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Aiyoyo, who is MCA to make demands of Najib?

MCA calls upon Najib Razak to drop Jamil Khir Baharom from the next Cabinet.

Its chairman of the MCA syariah law & policy implementation special task force, Gan Ping Sieu (pic below), said in a press statement today: “Barisan Nasional does not need a senior Cabinet Minister who behaves like DAP and PAS, combining racial and religious politics into one”.

Btw, Gan is the former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister who was “wow”ed and “terribly impressed” by Regina ‘Scissorati’ Lee.


Jamil is Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religious (Islam) affairs.

MCA is unhappy with Jamil for saying that Malaysia is not a secular country.

The BN Chinese party complains that Jamil’s declaration has not only deeply alienated “the people” and heightened political tensions but can even throw Malaysia into turmoil.

It is MCA’s belief that Sarawak might possibly be persuaded to break away from Malaysia on account of the country abandoning the original secular intent of Tunku Abdul Rahman and the other founding fathers.

Gan alleged that Jamil’s current moves “will be at the expense of other faiths and the larger interests of the nation”.


Gan Ping Sieu: “I call upon the Prime Minister to drop [Jamil] during the Cabinet reshuffle”

It is a better idea to not include any MCA leaders in the next Cabinet reshuffle, don’t you think? BN does not need MCA ministers who will destroy the coalition from within.

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Oooops … Did the Tun really say that?


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27 thoughts on “Aiyoyo, who is MCA to make demands of Najib?

  1. He,he,he kadang kadang saya rasa terlalu geli hati terhadap manusia yang tidak sedar diri!

    Apakah MCA tidak sedar bahawa mereka bergantung kepada UMNO/BN untuk terus hidup. Atau mereka boleh cari TUAN baru DAP untuk terus bernyawa!

    Apa sumbangan MCA sehingga lebih 95% undi Cina berpihak kepada DAP. Kerusi kerusi yang dimenangi MCA di Parlimen/Dun pada PRU ke 13 pula adalah ihsan undi Melayu kepada mereka!

    So mereka hendak Jamil Khir digugurkan dari cabinet. OK, saya harap PM ‘moyok’ akan melantik tokoh tokoh seperti Musa Hassan , Rahim Noor, TDM dan beberapa tokoh tertentu lain dalam cabinet!

    Biar terkencing kencing dan terkentut kentut Cinabeg MCA dan DAP!

    Lagi pun kalau PM moyok cerdik bela sahaja orang orang Melayu Islam dan kaum bumiputera yang lain. PRU ke 13 menunjukkan tanpa undi Cinabeng pun BN/UMNO boleh menang.

    Biarkan MCA, anjing tua tanpa gigi menyalak sesuka dan sekuat mana yang mereka mahu!

    1. selama ini pun, nyawa MCA terletak di tangan pengundi Melayu. mereka hanya menang di kawasan selamat yang dihuni oleh peratusan pengundi Melayu yang tinggi. Bukit Bintang, Cheras, Kepong dan sebagainya, jangan mimpi MCA nak menang dulu, kini dan selamanya. tiba-tiba mereka nak tunjuk handal mengarah PM menyingkirkan orang Melayu sebagai ahli kabinet. jangan kata pucuk pimpinan MCA tidak tahu menahu pula.

    2. Netul kata norlin….

      apapun, melihat reaksi BN khususnya UMNO… boleh diibaratkan sedang menonton wrestling WWE…..

      yang bagus dan baik selalu aje kena belasah oleh yang jahat… sampai yang menonton pun sakit hati….

      yang pelik… si jahat tu asyik terlepas aje…..

  2. Bukan hanya maruah bangsa yang gagal dipertahankan malahan maruah ISLAM juga Najib Razak gagal untuk pertahankan. Setiap hari ada saja cacian dan hinaan dari kaum bukan ISLAM terhadap agama suci ALLAH swt. Apa tindakan yang mampu Najib Razak ambil?

    Kita mahukan seorang pemimpin Melayu yang mampu memertabatkan maruah bangsa dan mendaulatkan ISLAM secara praktikal bukan hanya retorik dipentas ucapan. Ayuhlah bangsa Melayu kita bangkit bagi menentukan masa depan bangsa Melayu dan ISLAM dengan meletakan seorang pemimpin yang mampu melakukannya. Najib Razak telah gagal sama sekali….

    1. You are right. We should demand that the PM drop Najib from his next cabinet line-up.

  3. MCA wants to outdo the DAP in the belief that this strategy will bring back the Chinese votes. I think it should wise up.

    You can talk and shout and demand but it would be futile if you do not have the constituents or numbers to back you up.

