23 thoughts on “Wanita MCA: This NGO is simply a religious extremist and lawless”

  1. MCA ni dah mula jadi SOMBONG BODOH ! Komponen Kerajaan atau komponen Dap ? Menyerang ISMA untuk apa ?

    ISMA itu mempertahankan Islam di Malaysia yang semakin ‘di sampahkan’ oleh puak evangelista / bukan Islam / Dap dan sebahagian munafik melayu PR yang sudah tidak tahu batas- batas antara agama ! Kini MCA ‘join’ semangkuk.

    ISMA tertubuh kerana provokasi melampaui batas puak-puak di atas. Ia menjadi benteng pertahanan Melayu menjaga agama mereka. Termasuk saya. Mungkin majoriti lain yang tahu kemelut ini.

    Itu HAK kami Orang-Orang Melayu yang semakin di perlekehkan !!! Berdiam bukan bererti kami bersetuju…..

    1. MCA sebenarnya bukan menyerang Isma sehaja tetapi gabungan NGO-NGO Islam yang mengandungi lebih seratus buah pertubuhan (macam Accin dan Badai dulu).

  2. Mca ker,Dap ker memang dah tabiat mereka kutuk Islam tapi yg aku pelik ni bila jemaah islam yg berjuang atas nama islam mahu Mais dilucutkan kuasa mereka semata mata kerana Mais ambil tindakan keatas Bible yg salahgunakan kalimah Allah.

    Kesemua 4 Adun Pas Selangor mahu kuasa Mais dilucutkan. Sayang sangat ker dengan Dap tu? Dah banyak kali dihamPaskan oleh Dap pun masih tak sedar diri lagi?

    Kalau kuasa Mais dilucutkan, apa untungnya Pas. Yang pasti untung menggunung ialah Dap dan konconya.

    1. Dia ingat control over hal ehwal islam jatuh pada exco, dan semestinya Pas. Jadi dia dapat jaga Baitulmal.

  3. How come the AG is now a ‘hero’, everyone quoting and referring to him?

    Last time it was Chua Soi Lek sniping at the governernment (he could do it because he was not a member of the cabinet). I suppose now MCA will not want to be in the cabinet because it disgarees with the provisions of the constitution which is upheld by the government.

    Mana boleh one leg in and one leg out? Having the cake and eating it as well?

    1. re: “Chua Soi Lek sniping at the governernment (he could do it because he was not a member of the cabinet)”

      Good point. Perhaps Liow Tiong Lai should consider doing the same.

      Sonia Gandhi was leader of the Congress Party that won the Indian election but she did not or she declined to become Prime Minister.

      This separation of duties allows the party leader to concentrate on building up the party while other nominees from his party can be sent to Cabinet.

      1. I think it is more like she is afraid of being the target of assassination, just like her mother in law and her husband. If I am not mistaken her children made a strong plea for her to decline the post back then.

  4. Nothing good can result from all this ill-feeling. Things are spiralling out of control. Everyday, there’s some new sniping at each other, building up tension. It’s like what happened before October 1987. Then we had Tun who slammed down hard to stop it, despite being cursed by his critics both home and abroad. But Najib has not shown any firmness to act decisively in the interests of the nation; he’s still deluding himself that pandering to the Chinese will woo them back to the BN.

    The Chinese think that if May 13 recurs, the Malay government will get sanctioned by the West. Simpletons. Things are changing so rapidly worldwide. The Americans are now sucking up to their arch-enemy, Iran, because of fear over the ISIL militant group. Washington acts to protect itself. Even Anwar has outlived his usefulness to the US.

    China has its own problems and Beijing’s not going to be bothered about the descendants of those who deserted China when it was poor and powerless.

    The evangelistas are leading the Chinese community to ruin. Like the Islamists suicide bombers, fervent Christians also have a martyr complex. Nothing better than to be killed or tortured in the name of Jesus, like St Stephen and Paul.

    1. re: “The evangelistas are leading the Chinese community to ruin. Like the Islamists suicide bombers, fervent Christians also have a martyr complex.”

      Agree with you that the evangelistas are leading the Chinese off the cliff. However I think the fervent DAP evangelista politics are more GREEDY than anything else.

      Recall the alacrity with which the Speaker dug her manicured nails into the 300 percent increase in the Speakers’ salaries. And all the other perks and allowances she is collecting (e.g. as Selcat chairman, Adun allocations, Selangorku grants etc) that enable her to purchase Prada.

