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WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of famous footballers

Wife of hen-pecked Becks, Victoria Beckham always has her posh nose in the air. You can even see her nostrils. Does she remind u of someone?

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Nose in the air



You can see her nostrils
Does she remind you of someone?
Naaah .. Oh well, the nose in the air maybe but Victoria Beckham is way too thin

Beckham saga continues:

“Grotesquely pussy-whipped” by control freak wife

David Beckham’s very first expensive present to Victoria …


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

11 thoughts on “WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of famous footballers

  1. Pandai you cari foto “hidung tinggi” ya Helen.

    Siang hari bulan Ramadhan tak boleh bagi komen tambahan yang berputar di kepala la. Sori aa.

  2. Don’t you know why so many of our people are obese nowadays? Junk food. I would have thought that with her 5 figure salary, she would be sensible with the food she’s putting into her mouth but alas, some people are just that, low class, no matter how much they earn, they are simply low class.

    Like the junk she’s pilfering every single day through her Twitter account and Facebook, she’s into junk food. As a reminder, junk food is bad for your health. Obviously, she’s not getting the message. Not just her, her massive following on social media, those people, they too are not getting the message.

    As for Victoria Beckham, she’s a style icon, fashion icon. Hannah? What is she? Greed Icon?

    1. Re Like the junk she’s pilfering

      What were you smoking ? Pilfering ? The only thing she’s pilfering is our money, the people’s money. Her 5 figure salary is prime example of her and her ilk’s looting of the state’s treasury.

      No wonder she’s putting on the weight at such an alarming rate. I wonder what’s the size of her bank account. Enough for her to set up base in Australia ?

    1. I don’t think anyone is jealous of her and her achievement, but we are sick and tired of her hypocrisy.

      Talking about achievement, can you tell us what has she done for Subang Jaya up to this point? Name us one good thing and let us discuss it.

    1. Puan Speaker tweeted “hu hu hu” at Rosmah.

      Now Rosmah can hu hu hu hu hu back.

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