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‘Oppressed’ Christians fear JAIS will raid their homes

Excerpt below from an article in the Malay Mail today:

“the majority was not, is not, and will never be under attack in Malaysia here. It’s the minority groups. And they are the ones that the government should protect instead of sitting on the sidelines as others oppress them.”

The Malay Mail writer, Boo Su-Lyn, also says:

“If you are a Christian, you probably fear that the authorities may come knocking on your door one day demanding to seize and destroy your copy of the Al-Kitab, simply because it contains the word ‘Allah’.”


Boo Su-Lyn dons the selendeng to infltlrate a Puteri Umno function
Miss Boo dons the selendeng to infiltrate a closed-door Puteri Umno function — AIDC

The Malaysian Insider DNA

Boo Su-Lyn used to work for The Malaysian Insider.

TMI in its article on 5 Jan 2014 quoted the then Bible Society of Malaysia president Lee Min Choon as saying “JAIS officials behaved like thugs”.

Lee said:

“Right from law school, we were taught that Islamic authorities only have jurisdiction over Muslims. But when I saw this bunch of thugs trying to force their way in, seizing our property and arresting me, I was utterly shocked and surprised that something like this could happen in Malaysia.”

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia - The Malaysian Insider

Bible Society: JAIS can kick down church door

Other excerpts from the Bible Society president’s interview with TMI:

“You could be at home spending personal time with your husband and they could kick down the door because they are looking for a book with the word Allah in it,” he said. […]

“So unless something is done to address the situation, it can happen again tomorrow, Jais can kick down the door of the church today and burst into homes looking for the Alkitab. And they have the police to provide the jails to hold all those arrested,” he said.

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia - The Malaysian Insider 2014-01-06 01-25-43

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia passage

Christians speak in one voice

What Boo is saying today (i.e. Christians fear that the authorities knock on their door to seize their copy of the ‘Allah’ Bible) echoes what the Bible Society president told TMI in his January interview a few months ago.

Christian reporters, Christian elders and church clergy sound one of a piece with the DAP evangelista leadership.

DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming also challenged, “will Jais next raid the homes of every Christian suspected of possessing Bahasa Malaysia Bibles?”

Christians are “greatly disillusioned, fed-up and angered”

Bishop Ng Moon Hing is the current president of the Bible Society.

He believes that “only Jesus can usher in the perfect govt“.

When Bishop Ng was president of the Christian Federation of Malaysia, he issued a letter to all the churches to guide their flocks on how to vote wisely in GE13 (see below).

Previously, Bishop Ng as CFM president, said in a media statement on 10 March 2011 that Christians in Malaysia are “greatly disillusioned, fed-up and angered by the repeated detention of Bibles”. He said many Christians are “wondering why their Scriptures are considered a threat to national security”.

See also, Bishop Ng on persecution and Christian-bashing by extremist groups

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32 thoughts on “‘Oppressed’ Christians fear JAIS will raid their homes

  1. Boo Su-Lyn equates BN with City Harvest Chruch.

    “By deleting my post, the church has shown that it is no different from the BN government that blacked out parts of an article in The Economist on Bersih’s rally for fair elections.”

    But we AGREE with this.
    “Unless, of course, the church just wants a flock of mindless sheep who obeys rules without question.”


    1. re: Boo Su-Lyn wrote “the church has shown that it is no different from the BN government”

      That is really rich. It’s like DAP blaming MCA from not preventing Umno when it is really PAS’s determination to table the private member’s bill in Parliament on hudud.

  2. I have previously commented on JAIS in this blog. I would like to stress JAIS need to be very careful in doing its job.

    I don’t want any of JAIS’s actions to tarnish the good name of ISLAM. Islam is a fair religion to all irrespectively of their religion.

  3. Becouse the book contains unconstitutinal word. Allah is protected word only for the Muslim. Likewise the word is also protectedl . anybody like mendling with royal word.

