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Cabinet appointments, heh-heh-heh Najib bersilat

It looks like in the quiet Najib Razak can be unsuspectingly lethal as shown in the ouster of the Terengganu MB not too long ago.


The Cabinet appointments just announced:

  • MCA president Liow Tiong Lai – Transport Minister.
  • MCA vice president Wee Ka Siong – Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department
  • Senator Lee Chee Leong – Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister
  • Chua Tee Yong – Deputy Finance Minister
  • Chew Mei Fun will hold the portfolio of Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister

I would read Najib’s 2+3 appointments today as snub to the MCA.

The party had demanded a lot more actually. In 2004, MCA was given 4+9 and in 2008 they had 4+6.



(1) The status quo is maintained. None of the other Ministers have been moved or removed. The Transport Ministry had been kept on hold for the MCA since May 2013 and Hisham was only the acting Minister, so there is no shake up.

(2) Tee Yong as Deputy in the important Finance Ministry is an elevation from his previous post as Deputy Agriculture Minister.

The appointment of Chua Jr is a tactical play by the PM to balance the factions involved in the MCA infighting. It’s an open secret that Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai are bitter rivals and in fact, it was not his party that recommended Dr Chua for the Tan Sri title he received recently.

(3) Good call by Najib on Chew Mei Fun. If anyone from the MCA deserves it, she does. She will have to be made a Senator first. Congrats, Datin Paduka.

[Update (June 26): Chew Mei Fun has been appointed a Senator beginning 25 June 2014 for a three-year term.]


(4) Although Wee Ka Siong is one up from his previous post as Deputy Education Minister by now being made a full minister, still the JPM is not a portfolio that will allow much room for Wee to wheel and deal. Unlike the Ministers who have their own Ministry budgets, the ones in JPM come under the Najib big umbrella.

If anyone still remembers Hindraf P. Waythamoorthy’s walkout, then we will realise that the JPM minister (or at least the Deputy Minister) is not provided an adequate budget with perhaps the exception of Idris Jala.

In the JPM, Wee will be sebaris with Idris, Jamil Khir Baharom, Shahidan Kassim, Joseph Kurup, Joseph Entulu, Paul Low, Nancy Shukri and Abdul Wahid Omar.

Hence Wee will be the 9th minister in the PM’s Dept. Nothing to shout about. It’s a smart move by Najib to neutralize Wee who is known to be brainier than Liow.

(5) Notably, the MCA was not given the Housing Ministry which the party averred that they deserve in order to administer the Chinese New Villages. Not returning this particular Ministry to the MCA, which the party had held in the past Cabinets, is depriving them of maintaining whatever influence they might still have retained among the Chinese grassroots.



Liow and Wee were desperate for the Cabinet positions. The present outcome is not up to to their expectations.

There is no way for MCA to go but down. The party will be dead by GE14, I’m very sure. Already in GE13, they “gave away” the Gelang Patah, Kuantan and Wangsa Maju Parliament seats for Umno to contest.

For the coming general election, Umno should relieve MCA of the seats the latter lost in GE13 — Alor Setar (62 percent Malay voters), Bandar Tun Razak (53% Malay) and Lumut (51% Malay).

There are some borderline mixed seats that MCA will be unable to defend in GE14, i.e. Tebrau, Johor (electorate Malay 47%, Chinese 38%, Indian 13%) where MCA had obtained a majority of 1,767 votes — which can easily be overturned if the DAP – and Singapore – continue to make inroads in the state, and Malays are additionally upset with Umno.

And there is Bentong which the MCA president held on to with the most unconvincing majority of 379 votes against DAP political newcomer Wong Tack of the anti-Lynas fame, dan kemenangan Liow itupun hanya on account of Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob wagering his ear on the result.

I believe Najib’s decision today defers to the strong sentiments within Umno which are not favourable of MCA.

On the part of MCA, the party knows that its fate is sealed. Najib did not throw them any lifeline. Thus, what to expect of MCA with the certain knowledge that a death sentence is hanging over the party? If I were Umno, I’d wear armour to protect my back. The gunting is being sharpened even as we speak.



Postscript (1): Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong got a Ministership as promised.

Postscript (2): Just saw this reader’s comment in Malaysiakini, Anonymous_3f6d: “Next Press Conf. on MH370 will be conducted in Mandarin by the new Transport Minister !..”

Hahaha, that’s funny.

