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Jogging Najib and Umno’s memory on the MCA treachery

The Malay Street does not believe that the Chinese Tsunami could have been possible without the collusion of the MCA.

Throughout the GE13 campaign, the MCA paper was cheering on Pakatan. The J-Star is a nest of evangelistas.

The following is what former Info Minister and ex-Utusan Group Editor Zainuddin Maidin disclosed of the MCA newsroom shenanigans:

“Saya mendapat khabar beberapa orang pengarang-pengarang kanan The Star tidak lagi dapat menahan perasaan kecewa dan sedih mereka apabila BN diumumkan menang pada malam 5 Mei itu walaupun pada mulanya mereka telah meloncat-loncat kegembiraan kerana kemaraan Pakatan Rakyat.”

Below are screen captures of a Google search on J-Star headlines appearing on the eve (4 May 2014) as well as on polling day:

-May 5, 2013- vote election -Pakatan Rakyat

-May 4, 2013- vote election -Pakatan Rakyat

‘Malaysian Spring is hope for a better country …’ (headline)

‘Pakatan Rakyat has run Selangor capably …’ (headline)

“Anwar Ibrahim has declared that Pakatan Rakyat will win its way to Putrajaya” (first paragraph)

“Anwar said he was optimistic for Pakatan Rakyat despite the claim of vote buying and the use of foreigners to support BN” (second paragraph)

Nyata J-Star sebilah Gunting Dalam Lipatan.

GE13- Anwar is bullish on capturing Putrajaya

-perfect storms

Below is what J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai wrote on election eve (May 4):

“The crowd at every DAP ceramah in major towns across the nation has been massive. The mostly Chinese crowd flocks to these political talks by the thousands to cheer the DAP leaders, and when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speaks, they are all convinced that, this time, Pakatan Rakyat will surely take over Putrajaya.

“In short, this is it – going by the Pakatan battle cry of ini kali lah and ubah.

“At these mega gatherings, DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang leads the crowd in a chorus, in Mandarin, that on May 5, the Federal Government will be changed.

“Caught up in the euphoria, many political groupies often travel from constituency to constituency, every night, to listen to their heroes.

“Many are convinced that on May 5, change will happen, and they want to be part of the history because Pakatan leaders will be in charge.

“It would not be wrong to say that among some sections of the DAP loyalists, the mood has reached a hysterical, or even fanatical, level. So whatever one may say about the right to choose in a democracy, the Chinese who support Barisan Nasional are branded as “traitors” and “running dogs” by these groups.

“At these ceramah, DAP leaders are already talking openly of throwing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad into jail. Even Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has not been spared.”

GE13- Of Chinese storm and Malay voters


Why should Najib Razak be branded a racist for spontaneously uttering the phrase “Chinese Tsunami” upon learning of the devastating election results when only a day earlier Wong Chun Wai, the J-Star then Group Editor, had published a headline that said “Chinese storm”?

Logo since June 2013

After all, Wong’s paper belongs to the country’s biggest “Chinese” political party. And the MCA media itself confessed the “Chinese storm” aspiration a day before Najib’s utterance.

Evangelista Wong himself admitted that the mood of the Chinese was “hysterical, or even fanatical”. He further reported: “DAP leaders are already talking openly of throwing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad into jail.”

This being so was Najib, in saying the “Chinese Tsunami” word, some kind of “racist” instigator as his critics would suggest?

Enough is enough of the bullying. I’m sure a lot of BN leaders and supporters are sick and tired of being called “racists”, “extremists”, “bigots” and “hatemongers” by the Chinese and the Christians.

And what about the 10 percent  the Chinese who refused to support DAP or the opposition? We’re called “traitors” and “running dogs” by the Dapsters who thought Putrajaya was in their hand (Wong revealed this name calling in his ‘Chinese storm’ article).

Why does MCA regard BN as its enemy?

As an ordinary Netizen greeting the news today, I must say I’m happy to hear that MCA is given only one ministry – Transport.

For the rest of the MCA Cabinet appointments, read HERE.

Since the MCA is now part of the government, it must stop behaving like the DAP.

Most recently, Wong Chun Wai castigated the Minister of Islam Jamil Khir Baharom as being “Way out of line!” for clarifying that Malaysia is not a secular country.

It is the MCA and its Scissorati who are way out of line.

However I believe that Najib has given a subtle signal today through his snub of the MCA. Umno is smart enough to figure out the next move.

Way out of line! - On The Beat - The Star Online 2014-06-25 22-59-38

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33 thoughts on “Jogging Najib and Umno’s memory on the MCA treachery

  1. The fact is the chinaman from Dap Mca and Gerakan did vote for the opposition, no need to question that, As it is and was in the first place chinamans own racist politics that won them their seats so what is the difference of Chinese racist politics and chinese tsunami.

    We all know how frenzied all these chinese ppl were during the election period and how they tried to show their colors thinking they will take over Putrajaya and it wouldnt be any racist undertones at all for them.

