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Dapsters dangerously dicing with ‘Allah’

The photo below is Kuil Sri Maha Karu Mariamman in Persiaran Bangi, Kajang. It is located on land belonging to the temple whose committee obtained the land title in 2010.

Devotees of Hindu goddess Mother Mari plan to upgrade their place of worship and the foundation works is scheduled to start next week. See, ‘Proposal to relocate temple‘ (The J-Star, 24 June 2014).

Sri Maha Karu Mariamman temple

Indians stabbed in the back

The Selangor government has state allocations for the minority religions. The Sri Maha Karu Mariamman temple committee wanted to apply for some funding but in order to do so, they required the endorsement of the local Adun.

So the committee sent the relevant paperwork to the office of PAS Bangi Adun Ustaz Mohd Shafei Ngah.

The next bit in our story is a ‘harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi’ shocker.

Imagine the surprise which greeted the Indians when they learned that Mohd Shafei had instead sent a letter to the Selangor Menteri Besar recommending for their temple to be relocated elsewhere. YB ustaz Mohd Shafei cited several reasons, “such as the location, size of the land as well as sensitivity to the Muslim community around the area” as the basis for his recommendation.

Star article temple

BELOW: Sheer hypocrisy

Note the Tamil writing that makes up the backdrop to Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter profile pic

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-10-06 15-51-13

Umno more tolerant

Let’s examine what the PAS Adun alleged in the leaked letter: The temple location and size of the land unsuitable; the Muslim community sensitive. This comes from the rep of the Amanat Hadi Awang party — “Kita menentang dia [Umno] ialah kerana dia mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan undang-undang kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliyah”.

For the last half century and more, Umno has been branded “kafir” by PAS for the sin of working together with the kafirs in MCA and MIC.

Surely if Umno was not moderate, then the Sri Maha Karu Mariamman temple would not have been left standing in its present location, taking into account that the Alliance-BN ruled Selangor from 1957 to 2008. The fact is that all this while, Umno has generally been tolerant.

It is their blind spot which makes the Dapsters unable to see Umno’s tolerance. They still rather blame Umno with regard to the temple controversy above even though Bangi is a PAS area that previously banned cinemas.

BELOW: Dr M on the repercussions of PAS suka mengkafir

Bermusuh dalam politik jangan sampai bunuh

Dapster self-destructive behaviour

Malaysiakini yesterday picked up and reproduced the J-Star temple story.

If the Adun involved had been an Umno wakil, you can guess the torrent of abuse that would be spewed by the portal’s ABU readers. But because the culprit was a Pakatan rep, the response in Malaysiakini was muted with only 7 reader comments.

Here is one example of the In Denial Syndrome. A Malaysiakini subscriber calling himself ‘What4 shot the messenger, commenting: “Hello , it is reported by the Star paper. Can you believe the story? They are used to spin stories on Penang and Selangor”.

The recent bodysnatching at a Taoist funeral took place in Penang, a Pakatan-ruled state but the Dapsters blamed Umno. The raid at a Hindu wedding happened in Selangor, the jewel in the Pakatan crown but the Dapsters blamed Umno for it too.

Over this business in Bangi, they lay the blame at Umno’s door as well even though BN has been out of power six years in Selangor. Their ‘Everything-is-Umno’s-fault’ approach really takes your breath away!

No hope for these people

Let’s dissect the illogic of the comment made by a Malaysiakini subscriber called ‘Survivor’ (screenshot above).

He said:

Spin #1 The coverage by J-Star and the highlighting of it by MCA is a “BN trick”.

Spin #2 The PAS letter recommending the temple relocation is merely “friendly advice”. (Compare: If it had been an Umno letter, the Dapsters would be screaming “Taliban”, “extremist”, “religious bigot”.)

Spin #3 The PAS advice is a preemptive strike “in case umnobaru people ran amok for no good reason”. (Umno is dragged into the picture and pictured as violently berserk even though this is purely a PAS matter.)

Spin #4 The PAS man is objecting to the temple, konon, only because otherwise Umno “will send their member with their mouth moaning and demanding the temple to be shifted” otherwise.

What takes the cake is Survivor’s suggestion that everybody should “just think first”, i.e. that while it may appear that PAS is being intolerant but if you really think about it, and if you look hard enough, you will see hiding behind the bushes, jeng-jeng-jeng Umno, which is the ‘real’ guilty party behind the fiasco.

