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What will happen if Najib fails to heed the Tun’s advice?

The flag of jihad was flown yesterday in Putrajaya when the Federal Court was delivering its ‘Allah’-Herald judgment.

But first, a quick tour around the rest of the Muslim world.


Conflict zones


In Benghazi, it’s fighting, fighting and more fighting.

“Libya is not only a failed state, but also on the verge of a civil war.” – Op-ed by Ibrahim Sharqieh (New York Times, 23 June 2014)


Another failed state.

“The number of those in need of humanitarian aid in Yemen has reached 14.7 million Yemenis, according to the United Nations.” – Column by Farea al-Muslimi (Al-Monitor, today 24 June 2014)


“At least five killed by gunmen in Taa village near Mpeketoni, site of attacks that killed 65 last week.” – Breaking news two hours ago (Aljazeera, today 24 June 2014)

Al-Shabab, a Somali-based mujahidin group that wants to impose syariah, had claimed responsibility for the Mpeketoni attack last week. See also, ‘Al-Shabab spokesman: “Kenya is a war zone”’ (Church Times, 20 June 2014)


The world’s most failed state. Capital, Mogadishu. European Commission Factsheet: Somali refugees, almost one million. Somalis in crisis/emergency situation, 857 000. Acutely malnourished children, 1 out of 7. Infant mortality, 1 out of 10.

Humanitarian organisations fear a looming food crisis will cause Somalis to again starve to death. The last Somalian famine in 2011 killed more than a quarter of a million people. (Reuters, 23 June 2014)

Regina Lee (reginalah) Boko Haram Isma

ABOVE: Tweet by Dapster Khairy, retweeted by his press secretary Regina ‘Scissorati’ Lee alleging “Boko Haram and Isma occupy the same ideological spectrum”


Boko Haram.

South Sudan

“Pre-failed state”, Christian south broke away from the Muslim north and became a new, independent country in July 2011. “With war, famine, disease, and death consuming the country, South Sudan is nearing its breaking point.”

“People are now so divided and so determined to destroy each other, the brutality of the violence has been so extreme.” (Business Insider, 23 June 2014)

Central African Republic

Militia kills 18 Muslims’. “The attack comes just two weeks after fighting between Christian militias and Muslim gunmen based in the area killed 21.” – News 18 hours ago (TIME magazine, 23 June 2014)

Organized, systematic violence against civilians in the Ouaka region saw villagers being burned to death in their houses – Press statement (Medicins Sans Frontieres, 16 June 2014)

‘Muslims will soon be given a bloodbath in Central African Republic’

Syria and Iraq

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) jihadis.


Chinese complain that they are second class citizens and Christians whinge they are an oppressed and persecuted minority.


Government of Malaysia press statement yesterday

“The Government respects the decision of the court and asks all parties to abide by it. The ruling only applies to the Herald newspaper’s use of the word ‘Allah’. Malaysian Christians can still use the word ‘Allah’ in Church. The Government remains committed to the 10-point solution.

“Malaysia is a multi-faith country and it is important that we manage our differences peacefully, in accordance with the rule of law and through dialogue, mutual respect and compromise.” – source

The gomen says it is still upholding the 10-point solution and is promoting dialogue, mutual respect and compromise. But does the other side want to dialogue with the gomen? Does the other side have any respect for the gomen? Is the other side interested in compromise?


DAP’s evangelista YBs

Three DAP Aduns had previously mooted the idea of amending the Selangor Enactment 1988. They are Yeo Bee Yin, (Damansara Utama, PJ Utara), Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku, PJ Utara) and Rajiv Rishyakaran (Bukit Gasing, PJ Selatan).

Yeo Bee Yin has released a press statement on the Allah issue. She said, “Congrats to Allah’s soldiers“.

Adun Damansara Utama: “Congrats! You have won your holy war. Go celebrate”

Yeo Bee Yin told the Muslim NGOs:

“This must be a happy time for those of you who think you have won a war for Allah.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate Perkasa and other NGOs who have screamed, shouted, and threatened Malaysians who disagreed that Allah should be exclusive to Muslims. Congratulations! You have won your holy war. Go celebrate.

“Second, I would like to congratulate the four judges who dismissed the Catholic church’s application for leave to appeal against a decision upholding the government ban against its use of ‘Allah’ as a reference to God. If you made this judgement to protect your own religion, congratulations for sacrificing your professionalism.