    As for the Mca inclusion into the cabinet, its really is a waste. why spoon feed the chinese now yet they will turn around and spit in anyones face without hesitance. Since they think that they are superior and more motivated to Dap crap. Mca maybe be there with alterior motives like keeping the pot warm for GE 14, always remember the big C in Mca…. thats what its all about.

    GE 14, in fact we do not need to wait till 2018, painting is already on the wall in West Malaysia, Ka Siong. Tiong Lai, Chuas son, Subramaniam, Palanivel, x 2 gerakan and a host of others it will be their sayoara song. as such Dap push into East Malaysia.

    But as of now we dont see any real action by BN/Umno, everybody seems happy twiddling their fingers and sitting on their asses as in ge13.

    As for Najib he now is the new poster boy for the tree primates, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil !!!

    1. re: “If the opposition had won ge13 it would be a sure bet that they would have coined the phrase chinese tsunami”

      You’re right. If Pakatan had won GE13 as the MCA editors were wishing and hoping, then the Chinese would have proudly claimed the tsunami.

      But with the BN winning the election, The J-Star did it’s utmost to bullshit the voter trend as “Malaysian tsunami”, “urban tsunami”.

  2. Tajuk ulangtahun MCA treachery amat menarik the Malay streets tak jadi amok evangelist gigit jari MCA dapat tulang dah kira baik laa makan kuah DAP UMNO dah dapat isi komen tak sirious Harap maaf

  3. This Liow Tiong Lai sounds like that “HINDRAF” man who left the GOMEN.

    Najib made another mistake?

    Or Tiong Lai should stay out of cabinet….then he can LANYAK the govt as he likes……

    This is like a THREAT to Najib…… and poor Najib still keep quiet?

    Ohhhhhhh my PRIME MINISTER !………a laughing stock?

    1. The major difference is that Waythamoorthy kept his distance from the system whereas Liow Tiong Lai kept knocking on Najib’s door begging to be let in.

      Hindraf shot to prominence only in late 2007 with their street rally. MCA has been partnering Umno since 1952.

      Hindraf has very little funding and is driven by the spirit of sacrifice and volunteerism. MCA is a fat cat party and in the early days of the Alliance (when Umno was poor too), MCA was Mister Money Bags. The first Alliance HQ was based in the MCA building in Jln Ampang.

      Hindraf supporters comprise the poorest Indians. MCA backers comprise the Chinese taukes who want to secure contracts, Ali Baba deals and build cables to the corridors of power.

      Hindraf has always been an outsider even when they were briefly in the PMO following the signing of the MOU. Since the inception of Alliance-BN, MCA has always been the next in line following Umno’s position as anchor party.

      Hindraf made it clear that they were in Putrajaya only to implement the Blueprint to uplift marginalized Indians. MCA has always been a part of the establishment from Day 1 and even before Merdeka.

      Hindraf held only one Deputy Minister post. MCA had 4 Ministers and 9 Deputies in 2004.

      Hindraf is a loose organization and after the ISA arrests had splintered whereas MCA is a political party claiming one million members.

      Listed above are their many differences.

      However there is one similarity between Hindraf and MCA. They are both associations: Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia and Malaysian Chinese Association.

      And both have about the same number of supporters. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

      1. If Hindraft is a little patience they might have a minister with portfolio by now.

        One thing that is very obvious is that whatever they ask for in the “blueprint” is already existing in the current system, it is matter of matching the needs with the existing resources.

        1. The Cabinet is bloated. Don’t see how such an XL sized Cabinet can sustain its own weight.

          1. Portfolio such as ” Indian Community Social Welfare/Affairs” or something to the effect carries a weight. It is a bureaucratic organization in nature for any government agency, so “excessive” is only natural.

            I wonder how many members without IC does Hindraf have? Has hindraf gone to ground and do the work? Without IC none is entitled to any help.

        2. Look at the blueprint properly. Most of the requests are not existent in government programs.

          1. I have discussed this at length with Helen last time, where we were practically at each other throat.

            For instance Hindraft asked for scholarship for Indian students with a proposed budget. The scholarship program is already available for deserving students of all races. PTPTN is free if a student achieved 3.75 CGPA at any college and this applied to everyone regardless of races.Thus this request is irrelevant.

            There is a request for youth training with proposed budget. The question is, in what area and where? Are they going to set up their own training facility i.e. Indian-centric? If so, fine but do they have the expertise to execute this? This is where it is lacking.

            There is request for crime prevention program with proposed budget. The question is how and what? Are they going to set up their own police task force? If they are talking about youth education and training, this goes back to the above para that I mentioned above.

            SJKT is neither relevant nor beneficial to the Indian community. Unlike SJKC, the Indian community does not have a solid network to absorb SJKT school leavers like SJKC’s. Still allocation for SJKT is already available. The point is nobody speak Tamil in the current business world, if mother tongue and Tamil culture are required, might as well make them a compulsory module and a must pass for every Tamil student in National School.

