53 thoughts on “Waaah, kian ramai penulis Kristian yang mahu ajar Islam kepada Muslim

  1. Miss Khoo has to look at the Cham to learn about Islam? Why can’t she learn about Islam from watching and asking the Malays? They are much closer to her and more real than some research findings.

    I do wonder how come the malaysian chinese can understand so little (and misunderstood so much) about Islam when we have been living together for so long. Is there an invisible wall between us?

    1. Hahaha, I pun tak tahu apa nak cakap.

      You know what? I write in BM, I read BM stuff daily, I speak BM, I mix with Malays and I solicit feedback (like running online polls and asking my blog commenters direct questions)

      but when I give my frank assessment of the Malay ground sentiments, I’m greeted with skepticism by those Chinese living in DAP silos in DAP states who think their view is more correct compared to my view is to be doubted.

      The Great Wall of Chinese they have built around themselves is dangerous when it cuts them from reality as you’ve pointed out about Ms Khoo who learns her Islam from the Cham of Cambodia rather than the Malays living here.

      1. I’m greatly insulted. Why can’t the english speakers, just diam and be responsible about something they have no ideas about? Just because you can speak orang putih, it does mean that you people are the pandai lots!

      2. She didn’t learn her Islam from the Cham people; No, she picked up a few pointers from listening in to somebody’s research paper presentation on the Cham of Cambodia: We really don’t know if the researcher had produced a faithful work on the subject or whether Khoo understood it right. In any case, the way she has reproduced it in her vastly abridged on-line article shows up her simplistic and vague notions about the tenets of Islam.

        1. re: “she picked up a few pointers from listening in to somebody’s research paper presentation”

          Okay, you’re correct.

          re: “her vastly abridged on-line article shows up her simplistic and vague notions”

          Yup. What an awful article lacking coherence.

        2. Dia tembak lebih, she took it bulat2 from Wiki la.. Muahaha … however she left the so on and so on part out! Nak tunjuk cerdik konon.

          Nak mengenali Islam bukan main balun dengar cakap2 sesiapa owh. Donno about you people, imagine manusia mcam Tembam and hubby also can claim themselves to be preachers in your Church? Bertauliah ke depa tu?

          Anyway, since this lady has shown her interest in Islam, jemput le jengok2 kat Perkim and join some classes there. Mudah2an terbuka hati, bila dah mendalami sikit, dia akan jatuh cinta dengan Agama Islam?

      3. ‘You know what? I write in BM, I read BM stuff daily, I speak BM, I mix with Malays and I solicit feedback’

        I bet this China lady speaks better BM than Khoo will ever be


  2. I have a suggestion to Ms Khoo, the J-Star, MKini, HY, OKM and all the dapsters/evangelists, just keep your bloody f%#@ing opinions about how the Malay Muslims should keep and practice Islam to your bloody f%*#ing selves, because you’re being bloody patronizing and you’re getting on the nerves of even the most “sabar” among the Malays.

    Respect is after all, not a one-way street.

    1. ‘bloody patronizing’

      Exactly what I felt, when that half caste Lopez tells me that my outlook on my people are ‘very interesting’. What does that mean, ‘very interesting’, what are we, savages in glass houses for you to ponder and figure how interesting we came across now, to you? BS!

      1. The problem with these people is they have to much information and not enough knowledge. All that info needs an outlet and it comes out in all their writings.

        Of course , she “picked up a few pointers” about Islam in the same way all these people picked up their pointers on what constitutes a “good meaningful life” from shows like “how i met your mother” “friends” and the like, not realizing when they start writing or saying their opinions out loud they sound more like “Jersey Shore”.

        P/S the Malay male version of this wonderful specie is on the program “Persepsi” to be aired on AlHijrah at 10 pm tonight. Of course I’m referring to Mr Wunderkind himself, KJ.