Not only are Dapsters delusional, they are demented.

25 Feb 2014
J-Star front page: 25 Feb 2014

Pattern in their deceit

When Lim Guan Eng sues Utusan, the Dapsters say he is fighting for justice. When Najib Razak sues Malaysiakini, the Dapsters say he is killing freedom of the press.

When Anwar Ibrahim wins his lawsuits, it is said the court judgments vindicated his innocence. When Anwar is found guilty by the judge(s) for sodomy, it is said the court is corrupt.

When flat dwellers have to haul their water buckets up the window — see the paper’s cover photo above – The EvangeliSTAR headlined it “Sweet respite for Selangor residents”. When in BN-ruled Negeri Sembilan, Si Gunting headlined it as “Negeri bracing for water crisis”.

When Selangor pipes air lombong into our water supply, the Dapsters believe Selcat chairman Hannah Yeoh who says it is safe. When experts say Lynas poses no danger, the Dapsters don’t believe them. Instead, anyone who debunks the DAP anti-Lynas fearmongering is relentlessly attacked in Dapster smear campaigns.

When MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun was photographed in the same frame as Perkasa speakers during her Kajang by-election campaign, Dapsters vilified her. When the involvement of DAP’s Dyana Sofya with Perkasa was revealed during the Teluk Intan by-election, Dapsters either ignored the expose, made flimsy excuses or scolded MCA for bringing up the topic.


Dapster doublethink

I do not have issue with any Malaysian electing to support the opposition. Go right ahead. Neither do I have issue with any Chinese choosing to cast his vote for the DAP. By all means.

What I do take issue with is all the lies the Dapsters spread and all the false accusations they concoct asalkan diorang boleh menang. What Dapsters fabricate is so preposterous and vicious that it defies belief.

Any sane, decent human being would find it impossible to fathom the depth to which Dapsters sink when justifying the means to their end. Hitting rock bottom is when the Dapsters upend something noble into the gutter, such as when they character assassinated Chew Mei Fun by saying she abused her maid when as a single woman, she never even had one in the first place.

Gambar NST
NST photo of Chew that The J-Star wouldn’t want to publish

What they’re capable of doing to kenakan orang

Chew is one of the politicians most dedicated to fighting for Chinese rights and protecting Chinese interests. And she is principled. She resigned as Wanita MCA chairman because – as Deputy Minister in the Women’s Ministry – she did not feel that it was right for her to work alongside Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Chew resigned as Deputy Minister and Senator because she reasoned that she was holding both the positions by virtue of being Wanita MCA chief, and since she had relinquished her party post, the Ministerial and Senatorial honours should be let go in tandem. How many Malaysian politicians would you ever meet of her calibre?

So when her political opponents distributed flyers in Kajang Malay areas memfitnah that she had to quit as a Deputy Minister because she abused an Indonesian maid, it just goes to show what kind of people fill the opposition ranks. Earlier they had flooded the Chinese social media with a demeaning, doctored photo of Chew in a bikini.

Please allow me to clarify that some bikini shots are sexy, some are neutral (like the fake Dyana one) and some are cheap. The one they Photoshopped of Chew Mei Fun was plain degrading and meant to insult.

What if DAP had succeeded in ruling Selangor in May 1969?

Play with fire, get burnt

I do not mind if Dapsters get the better of BN in arguments but I find their methodology – to win at any cost – utterly grotesque. We can see the lengths to which DAP supporters will go to defend the indefensible.

We witnessed how they had no qualms about trying to destroy Chew Mei Fun’s reputation. If they can be so cruel to a Chinese, imagine what they do to those races they despise.

Currently Dapster-evangelistas are exploiting the ‘Allah’ issue, and true to form, they blame Umno for manipulating religious tensions.

The Dapster attitude – insisting their black is white; their hate is love, their war is peace, destruction is reconciliation – is just too much to stomach. But when they insist their God is Allah, it is a disaster in the making.

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47 thoughts on “Dapsters dangerously dicing with ‘Allah’

  1. Helen, perangai ni kami semua dah sedia maalum. Mulut mereka penuh dengan racun bisa. I live among them, they hate Malays and Islam. So they don’t know how to differentiate Muslims working under Pakatan or in UMNO.

