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The sedition charge against the Isma chief

It’s been reported that Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman will be charged under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act which makes it an offence to utter seditious words / publish seditious material for which he can fined a maximum of RM5,000, jailed up to 3 years, or both.

Words with a seditious tendency are those which can promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between the different races. Questioning the right/status/privilege of citizenship can also be considered seditious.

After the May 13 race riots, the Razak administration obtained the approval of Parliament on 3 March 1971 to approve amendments to the Constitution so that sensitive Articles on the Malay special position, the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers,  and the citizenship of the non-Malays are placed beyond challenge.

Gerakan leader Dr Lim Chong Eu lent his party’s support to the amendment bill for the sake of the country’s peace and stability.

The Tunku chairs his last Cabinet meeting before resigning as PM on 22 Sept 1970


Abdullah Zaik will be charged in the Sessions Court later this morning at 9am for calling Chinese immigrants “penceroboh”.

His purportedly seditious words are contained in the Ismaweb article @

How did the Chinese transient labour obtain their citizenship?

Let’s look at the Reid Report prepared by the commission that drafted our 1957 Merdeka constitution.

Reid Report

“A common nationality”

The five Commonwealth jurists in the commission were headed by Lord Reid while the other members were Sir Ivor Jennings (UK), Sir William McKell (Australia), B. Malik (India) and Justice Abdul Hamid (Pakistan).

They were tasked to make their recommendations for constitutional arrangements pertaining to “a common nationality for the whole of the Federation” and “the safeguarding of the special position of the Malays and the legitimate interests of the other communities”.

The Federation of Malaya agreement was to bring together the Straits Settlements which had been governed as a Crown Colony, the Federated Malay States which had signed treaties with the British beginning 1874 (Pangkor Treaty), and the Unfederated Malay States of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu which came under British protection in 1909 as well as Johor in 1914.

It was noted by the Reid commission that the Unfederated Malay States had a policy to “preserve the Malay way of life”.

Lord Reid

“Rights and duties of citizenship”

The commission also said that the Merdeka Constitution was based upon the 1948 Federation of Malaya agreement (Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948).

The 1948 Constitution had a policy “that there should be a common form of citizenship in the said Federation to be extended to all who regard the said Federation or any part of it as their real home and the object of their loyalty”.

The commission recommended that citizenship should be open as of right even to those not born in Malaya:

“Those to whom this recommendation applies are very numerous, and, in order that a sense of common nationality should develop, we think that it is important that those who have shown their loyalty to the Federation and have made it their permanent home, should participate in the rights and duties of citizenship”.

BELOW: The number of citizenships granted to non-Malays between 1957 and 1970


The Reid Report on the Malay special position

The commissioners wrote:

“When we came to determine what is ‘the special position of the Malays’ we found that as a result of the original treaties with the Malay States, reaffirmed from time to time, the special position of the Malays has always been recognised. This recognition was continued by the provisions of clause 19(I)(d) of the Federation Agreement, 1948, which made the High Commissioner responsible for safeguarding the special position of the Malays and the legitimate interests of other communities. We found that there are now four matters with regard to which the special position of the Malays is recognised and safeguarded.”

The four matters are (1) Malay reserve land, (2) quotas for admission to the public services, (3) issuance of permits or licences for the operation of certain businesses, and (4) scholarships and other aid in education.

The Reid commission said:

“We found little opposition in any quarter to the continuance of the present system for a time, but there was great opposition in some quarters to any increase of the present preferences and to their being continued for any prolonged period. We are of opinion that in present circumstances it is necessary to continue these preferences. The Malays would be at a serious and unfair disadvantage compared with other communities if they were suddenly withdrawn. But, with the integration of the various communities into a common nationality which we trust will gradually come about, the need for these preferences will gradually disappear. Our recommendations are made on the footing that the Malays should be assured that the present position will continue for a substantial period, but that in due course the present preferences should be reduced and should ultimately cease so that there should then be no discrimination between races or communities.”

tin mining wash

The Reid commission recommendation on the matter of quotas

The commissioners wrote:

“With regard to the existing quotas which we have referred to above we recommend that the Malays ought to have a substantial period during which the continuance of the existing quotas is made obligatory, but that, if in any year there are not enough Malay applicants qualified to fill their quota of vacancies, the number of appointments should not be reduced and other qualified applicants should be appointed in sufficient numbers to fill the vacancies. We recommend that after 15 years there should be a review of the whole matter and that the procedure should be that the appropriate Government’ should cause a report to be made and laid before the appropriate legislature; and that the legislature should then determine either to retain or to reduce any quota or to discontinue it entirely.”