    MCA should in fact work harder to get the Chinese votes back. Demonstrate its commitment to BN through words and deeds. It has of late given the impression of being “hidup segan mati tak mahu”.

  4. What’s the difference between DAP , MCA , Gerakan , they all the same , jenis tak tahu Malu punya lorr!

    Meminta pada yang ada dan yang memberi, Najib will fulfill it’s anything the Chinese want’s.

  5. Xnal Hmzah ialah hating nyamuk don’t burn the net cuba kita alih perhatian isu ni isu menteri agama pandai dia lah untuk megatasinya kita mesti ingat dengan program Islamic nya boleh dikatakan umat Islam hari ini megatahui banyak berhubung dengan ilmu agama dan boleh dikatakan tertinggal dimasa lalu dan diwaktu persaraan ini ianya turut membantu kita mengulangi ilmu Allah ta’ala

  6. Big talking small fry!

    Can’t even deliver the votes, shunned by its own community, clutching desperately to UMNO’s backside for its survival and STILL dare to issue demands.

    Acting like the proverbial useless bankrupt uncle who turns up at family gatherings and loudly barks his opinions while everyone else quietly thinks, “yeah, right, LOSER!”

  7. MCA bila berterusan begini…. memang jelas kelihatan bahawa mereka ini sebenarnya DAP….

    sudah terang tapi PM Najib lagi bersuluh…….!

  8. As a Malay, sometimes rasa terhimpit, tertindas sangat. Today we have MCA asking PM to drop Jamil and then we have the Pas in Selangor pushing for changes in Selangor laws so that MAIS will become powerless. It’s like everyone is trampling on the Constitution and the rights of Muslims and Malays. Is it any wonder that Isma is being looked up to?

    BTW, PM finally put in his two cents worth on the MAIS/Bible issue.

    1. re: “As a Malay, sometimes rasa terhimpit, tertindas sangat.”

      Imagine if you’re the voiceless, invisible Buddhist in the country :)

      1. What, you people still around? I wanna ask, anyone here from Ipoh, particularly Pinji area? Cause I passed through Pasir Pinji area recently and i noticed that the church there seems to have taken over what I thought was a Buddhist hall right next door. The hall still has the swastika on its gates but the signage has diasappeared. So, i guess H your community is dwindling … fast?

        1. re: “So, i guess H your community is dwindling … fast?”

          :-/ next posting coming up shortly.

  9. KJ, Could you please tweet to Gan to SHUTUP?

    Tell him not to put pressure on PM. I believe that no one from MCA dare to direct PM to drop anybody from the cabinet let alone from Umno in the history of Malaysia.

  10. Just because the country started secular doesn’t mean it’s can’t be Islamic now. Shut down Genting, Magnum, lumba kuda and the bisnes-bisnes yang haram dalam al-Quran. Berjaya, Genting, YTL semua sudah berjaya di luar negara and now it’s time for true-blue bumi companies to shine. GLCs tak kiralah.

    1. THAT’S THE SPIRIT, it is about time for “KAUM PENDATANG” to acknowledge the IMPORTANCE of Islam in this country.

      As for “Berjaya, Genting, YTL semua sudah berjaya di luar negara”, can you be very specific in what way? As far I know, none of them have been listed in Fortune 500 unlike Petronas which is a GLC, or having a niche in certain market.

      Other examples, include Tabung Haji Berhad which is the most successful hajj funds in the world with hotel, hospitals, plantation, properties locally and abroad. Not to forget KPJ Healthcare being the 3 largest healthcare service provider in the world after Khazanah’s IHH Healthcare, both aim to be number one in the world. We also have Sime Darby and Felda Venture, both are currently the biggest plantation company in the world.

      1. LOL,

        Fortune 500 is for the huge MNCs around the world. Only Petronas is cited in the list. Petronas is a GLC. I don’t think we can solely attribute the success of GLC companies to Malays/Bumiputera per se.

        You cited Tabung Haji. There is no equivalent company for the non-Muslim in Malaysia. How to compare?

        A better way is to compare Berjaya, Genting, YTL with top bumi companies like MMC, AMMB etc (privately driven by entrepreneurs). Like what msleepyhead said “GLCs tak kiralah”.

        How well are these companies doing in overseas?

        1. Re. A better way is to compare Berjaya, Genting, YTL

          For the record, these companies only divest their investment abroad to avoid taxes. They don’t really make it big out there on their own without a strong based here is Malaysia. For instance, Francis Yeoh said that he didn’t even need to meet the PM in the UK and Singapore before or after the deal is closed, but he forgot to mention that without the money that he made from Malaysia, nobody will open door for him abroad. In the past he tagged along politicians and GLCs to make his money, but now he has spread his claw to the palace. Same goes with Vincent Tan, Robert Kwok, and the rest. Please be reminded, all of them can’t make it on their without the government and BN support.

