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Washington Post commentary on ‘Allah’ court judgment

They argue only Msia has this restriction. But only in Msia hv we Dapsters! Minus exposure to Dapsterism, how can outsiders ever understand?

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Allah Washington Post


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28 thoughts on “Washington Post commentary on ‘Allah’ court judgment

  1. Too often too many “learned” people just have a need to put down others just to enforce their principles, no matter how flawed on others. It doesn’t help when those who listen to them readily guzzles up all the propaganda no matter how biased or wrong it may be.

    Check out Saifuddin Abdullah’s reaction to the removal of UMCEDEL’s head Datuk Mohd Redzuan by resigning as an academic fellow as well as taking on Abdul Rahman Dahlan on publicly on Twitter.

    1. Cogently framing one’s ideas within a 140-character (averagely between 20 and 25 words) limit is a challenge as I’m finding out with this current experiment.

      Apparently Madame Speaker is not up to the challenge and that’s why she’s been tweeting such drivel.

      Salute to Rahman Dahlan for actually being able to make sense when arguing and engaging in Twitter wars.

      1. When all else fails, Hannah will go the preacher’s way. All hail, brimstone interspersed with a Hallelujah here & there. That’s her standard. A Prada doesn’t make a tai tai a model. Neither can money or position buy her class.

        1. She dispenses her standard line “praying for God’s comfort over your family” like how Chinese restaurants roll their fortune cookie slips. The message is so predictably trite and cheapens the tragedy of strangers when their plight/loss is exploited for political mileage.

  2. Went to google this guy. Turns out the Ahmadiyya movement is a heretical sect from India, now based in the UK, who believes their founder was the Imam Mahdi.

    Enough said.

    No wonder the Washington Post courts him.

    1. Would you be able to check out the Islamic background of Umcedel’s Redzuan Othman?

  3. While we’re still at it, check out Ridhuan Tee’s latest piece. Not a fan of his but check out all the commenters. Quite a few have Intense Debate accounts & are apparently regulars on that beacon of free press in the country; Malaysian Insider.

    1. I did.

      I believe the TMI regulars could have been directed to Ridhuan’s blog by an embedded link. Their comments there duplicated what had already appeared in TMI.

      Btw, is ceasing operation tomorrow and some of their editorial staff redeployed to TMI after the buy over of the latter by The Edge.

  4. They have evangelical churches too in Sarawak.

    Yet there aren’t any such problems there.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are families in Sabah and Sarawak where family members profess Islam and Christianity, yet manage to live together as family.

    If the Ahmadiyyas are “heretics”, then so too, supposedly, are the Ismailis and the Shi’ites.

    Not that it bothers the latter a great deal; the only ones who who object (often violently) are the Sunnis (just see what’s happening in Iraq).

    Isn’t it it ironic that the US is pressing the Shi’ite government in Iraq to be more “inclusive” by sharing power with the Sunnis in the country?

    Now, when will the US get around to leaning on Sunni Muslim governments to be more inclusive as far as their Shi’ite minorities are concerned?

    That is by the way.

    If you think that the US media is going to “cease and desist” from commenting on Malaysia (as the Wall Street Journal is wont to do), then, maybe you don’t know what transpires in the corridors of power in the US, where among certain sections of the media, anything concerning Islam is considered “fair game”.

    Oh, yes – I suppose that our diplomats in the Malaysian Embassy in the US will put out an indignant rebuttal to the report in the Washington Post?

    One more headache for Anifah Aman……

    1. re: “They have evangelical churches too in Sarawak. Yet there aren’t any such problems there.”

      Because Jill Ireland binti Lawrence Bill is a Melanau. Same suku kaum, speak same language, practise same culture. Only different religion. And like you point out, within the Sarawak families, there is a mix not only of Muslims and Christians but Hindus and Buddhists too.

      Bottomline is the distrust for the Jerusubang evangelistas of Hannah Banana ilk. The Malay Muslims are willing to accommodate the pribumi and hence the 10-point solution which gives leeway to Sabah and Sarawak. They are not Dapsters there.

      The same cannot be said of the Born Again Chinese and Indian evangelistas in the peninsula.

    2. Olek Skilgannon,

      You should write to the Washington post to send out their poeple and catch Bush while he is still alive. In the meanwhile also catch Blair. That should be their priority.

      Otherwise, whatever they need to comment just ignore them la.. Just like LKS every day comment this and that then why for the last 60yrs he is still in the Opposition.

      Some people tak laku, people just don’t accept them tapi very thick skin one..

