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Perjuangan gereja yang belum selesai mahukan Melayu diberi kebebasan beragama

Malayan Christian Council telah mengemukakan permintaan yang kepada Suruhanjaya Reid yang merangka Perlembagaan Persekutuan supaya Malaya dijadikan sebuah negara sekular, supaya Islam tidak diletakkan sebagai agama persekutuan dan supaya orang Melayu diberikan kebebasan beragama dan dasar-dasar menyekat kegiatan dakwah Kristian diketepikan.

Skan di bawah ialah kertas sulit yang “declassified” (dibuka untuk rujukan umum) yang diperolehi dari Pejabat Rekod Awam di Kew, London.

Anda bacalah sendiri.

Perkembangan semasa membayangkan bahawa tuntutan-tuntutan yang dibuat gereja pada tahun 1956 kepada British sedang dihidupkan kembali.

***  ***   ***



Summary Record of Hearing

held in the Conference Room at 11 a.m.

on Thursday, 23rd August, 1956


Lord Reid
Sir William McKell
Mr. Chief Justice Malik
Mr. Justice Abdul Hamid
Sir Ivor Jennings
Mr. E. C. Laird (Secretary)
Dr. Ho Seng Ong, Chairman of the Council, Director of Methodist Education Board;
Archdeacon R. W. Woods, acting for Bishop H. W. Baines as Head of Anglican Church in Malaya;
Rev. R. L. Archer, Bishop Emeritus of Methodist Church of Malaya;
Rev. Roland Koh, Acting Vicar, St. Mary’s Church, Kuala Lumpar;
Rev. P. C. John, Minister of Mar-Thoma Church, North and Central
Rev. J. Sutton, Associate General Secretary, Malayan Christian Council.

The Chairman welcomed the Delegation, congratulated them on the clarity of their memorandum and asked if they had anything further to add.

Dr. Ho Seng Ong appreciated the opportunity of meeting the Commission and said that the main concern of the Council was that they should retain in the future all the rights and privileges they now held. The Chairman said he understood these to include complete freedom of thought and expression, freedom to held religious services, the right to obtain land and property for the Churches, etc. He was not, however, fully aware of the views of the Council on the future of the Church schools. Dr. Ho said that the State gave a very generous grant to Church Schools and that the Council endorsed and supported the Government’s recently announced education policy. They fully recognised that the question of Government grants must be determined in the light of future policy. As a secondary point, he considered that a clause should be written into the new constitution to ensure that there were no limitations regarding religious freedom and to enable the present field of religious freedom to be enlarged. Bishop Archer stated that, at the moment, the Churches were not free to preach to the Malays and, in particular, to the aborigines.

Mr. Hamid asked if there were any laws which prevented the Churches proselytizing. Dr. Ho replied that, as far as the schools were concerned, there were definite restrictions under the School Code with regard to Muslims. There was a law which prevented a Muslim child from attending religious services of other denominations, even if the boy or the parents wished it.

Archdeacon Woods referred to the Treaty of Pangkor, 1876, in which it was laid down that the Ruler should act upon the advice of the British Adviser except on matters concerning the religion and customs of his people. There was no law prohibiting the Christian Churches proselytizing the Malays, bat to try to interest a Malay in Christianity was considered an affront to local Muslims. Policy in the matter had hardened over the years and nobody was prepared to consider suggesting a change. The Chairman said that all that could be written into the new constitution was some safeguard to prevent discriminatory action being taken against the Churches or the Malays.

Mr. Sutton then emphasised once again that they were very concerned over the question of freedom for all people to choose their religion. It was a fundamental and important right. In the constitution of Pakistan there was no law to prevent a Muslim changing his religion, and they wished to see the same religious freedom in Malaya. The Chairman said that the Commission could certainly consider the legal aspects of this question.