Reply to Hannah Yeoh … Urm, how so very “racist” of Umno to facilitate one million Merdeka citizenships for your grandpa and grandma


Malaysia failing as a plural society

Apart from calling the Chinese “penceroboh”, Abdullah Zaik said too that the presence in Malaysia of the Chinese, who had colluded with the British to bully the Malays, is a historical mistake on the part of the Malays that needs to be corrected.

Over the last half century, the Malays have been fighting to safeguard their special position while the other communities have been fighting to secure their “legitimate interests”. Tun Daim once said: “Many a time, governing a country such as multi-ethnic Malaysia is akin to walking the tightrope, almost half the time is spent on maintaining balance on the wire”.

In the words of the Reid Commission, “the special position of the Malays has always been recognised” ever since the early treaties signed with the British and incorporated in the 1948 Malaya constitution. At the same time, the citizenship of the non-Malays is almost ironclad. It is not at all easy to strip Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity of their citizenship, and there are easily 7.5 million of them.

BELOW: Hypocrite Hannah who applied for Australian permanent residence, got rejected, slunk back to Malaysia, joined DAP and is today thumping her chest as a Bangsa Malaysia icon

What is the meaning of citizenship to the Chinese?

The Reid commission saw that “a common nationality was the basis upon which a unified Malayan nation was to be created”. The phrase “common nationality” is ubiquitous throughout the report.

The commissioners said that “under a democratic form of Government, it was inherent that all the citizens of Malaya, irrespective of race, creed or culture, should enjoy certain fundamental rights including equality before the law”.

They said that they “found it difficult, therefore, to reconcile the terms of reference [in drafting the Constitution] if the protection of the special position of the Malays signified the granting of special privileges, permanently, to one community only and not to the others”.

The founding fathers of the Alliance did not envisage “giving one community a permanent advantage over the other”.

But the founding Father & Son of the DAP have reaped grand political capital by endlessly telling the Chinese that they are “second class citizens”.


Firsters are the most patriotic … why certainly

The Reid commission recommended the granting of citizenship to those who regard Malaya as their real and permanent home. Fast forward a few decades … is applying for PR in another country, for instance, a manifestation of loyalty to Malaysia? Or is the PR applicant really a bird of passage, quite ready to migrate should she chance to be accepted by her desired host country?

The Reid commission also recommended the granting of citizenship to those who are willing to give Malaya their undivided loyalty. Is perennially praising Singapore but invariably dissing Malaysia the hallmark of a loyal citizen? Is cheering China badminton player Lin Dan when he plays our Malaysian ace Lee Chong Wei an act of patriotism?

Citizenship confers rights but it also requires duty. Among the most sacred duties of a citizen is to serve in the armed forces to preserve our national borders and security, and being ready to lay down one’s life to defend the country.

Another form of patriotism is to serve in the police force to maintain law and order.

If the individual is not up to the higher calling of either joining the army or the police, then the very least this person can do is to avoid running down his own country, ya? Yet we find some segments of Malaysian society constantly badmouthing Malaysia — during the crisis of the missing MH370 is a case in point.



Malaysia, world record holder for the most number of “disaffected” citizens

The Reid commission, when they did their work in 1956, had hoped for a future time when there would be no discrimination between races or communities. For this to happen, the less privileged, the marginalized and the communities lagging behind have got to be helped and brought up to par.

The Chinese in Malaysia stridently demand equality for themselves. Yet do we ever hear them expressing any concern for other communities who are still economically backward? After all, demanding equality also means, for example, seeing to it that the poorer Malaysians are “equalized” with the better-off Malaysians in their financial standing and professional qualifications.

The Chinese in Malaysia demand respect. You get what you give. For starters, show respect to the national language and speak it correctly.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- 84% soalan mulut yang dihantar

Oral question = soalan mulut lah

How do we shape a “common citizenship”?

