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Hypocrites now becoming Ramadan enforcers nak tunjuk diri (Dapster) gitu sensitif & prihatin

We’ve seen how Cina™ YouTiup-type memandai x2 nak ajar org Melayu bagaimana m’jadi > Islam. Now they policing cyberspace dont allow food pix

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Now they’re policing TWITTERJAYA don’t allow food pix (to be Instagammed)

(“They” refers to Cina munafik tudung and #sahur types)


Who are the Dapsters to insist that Dr M is not a real Malay?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

51 thoughts on “Hypocrites now becoming Ramadan enforcers nak tunjuk diri (Dapster) gitu sensitif & prihatin

  1. Nak buat macamana? Nak suruh angkat syahadah, tiada hidayah, jadi cuma boleh berlakon mesra Islam sajalah. Lepas Raya, maaf Eid nanti, boleh mula balik hentam Islam.

    “Menjelangnya Ramadhan, kita akan disajikan dengan adengan-adengan Islamik daripada pemimpin-pemimpin DAP. Ada yang telah mula memakai jubah dan ketayap, ada yang telah mula mengedarkan buah kurma, ada yang mula memijak kaki ke Masjid untuk berbuka. Tidak kurang ada di antara YB-YB DAP yang ‘berpuasa’ dan ‘bersahur’. Dua diantaranya adalah ADUN Mengkibol, YB Tan Hong Pin dan Ahli Parlimen Serdang, YB Ong Ka Ming. ”


    Yang bermuka-muka ni, dah expected tapi yang geng tengin pegi jemput depa datang sahur tu apa cerita? Baik jemput anak yatimke, yang betul-betul muallaf ke, yang fakir, kan lebih baik?

    1. Orangkampung,

      I copypaste below a comment I just let fly in another thread on a separate J-Star posting.

      Nowadays the Cina DAP mengada-ngada terlebih dah.

      First they don’t puasa but for political mileage, the DAP politician will host buka puasa which is attended by the party’s Chinese supporters (free makan) and not by the Muslims — see photo below.

      Then they make a public spectacle by tweeting daily what they ate for #sahur, how they fasted and what food they intend to have for buka puasa later. e.g. Ong Kian Ming & a couple of his fellow evangelista YBs … kononnya Christians “building bridges” with the other faith communities.

      Following which being the pushy Chinese that they are, these Dapsters start to patrol Twitterjaya and telling off Malays who post pictures of food – saying that they can’t do this (i.e. Instagram food pix) because this is being insensitive to Muslims who are fasting to get a glimpse of food during the day.

      Imagine! Dapsters nak tunjuk ajar orang Melayu ajar jangan bertingkahlaku kurang sensitif during bulan Ramadan. Padahal si Dapster ni tak pernah berpuasa pun dan jauh sekali mengamalkan rukun Islam.

      But suddenly these Christian Cinabengs and Cina Moi’s arrogate themselves the Sensitivity Police in Twitterverse.

      I know that we should be more sabar this month but their hypocrisy is really snapping my patience.


      1. First, that pic with Zairil in it cannot be from buka puasa since it looks like bright daylight.

        Personally I find their behaviour deplorable and unacceptable. Sometimes, I just feel like smacking them upside their heads and tell them there’s more to puasa than not eating and drinking.

        And in that spirit I have refrained from making comments but sometimes, as in this case, dah geram terlebih terpaksa meluahkan perasaan.

        1. Sorry, my mistake. It was Rumah Terbuka Hari Raya.

          I’ll make the necessary correction.

      2. Tommorrow Felixia Yeap will embrace Islam. I salute her as from her interview she is sincere. She wants to be a Muslim to get respect as a woman and she does not want to be sex object anymore. Islam gives her respect.

        There are two kinds of mualaf – first the Voluntary Mualaf and second the compliant mualaf.

        The Voluntary Mualaf is one who becomes Muslim because they love being a Muslim. Felixia Yeap is one. One who enters Islam voluntarily.

        The second one is the Compliant Mualaf – one who enters islam not because they want to but because they need to comply. Those are the ones who enter Islam because of mariage or becuase of their step-parents. They are the ones who come in and out of the religion.