            The point is their request are all valid but at the same time there are too many redundancies.

            A request such as AGROPOLITAN project for displaced estate workers sounds more pragmatic and doable. This is just one group that need help and agriculture is their backbone business and they have the ready skill for that. Moving on, urban poor for example may need TEKUN and Micro-Credit to start small business, this is already available and the stress must be on ensuring the assistance meet the target market.

            I can go on and on, and there is nothing in the blueprint that I can’t counter argue without facts.

            1. Can you pls give us the link where you sourced the Hindraf blueprint from so that we can all refer to the same document? I want us to be precise as to which version is being discussed as otherwise we’ll be talking at cross purposes.

              The MoU signed with BN in April 2013 toned down what Hindraf originally asked earlier when the movement opened discussions with both Pakatan and the ruling party.

              Subsequent discussions between Waytha and the PM whittled down the scope of the Blueprint for the first year (it was a 5-year plan) further.

              1. I can’t recall, but there is the list of budget for every initiatives from education to crime prevention. I think it was about the day Wathya resigned.

                I think I also commented that he doesn’t have the planning and execution skill sets. He wanted money upfront and complained that he was left in the dark with no help whatsoever in the office.

                1. Okay, I know the one you’re referring to. Will look it up when I have the time.

                  1. Is this the one?

                    1. LOL was referring to the figures Waytha released to the reporters following his resignation. But you can clarify what LOL says against the MoU.

      2. Helen

        I totally agree with you on this issue. This bunch of MCA crooks are only interested in money and power, not that I blame them, “make hay while the sun shin shines” but at whose expense?

        Every year I have to pay a five digit figure in taxes so do you agree if I have a right to question what’s going on and Im not even a businessman. We may all have our political bias but ask ourselves one simple question. What about the poor downtrodden irrespective of race or religion trying to keep their heads above the water? Majority of my staff are Malay are they feel that are being discriminated too.


    1. 1Malaysia hanya mempunyai seorang-seorang sahaja pendokongnya, yakni Najib Razak.

  4. PM Najib has one ambition, to be BAPAK MALAYSIA NEGARA MAJU, thats all. Nothing else matters to him. and time is running short

  5. I think the blogger and her commentators do not understand the concept of democracy in voting.

    What does it matter whether a Chinese or Malay or Indian vote any of the opposition parties or not vote at all.

    Why the hatred? Betrayal? Of whom? What a joke!

    It should be the party wanting to win should go out and prove they are worthy of any of the citizens vote.

    Prove yourself not slander and blame others for not getting the votes. Worst are those who start turning it into a racial or religious thing.

    It only goes towards the level of civility of some people and their level of intelligence. Such ugly Malaysians.

    1. re: “What does it matter whether a Chinese or Malay or Indian vote any of the opposition parties or not vote at all.”

      It does not matter if 99% of the Chinese choose to vote DAP. It’s still democracy; after all, 95% or more black women voted Obama.

      The issue is the MCA demanding to sit in Cabinet, collecting Senatorships, directorships (like Port Klang-PKFZ) and expecting a whole slew of govt positions and funding when the majority of their members voted Pakatan and the MCA media was campaigning for the DAP evangelistas.

      MCA should request for their posts and funding from the Selangor and Penang governments.

  6. Pada saya PM Najib ni ibarat seorang yang ‘tak sedar diri’ mengambil pekerja yang ‘tak tahu diuntung’…..

    Apapun, umum masih ternanti-nanti apakah tindakannya akan membawa perubahan positif atau sebenarnya hubungan yang sudah retak ini menjadi belah buat selama-lamanya?

    PM Najib fikir beliau ialah ‘gam-gajah’?

  7. Sir. Lim Kit Siang supposed to called upon QE like what Hindraf did to beg for her excellency grace Malaysia for the Malaysian’s because he is the protégé.

  8. Berkokok sekuat mana sekali pon Cina yg mata2 duitan dah dpt lihat mereka sendirian tak boleh bergerak jauh sangat tanpa sokongan kaum majoriti Negara ini.

    Nu Sarawak, Kedah dan Johore duk kalut bawa masuk banyak pelaburan luaq masakan nak let go gitu saja habuan mereka? Tanpa kehadiran MCA, dan walaupon geng Pakatan kalut dok meracun minda sedunia, Negeri2 BN masih dberi penuh kepercayaan oleh pelabur asing.

    Najib kalau buat apa saja keputusan jangan lupa ya, majoriti yang membolehkan anda berada kat atas tu adalah dari kaum Bumiputra.

    Nak hulur 25% kat Cina, no problem tapi pertahankan baki 60% dan bagi le kaum Bumiputra benar2 kali ini rasa juga ya… Dari segi ekonomi itu dacing lambang BN jangan kasi senget sebelah ya!

    DAP, Keadilan dan PAS jemput terus melalak sekuat2nya. Lambat laun perut kamu sekadar masuk angin saja, badan jadi tembam2 belaka.

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