Isn’t its most fundamental aspect the ability for all Malaysians to communicate with each other? This requires a common tongue obviously.

Imagine if your mother took you to live in France at the age of seven, and today at the age of 64 after living 57 years in France you are still unable to speak French without sounding like you just stepped off the boat from Botswana.

Nonetheless you whinge piteously at the Frenchmen, “Why do you call me ‘pendatang’? I don’t understand.”

To reply Hannah Yeoh, we have a peace-loving Prime Minister who is trying his level best to keep the country on an even keel. By the way, I know many people who would gladly contribute to buy Hannah a one-way ticket for her to sail to Tasmania.


Going ballistic at the faintest hint of criticism

If the Malaysian citizen has nothing nice to say about his country, does he expect his fellow citizens to have many nice things to say about him?

And if the disenchanted citizens want to be treated better, perhaps it’s a small start if they begin to behave in a more charming manner? Just sayin’. Hey, don’t hate me because I’m being truthful.

HannahJelingThe Reid commission believed that “with the integration of the various communities into a common nationality which we trust will gradually come about, the need for these [Malay special] preferences will gradually disappear”.

Since the Chinese have failed to integrate into a common Malaysian nationality even after close to 60 years, the Malay special preferences have not begun to gradually disappear either. No quid pro quo, leh.

The Reid commission had recommended that any citizen who does not obtain his citizenship by birth or descent should be liable to be deprived of it if he has shown himself in speech to be disloyal or “disaffected” towards the Federation.

Their recommendation above, which has been included in our Federal Constitution as Article 25(1)(a), can however only apply to naturalized citizens and not those born as citizens such as Hannah Yeoh and her ilk.

One thing about the DAP Chinese in Malaysia — they are highly allergic to criticism. Merely hearing a little something remotely unflattering about themselves, and kaboom! there’s no getting away from their inevitable supernova explosion of rage.

Yup, just the kind of “meek and mild” people every Malaysian would love to have living next door.

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54 thoughts on “The sedition charge against the Isma chief

  1. Oh my god , what a dumb bloody ass do we have as a state speaker “‘soalan mulut”‘ it should be “soalan lisan”

    This is what you get from the chinese, want your own language, own culture. yet even the highly educated one who almost got away Hannah Yeoh seems to appears not understand simple bahasa malaysia.

    Hannah yeoh talks cock about her Bangsa Malaysia but Bahasa Malaysia is not one of her better subjects

    Or maybe shes got a fascination for the “mulut” thing

    1. I do not think Rayer was being seditious, going by the ambit of the Sedition Act.

      Lots of people call Umno names ,)

      My blog says that Umno is PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa).

      1. As much as I want to ketuk kepala Rayer for calling UMNO celaka, I agree with Helen that he was not being seditious. After all, some of us call DAP as DAPig, what…….

          1. The ‘gag order’ is on questioning the special position of the Malays, the national language, the Malay rulers and citizenship as per the amendment to the Constitution in 1971 and non-compliance will incur sanction under the Sedition Act.

            The list of taboos does not cover insults to Umno or other political parties.

            1. UMNO has elevated itself as being equivalent to the entire Malay community and the royalty by charging Rayer. AG has postponed the charge until further notice but without giving any reason.

          2. I think it is self defence. Self defence against the onslaught of the ultra-kiasu.

            Who started it? Not ISMA.

  2. Helen.

    HY tersalah tweet kot. Yang dia maksud tu 84% soalan bertulis kot, kerana soalan bertulis yang dihantar. Soalan mulut tak hantar tapi dicakap.

    Nampak sangat BM dia lemah. Entah2 telok dia cakap pun mungkin telok dan gaya nada orang Cina cakap BM. Saya tak pernah dengar dia cakap, mungkin ada yang boleh beri pencerahan.

    1. Boleh bayangkan sesi persidangan DUN Selangor seperti pasar basah Selayang? Bahasa pasar jadi dominan. Di DUN Selangor Speakernya yg lemah BM dah tentu tidak menguasai BM …cuba bayangkan.