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19 thoughts on “Cabinet appointments, heh-heh-heh Najib bersilat

  1. Why bring in Singapore, when you commented about possible “election upsets” in Johor?

    Specifically, you used the word “inroads”. What ” inroads” are you writing about?

    From a report in the TODAY newspaper 25 June ( “On concerns raised by the Singapore Government, Mr Ayub (Johor State Health and Environment Committee chairman Ayub Rahmat) said the state government valued the bilateral ties with its neighbour. “We will look into the issue of other transboundary effects because of the land-reclamation work,” the NST quoted him as saying.”

    Of course, the land-reclamation work that Mr Ayub referred to includes the 1,410 hectares Benalec Holdings Project and the 1,817 hectares Forest City project in the Straits of Johor.

    There is no sign of any Singapore “inroads” in these projects. At least none that have been reported.

    So, where are these “inroads” in Johor that you wrote about?

    Or are you implying that Johoreans are simple-minded country bumpkins who can be led by their noses up the garden path instead of being politically savvy voters who know when they are being “shafted”?

    1. re: “politically savvy voters who know when they are being ‘shafted’?”

      You mean they’re beginning to realise that the DAP shafted them? Thanks for the info.

  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    So now I know that you are a fan of Chew Mei Fun :)

    I was hoping that PM will appoint Uncle Asyraf Wajdi as one of the deputy ministers after he had been appointed as a Senator. He is not a DAPster like KJ ¦[〉

    1. I believe she’s the best of the lot.

      And with the MCA’s dismal failure, there’s no reason not to give Women Power a try as what else is there to lose? After all, MCA is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      Wanita MCA and Beliawanis surely can’t do any worse than the backstabbing MCA men. In fact, the Chinese community would be better off as a whole under female leadership. No sex and other scandals.

  3. Najib berkorban apa saja kerana kepimpinan nya lemah tidak bermaya boleh tibai lagi banyak projek.

      1. I just have to express myself again. The Cabinet top up is not good news for MCA.

        Pls click if the above happy emoticon doesn’t automatically show on your screen.

        1. ‘The Cabinet top up is not good news for MCA.’

          Are you saying Najib should have given the MCA much more for their lackings?

          1. You got pay attention or not? For how long already I’ve been saying keep the MCA out from Cabinet altogether.

  4. Wanita MCA and beliawanis can’t do any worse than the backstabbing MCA men. In fact the Chinese community would be better of as a whole under female leadership no sex and other scandals and you mean that PM no more facing parasite cowjet. and ball carriers around him.

  5. What is the point of appointing a bunch of people who doesn’t represent anyone into the cabinet? This defeats the very principle of a cabinet.

  6. Wonder if Wee phoned LKS to report his appointment like when he first received news on the cheque to Ulu Yam school.

    Between MCA, Gerakan getting the support of hardly 10% of chinese voters, kira dah berlimpahan all these appointments.

    The tsunami was a disaster satu kejadian yg gitu mustahil sekali if bukan mainan dalaman MCA sendiri. Kawasan saya dulu, after 2004 they practically disappeared completely. Macam disengajakan, kasi laluan MUDAH so all Chinese will support Pakatan.

    Ingatkan only one appt, apa la siNajib ni.. Tak serik3.

    Even after the next few years Apeks say finally realise they gain nothing much by joining DAP and decided to rejoin MCA the damage is done. We all know their loyalty is only for POWER n MONEY.

    Haiyaà, of all person why Wee?

  7. But Najib cleverly said the show up is mean his cabinet represented semua kaum Malaysia boleh tahan sampai pru 14 kot Jangan jadi munificence atau munafik

  8. I am dumbfounded. Why didn’t MCA contest in Bukit Jelutong seat. I thought they said they want to carry the voice of the people (or ethnic Chinese?). Backing off from the election isn’t a good sign. Yeah, they’ll lose, but they’re sending the wrong signal by not contesting.

    Now, going back to see PM and ask for positions, I am just shaking my head. First think they should is to get their house in order – and that includes redefining their media organ’s role in helping the government which they are a part of. Let’s be honest here, which media is free?

    1. re: “Now, going back to see PM and ask for positions”

      If Chua Soi Lek was still party president they wouldn’t have b’cos Dr Chua was insistent that they stuck to their AGM resolution. It is Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong who want both their minixterial posts and overturning the resolution through EGM.

  9. See DAP poklng fun at the cabinet appointments.
    Liew Chin Tong
    Liked · 3 hrs

    Pandas back in the cabinet?

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