“Third, I would like to congratulate the Home Ministry, for it was you that filed an appeal against the High Court ruling that the Herald can call on Allah.

“Fourth, I would like to congratulate Umno, for you have been successful in engineering the war over Allah to distract Malaysian Muslims from the rising cost of living, your corrupt practices and your inability to govern and lead. Oh, Umno, you are such a political genius.

“Fifth, I would like to congratulate the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, for you can now see the true colours of the organisation that you’ve so enthusiastically supported for the past 50 over years.

“As for me, call me whatever, catch me if you like, charge me if you can, I will continue to believe and stand on the principle that everyone in this country is given by the Federal Constitution the liberty to practise his or her own religion and to express himself or herself. By the principle of natural justice and liberty, Allah should never be exclusive to any particular group of people.

“To my fellow Malaysians who are Bahasa Malaysia speaking Christians, remember this: They may take ‘Allah’ away from the Herald, but they can never take God away from your heart. Be strong and courageous, continue to love and pray for them who persecute you for they know not what they are doing.

“God bless Malaysia.”

Yeo Bee Yin is Adun for Damansara Utama — the location of the infamous DUMC

BELOW: DAP going all out in agitating the Sabah and Sarawak Christians

Twitter - hannahyeoh- allah

Buried by “Allah’s soldiers”

Blogger Din Turtle gives his take on the Malaysian Insider editorial on the ‘Allah’ verdict handed yesterday by the Federal Court as well as the 10-point solution.

TMI claims “The 10-point resolution is dead and buried by Jais, Mais, Perkasa, Isma and the protector of all these groups, Umno”.

But it is not the evangelistas who lack confidence in Najib Razak. The Muslims surely can’t be placing too much confidence in the PM either now, given how his overtures to the Christians have been met with nothing but belligerence.

Click 2x to read TMI editorial blaming Jais, Mais, Perkasa, Isma & Umno

Some advice from Dr Mahathir Mohamad last week:

  • “in new democracies, the Opposition simply opposes”
  • “The objective of the Opposition is to bring down the Government and to take over.”
  • “They are not really interested in issues … These issues are good only for blackening the governing party so as to bring it down.”
  • “It is a mistake for the Government to accede to or meet the demands of the Opposition.” [Bowing down will not bring the gomen any support from either the oppo or their fanatical supporters.]
  • “They will either belittle the Government’s decision or they will come up with new issues.” [The attacks against the gomen will still continue without stop.]
  • “The Government has gained nothing and has lost a lot due from trying to please the Opposition. Has the Government learnt the lesson?”

No. Clearly not.

Dr M also said gomen supporters feel betrayed and angry with the gomen (read: Najib) which they regard as weak for bowing again and again to the opposition’s outrageous demands … True.

Dr M predicts that gomen supporters will withdraw their support from the BN if the administration (read: Najib) fails to learn its lesson.


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43 thoughts on “What will happen if Najib fails to heed the Tun’s advice?

  1. True….the current BN Gomen led by PM Najib is seen useless by the majority rakyat who vote them to stay in power.

    PM Najib will be the major factor for BN to completely lost in GE14 should he still take no heed on the Tun’s advice.

    Apart from he himself, the other party either individuals or NGO’s seen as BN supporters is continuously causing the BN image worsened through their talks and actions clearly seen as stupid.

    Latest Perkasa statement regarding ‘pancung kepala’ is good enough to show the the damage….!

    Again the Dapsters continuously win the ‘war of perception’…!

    1. ‘…Again the Dapsters continuously win the ‘war of perception’…!

      Tidak apalah alwieabdullah, asalkan Melayu Islam ‘win the battle!’

      Orang Melayu ini memang slow sikit untuk panas! Tapi kalau dah panas nanti meng’amuk’ pulak!

    2. Helen,

      I heard the rumours that najib is to appoint MCA and Gerakan into Cabinet.

      Jika betul, saya berdukacita. Masih mimpi ke Najib ni? Masih tak faham ke yg orang Cina TETAP menolak BN.

      1. Memang sudah terjadi hari ini 25.06.2014. Tiga jawatan menteri diberikan kepada MCA dan bwberapa jawatan timbalan menteri.

        Jumlah ahli MCA dalam kabinet lebih ramai dari kerusi yang dimenangi mereka dalam Perlimen! Kemenagan itu pun hasil undi ihsan Melayu Islam!