        1. Lately I’ve come to look forward to and appreciate Dr Chandra Muzaffar’s writings.

  3. pandangan yang sesat lagi menyesatkan.

    bila menerangkan agama islam sila rujuk Al Quran dan Sunnah Nabi Muhammad SAW.

    agama islam tidak bersifat peribadi, zakat wajib dikeluarkan setelah cukup hisab dan perlu diberi kepada penerima zakat yang layak.

  4. Just because she views religion as something personal, she is forcing her own view to Islam and expect Muslim to swallow in her view.

    Islam, to the Muslim is the way of life. That mean, Islam encompasses personal, family, community and country. There are elements of Islam which is personal, but there are also other elements which are not. If Islam is something personal, then a Muslim can marry a Hindu without her changing her religion because if Islam is personal, only the person needs to be Muslim and the other partner can freely have her own “personal” religion.

    To get marry also you need to have Qadi and Saksi. If Islam is personal, then there is no need for Qadi or Saksi because whether my marriage is valid or not is my personal act and no one has the right to determine it.

    So, Miss Khoo, stop putting your own word into others mouth. Stop putting your own faith into the faith of others.

  5. “A religious institution becomes a political organisation…..”. Isn’t this what the DAP and its evagelistas are all about? And Murphy Pakiam too?

    As for one division of Cham muslims only praying on Fridays, that’s their business la. We Muslims in Malaysia pray five times a day. If one wants to know about Muslims in Malaysia, which is closest to where one lives and cari makan, please Ms Khoo, understand the majority of Malaysian Muslims first. If Ms Khoo wants to cite the Chams of Cambodia, then go and live among those she appears to favour.

    1. Everyone is freaked out by PAS’ hudud initiatives, but the joke of it all is that the political icons of the Chinese, DAP are in alliance with the trouble-making Islamists themselves. How many Muslim families have been broken up by the political force of the PAS president’s hate-filled “Amanat Hadi Awang” since he issued it nearly 30 years ago, for those who know the true story? Wahhabism is still alive among us, but so is Maoism.

      1. re: “How many Muslim families have been broken up by the political force of the PAS president’s hate-filled “Amanat Hadi Awang” since he issued it nearly 30 years ago”

        The evangelistas are doing the same to Chinese families.

  6. The first Malaysian suicide bomber – was he a Christian?

    It’s strange that Helen has kept quiet about this.

    All her favourite “evangelistas” in Malaysia aren’t doing terrorism, are they?

    Why don’t you provide a link to the Singapore Sunday Times report yesterday?

    1. re: “All her favourite ‘evangelistas’ in Malaysia aren’t doing terrorism, are they?”

      Yes, they are. Character assassination is a form of terrorizing.

      I was trying to put myself in Alifah Ting Abdullah’s shoes. How many Chinese would dare to speak up against the current after looking at what she was put through?

      For another example, read about Dr Looi’s experience when he tried to debunk the Red Beanie propaganda on Lynas. See, https://helenang.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/reason-lynas-protesters-are-mostly-chinese/#comment-34336

      1. Really? By what feat of logic do you equate suicide bombing and jihadi terrorism with “character assassination”?

        And why are you refraining from posting the link to the Singapore Sunday Times report, or at least quoting from it?

        The truth hurts doesn’t it?

        Oh, yes – you may want to Google what the former Grand Mufti of Egypt said recently at an interfaith conference in Singapore – and report his remarks in this blog.

        1. re: “By what feat of logic do you equate suicide bombing and jihadi terrorism with ‘character assassination’?

          By what hallucination of holy water do you see any suicide bombing happened in Malaysia? As for character assassination (which is a form of terrorism), yes it happens. Our dear PM is suing for defamation.

          re: “And why are you refraining from posting the link to the Singapore Sunday Times report, or at least quoting from it?”

          And why are you trying to instruct me on what content I should or should not upload in my blog? Go start your own.

          1. I totally agree with you. This is your blog and no one can instruct you what to write and what comments that you want to publish.