  3. It is very clear that Hannah is not loyal to Malaysia. She is still in Malaysia as she was rejected by Australia.

    The problem with the Government is that we have laws but in most cases poor enforcement of the laws. Take for example Bahasa Melayu. There are many citizens that still cannot speak Bahasa Melayu at all. Are these people loyal to the country? Some of them if given the opportunity will migrate. Loyalty means we must swim or sink together. And yet these people badmouth Malaysia overseas.

    If they are 2nd class citizen, how come they acquire wealth that enable them to send their children or themselves to study and/or to have holiday overseas? Or become one of the richest people in Asia or even in the world. Or like Yeoh family who have the grandest residential home overlooking the most scenic areas in KL. Not even the richest Malay can have that kind of a home in a strategic location in KL. These so call 2nd class citizens are too greedy and they want everything that can make money. Ask them to share their wealth, they will flatly refuse. Their motto ” WHAT IS OURS IS OURS AND WHAT IS YOURS WILL BE OURS. FAILURE TO TAKE THEM WILL BE BRANDED AS UNFAIR DISCRIMINATION. RPK had written on this topic quite comprehensively sometime ago interested readers can look into his archive.

    1. re: “If they are 2nd class citizen, how come they acquire wealth that enable them to send their children or themselves to study and/or to have holiday overseas?”


      Because you people support their products like The J-Star which earns a lot of profit through ads and circulation.

      The J-Star Wong Chun Wai’s daughter studied in London and he visits the city very often. As the MCA media group’s managing director, CEO and executive board member, he’s taking home a cool few millions per annum.

      How to acquire wealth? The J-Star Nest of Evangelistas sell the Firster snake oil. They also stoke the fire by publishing provocative front pages, like the black one they printed of the ‘Allah’ bibles recently. See, HERE.

    2. It is also clear that those hippies who idolize Hannah are also shit. Why would anyone with a sound mind support someone who was rejected by the immigration authority of another country ?

      By the way, why was she rejected ? On what grounds ? Since we’re not going to hear anything from the Aussies, Hannah should come clean and tell us why she was rejected.

      Unless of course she has something to hide.

      1. re: “Why would anyone with a sound mind support someone who was rejected …”

        Too much holy water affects the head, and too many distributors of the intoxicant, such as The J-Star.

        1. Re Too much holy water affects the head, and too many distributors of the intoxicant, such as The J-Star.

          Psychosis. It is an abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”. In other words, too much holy water can turn people into psychos.

    3. Real discrimination is discrimination that deprive people such as the native people of Australia and USA Red Indian of their rights to live as other people. These people are very poor and often live in an area designated only for them. They have no equal rights to own properties.

      In the case of Malaysia, Malay and other Bumis are very much lacking in term of material wealth, education and other opportunities compared to Chinese especially. This is the result a few hundreds years of discrimination by the British. In fact Malay people do not own lands except for Malay Reserve Land which did not have much value. In contrast, Chinese were given a lot of land by the British (see youtube on the history of Malay DNA: the Human Genome Project by Zaharah Sulaiman).

      So Malaysian Chinese should have more consideration on their Malay comrades who need a lot of catching up to do. You can see that the riches persons in MALAYSIA are Chinese and only Syed Mohktar a Malay lucky enough to be in the elite club. I as a Malay do not mind to be discriminated as long as I am one of the richest in Malaysia. I can have what I want.

      I hope that Malaysian Chinese understand that you have been given a very large size of the cake. If you feel that the slices that you have is not enough, feel free to seek opportunities overseas for more material wealth.

      I really hope that we of all races can live harmoniously and peacefully in Malaysia.

  4. Australian Government latest campaign “No Way – You Will Not Make Australia Home” –

    Looking at the languages, why no languages related to Chinese (Malaysia Chinese ingrates)? Don’t worry to the ‘speaker’, you’re not included in the campaign. Your last application was only temporary rejection.

    So, for those ingrates here, you’re still welcomed to live in Australia and make it home. We’re more than willing to assist your one way ticket to there provided never return to and badmouth Malaysia.

    This is not seditious. Its only encouragement!