Dr. Ho then referred to the implications of the request of some people that the Muslim religion should be the new State religion. He suggested that it would be proper in a community of so many different races if the new independent State were to be a secular one giving no particular favours or privileges to any one religion, as in the case of India. Mr. Hamid said that such a provision by itself would not prevent the legislative body enacting any law on the subject it saw fit to introduce. Archdeacon Woods said that in the case of Pakistan where Islam was the State religion 85% of the population were Muslim. In the case of Malaya only 48% were Muslim, and a provision in the constitution making Muslim the State religion would operate to the detriment of a majority of the people of the country. Mr. Hamid asked whether the fact that such a provision was present in the State Constitutions had done any harm or created any obstacles. Mr. Woods emphasised that in the case of countries where the population was predominantly Muslim, it was a different matter, but this was not the case in Malaya. The Chairman pointed out, however, that in many of the States in the Federation the population was predominantly Muslim, and that, up to date, religion had always been a State subject. Did they wish all reference to the Muslim religion to be written out of the State constitutions? Archdeacon Woods replied that they were only thinking of the future constitution of the Federation.

Sir Ivor Jennings mentioned that there were two matters in this connection to which he wished to refer. First, each of the States and Malacca had a Religious Department paid for out of State funds, and second, the States collected Zakat through those departments. He asked if the Christian Council objected to this. Mr. Archer replied that they had no objection to the collection of Zakat, but emphasised that they considered it would be most undesirable if the new constitution had a clause in it which recognised Islam as the religion of the Federation.

In answer to a question by Mr. Hamid as to whether the law in the States had harmed other people, Dr. Ho replied that in certain States regulations had been passed with regard to the sale of food which discriminated against the non-Muslims. Mr. Hamid said that this kind of thing could not be prevented; such action depended on local legislation and therefore it made no difference what the State religion was.

Mr. Woods suggested that the ambiguity of past treaties had militated against the freedom of the non-Muslim religions. For example, the Anglican Church had experienced difficulty in obtaining land for the purpose of building Churches. Mr. Hamill thought that questions of this nature could not be dealt with in the new constitution.

Dr. Ho stated that they did not want to give the impression that the Federal Government had not been generous and fair to the Christian Churches, but they considered that the Malays derived unjust advantages. He thought the writing of a new constitution was a splendid opportunity of improving the situation and ensuring harmony in the future.

The Chairman said that, as he understood it, what the Council wanted was a written guarantee of religious freedom for all and a declaration that the new Federation was a secular State. The representatives of the Council agreed that this was so.

The Chairman concluded by saying that the Commission appreciated the points raised and that they would avoid practical difficulties as far as possible when drawing up their recommendations for the form of the future Federation and State Constitutions.



Malayan Christian Council hari ini memakai nama Council of Churches of Malaysia.

BAWAH: Wanita Melayu bertudung “pray for Hannah” dan mengucap “God bless”

@hannahyeoh i pray for you

DAP memperkenalkan politik Kristian

Evangelista DAP telah berjaya menyuntik politik berbaur Kristian ke dalam wacana nasional.

Tweet oleh Darus Abdul Razak: “@hannahyeoh Please stop playing this sick pseudo-religious politics of yours. It’s distasteful.”

Sebenarnya ia bukan setakat “kurang sedap” tetapi ia satu gejala yang amat merbahaya kerana mendorong kepada pertembungan pendokong Christendom dengan umat Islam Malaysia.

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Malayan Union 2.0

Seorang pembaca blog saya yang bergelar Ahmad Ibrahim berkata @ 2014/06/27 at 10:35 am: “I have said this before, the formation of the United Muslim National Organization is just a matter of time, and this PM is lending his helping hand through his weak leadership and mishandling of the country”.

Najib Razak memang tampak tidak mampu untuk membendung asakan agresif yang bertalu-talu oleh puak evangelista DAP. Atas sebab inilah Isma bangkit.

Lihat tweet Hannah Yeoh di bawah.

Jawapan saya: What do I call a prime minister who doesn’t speak up against the [Christian] extremists? Too kind.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- What do you call a prime minister

PAS doa “pecahkan perut Umno”, DAP doa bermacam-macam

Hannah Yeoh telah mendoa agar kerajaan ditumbangkan. Hannah Yeoh mendoakan kejayaan DAP di Sarawak (screenshot tweet-tweetnya di bawah)

Hannah Yeoh mendoa dan mendesak tak habis-habis supaya ruang “Keturunan” – menyatakan bangsa pemohon – di dalam borang-borang rasmi dibuang terus.