            Probably the commenter is RBA?

            1. All comments are generally published unless they are defamatory or incitement.

              1. Yup, the commenter is a Red Beanie who first made an appearance here during the Teluk Intan by-election campaign period.

                You can also find him/her prowling at Annie’s.

    1. Spot on. it’s only binding to those lucky enough to be born a Malay. Like it or not they must be Muslim. And the whole state apparatus go apeshit on them like khalwat squads, and coming soon next season – curi makan squad during puasa, and counselling if you try to leave.

  7. Penulis ini menyamakan Islam dengan Kristian. Islam tidak boleh disamakan seperti pandangan penulis. Worldview Islam tidak seperti Kristian yang memisahkan dunia dan akhirat.

    Sebab itulah apabila membicarakan keadilan misalnya, Islam mengambil pendekatan keadilan di dunia dan akhirat. Sebab itulah hukum hudud dianggap tidak adil oleh beberapa pihak kerana tidak mengenakan hukuman yang sama kepada pesalah Islam dan bukan Islam. Yang pasti, hukum di dunia adalah untuk menyelamatkan pesalah dari hukuman akhirat untuk orang-orang yang beriman.

    Kristian yang dianuti oleh penulis telah memisahkan dunia dan akhirat melalui rentetan sekularisasi yang berlaku di kalangan gereja ratusan tahun dahulu. Selama-lamanya pandangan keimanan antara Islam dan Kristian tidak boleh disamakan kerana asasnya telah berbeza.

  8. And “faith is not about acts”. What does Ms Khoo mean by this? Like the shallow acts of the evangelistas spotting baju Melayu and songkoks/tudungs/selendangs and uttering Insya Allah, breaking fast and having sahur with Muslims as well as giving tazkirah in suraus and mosques? Are these all about faith?

    Faith is about believing in Allah and doing things He commands we do as well not doing things that go against His commands. It is just not about praying five times a day or performing prayers only on Fridays.

    I cannot begin to fathom the shallowness of these people who want to patronizingly talk about Islam and then lecture us Muslims about it. If Ms Khoo is a Christian she should fully understand Christianity first before talking about other religions.

    Helen, how long will this kind of provocation last? What will stop them?

    1. re: “Helen, how long will this kind of provocation last?”

      I see it escalating.

      re: “What will stop them?”

      Nothing. No cure.

    2. So, are you qualified to talk about Christianity? Are you a renowned scholar who specialises in this subject?

      Are you belittling the faith of those who believe in Jesus Christ and a Trinitarian God?

      Seems to me that “provocation” works both ways.

      Just ask Boko Haram, the Taliban and the Islamic Army of the Levant.

      No compassion there, for sure!

      But plenty of “provocation”. Oodles of it.

    3. Banning the Internet for the Malays will protect the Malays from these onslaught from the Khoos and global evangelistas. Heck even Facebook was founded by a Jew – Zuckerberg. It’s all one conspiracy I tell you.


      Haramkan je Internet. Kalau tak akidah semakin terpesong dan tergugat. 3gp yang diupload-upload itu sudah melampau.

  9. I wonder if the writer is trying to divide Islam. Imagine that, she is like saul/paul of tarsus who willing to to amend rule and introduce 3-1 trinity. Just convert and your soul is saved.

    Wish she is a muslim so she can be charged with heresy.

    Any way I suprised at this DAP fanpage. Willing to put a sarawak Secession article. If this is not traitorous, I don’t what is. Where’s all Malaysian’s Malaysia & Impian Sarawak gone too? Maybe Sarawak DAP change into SAP after secession?

  10. Is this lady a Chistian? Menyibuk hal Islam apahal. She shld go deeper into the practices of her own religion before sticking her nose elsewhere..

    Kami pon pelik how you people practice yr religion. But it is none of our business.

    Christianity tapi ikut bible yg mana satu eh? Dia ambik Campa, sya nak ambik Sofia Loren. Why did she marry in France and not in Italy?