    Aritu badmouthing about the increase of business license kat certain areas in Selangir on top of his voice with all rotten cursing words.. When I told him Selangor is under Pakatan.. Tersenyap.

    The feelings mutual for those in PAS. I gave a lift to one hard core PAS supporter to town. Due to heavy traffic n jam, took a shortcut thru the Kampung baru Cina village. Roads are narrow and he was so tense.. Ask him why? All 35yrs living here he never once stepped foot this way. Ban by parents. “Kawasan jijik and tak selamat and full of gangsters”.. Thts what they have been taught since small. He used the word JIJIK!

    However my siblings plied this area almost daily, naik bus sekolah khas budak2 SJKC. Our hairdressor n tailors pon duk dalam komuniti ini. My Amah’s children also live here.

    So much hate and hypocrisy in their lives.. These Apek DAP and PAS fellas. Greed for power bring them together, only on voting papers actually, in reality they just cannot stand one another.

    1. This is so true. Only those who knows these two communities well will understand. But under under the mantra of hatred for UMNO, they forge a false marriage of convenient.

  2. When any Govt. meddle with race or religion to divide it’s people to continue governing anywhere in the world, it is always a recipe for disaster in the making. Malaysia seems to be heading that way.

    The alternative would be for a Govt. to rule justly, wisely, compassionately, fairly with integrity and uphold the rule of laws passed by the Rakyat’s elected representatives.

    In order for that to happen, Govt servants and elected representatives needs to have such virtues which ironically are the virtues exposed by most religions.

    Obviously , a lot has gone astray in Malaysia.

    1. care to correct our grammar.

      “When any Govt meddle ” should be better written “If a gov’t meddles..”

      “…to divide it’s people..” should be “…to divide its ..”

      “…Govt servants and elected representatives needs ..”should be correctly written “..government (small “g”) servants and elected representatives need..(no “s” in “need”)


  3. Bangi is majority muslim area. I dont understand why we need one hindu temple there . Also there are already alot of temples around and Hindus is not that many. I dont understand why they need this.

    Ke asal ada pokok besar depa mula la nak sembahyang.

  4. I would like to clarify that I have never commented at MalaysiaKini. That person by the name of survivor is not me.

  5. I attended a closed-door May 13 incidence presentation. The presenter stated that DAP was the provocateur of the incidence. Of course as you stated DAP would blame it on UMNO.

    I really hope that DAP will learn from its mistake. But base on the current situation, DAP has really inflamed it. This time it is using religion to provoke it.

    Turning to the Temple issue, there are 3 temples near Hospital Serdang. Just across the SILK highway and parallel to the temple, there is another temple, which is beside the famous Biryani Gum Batu Pahat restaurant. and about 300 metres from this location and in-front of UNITEN main entrance yet there is another temple. This is just a statement and nothing more than that.

    1. Itu kat serdang area kak Helen. Dekat jalan reko yang berhampiran dengan ktm komuter pon ada sebiji lagi. Tak silap area econsave along the same road pon ada.

      Lagi satu, betul ke 125 tahun usia kuil tu? Entah2 saiz 2×2 kaki je 125 tahun yang lalu.
      Ok this is just a statement nothing more than that.

  6. This all happen because we have a weak “akademi fantasia” type PM who is a crowd pleaser. Force down our throat with “majoriti malaysian don’t want ISA (say who?)” policy.

    Biar BN kalah so we can flush this kind of leaders down the toilet.

    Mantan BN supporter

    1. BN tidak akan dapat balik kuasa setelah tewas. Ini kerana pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat yang di dominasi puak Firsters adalah pemerintahan ala kuku besi. Sesiapa saja yang menentang mereka akan dapat layanan yang teramat kejam.

      Dah lupa kah apa yang Guan Eng kata apabila di tanya soalan yang dia enggan jawab ? I will sue ! Inilah yang bakal akan melanda BN dan penyokong BN selepas BN tewas.

      1. Yes, Guan Eng said “I will sue” but in the same breath, he also said “you see what I do to you”.

        re: “Sesiapa saja yang menentang mereka akan dapat layanan yang teramat kejam.”

        Like the treatment meted out to Tunku Aziz.

        The most dangerous thing about the evangelistas is the psychology of their lies.