        We have seen so many cases – as in the Indian community. Islam becomes hostage to the issue of family squables. You some a few celebs (and highlighted on this blog). With marriage, they put on a tudung and then off when they divorce. Worst of all, I have seen in the watering holes of Bangsar, the mat salleh mualaf. Mualaf because of marriage and their Muslim spouses —- drinking like fish in water. I wonder why they masuk Islam in the first place. I know of one who cannot resist his daily char koay teow (Pulau Tikus market version) even though he converted to Islam – becuase of his step dad.

        The worst kind is the Muslim looking Non Muslim. OKM fits here. Those preach about islam and act out Muslim rites but will never become Muslim and worst of all teach Muslims how to be Muslims.

        1. re: ‘The worst kind is the Muslim looking Non Muslim. OKM fits here. Those preach about islam and act out Muslim rites but will never become Muslim and worst of all teach Muslims how to be Muslims.’

          what kind of people are they…?

          1. al-kafirun : seorang bukan Islam yang menentang Islam
          2. al-munafiqqun: seorang yang beragama Islam tetapi pada masa sama juga menentang Islam.
          3. ??????: seorang bukan Islam yang menganjurkan Islam, mengaku kebaikan islam tetapi apabila sifat penentangan kepada Islam itu jelas, mereka akan menafikannya.

          setidaknya yang dua kategori sudah jelas ada namanya tetapi kategori yang ketiga……lebih kepada bunyi aje yang saya ada: al-biawaqqun – sorry, ini bukan bahasa arab!

      3. REDACTION:

        The photo above is the DAP Raya open house and not a buka puasa.

  2. “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Luke 6:41).

    I would think that this would apply both to the “evangelistas” and the “jihadists”, among others.

    Anyway, I read in The Star today that Aussie tennis player Nick Kyrgios (he just beat Rafael Nadal to reach the Wimbledon men’s singles quarterfinals) is part-Malaysian (his mother, Norlaila, was born in KL). His father’s name is George, he has a brother named Christos (the family lives in Canberra) and a sister named Halimah (who, according to The Star report, is an actress living in KL).

    That’s a nice example of a mixed marriage and religious coexistence, wouldn’t you say?

    In Australia, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

    1. Don’t kid yourself. They are pan-Asian, thus their position and status are much better and well accepted by the White OZ. Still pan-Asian who is half Indian is not always well accepted by the white majority. Danny Boyd, is one of my favorite Stand Up Comic who is half white and half Brahmin Indian. According to him, growing up in the UK, he has been a constant subject of ridicule by peers and public in general.

      In case you forgot, aggression towards Muslim minority in certain part of Australia is still prevalent. In addition the aggression towards the Indian community is even worst, where at one point assault cases were quite common. Just in case, you have not been to OZ, the Indian are called CART PUSHER in OZ.

      The following article is from pro-Majority blog.

      * Young Australians finally fed up with Muslim arrogance and aggression

      * Violence against Indians in Australia controversy

      There are many other if you care to read. Again please do some reading and research other than the J-Star before you try to comment.


      Do you know that University Santa Barbra Killer Elliot Roger’s mother is a Malaysian Chinese. But there is no status reporting whether she is still a Malaysian but I doubt so.

  3. “We’ve seen how Cina™ YouTiup-type memandai x2 nak ajar org Melayu bagaimana m’jadi > Islam.”

    YouTiup suka Hannah Yeoh

    ‏@YouTiup ·22h i like hannah yeoh, she knows how to work with the authorities, including the police, to get things done.

    Tapi got no good words for Teresa. Kesian.
    ‏@YouTiup ·22h cant say the same about teresa kok, whom to me is a useless piece of shit.

  4. My apologies for the digression into an unrelated topic.

    Back to the subject of fasting during the month of Ramadan – I have noticed tudung-wearing Indonesian tourists having breakfast at 10:00 AM at the food court in Singapore’s Ngee Ann City Mall. This after the start of Ramadan.

    And nobody bothered or even raised an eyebrow.

    I believe that travellers in a foreign country are exempted from having to fast.

    The point I am making is that an officially secular country like Singapore makes space for all religions and diversities. Even to having a “Pink Dot” celebration for the LGBT community in Singapore, which was countered by a “Wear White” campaign organised by a Singaporean Malay Muslim activist and which was strongly supported by an evangelical Christian church in the city-state.