Jabatan Perdana Menteri mula-mulanya mengalah kepada desakan tersebut tetapi menarik balik kelulusan apabila Melayu sayap kanan bingkas memberontak.

pray remove gomen

pray Sarawak

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Kosa kata politik berciri Kristian

God, prayer, righteousness, light, enemy, evil, wicked, the dark side … semuanya perbendaharaan kata bagi evangelista DAP meraih sokongan simpati orangramai.

DAP tidak berjuang untuk mengekalkan benteng pemisahan di antara Church and State. DAP sebenarnya sebiji dengan PAS dalam mencongak permainan Politik Agama mereka.

Yang mendatangkan bahaya kepada negara jika dibandingkan di antara helah DAP dan PAS ialah jurang perbezaan dengan lawan.

Bila PAS lawan Umno, ianya Melayu Islam menentang Melayu Islam.

Bila DAP lawan Umno, ianya Cina Kristian menentang Melayu Islam. Perang Salib namanya. Orang Melayu pun sedia berjihad.

BAWAH: “God” dijadikan modal politik Hannah Yeoh

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Gandingan DAP dan Gereja

Dalam PRU12 dan PRU13 beserta pilihanraya negeri Sarawak tahun 2011, pihak gereja telah memberi sokongan mereka secara tersurat dan tersirat kepada DAP.

Pemimpin DAP berjumpa dengan pemimpin gereja National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) sebelum pilihanraya.

Pemimpin DAP (Guan Eng dan Teresa Kok) juga networking mesra dengan pengarang evangeliSTAR.

Tempat Nurul Izzah beri ucapan kontroversinya pun sebuah gereja evangelis yang besar dan berpengaruh.

Berita-NECF  March-April-08-02

Kebebasan beragama merangkumi murtad

Perkembangan pengaruh politik DAP membuatkan gereja sekarang berani mengulangi tuntutan mereka supaya orang Malaysia (baca: Melayu) diberikan kebebasan agama sepenuh-penuhnya (baca: murtad).

Tuntutan NECF ialah supaya Malaysia dibenarkan menjadi “Sebuah negara di mana kebebasan agama merangkumi KEBEBASAN untuk menganut, mengamal dan menyebarkan agama di mana ia dibenarkan berkembang tanpa sebarang pembatasan yang tidak wajar dari undang-undang, penegahan ataupun larangan.”


Pesanan Persekutuan Kristian M’sia kepada gereja-gereja berhubung PRU – rujuk SINI

Murtad: Syor amat pelik oleh setiausaha agung Majlis Gereja-Gereja Malaysia

Hari kebangsaan 2Malaysia / Gereja tampil ke depan lagi

Klik 2x untuk besarkan

NECF Malaysia 2012-07-26 15-01-04


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54 thoughts on “Perjuangan gereja yang belum selesai mahukan Melayu diberi kebebasan beragama

  1. Re: Prayers will move mountains

    Hannah Yeoh. Yes your and your evengelistas prayers had in fact been answered by your God.

    Probably your God is very angry with you and your Dapsters by taking away your Teluk Intan Parliamentary Seat.

    Please pray harder so that God can give back Selangor to BN because your PR government is trying to poison the people of Selangor by supplying “poisonous lombong holy water”.

    1. Artikel hannah yeoh sempena bulan Ramadan. Saya adakah ianya di tulis dirinya sendiri atau di upah ? Yang pasti Hannah Yeoh mula mengungkit dan menyebut sumbangan beliau yang tahun lepas. Saya rasa ini adalah menjelekkan dan “buruk siku”. Sifat yang tidak ikhlas.