        For example, it’s true that most employers convicted of abusing their maid are the Chinese. It’s also true that Malays have this preconception/prejudice that Chinese bosses are capable of bullying and even torturing their workers.

        So when the Dapsters kenakan Chew Mei Fun with the “maid abuser” flyers distributed to Kajang Malay areas, it was employing a particular piece of fitnah that would seem believable and resonate with the audience. Now how sneakily Evilangista is that?

        Another example of psychology is when they spread the story that I’m a Muslim convert. The evangelistas know how much the Chinese hate mualaf and are also aware of the general perception that those Chinese who are sympathetic to Malays and to Islam tend to be mualaf.

        So when they deliberately call me Helen Ang Abdullah, it is with the calculated purpose of inciting hatred among a Chinese audience and banking on the psychology that their lie will be believed. But the very fact that they would stoop to doing such a thing shows their contempt for other people’s faith. They have respect for the sacred.

        To add on to WIT’s prediction that Pakatan will maintain their chokehold once acquiring power, we can see this happening in Selangor where Pakatan have used all the state propanganda resources available (and even created new ones like Selangor TV, Selangorkini, Media Selangorku and the now defunct Selangot Times to brainwash young Malays to hate Umno.

        Once successful in grabbing power, DAP will keep the absolute power by using all the dirty tactics because their operatives have no boundaries of conscience and their supporters view the world in black and white (e.g. their belief that Umno engineered May 13 and DAP played no role in sparking the cause and effect).

        1. Helen,

          Although i know many Malays hate DAP, I realise that they underestimate the cruelty that DAP inflicts on us.

          That is because DAP though ruling Penang, is not ruling Malaysia. . As such its capabilty (for now) to be a tyranny is limited. For the time being.

          DAP is leading the chinese to collide with the Malays.,. DAP is fuelling a fantasy to Chinese that they can edge the malays from political power. it is a dangerous political game. It is very fatal too.

          And chinese took the bait.

          1. re: “they underestimate the cruelty that DAP inflicts on us”

            Perhaps Melayu mudah lupa, like about the Bintang Tiga atrocities.

  7. Helen,

    Apa yang anda post kali ini adalah himpunan hampir kesemua sifat-sifat yang menjadi pakaian puak-puak pembangkang.
    Sebenarnya, pakaian ini mereka pakai sejak berpuloh tahun dahulu dan sebab itu mereka sukar menjadi pemerintah dan kekal sebagai pembangkang.

    Apa yang mereka buat pada zaman IT ini ialah meningkatkan penggunaan media sosial dan mengubah cara melalui ‘peperangan persepsi’ supaya kerajaan BN khususnya UMNO akan kelihatan buruk.

    Mereka menggunakan budaya ‘orang kita’ iaitu mudah percaya kepada ‘kabar-angin’ maka sejumlah rakyat begitu mudah mengikut dan mempercayai mereka.

    Malang sekali, puak-puak pembangkang ini mempunyai satu kelemahan yang akhirnya akan diketahui juga.
    Kelemahan mereka amat mudah dikenal-pasti iaitu ‘kebodohan tahap gaban’!

    Sebab, lihat sahaja bagaimana mereka tadbir negeri yang mereka berjaya rebut dari BN….dan bagi rakyat yang mahu berfikir, tentu mereka akan faham.

    Saya tidak kata pemimpin BN ini bijak tetapi ada sejumlah mereka pun sama juga tahap kebijaksanaan mereka dengan puak
    pembangkang maka setiapkali mereka ini buka mulut, rating BN jatuh dan jatuh lagi.

    Saya melihat BN, khususnya UMNO dan sekutunya mempunyai terlalu ramai pemimpin yang ‘bermuka-muka’ atau bermuka-dua serta menggunting dalam lipatan yang menambah kepada jatuhnya rating BN ke tahap sekarang.

    Memang teruk tapi itulah ‘trending’ dewasa ini kerana menjadi ahli politik zaman ini bukan lagi kerana mahu berkhidmat kepada rakyat dan negara sebaliknya ialah kerjaya lumayan dengan gaji, elaun serta peluang nak buat duit.

    Malaysia sudah menjadi sebuah negara yang 100% berorientasikan materialistik!

    1. re: lihat sahaja bagaimana mereka tadbir negeri yang mereka berjaya rebut dari BN…. dan bagi rakyat yang mahu berfikir, tentu mereka akan faham.

