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Violence, “Islamic militants”, peace-loving Christians and the NUCC hate crime bill

The J-Star headline crafted by the evangelista editors yesterday said, ‘Senseless jihad puts Malaysia as global violence hub, says Home Ministry officer’ (see below).

The Nest of Evangelistas seems quite gleeful to be able to report that “the international community sees Malaysia as a hub and exporter of Islamic militants”.

You can interpret the MCA paper’s approach to this particular story of “Islamic militants” (The J-Star‘s word) in the context of how the meek and mild opposition supporters love to declare that “there are no Christian chauvinists and extremists in Malaysia but there are many Islamic chauvinists and extremists”.

Zul Noordin Extremist

Refer my earlier posting, “There are no Christian chauvinists and extremists in Malaysia

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Senseless jihad puts Malaysia as global violence hub

Wong Chun Wai’s byline

The collection of special reports on Malaysia’s homegrown Malay militants in yesterday’s J-Star was attributed to the paper’s CEO Wong Chun Wai as the lead byline. See article below — ”They are militants – and flaunting it’.

Not only are the militants “flaunting” their involvement in jihad but the EvangeliSTAR is similarly flaunting the purported Christian meekness and mildness, in contrast to the Muslim “violence” and militancy.

The J-Star took pains to point out that the Malaysians fighting in Syria are “radical” Muslims. The entire English media machinery in the country has been painting the Malays as belonging to the side that harbours “extremists” and “religious bigots”.

In the fight over the Allah word, the Christian side is portrayed to the world as the small minority that is being persecuted and oppressed by the Muslim majority.

They are militants

“Peace lovers”

A blog reader of mine MCA.8481 poses a thought provoking question @ 2014/06/28 at 8:13 pm:

“‘Peace lovers’ are sleeping together in the same bed with the haters known for amanat hj hadi n doa2 pecah perut. These indoctrinations nurtured the likes of c.n. Al afghanis, ISIS malays martyr wannabes.

“Suppose those malays isis fighters returned home with the guns and all, will they be kind to the ‘peace lovers’?”

Here is a related interesting development in the current Christian vs Muslim propaganda war.

FMT‘s article today taking the government to task reports in its first paragraph:

“The DAP, MCA and Gerakan have condemned the cow-head incident involving lawyer and DAP assemblyman RSN Rayer, and have called on Putrajaya to act against those using violence to intimidate others who disagreed with them.”

Note that the three parties – DAP, MCA and Gerakan – have closed ranks and are speaking in one voice on this topic as they had previously also done on the hudud, secular state, child custody battle, Herald and ‘Allah’ Bible issues.

Putrajaya can’t ignore cow-head incident

In its op-ed ‘Putrajaya can’t ignore cow-head incident(above), FMT quotes Lim Guan Eng as referring to the acts against Sri Delima Adun RSN Rayer to be “barbaric and uncivilised”, “appalling and abominable” and which “threaten the peace and harmony”.

The white vs black, peace vs harmony narrative thread by the DAP is the one in control of public perception.

To go back to the puzzlement of MCA.8481 with regard to how the DAP “peace lovers” can sleep together with PAS, something written by Mujahid Yusof Rawa recently is pertinent to consider.

Mujahid and Mahfuz Omar lunching with Father Sebastian Francis on the day of the ‘Allah’ Herald appeal verdict

Christians portray themselves as victims of hate crime

Mujahid is the PAS unity bureau chairman as well as the force behind the National Unity Consultative Council’s National Harmony bills. The Racial and Religious Hate Crimes Bill criminalizes incitement on the basis of racial and religious hatred.

What do we know about these anti-hate crime bills? You can read what Saifuddin Abdullah – a key player in their drafting – has to say: ‘Harmony Bills a new, democratic way to lawmaking?‘ (, 26 June 2014).

Aside from being co-author with Mujahid on their jointly written ‘Unity’ book, Saifuddin is also the CEO of the Global Movement of Moderates. Sitting in the GMM board of trustees is Wong Chun Wai.

The founder and patron of the Global Movement of Moderates is Najib Razak.