      Ini kerana ia melibatkan soal menjaga hati dan perasaan orang lain yang mana ianya amatlah diambil berat oleh Islam sekalipun urusan kebajikan umum digalakkan untuk ditonjolkan kepada umum. Tetapi, ianya patut dirahsiakan sekiranya boleh menyentuh perasaan orang lain terutama kaum fakir miskin yang mana sesuatu kebaikan itu tidak akan dinilai sekiranya ia boleh menyentuh perasaan orang lain. Sama juga halnya dengan perbuatan mengungkit sebagaimana firman Allah s.w.t yang bermaksud:“Jangan kamu batalkan sedekah dan derma kau dengan bangkitan dan menyakiti hati sesiapa setelah melakukan kebaikan itu sendiri.” (al-Baqarah: 264)

  2. Balachi mereka telah menyusup dalam gomen, lihat bagaimana draf RUU Harmony dibuat. Inilah akibatnya bila pemimpin umno sendiri sudah disampuk fahaman liberal.

    Golongan Melayu liberal adalah majoritinya Melayu yang lupa daratan. Mereka telah hidup senang tetapi lupa membantu Melayu lain yang masih dalam kesusahan. Cina juga ada puak liberal tetapi mereka tidak lupakan bangsa mereka. Melayu liberal lebih senang membantu bangsa lain dari bangsa mereka sendiri. Mereka terlampau takut dianggap rasis tetapi sedikit pon tak terguris bila bangsa mereka sendiri menderita.

    Lebih menyedihkan, umat Islam bukan sahaja diasak dari dalam, bahkan, hari ini, makin menjadi-jadi menjatuhkan Islam, mereka sentiasa merancang dan terus-meneruskan mencabar kedaulatan Islam di Malaysia khususnya dan di seluruh dunia amnya. Menghina hudud, mencabar perlembagaan, memaksa kerajaan untuk menerima kebebasan murtad, ingin menggunakan kalimah Allah di dalam bible untuk tujuan kristianisasi, mengagungkan Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual dan Transexual dan memaksa umat Islam untuk merasakan ianya normal atas nama HAK ASASI, dan pelbagai lagi. Lebih teruk dari itu, ada umat Islam yang mempertahankan mereka atas alasan-alasan yang cukup dangkal dan melanggari syarak.

    The National Harmony and Reconciliation Bill proposed by the NUCC is seen as a clear and present danger to a society that is already on the edge of destruction.

    InSection 6 (1) (iii) of this Bill, will render the Rulers powerless in selecting the Menteri Besar for their respective state; the Agong will not have the power to select his Prime Minister, the Attorney-General, his Inspector-General of Police, or his Chief of Armed Forces even.  You Malays and Bumiputras may think that Article 153 can protect you, but you should also read Article 153(5) of the Federal Constitution and see what it says, and tell me if what I have written in this paragraph is not true.

    Section 7 (1) (ii) even allows people of the LGBT group to hold important positions. Gender equal opportunity is already in effect, but regardless of sexual orientation? I have gay friends and some are good friends of mine. Even they cringe whenever their lifestyle is brought under the spotlight by glamour-seeking peers.  It is not that they are not talented but will this not tear the fabric of our society?  May I ask the so-called religious Muslims and Christians if they agree with this?  In the name of Human Rights, we are beginning to fight to become animals, where unnatural ways are to become the norm of our society. I wonder how long would the Christian church in Malaysia be able to resist same-sex marriages with this Bill coming into effect.

    Removal of the Sedition Act would certainly act as a catalyst to destruction, much as the removal of the Internal Security Act has contributed to the worsening condition of the country.  There is nothing wrong with either Act.  Mere tweaking to prevent the laws from being abused by politicians would have been sufficient.

  3. Many people today, even Catholics, do not know that the Roman Catholic Church was already in business several hundred years BEFORE Jesus, peace be upon him, was even born. It was a pagan church established by the Roman government in an effort to control the subjects of Rome by having them all participate at least to some extent, along with other Roman citizens in some kind of common worship practices and beliefs.

    Constantine, the Roman emperor had been a leader in the cult known as Sol Invictus (Invincible Sun) and in 325 AD was determined to unite the Christian sects in the Roman empire under his existing church, known as the Universal Church of Rome.

