unconnected reference between Dyana Sofya-Zairil and YTL-Syed Mokhtar-Ananda.

  5. Plus tu highwaykan? Apa pun boleh: basikal, motosikal, kereta, lori dan apa saja. Dari masa ke semasa terdapat juga macam2 jenis binatang seperti lembu, gajah dan lain2. Apa sahaja boleh, tidak semestinya ikut disiplin otak.

  6. The 1500 comments torrent against Alifah Ting indicate that people who thinks like Dapsters – evangelistas a horde – add
    and excite miracle that the greater the impossibility the greater is the miracle as what this adulterous generation think they are

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