  5. UMNO parti paling tidak apa itu nya zaman bapa kemerdekaan sekarang sudah 50 tahun masih mau tidak apa lagi ke in Kadir Jasin blog said cabinet will be reshuffled and PM will drop Najib macam mana sih

  6. Meaning of citizenship…………

    To make money, accumulate wealth.
    To stash the wealth somewhere else.
    With wealth, can bully the native people.

    National service is not related to citizenship.
    Flee to other countries. There is a precedent. They deserted their ancestral lands, so there is no reason to believe that they will not deserted this country.

    1. re so there is no reason to believe that they will not deserted this country

      It should read as “desert this country”.

      The evidence is there. These people have been deserting this country for many years. Go to Australia and you’ll see that many of the Chinese living there are of Malaysian origin.

    1. ‘They’ will accuse the blogger Gopal Raj Kumar as “fear-mongering” for saying such a thing.

      1. They are delusional if they accuse the blogger of fear mongering. I spoke to some of them about May 13 and they say May 13 will never ever happen again.

        They also gleefully say that now they can say and do what they want at/of the Malays because the Malays are divided into 3 camps and this division is a license for them to manipulate the Malays into fighting each other. For them, the only way for them to stay relevant is to divide the Malays and natives.

        These people are never citizens in the truest sense of the word. For them, the 90%, citizenship is all about taking what the country can offer them and nothing else.

        When you ask them why so few of them are in the armed forces and the police, they reveal their true colors. Their answer is always this “these jobs are for the Malays and other natives, this is their country, their land, they should defend this land” yet they say they are Malaysians. Ironic isn’t it ?

      2. Gopal Raj Kumar said “At least 7 of Bersih’s more prominent activists are known to have made requests to seek assistance and refuge at foreign embassies in the event the situation in Malaysia deteriorates.”

        Who are the seven?

        1. Mulan. If these 7 are ready to abscond to greener pastures after creating trouble in our beloved Malaysia, THEY HAVE ALREADY REVEAL THEIR MOTIVE TO DO SO AND ARE AS GUILTY AS HELL ! The situation can only deteriorate if they CREATE TROUBLE WHERE THERE IS NONE NOW ! These nincompoops really have BIG AND HOLLOW HEADS ! Sometimes, I wonder why these spoilt and pampered people do a decent day’s job and behave normally and not crazily !

  7. Ms H. Just because this person did something out of the norm, she bends the Law and wants us to support something which is out of the extraordinary. We will be fools to support such MAD AND CRAZY BEHAVIOUR !

      1. Allow me to explain. RTM reported that the said factory was burned to the ground after the relevant authority initiated investigation into the manufacturing process at the factory.

        I believe something fishy took place at the factory. Think about it. One day after the authority arrived at the factory to do inspection work, a day later the factory’s burned to the ground. Someone or some party must be trying to cover up things.

  8. ‘Since the Chinese have failed to INTEGRATE into a common Malaysian nationality even after close to 60 years, the Malay special preferences have not begun to gradually disappear either. No quid pro quo, leh’.

    this is the key. the special position of the malays will stay selagi ada bulan & bintang unless the chinese behave.

    depa ni (dap chinese christians) saperti bapak ayam ooops ayam bapak, berkokok berderai2, ekor is full of shit. berapa peratus pulak kaum cina didalam jabatan bomba & penyelamat?

      1. re: “Hanya 5 peratus bukan bumiputera sertai bomba”

        4.5 peratus India dan 0.5 peratus Cina, kot.

        1. Re 4.5 peratus India dan 0.5 peratus Cina, kot

          Biasalah tu. Kerja bahaya, duit tak cukup makan. Mana mungkin mereka nak buat kerja macam tu ?

          Saya ada satu soalan. Mungkin rakan rakan boleh bantu. Berapa peratus tenaga pengajar bukan Bumiputera yang berkhidmat kat Sekolah Kebangsaan dan IPTA.

          1. I wonder how what’s the racial distribution in Singapore’s bomba?

            I am sure yang atas sekali orang Cina.

  9. Time for the PM. And Govt. to take back political power from all the religious bigots like ISMA , MAIS, JAIS, PERKASA, PEKIDA, JMM, Muftis and wannabe politicians like Zul Nordin etc before a religious civil war explodes.