Najib appointed well-known evangelista Wong Chun Wai as a trustee in his well-endowed GMM pet project. In other words, the PM provides lavish funding to a “think tank” headed by Saifuddin and presided over by Chun Wai as its trustee.

You can say that Najib has entrusted his “moderate” agenda to a Malay liberal and a Christian evangelista.

Wong Chun Wai (chunwai09) on Twitter

What are the NUCC bills?

The Sun Daily columnist KK Tan writes in his article two days ago, ‘Crying need for race relations laws‘:

“Based on my understanding of the proposed bills, they are meant to protect the potential victims (minorities) from hate crimes, to prevent negative discrimination without undermining the rights of others and to ensure the rights of minorities to practise their own religion in peace and without hindrance. So it’s about protecting the legitimate rights of minorities who are the likely victims of hate crimes and negative discrimination.”

KK Tan understands the NUCC bill as a draft law to protect the religious rights of the minorities who are the victims suffering hate and discrimination.

Tan’s hypothesis would logically presume that the hate wave is coming from adherents of the majority religion, i.e. the Muslims.

Hence the Malays, just like the rest of their Muslim brethern elsewhere in the world it appears, can’t run away from the perception that they’re “racists”, “extremists”, “religious bigots” and “haters” that has been created by the Christians. Why is Najib still indirectly empowering The J-Star (through his appointment of Wong Chun Wai as GMM trustee) despite the paper’s backstabbing role in the battle of perception?

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20 thoughts on “Violence, “Islamic militants”, peace-loving Christians and the NUCC hate crime bill

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Mujahid must explain about Amanat Haji Hadi and what was said by his father as written in the Kertas Putih Parlimen 1988 before making more statements that are against the amanat.

    I cannot understand how can PAS members accept the amanat and at the same time accept what their leaders are dong now. Can you explain, Aunty Helen?

  2. When somebody threw a pig head into a mosque compound, did you DAP, MCA and GERAKAN make noise and report it to the police and brand it as uncivilised, barbaric and Christian extremist?

    When that Bloody Rayer screamed UMNO CELAKA, did you tick off that Indian? If you wanted to accuse other people some bad thing like what you did, could you show that your behaviour is a good role model for others to follow. You are a bad role model and racist of the highest order.



      I agree. Bila allegedly Melayu yang buat, depa melompat macam kera kena belacan, tapi kalau Melayu yang kena, semua senyap, buat taktau, gelak lagi kat belakang, ada!


  3. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

    Did this Adun do anything that may have given cause for this person to react in such a manner? Baru ni ada dia jolok2 sarang tebuan?

    Haiyah, use religion as an excuse ma.. Kerana mulut badan binasa, DAP, MCA and Gerakan lu olang tarak kerja ahh? go give them some brotherly “LOVE”, both are equally GEDIK.. You know and I know owh?

    Haiyaa, CM Sarawak and Kedah so busy why you people play play with race and religion nonstop. Tak kesudahan asyik nak mengacum aje ni, lu olang tarak kerja je? Mau sikit habuan lu olang kasi bikin kerja betut betut la..

  4. ‘May 13’ version 2: Malaysia is about to erupt

    “Serious damage has been done to race relations in Malaysia. And the problem with this is the damage is so severe and so far gone that reconciliation is almost impossible. So where do we go from here? Are we going to settle our differences on the streets? The way we are going it looks like there is no other way to settle our differences.”

    1. According to the latest RPK, DAP thinks that Malays dare not start it because of the Malay disunity.

      1. The same latest RPK column said that the Chinese have united behind DAP.

        I feel so minority x2.

      2. Re DAP thinks that Malays

        That’s what they always say. Did anyone predict that there would be anti Chinese riots in Indonesia back in 1998 ?

        No one foresaw the coming of the 1998 riots in Indonesia.

        Sadly and ominously for us, the same thing is going to repeat itself in Malaysia.

        1. re: “No one foresaw the coming of the 1998 riots in Indonesia”

          The warning signs were visible. People should have seen and realised.

