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Oooops … Did the Tun really say that?

“Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad feels that Chinese voters are concerned only about whether the government provides them with a conducive business environment and not how many minister posts are given to Chinese-based political parties. He said no Chinese really care how many minister and deputy minister posts MCA will eventually get.” — reported in Dr M: What the Chinese really want‘ (The Sun, 12 June 2014)

Imagine! Dr M said, “no Chinese really care how many minister and deputy minister posts MCA will eventually get”.


Kesian MCA dihentam lagi kaw-kaw oleh DAP — labeled by Tony Pua as a “flower vase” serving only decorative purposes in the BN, and accused by Kit Siang of playing “gutter politics” to get more seats as ministers in cabinet.

But really neh … DAP is so ungrateful to say such nasty things about MCA, and especially after all the help that the MCA-owned J-Star gave them in campaigning for their evangeliSTARs.



Answer: For their DAP darlings to be appointed federal ministers

Now that would get the Chinese all happy and excited. Yup, itulah yang Cina mahu. And they will ‘kill’ for it.

Funny how far the Dapsters will go in their insane desire to elevate DAP politicians to VVIP status and create a corruption-free, well-governed, transparent and accountablewakakaka – Utopia for the Chinese race in Malaysia.

Can you imagine the situation reversed? Will the ordinary Malay go to such lengths in order to ensure that some ‘favourite’ Umno politicians (say Hisham, Nazri, Shabery or Khairy) become cabinet ministers? Inilah bezanya Melayu dengan Cina.


DAP talent pool

Who are DAP potential cabinet ministers in a Pakatan gomen?

Let’s have a glance at available talents.

Most recently in the news is Ramkarpal Singh Deo, who stepped into his father’s shoes to represent the Bukit Gelugor Parliamentary constituency. While political greenhorn Ram is unlikely to be made a minister anytime soon, the other fella in the photo below – Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong – has been promised a ministerial post by Najib.

Side note: The silver-haired Mah looks pleasantly distinguished yet the alternative news portals and The J-Star deliberately printed the least flattering photos of him throughout the Teluk Intan campaign.

mah ram

Evangelistas, evangelistas and more evangelistas

Teresa Kok already has two terms as Selangor senior exco under her belt, so she has enough CV to be appointed a federal minister should her party capture Putrajaya.

Beside her is the evangelista Ong Kian Ming who hopped from MCA to Gerakan to DAP, ribbit ribbit. As party election strategist, he is one of the DAP’s most prominent newsmakers.


The two other DAP baldie Yang Berhormats (picture below) have more years of experience serving as YBs compared to Ong, the Serdang MP.

Nevertheless they’ve failed to hog the national limelight as much as Ong Kian Ming although the evangelista Lim Lip Eng (Segambut MP) did create a small stir when he bragged that if given the jobs of Air Force and Navy chiefs, DAP fellas would be able to locate the missing MH370 aeroplane in a jiffy.


Evangelistas and the nons

Then there are the controversial Tony Pua and Jeff Ooi as well as the Ngeh-Nga Perak warlords.

To fill the DAP minorities (i.e. non-Chinese) quota, there are Gobind and/or Jagdeep Singh, and Zairil.

Among the seasoned DAP men are Tan Kok Wai, currently the party acting chairman (Cheras MP) and Anthony Loke, the party organizing secretary (Seremban MP).

REMEMBER! The faces you see on this page are the top DAP leadership who will be ministers in the event of an UBAH change of government.


Meet your future PM

The de facto power, if ever Pakatan succeed in their Putrajaya grab, needless to say will be the Iguana Eng.

Remember how Guan Eng had speedily appointed himself Chief Minister even though he was not the party state chairman but just a parachute candidate into Penang?

He’s not shy, lah. He’ll definitely put himself forward as Anugerah Tuhan (versi Kristian) to grace the Deputy Prime Minister (I) post and sending Penangites into a delirium of ecstasy.


BELOW: These Malay tudung-ed women holding DAP umbrellas will not be getting any plum jobs but they can still be like the Wanita Umno campaign force who knock from door to door trying to persuade the Pakcik and Makcik to vote DAP.

Will DAP’s Malay face Dyana Sofya get another shot at fame and fortune? She’s fast following in Hannah Yeoh’s footsteps, and getting broader and broader at the hips.

It must be a DAP thing this, for their greedy young women to bottom spread in double quick time.



Bakal Menteri Agama

Traditionally the minister in charge of Religious Affairs has been a Muslim. However this is set to change, along with the Pakatan UBAH takeover.

Hannah Banana will set new Jerusubang standards on Halal — see their rat BBQ.

She is also a shoo-in to head the Ministry of Religion. She is pictured below promising to “Bersihkan Malaysia” sekarang juga. She will sprinkle her holy water everywhere and cleanse everybody.