        Memang DSN, PM paling kurung bijak dalam sejarah Melayu moden!

          1. Saya sudah baca artikel tersebut. Saya harap analisa Helen itu menjadi kenyataan. Sekurang kurang ada juga ‘kebijaksinian’ DSN

            Tapi masih saya pelik kenapa masih ramai wakil MCA dalam cabinet, padahal prestasi MCA amat buruk!

            Cukup cukuplah beri muka pada MCA. Selagi mereka tidak ‘performed’ ada berlagak lebih DAP daripada DAP, satu wakil MCA dalam cabinet sudah cukup ramai

            1. The MCA expected worse case scenario was 2+2.

              Transport + Minister in PM’s Dept is a poor haul. There will be internal pressure within MCA now. Lots of dissatisfactions. Calls from party members for MCA to leave the BN.

  2. Kalau DSN gagal mendengar nasihat nasihat TDM, akibatnya Malaysia akan huru hara!

    Tapi adakah DSN sedar perkara ini ini? Rasanya dari riak wajah moyoknya, TIDAK sama sekali.

    Gasaklah DSN kalau ianya membawa mudharat kepada kamu seorang! NASIB engkaulah!

    Tapi kalau membawa keburukkan kepada ramai orang, ini tidak boleh dibiarkan!

    Saya cukup pelik Helen. Kenapa Kristian Evangelist ini sengaja mencari jalan untuk menyakitkan hati Melayu Islam?

    Mereka fikir selama lamanya ke Melayu Islam akan diam?

    Harap mereka ( Melayu Islam ) kenal pasti golongan minority yang sering membakar sentiment agama dan perkauman.

    Kalau hendak mengamuk, tujukan sasaran amukan kamu kepada mereka supaya golongan tidak berdosa tidak teranyai!

    1. re: “Saya cukup pelik Helen. Kenapa Kristian Evangelist ini sengaja mencari jalan untuk menyakitkan hati Melayu Islam?”

      Cuba tengok pada nada kenyataan akhbar YB Damansara Utama itu, tahu dah jawapannya, kan?

      1. Ya, dia menggunakan bahasa ‘terbalik’ untuk menyindir umat Islam.

        Sekiranya dia menggunakan bahasa biasa kesannya kurang menyengat!

        Saya harap ada lagi tokoh seperti ‘Kiayai Arshad’ yang boleh kasi PENAMPAR kepada ADUN Damansara.

        Cara ini lebih aman! ” Straight to the target! “

        1. Rata-rata Melayu/Islam sekarang hampa dan kesal dengan tindakan kerajaan pimpinan Najib berhubong dengan issue Kalimah Allah terutamanya, dan issue-issue yang lain berhubohkait dengan Melayu.

          Pendekatan yang terbaik sekarang ialah, “apa nak jadi, jadilah”.

          Tidak akan selesai, selagi Najib ada di punchak, terima kasih UMNO kerana kerana megekalkan jawatan president kapada Najib.

          UMNO sekarang serupa tiada.

    2. Of all the religions and faiths in the world, there is only one that seems to suffer from chronic identity crisis and yet blame others for it.

      Can someone actually request the Vatican Ambassador in KL to persuade the Pope to use ‘Allah’ in his weekly service? Pakiam, can you help with that too? Please fly to St. Peter’s and take Madam Speaker Soalan Mulut with you. Perhaps, that would convince the Malaysian judges about ‘the integral aspect of Christian faith’? I bet my annual salary that the Pope will never do that.

  3. “But first, a quick tour around the rest of the Muslim world.”

    Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) recently ranked Malaysia 33rd out of 162 countries in the Global Peace Index (Iceland ranked 1st as the most peaceful country). Pretty good for such an ethnically diverse Muslims majority country- we’re even ahead of some developed countries like USA, France, UK in this ranking. However we dropped 4 notches down from last year through increases in terrorist activities and greater political instability according to IEP founder Steve Killelea.

    1. Exactly. But some ‘people’ do not appreciate the country’s stability, peace and prosperity. From the montage photos of the YBs, I’d say they’re pretty prosperous, wouldn’t you?

      1. People don’t appreciate because they don’t read, don’t keep in touch with what’s happening around the world and unwilling to look up to the other side of the coin- it’s either 0 or 1 to them, nothing’s in between.