          WRT GLCs, the government has seen a pattern that emerged from successful entrepreneurs in the past where once they made it, they will concur all (BOLOT SEMUA). Thus the need to build company and develop entrepreneur that give back to society is utmost important. GLCs are the best method to execute this agenda, and behind these GLCs, there are TRUE BLUE MALAY ENTREPRENEURS who make it happens. Progressively, we are also seeing names like Tan Sri Syed Mohktar Al-Bukhary, Mydin, Nazza and few others that has started to create name on their own.

          Please don’t give that BULL SHIT that the Chinese Entrepreneurs made it on their own.

          1. re: GLCs are the best method to execute this agenda, and behind these GLCs, there are TRUE BLUE MALAY ENTREPRENEURS who make it happens. Progressively, we are also seeing names like Tan Sri Syed Mohktar Al-Bukhary, Mydin, Nazza and few others that has started to create name on their own.

            Behind which GLCs where there are true blue Malay entrepreneurs? GLCs may be led by Malay managers. But these managers are not entrepreneurs as they do not own the company which they manage. If a company is GLC, how can there be an entrepreneur? Companies under Syed Mokhtar, Mydin etc are not GLCs. Please get the concept of GLC correct.

            BTW, Syed Mokhtar true blue entreprenuer? Read here:

            1. GLC is a form of business organization. Yes there are managers who are part of the organizations who manage them, just like in any other organization. But the the top guy who runs GLC must possess a entrepreneurship skill sets, otherwise the GLC will not expand and diversified as it is today.

              In the past, when the government award contract to individual, many have taken a short cut by resorting to “Ali Baba” or business just failed, for the individual doesn’t have the right network and skill sets. To avoid this from happening the government has to keep the venture under its wing via GLC and this has proven more successful. This GLC in return will work will smaller entrepreneurs to support them, the last time it was classified under “Umbrella Concept” . You won’t see these little players that are crucial to GLCs being highlighted in the paper on daily basis, but those in the industry know who they are.

              WRT to Tan Sri Syed Mohktar, he was a true blue entrepreneur even before he was given various contracts. Sugar and Rice are his initial venture, please google about his initial beginning, than you will understand what I am talking about. I have commented about TSSM too many time in too many blogs since forever, thus I am too lazy to spoon feed you again here.

              WRT to “Beras”, that is not the only dirt cheap concession that he has been receiving, Sugar and Penang Port are two others. The deal with TSSM is that he is to plough back to the Bumiputera business community and community at large. This is an unknown fact. As point of reference, in the past Robert Kwok control the sugar concession in this country, and for a long time the government has to face short sugar supply which will result in the increase of price of sugar , if the government refuses to increase the subsidy. Robert Kwok has always in control wrt this issue and he will divest his gain abroad. Since the concession was given to TSSM, now we hardly hear about the sugar shortage strory. The rice concession will work in the same way, it is our staple thus preemptive measure need to be put in place. Yes there is no doubt that he is going to make a lot of money, but the most important thing is to ensure reinvestment back into the community and country.

              Francis Yeoh is another Robert Kwok, after he got all the assistance from the government and at dirt cheap IPP concession, he has plough the gain abroad and bragging about his oversea expansion while in effect it is a legal way of “money laundering” activity. A report was quoted that only 15% of his assets still remain in this country.

              1. In a way, if we analyse properly, companies like YTL, Berjaya amd many more the so-called private Chinese enterprises are like GLCs, being favoured, hands are hold and nurtured by the Government, esp in infancy stage. So, why can’t compare?

                Both types are also need to be managed by good managers. You think GLCs that are not properly managed can survived?

                The worst part is, as GLCs are owned by Govts hence the Rakyat (tho some May disagree, as hatred is too deep) and therefore GLCs management has to balance out the need for being profitable as well as high expectation of public service/CSR. YTL, Berjaya et al, all driven by personal profit n success therefor it doesn’t matter in terms of business ethics n patriotism, esp when they are so successful that they can forget the hands that feed them.

    2. re: Shut down Genting, Magnum, lumba kuda and the bisnes-bisnes yang haram dalam al-Quran.

      No way BN will allow this to happen. As long as these exists, Msia is more of a secular character than being an Islamic state. In fact, these industries will practically negate the ‘Islamic nature’ of Msia. Opponents always asked “If Msia can qualify as Islamic state, then what is Saudi?”

    1. The pig is cute. However I can’t say the same about the MCA’s identity crisis as to whether the party is a subsidiary of the DAP.

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