  4. Dont blame JAIS, it’s the Cristians who are the law breakers and trouble makers. Like the zionists, they would start the trouble, when others react, they cry victims. In Malaysia, the constitution clearly prohibits the propagation of other relgions among Muslims. The printing of the bible in BM and titling is as Al-Kitab clearly has the aim of attracting the attention of Muslims, at least. Why not call it injil instead so that Muslims would turn away from them at the first instance? Why call it Al-Kitab when Al-Kitab to Muslims refers to the Qur’an? Also, the Selangor Enactment Against the Propagation of Non_Islamic Faiths among Muslims clearly prohobit the publication of materials of other religions in BM. Selangor fatwa council even prohibits the use of words like nabi, rasul, wahyu, kaabah, Allah, solat, amomg others by non-Muslims, and yet the kurang Christians are using those words contemptuosly, as though showing their mafiaso credentials, The Christians violated the law intentionally and blatantly and when actions are taken against them, they claim to be oppressed. What kind of people are they? JAIS should have burnt those bibles instantly. Add to that, the Court of Appeal have made a clear decision proclaiming that Allah is only for Muslims. This is the law as it stands now, unless and until reversed by the Federal Court. These brainless Christian hooligans will only respect and obey the law that appeals to them, the rest purportedly oppress them.This country has never seen such a lack civility among its citizens before. The Christians are leading the way to mob rule. So few in number but so loud in noise making. Whose big hands are behind them that make them so arrogant, obstinate and kurang ajar? Go propagate your fake religion to whoeverelse but leave the Muslims alone or you’ll be looking for more than trouble.

    Coincidentally both Islam and Christianity are missionary religions but the big (very big) difference is, a call to Islam is purely voluntary [no compulsion in calling others to the religion of Islam…surah Al Baqarah. BTW this is not a verse condoning apostacy as propagated by the darling of the kafir, Nurul Izzah Binti Anwar “the sodomite”Ibrahim) whereas, the biggest modus operandi of the evangelista apparatchiks is DECEPTION! Truth has neither relevance nor significance. That’s why the Christians have no shame because truth, to them, is just an illusion…non-existent! And that’s why, when propagating among non-Christians, they don’t extol the truth about Christianity because Christianity has no truth at all. Instead they distort other religions to confuse their audience….and not to forget by servoing them with large doses of holy water! And their targets are the ignorant, wretched and desperate! No wonder Christians today are so lacking in civility!

    1. After the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas manuscripts at Nag Hammadi in Egypt (1945), and the ancient Hebrew manuscripts at the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran in the West Bank (1946-1956), it is historically evident that the Paulinian bible of the Christians today does not corroborate Jesus’ original teachings of monotheism and his apostolic Jerusalem Church led by its first Patriarch James the brother of Jesus.


      1. Yes, the Ebionites were the “hawariyun” or direct disciples of Jesus (a.s.) Here’s some more from Dr. Eisenmann and the new scholarship on the Qumran reality:


        In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

        Al-Quran: chapter 61 (The Battle Array)

        [14] O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of Allah: As said Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples [hawariyun]: “Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah?” Said the Disciples [hawariyun]: “We are Allah’s helpers!” Then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed.

        Al-Quran: chapter 57 (Iron)

        [26] And We sent Noah and Abraham, and established in their lineage Prophethood and Revelation, and some of them were on right guidance, but many of them became rebellious transgressors.
        [27] Then We sent, following in their footsteps, Our Messengers; and We sent, following, Jesus son of Mary, and gave unto him the Gospel. And We bestowed in the hearts of those who truly followed him tenderness and mercy. But the monasticism the others invented — we did not prescribe it for them — they were told only to seek the good pleasure of Allah, but they did not observe it as it should be observed. So We granted the true believers their due reward, but many of them are ungodly.

        Al-Qu’ran: chapter 9 (The Repentance)

        [30] The Jews call ‘Uzair [Prophet Ezra] a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah’s curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!
        [31] They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of Allah, and (they take as their Lord) the Messiah son of Mary; yet they were commanded to worship but the One Allah: there is no god but He. Praise and glory to Him: (Far is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him).
        [32] Desiring to extinguish with their mouths Allah’s light; and Allah will but perfect His light, though the unbelievers are averse to this.
        [33] It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest it.
        [34] O ye faithful! there are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder them from the way of Allah. And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah: announce unto them a most grievous penalty.
        [35] On the day when it will all be heated in the hell-fire, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded therewith (and it will be said unto them): “Here is that which you hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what you used to hoard!”

    2. ‘This country has never seen such a lack civility among its citizens before.’

      These pendatangs are not the civilized kinds. What have we end up ourselves with?!

      They only want to makan, get rich and berak in this country. Nothing more.

  5. The bloody baldie Ong Kian Ming, DAP’s Serdang MP should be the one charged for sedition and contempt of court for openly declaring that the Christians would continue to use the name “ALLAH” despite the Court of Appeal proclaiming otherwise. Very typical of DAP hypocrites and terrorists, calling others lawless when they are, as a group, actually the most lawless people.

