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Half a dozen by-elections since GE13

(1) Adun Wong Ho Leng (DAP, Bukit Assek ) passed away yesterday in Sibu, Sarawak. There may not be a by-election called since he had served three full years albeit a day short.


(2) Adun Dr Abdul Rahman Mokhtar (Umno, Kuala Besut) passed away on 26 June 2013. The by-election was held in Terengganu on July 24 and the seat retained by Umno.


(3) Adun Azizan Abdul Razak (PAS, Sungai Limau) passed away on 26 Sept 2013. The by-election was held in Kedah on Nov 4 and the seat retained by PAS.


(4) Adun Lee Chin Cheh (PKR, Kajang) resigned on 27 Jan 2014 for no acceptable reason except to allow his party bosses to execute their so-called “Kajang Move”. The by-election was held in Selangor on March 23 and the seat “transferred” to PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Why the attempt to foist a perennially sick Anwar (high blood pressure, neck pain, back pain, arsenic poisoning, chronic heart problem cannot attend court, always MC, MC, MC) on the Kajang voters in place of their youngish and robust Adun?


(5) Adun Taib Mahmud (PBB, Balingian) vacated his seat on 28 Feb 2014 in order to ascend to the state governorship. The by-election was held in Sarawak on March 29 and the seat retained by PBB.


(6) MP Karpal Singh (DAP, Bukit Gelugor) was killed on 17 April 2014. The by-election was held in Penang on May 25 and the seat inherited by his son.


(7) MP Seah Leong Peng (DAP, Teluk Intan) passed away on 1 May 2014. The by-election was held in Perak on May 31 and the seat changed hands to Gerakan.


Age and cause of death

♦ Wong Ho Leng, 54, brain cancer

♦ Abdul Rahman Mokhtar, 55, lung cancer

♦ Azizan Abdul Razak, 64, heart ailment on top of diabetes

♦ Lee Chin Cheh, 43, in good health

♦ Taib Mahmud, 78, reinvigorated by marriage to a very young wife

♦ Karpal Singh, 74, road accident

♦ Seah Leong Peng, 48, bladder cancer

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh at the Bayan Lepas airport — dropping in at Penang during the Bukit Gelugor by-election nomination day



ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh is a Koh Tsu Koon lookalike … “the more things change, the more they remain the same”

Almost half are DAP seats

Out of the seven emptied seats since 5 May 2013, five had belonged to Pakatan and two to BN.

DAP was responsible for 3 of the seats to be emptied, PAS (1), PKR (1), Umno (1), PBB (1).

The dearly departed YBs ranged in age from late 40s to mid 70s.

BELOW: They all look just like their Dad


Ada apa yang ubah? Tarak pun

Karpal Singh first became a YB at the age of 34. In the last general election, wheelchair-bound and a septuagenarian (73), his party still put him up to contest a seat. Karpal literally died in office after 40 long years in politics.

Together with Kit Siang, the two veterans are/were the Face of DAP ever since the turn of the decade in the 1970s. Kit Siang first won a Parliament seat (Bandar Melaka) in 1969 while Karpal first won a state seat (Bandar Alor Setar, Kedah) in 1974.

What real change is there to be seen in the dynastic politics of DAP?

Three of Karpal’s sons are YBs – Jagdeep, a Penang Adun cum state exco; Gobind, a Selangor MP cum state DAP deputy chairman; and Ramkarpal, the newly minted Penang MP – all at the same time.


As for the Lim Father & Son firm, you can see for yourself above.

Lim Sr and Lim Jr, together with acting party chairman Tan Kok Wai, are the triumvirate controlling the powerful candidates selection committee. This means the decision on whoever is chosen to contest (e.g. Dyana Sofya) is in the hands of the two Lims and Tan — that’s DAP democracy for you!

Yet the Dapsters keep screaming at everybody else to “Ubah, ini kali lah”. Ubah should begin at home. Why don’t buat satu kali ini, they start by instituting the change on what’s rotten within?


Muka tak alih-alih pun

What change is there when Pakatan are led by the same old, same old?