    2. Re: “Then we had Tun who slammed down hard to stop it, despite being cursed by his critics both home and abroad.” And TDM just wrote his opinion on the Opposition. Quote: “The Government has gained nothing and has lost a lot due from trying to please the Opposition. Has the Government learnt the lesson?” (http://chedet.cc/?p=1393)

      I believe the answer to that question is a resounding NO, and that’s the main reason why we have this looming problem. The PM thinks he knows the Cina and what they want, and he thinks he knows what the Malays want and he can reconcile the two, not realising the Melayus around him are not the ones who voted him into office and the ones who did vote for his government are getting sick of the words innovasi, utc, rtc which all seems to mean let’s enrich the rich.

      1. Excellent article in Chedet which captures the spirit of the turbulent ‘Blue’ Ocean.

  5. Why enforce your religious laws onto others?

    Religion is a believe whatever way you want to say about it. Both Islam and Christianity are first brought by guess who? Arabs and Jews. Not Malays, Chinese or any of the race in Malaysia.

    I don’t force others to believe Tua Pek Kong or Guan Yin or Buddha or any of the Indian Gods.

    No wonder the Arab’s and Jew’s DNA are in all the Moslems and Christians in Malaysia and around the world.

    Maybe it’s good that the Moslems and Christians fight and kill each other until all of them perish from Earth.

    Then all the other believers can live in peace and harmony among themselves.

  6. Everyone should read the written submission for Kassim @ Osman bin Ahmad by Rosli Dahlan.

    It is not just about ISMA or JAWI or MCA behaving like DAP. It is about consistency. If Rayer is being investigated for celakax3 UMNO, ISMA’s idiotic remarks should not go unchecked.

    Muslims in Malaysia worry about the Christian evangelists, but they seem to be impervious to the damaging ways of some over-zealous state religious authorities in the sorry excuse of doing their duty.

    Percayalah bahawa kegagalan majlis/jabatan agama dan penguatkuasa undang-undang Syariah dalam melaksanakan tugas mereka hanya akan mengaibkan institusi agama Islam itu sendiri.

    1. re: Muslims in Malaysia worry about the Christian evangelists,………………..

      Malay Muslims seem to have high tolerance or perhaps complete ignorance on crony capitalism. If not because of Francis Yeoh said something ‘wrong’ in a forum, the Malays will not even know what is Project 4A.

      Too pre-occupied with Christian evangelists and whacking DAP day in day out. Now that YTL said will withdraw from the project, it will not stop here. The project will reopen on a competitive tender basis and YTL will submit its bid. Eventually, YTL will still get the project. Tender exercise is merely a ‘wayang’ as BN already decided to give it to YTL.

      1. re: “BN already decided to give it to YTL”

        How do you know? Do you sit in the BN supreme council? Did Najib (the BN chairman) or Muhyiddin (the BN deputy chairman) tell you this?

        1. Just wait and see.

          Early indicator is obvious. Track 3B was done on tender. YTL lost out to 1MDB. Then 4A was given to YTL on a direct nego basis recently. No tender at all. Isn’t this a good indicator?

          If not because of Francis ‘celupar mulut’, YTL will not withdraw itself from 4A. Already can proceed.

          Afterall, it was YTL that decides to withdraw. Not the government that took proactive action to revoke the award.

          You can whack me later if 4A after the tender exercise is given to someone else.

    2. re: Everyone should read the written submission for Kassim @ Osman bin Ahmad by Rosli Dahlan.

      Where to get that?

  7. Quid pro quo lah. You hate us we hate you lah. We cannot believe in turning the other cheek.

  8. We Muslims do not hate the Christians but of course we do not love them, we can tolerate them.

    We accept their prophet as part of ISLAM. BUT the problem here is that they hate us. They cannot tolerate us. Anything we do is not right to them, they are trying to teach us how to live and practice as a Muslim. They are bullying us, insulting us and instigating us. But they expect us to accept all these.

    Apa dia orang ingat kita ni?

    1. re: “Apa dia orang ingat kita ni?”

      47 peratus orang kampung yang dungu yang undi BN.

  9. Ha ha ha. They can continue doing what they are doing and they will see that the Malays will get more united. There is no way that the Malays are going to fight each other. The PASS leaders can go and lick the DAPs balls for whatever but their followers are not going to follow them ultimately.

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