    The Menteri Agama should be booted out for fanning irrational historical stories based on some bigoted views. He forgot this is Malaysia with Sabah and Sarawak and not Tanah Melayu Semenanjung anymore since 1963,

    And go after bloggers like Helen and other like bloggers and put them under the Sedition Act for fanning religious hatred.

    Otherwise, when religious bigots triumph over politicians, a religious war including East Malaysians seem unavoidable in the future.

    Or maybe the East Malaysians may decide to support PR as the next Govt. to ensure their rights are protected. Worst cast scenario, they may cause a referendum and secede from Malaysia and like North and South Sudan we may see a West and East Malaysia as separate countries.

    Anybody who is loyal to the country should now wage war on all religious bigots and their followers and bloggers who fan such flames of hatred to divide Malaysians.

    The Sedition Act should be used for one last time to stop all these rascals before being replaced.

    1. Bigots ? You sound like you’re talking about yourself. What’s the matter ? Too much holy water ?

    2. Re: “Anybody who is loyal to the country should now wage war on all religious bigots and their followers and bloggers who fan such flames of hatred to divide Malaysians.”

      Yes, let’s start with the Church for going against the constitution in trying to propagate Christianity to Muslims, by commandeering the word Allah.

      Let’s follow that with dapsters like TK, HY, LKS for ignoring article 153 of the constitution by trampling over the rights of the Malays, eg in calling for the abolishment of race/religion in official documents, for questioning the rights of Bumi to UITM, for stealing CONSTITUTIONAL Malay Reserve Land in Selangor.

      Let us not forget groups like Sapa who is calling for East Malaysia to secede from Malaysia, and Bersih and not forgetting people like you who are not just questioning but contemptuous of the position of ISLAM in the CONSTITUTION.

      Let’s also gather all the racist bigots who show their contempt towards the royal institution which makes up a very important part of the Perlembagaan Malaysia.

      Did I miss anyone or group, cause I wouldn’t want you to think I’m not showing you the “love’ that you have shown us so far?

    3. You forget to mention Jefry Kitingan (STAR) who advocates Borneonisation. You failed to mention some names among the bloggers from Sarawak who bad-mouth UMNO, the Malays in all their postings.

  10. Ms H. The Constitution of Malaysia did not born out of a rock like so many of these mass stomping types down in Subang Way.

    In 1946, the Malayan Union was aborted due to the strong objections of the Royal Sultans and the Malay Rakyat because all would have been equal and the Malays would have been locked out of their own homeland.

    It is on this basic historical fact of Malaysia that we must weigh all our political decisions governed by wisdom always.

  11. After KJ’s stint as a fashion model, now Ong “Insya” KM will grace the covers of August Men.


    (Comment: Self praise is no praise. What he thinks he is Brad Pitt?)

    1. ‘They’ control the print (and alternative) media as well as international aggregators such as Yahoo! news, Google news, MSN, etc.

      1. Talking about low class. Look at YouTiup’s remarks. Someone wanted to lend him a phone after his run in with the law, he scolds them.


        Such classy behavior, gaya, mutu , keunggulan…

  12. Cina DAP ni akan sertai ATM, POLIS, BOMBA kalau masuk2 je terus jadi PEGAWAI dan gaji starting RM10k sebulan.

    1. It is Ok. But they need to train like commandos. They will given only a knife each and they will have to parachute into a dense virgin jungle alone and they have to survive a month in the jungle. After one month they have to find their way out.

      If they survive then they will be sent to Sabah and infiltrate into Philippine to track and catch the Abu Sayaf guys who kidnap our people.

      If they can pass the tests then they are very loyal Malaysian citizens.

      Good luck Dapsters including Dapster 2 (MCA & GERAKAN).

    2. No, you are wrong. They will join the armed forces when Tokong heads the government and he tells them to join. When that happens, you’ll find the queue to sign up going round the block and they’ll kick out all the Bumis at the top of the chains and replace them with these people who pledge allegiance to the Tokong and family.

        1. Which would then be upgraded/turned into our own Gestapo, Malaysian Malaysia style, once the war was over. And our own fuhrer, Malaysian Malaysia fuhrer, lived happily ever after.

          (That’s) The end (of our.founding farther’s, particularly Onn Jaafar’s vision)

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