        They’re politicians first and foremost- their purpose of joining politics is to be prosperous, serving their own interest instead of the public, no doubt about that.

        1. See comment by Jade Emperor @ 2014/06/24 at 7:19 pm: “The ancient wisdom of leaders is to leave alone those whom one is incapable of leading”.

          Those people are “No Hope, No Cure” and should be left alone. But then what happens when they (i.e. those people who believe the other side is “wicked”, “evil”, “racist” and “low class”) are a huge destabilizing force hell bent on getting their way?

          1. Those who would lead the forces of goodness against the devilish upheavals must be men and women of noble chivalry and astute intelligence.

          2. “… huge destabilizing force…”

            Just to add : RPK warned yesterday that Malaysia is about to erupt.

            1. re: “RPK warned yesterday that Malaysia is about to erupt.”

              What do you think?

              1. What do I think? You’re triggering my brain to think when I want to shut down in these relaxing hours, lol.

                Looking at the reactions here and most of the pro-establishment Malay blogs / NGOs websites out there, I do feel the heat.

                But this is year 2014, Malays are in a much stronger position than they were in 1969. Stronger in almost every aspects of this nation- economically, population wise, government positions dominance (police, army, civil servants), so it’s nothing to sneeze at.

                I don’t want to say this initially so don’t take me too literally here- the reality is nons can easily be squashed like ants if they want to but they didn’t because I think they’re magnanimous(?). I do hope normal Malays see this as well- that average nons are just puny smurfs.

                1. re: “the reality is nons can easily be squashed like ants

                  I’m not so sure. Remember how @hannahyeoh and @imokman were called “DAP SuperCyber Bullies”?

                  They like to portray themselves as the meek and mild underdogs, the persecuted and oppressed peace lovers. But a lot of folks feel bullied by them (the aggressive nons belonging to the same ilk as Hannah).

  4. Najib penakut orang jadi berani….

    Cuba Najib jadi BERANI, macam tun MAHATHIR, PASTI semua orang jadi TAKUT.

    Tun MAHATHIR juga yang terbaik………..salute you tun.

  5. YBY jangan jadi kurang ajar, nampak sangat sikap anti Islam dan anti Melayu beliau. Keputusan Makhamah pasal apa tak boleh nak hormat?

    P. Pakiam yang bawa kes tu pi Makhamah hang tak mau cerita, hang nak salahkan rayuan yang dibuat kerajaan yang sudah berkali-kali bagi teguran dan amaran supaya patuh dan akur…jangan jadi cbai boleh?

  6. I voted BN since my first state election in 2001. Born & grew up in a Sarawak that does not have the amenities some constituencies like DU has. And yet, we’ve neither starved nor had to beg as the government tried their damnest to provide basic amenities such as electricity, piped water, roads, schools etc.

    There is a fine line between being greedy & needy, at least in years past. Nowadays, wants are being disguised or rather repackaged as needs to obtain support from the unthinking masses.

    In conclusion, I just wanna say to Yeo Bee Yin that she can f**k the hell off with her Christian like speak & pretense. You can’t fool everyone all the time with your self righteousness

  7. “They can take away Allah…but can’t take away god…”

    Then pray to God lah, if he’s in your hearts! Why insist on Allah? Why didn’t she say “Allah in our hearts?” Because it’s very obvious these evangelistas don’t believe that Allah is the one true God. The Allah issue is all about propagating Christianity to Muslims.

    Krakatoa coming…..pray not.

    1. irma, you noticed that too. ‘They may take ‘Allah’ away from the Herald, but they can never take God away from your heart.’

      depa dah bagi bola tanggung, mana libas buaya? i would suggest the kalimah be put on the front-page of utusan, berita harian, beli ruang iklan dalam the star & the rest termasuk media elektronik, khutbah jumaat juga & letak tajuk sebesar mungkin “KRISTIAN TAK PERCAYA ALLAH” sepanjang bulan ramadan.

      walaupun sekarang ni musim panas, boleh tolerate, tapi benda ni dah nak sampai ke tahap melegak.

  8. All these episode including the piggy DNA in Cadbury by certain parties is to ‘test the market’. So don’t fall into the ‘”TRAP’!

    This issue is never about RELIGION is all about MAN MADE LAW. Enactment prohibit the usage then all should adhere to it, simple but there are a few who like to ‘poke’ the ‘bee nest’ to get the prize.