    The modern doctrine of the Trinity is NOT found in any document or relic belonging to the Church of the first three centuries from the birth of jesus Christ; as for the remains of ancient records coming down from Jesus’ times are concerned there is no mention whatsoever about the Father-Son-Holy Ghost, 3-in-1 Godhead doctrine. The Trinitarian beliefs about Jesus was a product of Emperor Constantine’s imperial decree at Niceae – it was a humanly innovated idea, not scripture divinely revealed.

    We Muslims say, that Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad and given by the divine Quran is the divine revelation that concurs with Jesus’ original unblemished teachings, namely that of the Ebionites of the Jerusalem Church headed by James the Just, brother of Jesus:
    “Allah is One, Unique and Absolute, neither begetting not begotten, and nothing in creation has any likeness unto the Lord Most High.”

  4. Islam is growing at a rapid rate even today it is fast catching up in Europe. Ramalan mengatakan by 2050 majority of world population will be Muslims.

    So they are going all out everywhere to counter this from happening. Tu si Tembam, trying hard to erase her own roots, erase records macam segala dia dok otek, macam le Muslims semua benggap. Go google, siap ada video giving you facts and figures.

    China popn will be stagnant or strink with their one child policy.

    Singapore pon packed with ageinG citizens, yg muda2 nak kawin pun payah

    Agama mereka pun dah mula halalkan kawin sejenis, nah sure tarak baka wan

    Kalo dari segi abortion tu tak payah certa la.. Macam pi buat facial kat bawah aje.

    Sex controll pills/condoms some places bebudak sekolah pun dah diedarkn FOC to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    Yg bersekedudukan tak kawin bercambah.

    Dek kata institusi kekeluargaan mereka dah kelam kabut.. Pembiakkan akan terbantut la..

    Tu pasai mereka menghuru harakan mana saja asalkan ada ramai Muslim.

    Banyak pemimpin gila macam Hitler tapi bagi alasan weapon of mass destruction karut le, kat Malaysia konon nak sangat terhegeh2 gunapakai nama Allah le..

    Elvis dah lama bagi nasihat “go cleanup your own backyard” tapi nak bersih cara hidup sendiri takmau pasai malas, rajin lempar taik kat oghang itu keistimewaan hidup mereka.

    Nak memperjuangkan ape benda macam ni Cik Helen? Masalah dalaman mereka sendiri pun tak tau nak selesai, duk menyibok sorong hidung kat oghang lain depa tak tau MALU ke?

  5. It’s there a case brought to civil court prior to the Reid Commission and whether this disclaimer the church filed them, on looking in the minutes the church seems to lack of confidence and their means shows lethal hypothesis. Furthermore the Perjanjian Persekutuan that debunked the Malayan Union stay alight.

  6. ‘Dr. Ho Seng Ong appreciated the opportunity of meeting the Commission and said that the main concern of the Council was that they should retain in the future all the rights and privileges they now held.’

    Privileged granted while the country was being subjugated by the pendatang British? How convenience!

    And why is that, its always have to be a Cina pendatang instigating, apa lagi Cina mahu?

  7. ‘the Churches were not free to preach to the Malays and, in particular, to the aborigines.’

    I say the status quo must never change!

    1. With 10 states in the peninsula having the anti-propagation enactments, the law appears to be stringent in protecting Malays from the evangelistas.

      What I can’t understand is how the peninsula Christians in Malaysia have absolutely no realisation how their behaviour is so kiasu and menegakkan benang basah. Their insistence that they are entitled to ‘Allah’ boggles the mind, and more so their attacks on those who don’t see that they are in the right.

        1. Some words in the fatwa list are Islam specific, I agree, like Baitullah and Kaabah.

          But I do not see the rationale of banning non-Muslims from using words like “iman”, “dakwah”, “nabi”. It will make BM impossible for non-Muslims to use as a communication language.