      Model perniagaan mereka ‘Model Sylvester & Tweety’. Secara halus dan tidak terperasan exercise akta-akta yang dapat mengurangkan perbelanjaan untuk rakyat (cara menangani defisit berbillion ringgit dari 2010 hingga sekarang). Tersangat cetek pemikiran mereka mengatasi permasalahan rakyat, lebih kepada ‘lepas tangan’.

      Seperti contoh diatas 14,360 tweets, terlalu banyak cakap, tindakan membina habuk, kosong. Jangan terperanjat jika tweets menyamai followers.

  8. Yeah they got no qualms for anyone on earth they said they love God fascinating and glued to their own kind an ayam tambatan LKS

  9. re: The presenter stated that DAP was the provocateur of the incidence.

    That much is evident (to me anyway). It was DAP who provoked and UMNO/Harun Idris who retaliated in response. Would there have been bloodshed and chaos if there was no provocation? Would the Malays have melatah-ed into mengamuk in a premeditated plot? I don’t think so. If I know the Malay psyche, its was probably because of the “kurang ajar” nature of the provocateurs that was intolerable and which drove them to aggression.

    Wiki: ‘After the opposition held a victory rally to humiliate the Malay government, UMNO leaders called for a retaliatory rally to be held on May 13 to “teach the Chinese a lesson”.

    But now we have even independent thinkers like Kua Kia Soong writing about May 13 but not admitting to DAP’s open provocation as probable cause for the national shame.

    Razak or TDM should have haramkan DAP instead of letting the national sore fester and turn gangrenous like it is today. Jibby, instead of amputating the abominable mutation, is pinching his nose and pussy-footing around it, offering soothing salves and hoping that the raging infection is somehow cured instead of traveling to the brain and infecting it.

    Too late, dumbass. 90-95% of the Chinese have contracted the zombie virus and there’s no turning back.

    ‘Obviously, a lot has gone astray in Malaysia.’

    Damned right.

  10. good posting. tak sabaq aku nak share di fb. mesti ramai yg akan unfriend aku lepas ni. kah kah kah

  11. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I don’t think they will stop spinning stories until they get what they wanted. They spin stories and when their news portals picked up news from BERNAMA, they’ll spin the title because they know that lots of their readers only read the titles and the comments but do not really read the whole articles.

    It is very sad when the innocent Malays are tricked and ended up hating the Islamic authorities including the Muftis. They trust Mujahid a self proclaimed Muslim scholar but said bad things about a good Mufti like Tan Sri Dr Haji Harussani.

    If now they can spin everything including the Federal Constitution, what will happen if they got the power? It will be very good if they love the country and are sincere and sensible people. Look at what happen in DAP, PKR and PAS party election. Why can’t the people see?

      1. They will win the next general election. Too many people have been taken in by their lies.

        1. Raja Petra says in his latest column if this happens there will be civil war. Do you believe him?

          1. Yes I believe him. The biggest losers are the Chinese. They are delusional if they think they can get away with all this anti Malay anti Muslim thing they have been doing. Its going to be a bright new day.

            But of course the pro opposition commentators of this blog will say “you all say this will happen, that will happen but so far it hasn’t happen”. True that’s because like an earthquake, it will happen when people least expect it.

            You know what karma is? cause and effect. It takes time for things to converge and come full circle. Some people are going to pay a heavy price and you don’t need me to tell you which group of people I’m referring to :)

        2. highly unlikely. sabah & sarawak ada 56 kerusi parlimen, depa hanya menang 9. selagi isu allah & hudud masih jadi hot potato, pas tak boleh knock-out umno. the dayaks of sarawak memang tak layan parti2 politik dari semenanjung termasuk the big bro.

          1. Can you pls give us a cursory list of the native-Christian majority Parliament seats?

            Bernard Dompok lost Penampang in GE13.

            1. dear Helen, sori i don’t have the data. can spr furnish the info? anyway, as far as i know the hot potato (allah & hudud) is a non-issue especially in sarawak. trust you are aware of how the state is being managed.

              dap memang dok cucuk gila2, tapi memang payah kerana muslims & christians ada pertalian darah. cina kristian depa boleh buat lauk. kekalahan bernard dompok bukan kerana dia kristian atau pengundi2 kristian. sekiranya bn kalah disabah pada pru14 nanti, umno perlu bertanggung jawab. cheers!