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is 73 and was warded in the IJN (National Heart Institute) last week.

PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim is 67 and was similarly warded in the IJN a few days ago.

PAS’s Hadi Awang is 67 and was warded in the ICU of a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey after complaining of breathing difficulties.

BELOW: The Kajang Adun, who was asked to make way for Anwar, is what we say, “Mak oi, nampak begitu sihat dan montel”

Lee Chin Cheh
PKR Kajang ex-Adun Lee Chin Cheh

The ‘Kajang move’

The 43-year-old Lee Chin Cheh resigned as Kajang Adun a mere 8½ months after having been elected by the rakyat, in Selangor 60 percent of whom support Pakatan.

Did the Kajang YB withdraw of his own “free” will? Is this what the Dapsters term a “free and fair” election process? Was it “fair” to the Kajang electorate who had put their trust in YB Lee and his manifesto?

Lee was asked to give up his Yang Berhormat title and exalted position in the Selangor Dewan on short order. He has to find another job.

Was he given any “compensation” by PKR for the loss of income, perks and privileges due to him over the next four years and more of his term which he was entitled to serve out?

The Dapsters are so obsessed about corruption. How come they didn’t ask if there was any element of corruption in this case?

hannahyeoh Very worried BN will send phantom

Boleh tak si Dapster-Dapster taksub tolong pakai otak mung yang ada kat kepala lutut tu?!

Where is the “transparency” that the Dapsters declare that they want? Was the Kajang move an example of “good governance” by a state administration where their party rep is the Speaker?

Did Pakatan show any “accountability” when they pulled the Kajang manoeuvre?

What kind of people are they?

They endlessly accuse and slander their opponents (see @hannahyeoh tweet above on BN “phantom voters”). They are Super CyberBullies who terrorize supporters of the other side.

They are such aggressive and abusive people who provoke and insult in the most crude and cruel manner. And here’s the best part — their self-praise on how they’re paragons of virtue.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- evil

Ambiga’s screed

What kind of people are their blind followers? The ones who loudly clapped and wildly cheered Ambiga when she blew all that hot air.

Their world view (as you can see in the box below) is neatly split into one side black, one side white, “us versus them”.

For Dapsters, they are the Good and they embody Righteousness. Others are Evil and can do no right.


Ambiga on the Kajang move

And what did former Bersih chairman Ambiga say about the abuse of the electoral process in Kajang?

“Let the voters decide.”

No objections from Ambiga that the Kajang move took voters for a ride.

Let voters decide on Kajang move

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17 thoughts on “Half a dozen by-elections since GE13

  1. The way the DAP in recent past has conducted their party’s internal elections for office bearers does not exhibit a just democratic process; the manner in which Mr. Lee Chin Cheh was displaced reminds one of how Maoists manouver their party cadres at the whims of their top brass.

  2. I don’t think ust Abdullah would want to walk with you too Ambiga [deleted]

    1. I, too, would not want to walk with Ambiga whose behaviour seems to be similar to those who are destined to end up in the Neraka Jahanam.

  3. Well, kesian dia orang that they are so frustrated that they all get sick. They should all retire from politics, pergi rehat dan main dengan cucu cucu, cleanse their heart and they can live longer, god willing.

    Bukan apa next election they are definately going to lose again. By that time they are going to be much older. Takut their heart cannot take it anymore. JADIIII sudah lah, tak payaylah dok sakit hati.

    1. We in Selangor are blessed with Hannah and you in Penang are blessed with Lim Guan Eng.

      Selangor and Penang are also in the Top 3 most developed and high income states. The idolatry of Mama and Papa Dapster is the blessing showered on us.

      The richer the people, the more tithe they can contribute to the City Harvest wannabes. Let the Selangor River flow (with air lombong) and let the evangelista cults grow (with abundant blessings).

      Hannah will pray for us all.

      1. Re We in Selangor are blessed with Hannah and you in Penang are blessed with Lim Guan Eng.

        I love your sarcasm.