    Gays who are Christians are allowed to marry in some countries and not allowed in another. Why church practises tak seragam?

    Beranak pinak macam Brat Pitt sama Angelina Jolie is allowed in Christianity ke? Yr bible kasi itu macam ke…

    Hoi, Elvis kata apa? “Clean up yr own backyard first”..

    1. BTW all the above like the Campas, speak Engeliss maa!

      Haiyaa, at times I don’t understand why some people, kuman di seberang lautan bole nampak tapi babi dok sondoi depan mata pon tak perasan!

    1. re: See, for every action there is a reaction:

      You are right. But is that proportionate?

      YTL insulted the Malays and continue getting benefits from BN/Umno. And the most the TNB staff can do is to protest with tens/hundreds of people with banner? Come on guys, you can do more.

      Trust me. Despite all the ‘pengamuk’ etc, YTL will still get the Track 4A project. He will continue to make billions per year whereas the TNB protestors will continue earning small salaries for many years to come.

      BTW, no one seems dare to tell off Sultan Johor for partnering YTL in this project?

        1. Wow, got such a prominent cross on the wall some more.

          I thought Christians are oppressed and persecuted here in Malaysia?

        2. orangkampung,

          Only questioning Bestari.net project? Will BN dare to cancel the entire project? Or the teachers union come out in big numbers to protest against YTL. Look at Track 4A project. It was BN that awarded the project to YTL on a direct nego basis. The latest news as of today is YTL decides to withdraw from the project. Not that BN took initiative to cancel it. Can see the difference?

          Malays always ask “Apalagi YTL Cina mau?

          Why didn’t the Malays ask “Apalagi BN/Umno mau bagi kat YTL?”

          1. Like I said earlier, it’s a start. Melayu ni, especially the cikgu ramai yang penyokong pembangkang (based on conversations with teachers from my area schools). So for them, Umno is always at fault. But to stand up and voice their displeasure with YTL, that will hopefully be the beginning of these Melayus waking up to the deceit of the dapsters evangelists.

            And of course personally I’ve always questioned what the hell is wrong with not just Umno but the administration. I mean sure, the DPM says scholarships on merit, but the education department as the party giving out the scholarships, couldn’t they have given more scholarships to the poor Bumis? Then there’s also the problems with all the incentive packages given by the government. You should check out who are the administrators for the Biotech funds, SME funds, Innovative funds because at a glance I can tell you there are more non-Bumi beneficiaries than Bumis.

            So in conclusion, I guess we are screwed any way you look at it, unless we have more Malays who are more conscientious of the plight of the Bumis in the administration.

            1. re: …………… I can tell you there are more non-Bumi beneficiaries than Bumis.

              Only now you realise? Well, better late than never. But screaming “Apalagi BN/Umno mau bagi kat YTL?” will not change anything. More aggressive action must be taken. Having few hundreds/thousands people protesting with banners will NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

              While the Malays are preoccupied with issues like kalimah Allah, debating whether Msia is an Islamic state or otherwise, labelling Chinese as pendatang, whacking DAP etc, capitalist cronies are making billions behind the scene. In fact, if not because of Francis Yeoh inadvertently said something wrong during a forum, the Malays will not even know the hanky-panky Project 4A.

  11. There will be many more such to come. It will be beautiful if these people could accept when they statements are found wrong. But what can we aspect from such stubborn lots. Blinded, deaf and dumb covered soul.

    I bet this girl prefer a bicycle shop to repair a 4 wheeler.

  12. Could Yin Hooi teach Muslims how to mandi hadas? You seem to be a brand new “ALAMAK” (not Ulama).

    Probably you as an alamak can preach to dapster that criticising Islam is not islamic and can create a war.

    1. Dia nak mengajar dah ke fasih baca buku2 iqraq?
      ‘ALAMAK’ Satni kasi malu aje anak I kat Tabika!

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