          1. Perhaps we are not as liberals as the Indonesians when it comes to our bahasa, but then again you can’t blame the authorities to be wary of the non-Malay speaking citizens who had shown zero interest to master the language all their life and suddenly when they did, they suddenly wants to talk about ‘iman’, ‘dakwah’ and ‘nabi’?

            Apparently they use ‘awatara’ (avatar) for ‘nabi’

            Iman and Dakwah can be referred to the Kamus Dewan

            1. What Malay words would you use as replacement for “iman” and “dakwah”?

              Avatar does not mean nabi.

                1. nabi = prophet

                  avatar = a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth / a temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity / the human or animal form of a Hindu god on earth / the incarnation of a god /

                  We cannot use the word ‘avatar’ to describe a prophet in a non-Islam religion.

                    1. Nabi is prophet.

                      Avatar is not prophet.

                      The enactments ban the Christians from translating say the Prophet Moses as “Nabi Musa” in the Malay bible. If you say, Awatara Musa — that’s wrong.

                      I do agree that Christians should refrain from using the ‘Allah’ word but the long list of banned words is going overboard.

                    2. If the word cannot be translated into Malay, then use the English or Latin or whatever language but not Arabic. Malay language itself borrows words from other languages.

                    3. But ‘nabi’, ‘dakwah’ and ‘iman’ are words which are common nouns in the Malay dictionary. These are not words like Insya Allah or Alhamdulilah.

                    4. A “Prophet” is a creature of the Transcendent Lord of Creation, Allah Most High, even if the Prophet is bestowed the highest of ranks like that of a Messenger who is gifted with “karama” or charismatic gifts such as: sanctimonious truthfulness, impeccable integrity, eloquent promulgation of the religion, and wisdom and intelligence.

                      An “Avatar” is the Hindu manifestation of divine attributes. Hence they havell. Orthodox Muslims reject that any creature – however privileged – can be involved in the “identification” (ittihad) with, or transference (hulul) of, Allah’s perfect attributes.

              1. iman ertinya percaya, e.g. ‘yaa ayyuhaladzi na amanu’ (‘o you who believe’) & dakwah ertinya menyeru atau mengajak atau menjemput. kalimah ertinya kenyataan. kristian nak guna nama tuhan islam, bukan kalimah allah. words such as ‘agama’, ‘solat’, ‘islam’, ‘kafir’, ‘jahil’, ‘murtad’ yang seringkali disebut, melayu kata apa?

                1. Take this sentence: Orang itu kuat imannya.

                  If your replace it with, Orang itu kuat kepercayaannya, it does not convey the sense that we intend.

                  1. dear helen, iman simply means percaya. no other intended meaning. samada percaya atau tidak percaya. no such thing as kurang percaya or lebih percaya just like to say ‘she’s a little bit pregnant’. the above kalimah to me, sounds weird, tapi dah jadi kebiasaan. can we say ‘he strongly believes’?

                    1. re: “sounds weird”

                      Yup, it does. We know “kuat iman” sounds correct.

                      “Kuat kepercayaan” can be also kepercayaan kepada benda-benda tahyul dan khurafat.

  8. ‘Dr. Ho then referred to the implications of the request of some people that the Muslim religion should be the new State religion.’

    Islam is the Religion of the Federations. Obviously the input to make it secular was being made null.

    1. Can we pinpoint Article 3 as the Tunku’s doing then? See news report clipping.

      The Sultans [initially] hadn’t wanted Islam as the Religion of the Federation due to the fear that it would interfere or override their existing role as the heads of the religion in their respective states.

      1. Apparently, we now know that it is not the case! Sultan heads of the religion in their respective states and Yang Dipertuan Agong heads those with no Sultans to begin with.

        1. Yes, the final outcome is as per the FedCon. I was just wondering if you know of more details about the process since you appear to be well read on the topic.

    1. BSM is not stupid. That’s why they’re moving/moved their office to KL, a state which doesn’t have the anti-propagation enactment unlike Selangor.

            1. re: “Thus the AG must go.”

              If you want to get rid of everybody, incl. DS Najib, then who’s left?