    However, Lim Guan Eng should have been among the first to be charged for sedition. It was his call during a Christmas address for allowing the Christians to use the name “ALLAH” that almost led the country to a religious war. The issue has really died off, pending disposal at the Court of Appeal when the contoversy erupted again to an unprecedented level after his address. These Dapsters really have no respect for the law.

    Things are not aided by having an inertness and blurry prime minister, whose temple, I suspect, is not filled with brain but with telur belangkas. He relies 100% on his do nothing but highly paid CON-sultants and unfortunately, all his consultants are evangelist appartchiks. I guess, when the Malays get too angry, Najib will be skinned alive. He better steps down before that happens.


    Malaysia is already a paradise lost. I have heard too many people (Malays) already, saying they don’t want to live in this country any longer and will flee the moment they have the financial resources to do so. I told them no… stay here and fight to change the government… but not with PR. We must find sincere, trustworthy, smart and dedicated leaders to lead the country. You won’t find this type of leaders in BN or PR. If there are pests worse than parasites, they are the BN and PR leaders. Those sincere, honest, etc, leaders exist out there. We have to find them.

    As for me, I love this country but I hate the people, especially the politicians…. I only have to walk a few steps and drive a few meters away from my home and office to get annoyed by the people of Malaysia!

  6. All religions and religious leaders should be banned from politics, schools, NGOs, GLCs, Govt etc.

    Their places are in their houses of worship.

    That’s how the developed world progress in their governance.

    1. Then close PAS. Ask OKM and Hannah the lay pastor to quit politics forever.
      Then only we talk.

  7. Saya sejutu 100% dengan pendapat yang ditulis idris md isa | Jun 20, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Sebilangan kecil gologan Kristian termasuk juga ‘alim ulamak’ mereka suka BERLAKON seolah olah mereka gologan yang tertindas.

    Tetapi realitinya merekalah yang berkelakuan seperti ular.

    Kata kata kalau jumpa ular dan k- – – -g, ‘bunuh’ k- – – -g dulu patut ditukar menjadi kalau jumpa ular dan evangelist kristian , ‘bunuh’ evangelist kristian dulu !

    Mana mana golongan manusia yang waras fikirannya, akan SEDAR bahawa gologan evangelist Kristian inilah yang memulakan dan selalu membuat provokasi terhadap umat dan agama Islam!

    Mereka sengaja mencampuri urusan umat dan agama Islam. Hak orang Islam lah kalau mereka TIDAK MENGIZINKAN (contohnya) perkataan perkataan tertentu digunakan oleh agama lain.

    “……. destroy your copy of the Al-Kitab, simply because it contains the word ‘Allah’.”…….”

    Saya yakin Boo Su-Lyn yang mengeluarkan kata kata di atas adalah orang yang yang berpelajaran. Sebagai orang yang berpelajaran saya juga 100% yakin dia tahu bahawa perkataan ‘Allah’ adalah antara perkataan yang dilarang digunakan oleh agama lain di bawah undang undang!

    Jadi, dia yang mengeluarkan kata kata di atas, ( malah ada unsur hasutan untuk non Muslim membenci Muslim ), bukan kah JAHAT namanya!

    Ada lagi banyak kata kata berbau hasutan. Saya turunkan dua contoh di bawah ini,

    ” ….protect instead of sitting on the sidelines as others oppress them…..”

    “…evangelist” Islamic authorities only have jurisdiction over Muslims…”

    Memang benar pihak berkuasa Islam mempunyai kuasa terhadap orang orang Islam. Tapi kalau non Muslim mencampuri urusan orang Islam terutama sekali ‘tiang pasak’ agama Islam, seperti soal soal aqidah, apakah kami hanya akan berpeluh tubuh saja?

    Kalau berani menjolok sarang tabuan, terimalah akibatnya!

    “……..wondering why their Scriptures are considered a threat to national security”……

    Saya ingin bertanya kepada yang mengeluarkan kata kata di atas, apa TUJUAN dia mencampuri hal hal berkaitan Islam, kalau bukan untuk mengelirukan dan menyesatkan umat Islam?.

    Sejak dulu lagi non Muslim sedar bahawa pegangan agama Islam yang kuat adalah banteng pertahanan umat Islam. Sebab itu non Muslim secara halus cuba meruntuhkan banteng ini!

    Sekilas ikan di air telah tahu jantan betinannya!

    Saya dengan sesungguhnya meminta terutamanya golongan evangelist Kristian berhenti bermain api!