              1. re: “anyway, as far as i know the hot potato (allah & hudud) is a non-issue especially in sarawak. trust you are aware of how the state is being managed.”

                Quite independently :)

                Anyway, glad to hear that the DAP is not getting the traction they hope for despite the “cucuk gila”.

      2. The question is why the ruling leadership can’t see it? In fact now they are walking into their trap. They are very confident now because of Malay disunity.

        What Sophia said during Teluk Intan byelection did not come from her heart or her mind. She was just a parrot trained by LKS and son. Fortunately the Teluk Intan people were very wise and it backfired to LKS and son.

    1. “They trust Mujahid a self proclaimed Muslim scholar but said bad things about a good Mufti like Tan Sri Dr Haji Harussani.”

      Perak Mufti back in 2006 claimed that 100k Muslims have renounced Islam.

      He has yet to clarify on his allegation (as far as I am aware of). Where is his credibility?

      1. Dear abc,

        Tan Sri Dr Haji Harussani has the evidence, go and see him or talk to people who has discussed the matter with him. Of course, Malaysiakini will not publish what they do not want their readers to know.

        How about this?

        ” … a statement made by Pas president Haji Yusof Rawa that 66,000 Malays had abandoned Islam.” – Kertas Putih Parlimen 1988.

        1. If he has the evidence, by all means please report to the authorities. Bear in mind; proselytising Muslims is an offence. Similarly, renouncing Islam is also an offence. Both converter and converted have committed a crime. This is no small issue. Trust the law and the legal system.

          BTW, intentionally concealing evidence of an alleged crime is also a crime. Harussani is doing no good to anyone (including himself) by ‘keeping the evidence’ as alleged by you.

          When people asked him to produce the evidence, he side stepped the issue.

          In fact, I want to advise certain quarters that keep on making allegation that Christians were proselytising Muslims. You know that it is an offence under the law for both converter and converted. Since this is criminalized by laws, why not let the legal process takes its due course? If you have evidence, please report to the authorities. Let the authorities investigate. Let the AG prosecute. Let the court adjudicate. After all, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

          If you have no evidence, just keep quiet.

          re: Kertas Putih Parlimen 1988.

          Where is the evidence? Any MP can make any statement.

          1. Dear abc,

            re: “Where is the evidence? Any MP can make any statement.”

            You mean PAS leaders like Mujahid’s father, Khalid Samad and Mat Sabu lied? I thought PR supporters support them.

  12. Was is not lim guan eng who started the “Allah” issue …… and now we see the outcome….. religious conflict !

    Who started the may 13 incidence ?…….

    True Malaysians should be peace loving.
    It will all be in Malaysian history..

  13. Tapi elok juga they r now coming out in the open. Sudah membuka mata semua dgn niat tersembunyi mereka. Tapi slowly but surely akan memakan diri mereka sendiri.

    Our youngs r very particular where they shop these days, Alhamdulillah.. Pelekeh lagi bangsa dan Agama kami.

    Mula tunjuk hasil, since January sudah 8 Apek Dapsters business dkawasan saya udah gulung tikar! 3 buah lagi nyawa2 ikan. Majority of them depended on the Malays for survival tapi ngada2, biadap dan gedik – kita pulaukn sja mereka macam ni..

    Look at the performance of Selangor n Penang. Under them Foreign Investment dah merudum..

    See why they r eeying for Sarawak? Nak menyelit pi balun whatever they can squeeze from there, like parasites! Sendiri tak mampu berdiri asyik nak menumpang aje.

  14. And the PM who once said this is not the era of the leaders knowing what’s best but for them to listen the voices on the ground, has appointed 2 Ministers and like 4 deputy Ministers from Gerakan and MCA. He appointed MoT from MCA and Minister in PM’s Department from Gerakan, when the least he could do was switch the portfolio. After all Gerakan seems to be more in tune with the BN spirit then MCA. And what’s with all the deputy ministers from MCA?

    Kalau PM betul-betul dengar the voices on the ground, then he should be kicking MCA out of BN. I’m pissed!

    1. It is better for Umno that MCA is in the cabinet. If not MCA will become DAP 2, criticising Umno from outside. At least now Najib can tell them what KJ uses to do “SHUT UP”.