              1. We are getting rid of bad bloods only. DS Najib like tidurLAH Pak Lah before him, tak boleh function well, so must go lor. AG since Pulau Batu Puteh dah patut letak jawatan already!

            2. islam1st,

              re: Thus the AG must go. He must be investigated by the SPRM too for his ding dong! The AG must let the law take its course!

              In this case, it has to be law1st. The law said that the AG has the exclusive power to prosecute. If not mistaken, this power is discretionary and cannot be challenged. No matter how strong your evidence and how credible your witness is, you can’t compel the AG to prosecute.

  9. For Helen, malay should not have any freedom to decide their own religion because they can’t decide for themselves and need to be protected from others because they are easily confused by just one word.

    1. Selangor has 44 Pakatan Aduns in the 56-seat state assembly. Why don’t for a start, the Pakatan Aduns use their 4/5 majority in the Dewan to repeal the Selangor Enactment 1988?

      Then all the people who voted them to power can have more religious freedom, including to use the ‘Allah’ word and to publish and distribute Christian materials without the fear of having them seized and confiscated.

    2. ‘ just one word.’

      Woi Setan, the Muslims already know as to whom they worship, thus they stick to the One and Only, Allah SWT, do you?

  10. supaya orang Melayu diberikan kebebasan beragama dan dasar-dasar menyekat kegiatan dakwah Kristian diketepikan…. Now also Melayu sudah bebas, How many Melayus are drinkers, Night Clubs, Drug Addicts, Rappers, Glue sniffers, rempits and many more. They don’t need Christian to fight for their ‘freedom’ as they already am free in this Freedom country of Malaysia.

  11. Helen nanti DYM Sultan murka dan jadi krisis perlembagaan. Dalam satu artikal Mingguan Malaysia Dr Aziz Bari ada menulis berhubung kuasa mutlak Tunku berkaitan dengan hal tertentu, Puan Speaker mengtahui hal ini. Dia tahu atau saja buat-buat tak tahu.

  12. Saudara baru 5 Ramadan

    Shah Alam: Model pakaian muslimah Felixia Yeap mengumumkan akan memeluk Islam 5 Ramadan ini ketika menjadi panel jemputan di Program Semarak Ramadan anjuran kerajaan Negeri Selangor di Dataran Shah Alam, di sini, sebentar tadi.

    “Saya akan memeluk Islam pada 5 Ramadan ini, iaitu pada 3 Julai ini (Khamis).

    “Saya pilih 5 Ramadan kerana 3 Julai ini ialah hari jadi saya. Hari itu juga adalah hari kegemaran Nabi Muhammad SAW,” katanya.

    1. Hannah Yeoh bila lagi nak peluk Islam? Janganlah biar peminat-peminat Melayunya dok tertunggu-tunggu.

      Those on Puan Speaker’s Twitter timeline should ask her.

  13. Sudah bersediakah EVENGELIST utk perang sabil dgn UNITED MUSLIMIN NATIONAL ORGANISATION @ ISMA?

    ISMA skg sedang meluaskan sayap pengaruhnya di kalangan Umat Islam Malaysia. ISMA melalui sayap dakwahnya sedang aktif mengembangkan sayapnya di SABAH dan SARAWAK. Saya salah seorang drpd pendakwah ISMA. Saya sendiri sedang giat menghalang dakyah evengelis di kalangan orang Asli.

    Ramai profesional Melayu/Islam sedang menyertai ISMA. Anak2 muda juga sedang direkrut oleh ISMA. Saya menjangkakan PAS tidak akan relevan lagi 10-20 tahun akan dtg. ISMA sgt menyedari bahaya golongan evengelis yang diketuai oleh DAP.

    InsyaAllah ISMA dgn kerjasama drpd umat Islam yang lain akan berjaya jua di dalam perang sabil ini yang cuba meruntuhkan asas kenegaraan yang telah dibina.

  14. The more the evangelists provoke us, the more we retaliate. Thanks for waking us up from our deep slumber. We feel threatened now with all your on-going onslaught of verbal assault. Allah helps us in this holy war. The ground work has been initiated and it’s going underground.hahaha!

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