    Jangan membakar api JIHAT umat Islam. Buruk padahnya. Kalau terjadi ramai yang akan menjadi mangsa. Mangsa yang terdiri dari golongan yang tidak berdosa! Baca salah satu tulisan Helen Ang
    ( lupa tajuknya )

    Kami orang Islam TIDAK PERNAH cuba mencuri perkataan/ajaran agama kamu. Ini disebabkan agama Islam, agama yang lengkap!

    Apakah agama kamu tidak lengkap tanpa mengambil perkataan/unsur agama Islam untuk digunakan?

  8. Waa Helen, u deleted my uncomplimentary comments on the AG ahh! Don’t be scared of that empat tahil fella la!

  9. I got another thing to add. Recently when elderly 2 nuns were robbed in a church compound in Seremban, (I think both died), Herman Shastry, the SG of of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (hope i’m right) was super quick to label the incident as a religious crime. But numerous Muslim women have died from snatch thefts/robberies perpertrated by Muslims themselves. Why were those incidents not called religious crimes?

    What do you make of these Christians? Look at how they exaggerate and distort! Totally shaeless. They always potray themselves the victims of oppressions and persecutions. I think it’s high time we make their exaggerations and distortions become true!

    1. ISMA did, but look what had happen to one of its leader? I guess the AG is giving some sort of signals (deleted) to Muslim”s NGOs!

  10. What i doesnt understand is…why on earth u guys (christian in Malaysia) have to use the name of Allah to address your god? WHY??? Thousands of years went by why only now you insist so much to call your god by that name???

    1. Indonesia guna Allah nama untuk tipu the Muslims untuk murtad masuk Kristians maa, so they wanted to replicate the Indonesians success story lor. Semua orang tau wat. Well except maybe that evangelis Reza Aslan and his kakis at BFM!

      1. re: “Semua orang tau wat. Well except maybe that evangelis Reza Aslan”

        Not just Reza Aslan who’s a foreigner. I don’t think local loyar Syahredzan Johan – as one example – believes either the claim by MAIS that the kebas Allah is for the purpose of Christianising Malays.

            1. Nope. He had commented a lot too, I might add these kebelakangan. Its just that these people have the same lingos. I bet they spent the weekends together-gether. Projek Dialog or what not. I’m sure Ambiga drops in once in a while, too!

              And that seditious Youtiup!

              1. Can you show me who are linked to Projek Dialog besides the IRF and have they held dialogues with the evangelistas?

                1. Its way too complicated for me to curate it here, Helen. Given the fund, over time, I believe I could. But you start by following their tweets.

                  1. It’s okay. I don’t find IRF offensive.

                    Funny how the Christians are so adamant they’re a small, “inoffensive”, “harmless” minority – I’m talking the peninsula – but they’re so loud, conniving and in your face.

                    1. ‘“inoffensive”, “harmless” sounds like the Malays.

                      Sulaiman Abdullah had said before in the now defunct Off The Edge magazine, the Malays had minority complex. I couldn’t agree more. But of the cause the son, Huzir is another story altogether! May Singapore keeps him, for good.

                    2. re: “inoffensive”, “harmless” sounds like the Malays

                      Do you believe Malays need the protection offered by Article 153?

                      It’s my personal view that the British (those officers who served on the ground) wanted to protect the Malays.

                      I also believe that it would be good if Buddhist and Hindu youths could similarly be protected from the evangelistas like how Article 11 protects the Malays from the pendakwah Kristian. There might be something to the idea that some segments of society should be given protection from other segments of society if the latter are too aggressive.

                    3. ‘Do you believe Malays need the protection offered by Article 153?’

                      I do. Even when they did, obviously, they can’t seems to be able to get hold of themselves. See how meek and tidak apa these people are. Thus I agree very much with Sulaiman Abdullah and his honest POV.

                      The Malays haters know it and they are taking advantage of it, just like British did. Did a Malay bangsawan host a makan malam for Suruhanjaya Reid Helen? No!

                      What does it tells you?

                    4. re: “See how meek and tidak apa these people are.”

                      Hahaha, PPTA attitude starts from the top.

                      I believe the same applies among the non-Malays. The aggressive ones become Born Again Christians and do their MLM, become upline and then float to the top like DAP politicians who hold the YB titles, or like Francis Yeoh.

                      The Reid Commission received all kinds of petitioners and memoranda, incl. from Jiao Zong, Kedah chettiars, Terengganu Malay intellectuals and Europeans who had made their home in Malaya. However the commissioners gave the most weight to the Raja-Raja Melayu and the Alliance (more Umno, who advised the rulers).

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