      You don’t seem to like anything about this country, what the hell are you still doing here? Mau ikut Hannah move Sarawak mountains into your pockets too owh?

      Why you people so desperate wan?

      1. ‘You should write to the Washington post’

        RINA did you know that the writer was a great joke? Here take a look. [YouTube]

        But let me warn you, his article was way funnier…

    1. Mary Yap’s caricature is depicted flying paper planes- “flying airplane” is a Chinese/ Cantonese slang that means breaking promises or betraying a deal made with a party- in a way the cartoon is trying to depict that she has somewhat “broken some promises” regarding Chinese education and don’t understand Chinese community’s sentiment- don’t ask me what are those promises or what are the “promises she has broken” so far.

      I think this probably has to do with the recent issue of Chinese teachers being posted in boarding and vocational schools. However, MCA is obviously disgruntled that none of their members get to be a deputy education minister.

      1. re: “MCA is obviously disgruntled that none of their members get to be a deputy education minister”

        Don’t you think that Najib has signed MCA’s death warrant already? This exclusion of WKS (while Mary Yap remains in place) leaves MCA out of the loop in terms of a very important item on the Chinese community agenda — Education.

        DAP’s 90 percent share of the Chinese vote market may remain unbudged going into GE14. MCA will be able to deliver nothing. Check out the derision in the J-Star reader feedback to MCA stories where the party promises that they’re working on a comeback.

        So what does the current trajectory portend for the 10 percent Chinese who don’t support oppo?

          1. re: “Mary Yap and Paul Low tak cukup Cina lagi ka?”

            Paul and Mary are missing Peter. They’re New Yorkers, I believe.

        1. Haiya DAP, MCA and majority of the 20 top richest men in Malaysia kacang putih only ma they can build Malaysian Chinese schools in China.

          Send all those who desperately want to learn their IBONDA language and culture bla bla there, solve all problems.

          I am sure the PRC will welcome them with open arms. Good business for them also maa. Those who cannot afford, MCA, DAP and Gerakan can give scholarship.. Haiyaa.. You people claim to hold 80% of Malaysian economy, so very rich laa.

          Nevermind, scholarship tax free.. Apa lagi mau tunggu? Sarawak mountains?

          1. The current issue is not infrastructure (i.e. bricks and mortar) but recognition of the UEC and deployment of manpower (trained teachers).

            1. Can pick millions from there to teach if DAP, MCA move SJKC to China. BTW how come SJKC in Malaysia for over 60yrs still cannot get UEC recognition?

              Afterall LKS is very clever wan sure he can push and get for them whatever recognition, see his blog today also commenting how stupid our Education Minister is.

              1. “BTW how come SJKC in Malaysia for over 60yrs still cannot get UEC recognition?”

                SJKC (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina) has nothing to do with UEC. UEC is a standardized exam for students attending Chinese Independent High Schools- these are private schools

        2. “Don’t you think that Najib has signed MCA’s death warrant already?”

          I hope somebody from MCA can asnwer at your question here. Maybe they can tell you their gut feeling when Najib announced the cabinet reshuffling.

          “DAP’s 90 percent share of the Chinese vote market may remain unbudged …”

          If PR Selangor continue to screw its people with its water policy (and issue like Kidex) and DAP continue to ramp up its “gentrification program” in Penang (by selling so much lands to greedy developers to prop up its state pocket), maybe someday they’ll wake up, maybe. Let’s see if there’s any big scandal involving BN figures to be unearthed and played to the hilt by PR; if no, again, maybe people will wake up. I think, of that 90% Chinese electorates, maybe not all are totally unreasonable. Lotsa maybe today- maybe I need to grab a drink.

          “So what does the current trajectory portend for the 10 percent Chinese who don’t support oppo?”

          90% of the voice trumps the puny 10 percenters- majority rulez. You always answer this yourself- collective punishment, I remember that.

  5. Ms H. Since the Muslims in Malaysia are in the majority, they have the right to dictate its exclusive use for themselves under Western Democratic Rules since we are practising Democracy. The first past the post wins.

  6. Very rich for an influential paper of a nation whose law enforcement incinerated an entire congregation in Waco Texas over a decade ago because some of their parishioners fires using lawfully obtained guns when ATF officers broke into the place. (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) without a warrant which they claimed to have had.

    There is a distinct difference between using courts and government departments to sanction an action by a church which breaches its laws and using an armoured personnel carrier converted into a flame thrower and over 100 armed trained police personnel to attack a church because in the view of some conventional churches they were “madmen” and fanatics.


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