          “anti-Chinese sentiment [fomented] by making veiled references to ‘traitors’ who took their money abroad”

          “Student protest became a lightning rod for demands for change, gaining widespread support from the middle class” [note: a Chinese tycoon was accused of providing the political funding for the protests]

          “On May 4, the government announced a gasoline price hike” and anti-Chinese violence erupted in Medan.

          On May 13 [what a coincidence!], “the worst violence Jakarta had seen in decades broke out and continued for three days, with security forces standing by as mobs torched Chinese shops and homes”

          “Soon after the May riots in the cities of Jakarta, Solo, and Surabaya, reports began to emerge of mass rapes and other forms of sexual assault against ethnic Chinese women in a systematic, organized fashion”

          “thousands of Chinese-Indonesians fled the country” [some of them to Tasmania, I bet]

          *** *** ****

          Amok does not suddenly emerge from nowhere. The pent-up feelings had been building up.

          What’s most damaging is the ‘in denial’ and most unbelievable hypocrisy of Malaysian Christian Chinese are suppressing the symptoms from being recognized,

          e.g. when Zul Noordin gave his caution a couple of days ago, the berserk Firsters rounded on him as if he was pronouncing some alien message from Mars

          Are the Firsters able to delude themselves to the extent of believing that May 13, 1969 happened in a climate of Love, Love, Love where everybody treated each other as bruders and sistas?

          1. I wonder how our security forces will react ? With all the abuse they are getting from the Firsters, I m inclined to believe that they too will just stand by and do nothing.

            The 90% are collateral damage in the making. The first thing they will ask when the riots happen is “why are they doing this to us ?”

            Then, only then will they realize that they have been taken for a wild ride by the Firsters but I doubt they will realize their mistake and the blame will still be on the Malay mobs.

              1. Which then begs the question. Who is actively laying the groundwork for riots to happen ?

                Their thinking is based on the premise that an anti Chinese riot will illicit a response from the West and in turn will force the ruling party to capitulate to their demands.

                But as events have proven time and again, the West has their own agenda and this agenda is constantly evolving. Syria is a prime example. After their failed attempt to overthrow the Assad regime, they are now turning their guns at the so called rebels who they initially supported.

                These people may think that they have the support of the West but the support is not ironclad. For all we know, the opposite may happen and then, those who supported the opposition will then find themselves on the firing line.

                The trouble is, so many of these people are too delusional that reality for them is a fantasy cooked by the establishment.

                1. re: “The trouble is, so many of these people are too delusional”

                  The Malaysian Insider‘s favourite “I am Malaysian” public personalities, listed today

                  Musa Hassan [?] … is he a Firster?
                  Saifuddin Abdullah
                  Rev Hermen Shastri

              2. Actually thinking is the same. Watched the video few times one can see some shadows like someone is watching fm the house window.

                The “jelmaan harimau” about to hop on his motor, probably saw them, decided to give the “cheeky” dance, macam berpakat sesuatu aje sesama mereka ni?

      3. Hmmmmmmmh DAP.

        we remember May 13 very very well.

        Ada ULANG TAYANG KAH .?……. NAK TENGOK who the main actors are.

        Orang Melayu semua tahu……. TAPI buat buat tak tahu !

        Pelukan Hadi AWANG Ada MAKNA………. ENTAH.

  5. Mr. Obama visited Malaysia and during his press brefing here did said about suppress minorities dilution. Is this fragile for Malaysia. Countries like Iraq Libya Egypt Afghanistan Syria, their bisected ideologies does not split them of their nationality origins but vilify infinity.

    Malaysia pursue dignity rule of law and a written constitution with multiracial background with much ed arrange.

    Take for instance snap child of spouse who change faith, seizure of others book that contravene states rule remains implacably hostile. The NUCC draft bill of Malaysia follows the British toleration act protecting minorities Muslims status who reside and practice their religion seems like a treat to foil domain christian. It’s quite different of what we are experincing now here is minorities christian is making inroads to bat the Muslims majority.

    Who are the potential victim now? Niat buruk(insight) yang belum habis-habis spt peragai dajal. Lain orang yang makan nangka lain orang yang nak di kena kan getahnya.

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