Jerusubang: Holy City of Lights

Indian gods are known for their yin and yang pairs such as Parvati and Shiva, Sarasvati and Brahma, and Lakshmi and Vishnu.

A plus point for Hannah is that she already looks the part of a demigod. See below how much the Madame Speaker resembles a Tokong with her consort sedang duduk bersemayam. But wait! There are “NO INDIANS” in the Dapster-Firster universe.

So what are we to make of Mr and Mrs Hannah Yeoh’s “no Indians” tokong pose below, surrounded by a halo of light some more.

Eeeee, so scary one — just like a crazy Christian cult figure wor!

(940 words)



The Tun’s take on the National Harmony bills

The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister


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33 thoughts on “Oooops … Did the Tun really say that?

  1. re: So what are we to make of Mr and Mrs Hannah Yeoh’s “no Indians” tokong pose below, surrounded by a halo of light some more.
    Eeeee, so scary one — just like a crazy Christian cult figure wor!

    What did they have in mind with that Deva-Devi pose? Trying to impress Hindus of their “shakti power”?

    1. Chow Jack mahu bapa dan maknya yang sungguh busy cari duit, main golf, main mahjong untuk dokong dia dan kiss kiss dia macam panda (plastic) dia itu.

      Another case of attention seeking China boy from Ipoh.

  2. Ms H. The Chinese are realists when it comes to money, money, money. See how they exploited this new Christian cult to feather their own nests. See how convicted Tan Sri and Latuks use this cult form to garner more money, money, money I know the origins of each and everyone of these fakes who could not differentiate a holy book from one another not too long ago.

  3. Hmm….

    I have one question. Who will be the Minister for Energy, Green Technology and WATER ?

    Notice I typed WATER in capital letters. Who’s going to be the deputy ?

    Please remember that the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and WATER plays a very important role in the lives of Malaysians.

    Energy to be perpetually hysterical

    Green Technology to rally the fanatical for, you know…..remember Wong Tack ?

    WATER, Holy Water is a precious commodity l o l !!! because holy water is precious, it must be shared with more people l o l !!! Remember the love ?

    1. Hannah Yeoh in her capacity as Selcat spokesman has reassured Selangorians that our water is safe.

      1. So your answer is she will be the minister in charge of that portfolio? :)

        1. Hmm, Hannah as the Minister of Religion or the Minister of Environment?

          I’d still plump for Religion. She can holy water it to make our bekalan air paip selamat untuk diminum.

          “Selangor exco member Ahmad Yunus Hairi has accepted the challenge to drink water sourced from mining ponds to prove that it is safe for consumption.”

          Not interested. We want to see Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok drink the water. Theyare more high class members of the exco. We don’t trust the lower officials.

          1. As an aside, we can make do with an arrangement that Guan Eng’s Penang stop taking Kedah water as a quid pro quo that Mukhriz’s Kedah be denied another airport to serve Kulim industrial park and it’s hinterland.

            Perak, with its numerous mining pools would willingly supply Guan Eng with the necessary fluid. Guan Eng, being Chinese, would even find a way to make money from the metals found in Perak mining pool water.

  4. Ong Kian Ming can become Menteri Agama Malaysia. He is so pandai as an ulama Islam, good Jesus praiser and bald like a Buddhist monk and looks like the handsome Kali-ma actor from Indiana Jones. Some more he is so pandai quoting Al Quran and Bible verses.

    General Lim can become Menteri Pertahanan Malaysia.
    Hanna Banana will not settle anything less than Timbalan Perdana Menteri. LKS of course PM lah.

    1. I believe Iguana Eng has all the makings of a brilliant Attorney General. After all, he has a knack of saying “I will sue” when confronted with challenges. Since a PR government is likely to illicit more conflicts with the Malay Muslim community, he’s made for the role.

      The Doctor as Minister of Faith is not going to go down well with his fans. He should be made a law minister. After all, he has jumped from one party to another that in order to stamp such acts, who better than someone who has committed such “sin” than the “sinner” himself?

    2. Humble (retold by Nasruddin)

      My beloveds, I remember a time long ago when I was still a Mulla. I lived in a small town, just big enough for a real mosque, with a beautiful mosaic wall. I remember one evening, we had finished our prayers. The stars were clear and bright, and seemed to fill the sky solidly with lights. I stood at the window, gazing at the lights so far away, each one bigger than our world, and so distant from us across vast reaches of space. I thought of how we walk this earth, filled with our own importance, when we are just specks of dust. If you walk out to the cliffs outside the town, a walk of half an hour at most, you look back and you can see the town, but the people are too small to see, even at that meager distance. When I think of the immensity of the universe, I am filled with awe and reverence for a power so great.

      I was thinking such thoughts, looking out the window of the mosque, and I realized I had fallen to my knees. “I am nothing, nothing!” I cried, amazed and awestruck.