  15. Dear Helen,

    We can keep on harping about their shortcomings but unfortunately as you and most of your readers know already, there is no hope no cure for these ‘holy lombong water’ drinkers.
    I would like to suggest to you and the others maybe dedicate a post on suggestions and ways that we can do to make these people wake up and realise what is really happening and what their so called saviours are doing to them and the nation.

    I am quite sure there is still a lot of rasional Chinese that have realised this even though percentage is small.

    This is just a suggestion as I am to at lost on what to do. Furthermore, because you are Chinese maybe you’ll be able to hopefully understand better the mentality of these people even though it was you that declared them no hope no cure.

    A single person might not be able to think of everything but with a lot of heads, maybe, just maybe there can be a glimmer of hope…..

    My two sen worth…..

    1. I live among them, kena banyak bersabar.

      Many will desperately try to show-off what they actually don’t possess, so go along with them so as not to dent their egos. Meanwhile let them discover for themselves they are merely empty drums. Anak LKS mula dulu asyik sembur sana sini, semua oghang dia ban iyu ini atau nak sue, nah sekarang dah nampak diam sikit?

      .. We see how they try to run down, sampai guna oghang kat London, to discredit Sarawak CM. He did nothing, did not sue them bla bla but let figures show. (See now they are silently among themselves trying the same tricks on Mukhriz). Today the figures speak for them.. Sarawak and Kedah’s FDI as compared to the Pakatan states.

      ..Tahap jeles mereka meluak2. Go around them as humble as our religion commands. Mereka akan rasa malu dgn sendirinya dgn kebodohan diri sendiri.

      Mula bercampur dgn mereka amboi mak, anak2 mereka tak dbenar bercampur dgn oghang2 Melayu pasai takut jadi bodoh bla bla. 15yrs on they see for themselves.. Takat SPM anak nak dapat satu A pun dah dok kelupoq siang malam kena pi tiution! Muahaha

      Now they r trying hard to split the Bumis in Semenanjung and East Malaysia using Christianity as their senjata. Go figure for yourself why. Kenapa tak sibuk dgn Perlis.. Dekat aja tak payah pi naik kapalterbang pon..

      Akan makan diri sendiri. Mereka rasa tanpa BN they can perform. So let them.. Ingat foreign investors bodoh macam depa ke.. Depa pon duk peghati dari jauh la..

      Perangai tahap budak Tabika..

  16. Emergent religion to the Chinese is secondary / isolate they oscillate irregularly ever since their jarum works unfavourably that’s MCA is treachery and lackey of UMNO / BN now their round two jarum the Allah issue ini kali Mr. Najib mau lembut-lembut lagi ka

  17. Seriously though, shouldn’t there be a review of the current Hindu temples and shrines with regard to their location’s zoned usage?

    If legal then leave them alone and if not, then either move them or gazette it as legal if there is sufficient reason but the original land owner must be compensated if the temple is to stay.

  18. “What had transpired inside DAP and the manner they treated their own in times of needs. Irene Chang, the wife of YB Wong Ho Leng, the DAP MP for Sibu as well as the DAP Sarawak Chairman blasted her own party, the DAP for failing to provide or even offer any form of financial support to her husband in respect of his medical treatment for brain tumour.

    What Irene Chang said “Wong is sick and we need money for his medical treatment and all that Guan Eng can say or do is that the party will support us morally and help service the constituency…During the Sibu by-election and the Sarawak State election last year, we used up almost all of our personal savings of RM700,000 for campaign expenses as there was very little support from DAP HQ. Then we begged the Foo Chow clansmen and businessmen for donations and financial aid and we managed to raise over RM10 million from friends, relatives and well-wishers…I think we probably spent about RM4 million from that amount but the rest seemed to have been transferred from DAP Sarawak and disappeared into the party coffers in DAP HQ and we have no access to the funds…Where is the humanitarian support to us in this time of difficulty? Not a single sen coming out from the party after all that we have done and achieved for the party. Shame on you Guan Eng.” (reproduced and edited from

    If DAP does not care for its MP which spent money and effort for the sake of party when the MP was sick he was abandoned. Do you think that DAP will help the Chinese let alone other races? Luckily for the DAP MP, the Chief Minister of Sarawak came to help by giving him RM1 million for medical treatment in Singapore.

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