  9. Re: “Second, I would like to congratulate the four judges who dismissed the Catholic church’s application for leave to appeal against a decision upholding the government ban against its use of ‘Allah’ as a reference to God. If you made this judgement to protect your own religion, congratulations for sacrificing your professionalism”.

    This statement by Yeo Bee Yin ridiculed the Judges. This is contempt of court. Will AG take in any action on Yeo Bee Yin?

    1. Of course it is. Her article is seditious too. But then again, what kind of AG are we having right now?

      ‘Will AG take in any action on Yeo Bee Yin?’

      Are you kidding me?

    2. “Peguam Negara perlu memainkan peranannya bagi memelihara badan kehakiman daripada terus menerima persepsi buruk daripada masyarakat.”

      “Hakim ada kuasa itu tetapi untuk membolehkan hakim berbuat demikian adalah Peguam Negara. Peguam Negara perlu menfailkan notis usul di mahkamah persekutuan. Ini adalah kerja Peguam Negara, jika tidak mampu berbuat demikian Peguam Negara perlu dipecat,”

  10. RPK: The opposition realises that issues regarding abuse of power, corruption, transparency, accountability, good governance, etc., are not enough to bring down Barisan Nasional or Umno. If it were then Barisan Nasional would have been kicked out back in 1990 or 1999 at the height of the anti-government movements. They need something more potent to bring down Barisan Nasional and Umno … So now the issue of Malay privileges, Article 153, UiTM, etc., need to be played up. They are even asking that the Malay Regiment be disbanded, much to the chagrin of the Rulers who feel that this is pushing things a bit too far… I suppose Christians and Muslims will never be happy until they see the country burn and bodies piled up on the streets. … I have been monitoring the comments and postings in Facebook and Twitter and I can see that the racial and religious divide has gone beyond the point of no return. Malaysia is now poised to explode into ‘May 13’ version 2.

    I agree with RPK. If we are not careful we also will contribute to it. BUT THE BATON IS WITH NAJIB.

  11. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Yeo Bee Yin is very, very rude. What kind of leader is she? I was at the Istana Kehakiman yesterday. Ibrahim Ali controlled PERKASA supporters very well and there was no celebrations as Yeo Bee Yin tried to imply after the good news was announced.

    My parents are not PERKASA members but I do not hate PERKASA. DAPsters wants Muslims to be like Mujahid, Khalid Samad and KJ and not like Ibrahim Ali.

    Ibrahim Ali is not perfect, but he does not pretend to ‘love their enemies’ like some DAPsters.

    1. re: “What kind of leader is she?”

      The kind of leader who asks her flock to continue to love and pray for their oppressors such as Perkasa that persecute the meek and mild Christians, and to forgive them for they know not what they do.

  12. The DAPster morons and christian avengalists are no different than ISMA, they are just using religion for politics.

    The Allah issue is not about their godman voodoo jesus walking on water, it’s about destroying the BN deposit box in Sabah and Sarawak.

    1. Isma is not political organisation. It is just an Islamic NGO. Basically it is an organisation that aims to protect Islam and Malay rights including sultans as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

      1. Isma was founded in 1997 and we do not know its existence until Islam and Malay rights was aggressively attacked by Dapsters. It is within its right to protect them. It was very unfair for Dapters to label Isma as racist. The fact is that Dap is a racist party and it also is responsible for the issues that we are facing today.

        I would like to advise Dapsters and its Allah issue allies to cool down and do not pour petrol onto the heated issue. Bear in mind the Federal Court has made its decision and we must respect it. We must move on and please keep the society in peace and harmony.

  13. All about chinaman politics fc, like these chinaman dont care about religion issues. A means to a end for the chinaman benefit,
    Before it was between chinese and malays, now its outsourced by way of reigion, to the chinamans delight.

  14. In simple words. Najib is useless, brainless and playsafe. Never take action, always compromise and never learn from his mistakes. Arwah Tun Dr Ismail labelled this type of people as sweeping rubbish under the carpet.

  15. ISMA become very popular now among muslim community since that UMNO cannot do anything to protect Islam from the act of aggression from the Evengelist. And the sorry thing about UMNO was having leaders like KJ and Najib.

  16. keadaan sekarang umpama telur di hujung tanduk. telur siapa? tekalah, siapa yang tak bertelur sekarang ni. ;)

    1. After the Cabinet move today I’m beginning to have more confidence in the PM.

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