        Re The richer the people, the more tithe they can contribute to the City Harvest wannabes. Let the Selangor River flow (with air lombong) and let the evangelista cults grow (with abundant blessings).

        The Ponzi scheme.

        Re Hannah will pray for us all.

        You can figure it out for yourself who are the ones likely to benefit handsomely when, a few years from now, the first group of people start to get sick as a result of consuming contaminated water. Then following closely, the faith healers will then hawk their wares by saying that if people join their cults, they will be protected from contamination even if they consume water from the rivers now contaminated with heavy metals.


        1. Hannah should the new Witch of Oz. (No pun intended but the female form of Wizard is Witch)
          “Don’t want la, faithful to Oz 😉 “

  4. Apa yg penting sekarang sila tunaikan segala janji yg dibuat semasa kempen PRK dulu sama ada oleh BN atau PR.

    Bagaimana kalau MsHelen highlightkan segala janji yg dibuat dan check berapa banyak yg dah ditunaikan. Pendedahan ini akan buat rakyat lebih celik mata dan menuntut janji2 tersebut ditunaikan dgn sungguh2.

    1. re: “Pendedahan ini akan buat rakyat lebih celik mata dan menuntut janji2 tersebut ditunaikan dgn sungguh2.”

      Banyak pendedahan tentang mungkir janji telah dibuat di Pulau Pinang. Kampung-kampung dirobohkan dan penduduk diusir tetapi Dapsters tetap tidak berganjak dari ketaksuban mereka dan tidak mungkin celik mata.

      Malah di Selangor, ada yang sanggup minum air lombong semata-mata kerana nekad mahu ABU (tawan Putrajaya, kuburkan Umno).

      1. Pengundi2 yang telah memberi undi mereka kepada Pakatan Rakyat tidak ambil peduli sama ada janji janji tersebut di tunai atau tidak. Mereka memberi undi mereka kepada Pakatan Rakyat hanya atas satu sebab, yakni tumbangkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

        Lihat saja aksi Wong Tack dan geng dia tu. Baru kena tahan polis kerana terlibat dalam satu lagi protes anti Lynas. Yang ironik sekali, tiada sebarang protes terhadap penyaluran air lombong ke dalam Sg Selangor oleh kumpulan hijau ni. Dah terbukti protes mereka berbau politik.

        Boleh bayang tak kalau ada kumpulan yang adakan protes terhadap penyaluran air lombong ke dalam Sg Selangor ? Sudah pasti mereka ni akan di label sebagai agen BN dan di hentam habis habis oleh Dapsters melalui media social yang di dominasi mereka.

      2. Since ruling Penang, DAP has begun ethnic cleansing by chasing away Malays either in their kampongs or in their warong businesses. The prices of residential homes so expensive that an average Malaysia cannot afford to buy and no effort by DAP to help Malays to buy homes.

        This is concerted effort by DAP to free Penang Island from greater Malay population.

        1. Lim Guan Eng diyakini serta mendapat sokongan padu Cina Pulau Pinang. Saya tidak kira BN akan dapat merampas balik negeri tersebut.

          1. betul begitu bodoh sekali dap penang tiada seorang pun mampu jaga kawasan sehingga anak lim ini kena jaga 2 kawasan, bagan dan ayer putih. mungkin selepas ini semua kawasan penang dia seorang yang bertanding… buta hati dan cepat terpengaruh sentimen cina utk cina.

  5. Tiga wakil ex-Co PKR pohon maaf diberitakan dlm Bullitin Mutiara kerana tidak hadir sidang Dewan semasa ahli UMNO mob DUN Penang boleh sesiapa beri pencerahan. Ribut pun +tidak hujan pun tidak tiba-tiba jadi berita yang bukan ada nilai berita pun. Al maklum hatta la ni dinding tembok pun boleh bercakap

  6. Yang diutamakan LGE namakan jalan-jalan di Penang dengan nama pemimpin DAP yang tiada sekelumit jasa pun dan yang bukan terdiri dari anak tempatan not even a subservient to the state though.

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