      There was a certain well-to-do man of the town, a kind person who wished to be thought of by people as being pious rather than for what he actually was. He happened to walk into the mosque and saw me and heard my words. My beloveds, I was a little embarassed at being caught in such a private moment, but he rushed forward, looking around in the obvious hope someone had spotted him, and promptly knelt beside me, and with a final hopeful glance at the door through which he had just come, he cried: “I am nothing! I am nothing!”

      Now, the street sweeper, a poor man from the edge of the village, had entered the side door with his broom to begin his night’s work. He caught sight of us, and being a man of true faith and honest simplicity, his face showed that he was feeling some of the emotions that was bestowed upon me by the grace of Allah (most wondrous is the Lord). He dropped his broom and fell to his knees in a shadowed corner, saying softly,

      “I am nothing…I am nothing!”

      At this moment, the well-to-do man next to me nudged at me with his elbow and spoke out of the side of his mouth: “Look who that is who thinks he’s nothing!”

  5. Chinese only intetested in busines?

    FAKTA:”Kerajaan telah memberi bantuan sebanyak RM133juta dari tahun 2011 hingga 2013; RM44juta setahun kepada sekolah-sekolah cina dan mubaligh di Sarawak”.Mana pergi duit yang telah disalurkan sebelum ini? dan sekarang nak minta lagi? Bila Pegawai di Pejabat Pendidikan tanya, Guru Besar cakap, “ITU DUIT SAYA ORANG KASI LABUR SAHAM maaa…”

  6. It’s good to see the DAP lineup.

    Malay are being used to the idea of being colonized, after have lived in colonize rule for several hundreds years, they still praised their colonize masters and always regards them being superior race.

    Some Malays do regards Chinese as superior, so being colonized again, this time by the Chinese, the Malay wouldn’t feel much of differences as they had experience in the past, they would gracefully accept it.

    1. re: “they would gracefully accept it”

      Pak, I’ve heard some Malays say “over my dead body”.

      1. Those are the dungu type, the type that Dapsters insult by shouting balik kampung tanam jagung.

  7. Security forces, Bomba and civil servants etc will all be filled up by Napalese and Banglas as Malays will not be trusted and lured to balik kampung tanam jagung. Menteri Pertahanan that Penang Adun fella.

    Lim Jnr as President? Jenuh la, accompany trade missions oberseas, foreign investors all scared to come, silap sikit kena sue or projects terminated. (By d way so far for Penang did he manage to bring anything worth mentioning).

    1. No, Lim Sr as president.

      Lim Jr as DPM (I). The PM still gotta be a Malay boneka lah.

  8. Look at this article and the comments from MKini readers.

    “Penang Gerakan has condemned the “irresponsible” Facebook messages circulated by unknown quarters that Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang passed away.”

    Look at the commentary
    Banzai Mr. Lim, you will lead a long life as the Chinese saying goes, the person who said that someone is dead which is not true, will normally dies first.

    Well Kak Rosmah was cursed by a DAPster politikus to die after badminton. Judging from Banzai’s Chinese saying, Kak Rosmah will live long after that DAP politikus has died.

    “Ini lah wajah bangsat biadap pemimpin DAP yang nak doakan Rosmah mati sakit jantung.”

    Look at the other comment.
    “lim chong leong Those facebook hosts are not hauled up? This is criminal defamation. I think it is a good cop bad cop sandiwara from BN and Gerakan. This Mah Ah keong is up to it.”

    “This Mah Ah keong is up to it”. Is it? – Datuk Mah sue the lim chong leong fXXXer.

  9. Another recent story.

    Yup the Tokong is bitching about the Kulim airport. Well well said Mukriz, the tunnel is a waste of money.

    But I hope our PM does not go weak and help Penang finance the tunnel when Penang asks for money. In fact if Penang cannot finance, let the MPPP or state government go bankrupt. Don’t waste our money when Penang asks for funding.

    PS. Isn’t land in Penang super expensive? Think of how much the taxpayers have to waste building another airport in Penang. Kulim is much cheaper. One new airport in Penang, perhaps 4 in Kulim.

    1. “Don’t waste our money when Penang asks for funding”

      Please note Penang have their own taxes, cukai katil, cukai jual rumah dalam masa 1 tahun, parking sampai tengah malam. Penang can build the tunnel on their own. Please don’t help Penang and waste our tax money.

  10. Another salvo from TDM:

    ‘Stop dancing to Pakatan’s tune, Dr M tells Najib

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad is displeased that the Najib administration has not learnt its lesson and remains bent on wanting to please the opposition, rather than government supporters.’

    Whoa…its about time! Trust TDM to cut to the core of the problem.

    TDM rocks!

    1. re: “Trust TDM to cut to the core of the problem.”

      Yup, his uncanny knack.

      Najib on the other hand tiptoes all around and oh yeah, relies on his RM7.2b consultants and the wunderkind.

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