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Isma: “Lebih baik bubar MCA, masuk DAP”

Isma supports MAIS on the ‘Allah’ bibles issue.

MCA is against the action by MAIS and wants the bibles returned.

Isma thinks MCA is becoming a DAP clone. That would be correct.


Isma suggests that MCA dissolves itself and its members join DAP. Jolly good idea.

Why doesn’t MCA just put an end to its hypocrisy?

Everybody can see how Dapsterish the MCA has become.

Some of the MCA leaders are certainly evangelistas. And the BN Trojan horse’s media empire is the EvangeliSTAR.

Hannah wants JAIS officer suspended

Evangelistas, like Madame Speaker – who had demanded that the bibles be returned and wants the Selangor Menteri Besar to suspend the JAIS officer responsible for the Al-Kitab seizure (see @hannahyeoh’s tweet below) – are taking Muslims for spineless fools.

Since the Muslims and their NGOs are not spineless nor fools, they are rallying around MAIS.

The Muslims are in fact quite prepared for jihad. Are the evangelistas ready to face a jihad?

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Selangor MB @Khalid_Ibrahim

Enakmen 1988Creepy cult

The evangelistas practise a creepy cult version of Christianity.

These evangelistas are demanding their right to Freedom of Religion under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution which reads, (1) Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and, subject to Clause (4).

Yes, they are free to worship their 3-in-1 God in Malaysia but subject to Clause (4).

Clause (4) gives the state the power to restrict the propagation of Christianity to Muslims, and furthermore Selangor itself has an enactment prohibiting the use of the ‘Allah’ terminology by Christians.


Obey the law

This is a state law that is binding in Selangor.

Although the ruling party has 44 Aduns (four out of every five Selangor Yang Berhormat is a Pakatan rep) in the 56-seat assembly, none of the Pakatan Aduns have challenged the 1988 enactment.

Therefore, it behooves all the noisy Christians, who voted for these Pakatan politicians, to abide by the law of the state which the politicians they elected to office are sworn to uphold.

BELOW: Selangor law says it is criminal to use the ‘Allah’ word to describe God in relation to Christianity


Must keep “public order”

Article 11 of the Federal Constitution permits freedom of worship but its clause (5) reminds Malaysians that this does not include “any act contrary to any general law relating to public order”.

Islam is the religion of the Federation but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony alongside Islam in Malaysia. Stealing the ‘Allah’ word, however, is far from practising Christianity in peace and harmony. It is practising Christianity in thievery.

Court of Appeal judge, Mohamed Apandi Ali, in his judgment on the Herald-Allah case had said:

“It is my judgment that, based on the facts and circumstances of the case, the usage of the word ‘Allah’ particularly in the Malay version of the Herald, is without doubt, do have the potential to disrupt the even tempo of the life of the Malaysian community. Such publication will surely have an adverse effect upon the sanctity as envisaged under Article 3(1) and the right for other religions to be practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation. Any such disruption of the even tempo is contrary to the hope and desire of peaceful and harmonious co-existence of other religions other than Islam in this country.

“In the circumstances and the facts of the case I am also mindful of the Latin maxims of ‘salus populi suprema lax’ (the safety of the people is the supreme law) and ‘salus republicae suprema lax’ (the safety of the state is the supreme law) do co-exist and relevant to the doctrine that the welfare of an individual or group must yield to that of the community. It is also my reading that this is how the element of ‘in peace and harmony’ in Article 3(1) is to be read with the freedom of religion in Article 11(1) of the Federal Constitution.”

Justice Mohamed Apandi’s written judgment here.


ABOVE: DAP Serdang evangelista MP Ong Kian Ming

Shattering peace and harmony

The evangelistas’ insistence on using the ‘Allah’ word will prompt the Muslims to launch a jihad to defend the sanctity of God.

The authorities should anticipate that public order will be disrupted and, peace and harmony shattered, should the evangelistas be allowed to persist in their present provocative behaviour.

BELOW: It is really the evangelistas who are insulting the intelligence of Muslims


(723 words)


The sedition charge against the Isma chief

Parti Bangkai (komponen BN) menjelma sebagai DAP


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12 thoughts on “Isma: “Lebih baik bubar MCA, masuk DAP”

  1. Why we are at it, why not get Gerakan to join the fray. The more the merrier. What best way to show your true colors that MCA and Gerakan have been unsuccessfully trying to do all these years?

  2. Correction: Why MCA are at it, why not get Gerakan to join the fray. The more the merrier. What best way to show your true colors that MCA and Gerakan have been unsuccessfully trying to hide all these years?

  3. There is a call for Muslims to show their solidarity in front of the hall of justice on 23/6. So what will happen on the 23 June, if the Church is allowed its appeal on the Allah name? Are the Muslims gathered there going to be able to accept the verdict? And if the church loses, will the evangelists respect the decision of the court?

    In the MAIS case, the AG said no, but MAIS doesn’t agree so they are looking for another LEGAL way to settle the matter. So why are the evangelistas upset? After all you lost in the Allah issue and you are also looking for other legal options. Why can the evangelists exercise their legal options but when it comes to Muslims, “oh, please respect the law” like as if the Muslims have breached any laws.

    When the Star, MalaysiaKini, MI write up their opinions on Islam, regardless of how much their opinions hurt and anger the Muslims, they call it freedom of speech. When Utusan publishes opinions of them writing about Islam, suddenly Utusan is racist muslim extremist.

    And the whole cabinet is acting literally like the inanimate cabinets they are named for. The cabinet and Umno particularly are seemingly living in an alternate universe where they can’t seem to see the tension building up among the races arising from the continuous attacks of the evangelists on the religion of the constitution, Islam, as well as other articles of the Constitution and the reactions from groups like Isma and Perkasa. If fireworks ensue, just remember we (the Muslims) didn’t start the fire.

    1. When dapsters talk about freedom of speech, they are referring to themselves as they can talk anything even to hurt Muslims. But for Muslims there is no freedom at all. To quote Anwar words “You ulang, I saman”.

      We can see the word “Allah” that is clearly forbidden for non Muslims to use. I believe that that they are really testing our patience which has its limit.

      1. Yes, I’ve noticed the deliberate use of phrases like “Oh my Allah” (OMG), “For Allah’s sake”, “Praise Allah”, etc

  4. No the church will win because there is a deep level of ignorance in legal circles as to how the constitution operates and where and how the powers of government and their various organs operate sometimes extra constitutionally tackling the different situations they face.

    The judiciary favours a weak government ready to pander to a pro western opposition because to be seen to be pro western is more important than being sovereign according to this government.

  5. 100% agree leave for good instead of hanging around and acting like a subversive, with the only true intentions is for the prosperity of the chinaman. Compared with PKM before, MCA is more dangerous and more so a liability.

    We would not miss MCA, so by all means pleaseeeeeeeee join DAP, then all you chinaman can be one happy family and carry on hoodwinking all the other races with your rhetoric.

  6. Recall history! During the Japanese occupation of Malaya, the would-be MCA founder escaped himself to British India. Then, when the Japanese is about to surrender (for fearing that Chinese would be expelled from Malaya), he was the one who suggested to the British government the Malayan Union idea.

    Who was he to decide other people land to be given freely to his race? Then pre-independence, when Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was about to be granted independence through coalition government, he was praised as one who had put full effort for gaining independence for Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

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