    It goes to show that Muslims and Christians can agree to a common position on certain issues (like the LGBT movement, for instance).

    1. ‘tudung-wearing Indonesian tourists having breakfast at 10:00 AM at the food court’

      di indonesia kecuali di aceh, tak jadi kesalahan. begitu juga minum kat pub. mat2 skodeng rasmi pun tak ujud.

    2. Hang ni Olek Skilganon,

      Many Indons are Christians. You cannot differentiate them becos they communicate in one common language, BIndonesia or local dialevts fm which province they came from. Some even attend Sunday mass wearing sarong kebaya.

      However due to poverty and survival (greed) some simply apply religion to get rich quick. One restaurant worker nearby claims herself as a Muslim. By evening and in town you will notice her using a necklace with a huge cross, short skirt n walking hand in hand with an old Apek.

      Iceland one fast for 22 hours in a day.. My sister and family are there and they still fast…mind you 22 hours.

    3. ‘I have noticed tudung-wearing Indonesian tourists having breakfast at 10:00 AM at the food court in Singapore’s Ngee Ann City Mall. This after the start of Ramadan.’

      Itu perempuan mungkin ‘cuti’ dan tak perlu berpuasa. Kat opis aku dulu pun perempuan Muslim makan, orang tak bising pun, orang faham la.

      OS jangan perak sangat!

    4. Re. The point I am making is that an officially secular country like Singapore makes space for all religions and diversities.

      The question is whether any of them dare to create havoc in the police state of Singapore where ISA is the key measure for their peace and order?

      How often do you travel to Singapore and read about Singapore current affairs?

      From the religion point of view they are the Taoist and Buddhist majority, as Lee Kuan Yew aptly put it quite recently “we are the ancestor worshiper”. Further, conflict between Muslim and Buddhist/Taoist is rare with the exception of Myanmar and Southern Thailand. With ISA intact, conflict is keep under control, and Malaysia has experienced the same with ISA in place before.

      As Helen has repeated claimed and we the majority Malay and Muslims believe so too, it is the Christian evangelista who have been playing with fire in this country, dragging along the majority Taoist/Buddhist Chinese in their war of perception to demonize the Malay Muslim majority. Do you think that the Malay Muslims are going to sit still when being provoked? Why do you think Perkasa, JATI, ISMA and many others are flourishing quite recently and gain momentum and attention?

      In contrast, the Malay Muslims in Singapore since the “beginning” of Singapore have been systematically discriminated in various areas. Their political voice has been silenced through gerrymandering via GRC where they are not allowed to become a strong voice. Still they persevere, over the years, the birth rate of the Malays in Singapore has outpaced the Chinese Majority, so much so the Singapore government has started to import new citizen particularly from PR China since the mid 2000’s, at annual rate of 25K people.

      1. That’s an interesting viewpoint.

        Do you know any well-educated Singaporean Malay professionals, students and businessmen and women who concur with your views?

        I have had dealings with some of them and have found them to be intelligent, articulate and comfortable living in an increasingly cosmopolitan Singapore.

        Even among Singaporean Malay students in the top schools, JCs, ITEs, polytechnics and local universities, there is no fear of competition. It’s a different mindset that is being built there – that the region, in particular, and the world, is their oyster.

        1. Re. That’s an interesting viewpoint.

          They are not viewpoint, they are based on first hand experience and via interaction with third party on the ground.

          Re. Do you know any well-educated Singaporean Malay professionals, students and businessmen and women who concur with your views?

          Yes. Many of them. In fact a few of them have become a Malaysian PR, from Veterinarian, Lawyer to Lecturer at Private Foreign University. These people A’s their A-Level but were not given a spot in the Universities, or were discriminated in the job market, hence they opted to migrate here.

          In the late 1990’s there is a Female Malay CEO of a Dutch Bank representative office in Singapore and the only one for that matter. When she applied to study Business in NUS the panel basically told her “why you want to study business, you should study ART bla…bla…” There are many other stories that the Malay friends have related to me and I have been sharing them in various blog. Back in 2008 when “Topix Blog” was a hit, I was the only one who come to their defend. Back then I used the Moniker “Mereka Buta Mata dan Hati” to criticize the Indonesian mostly.

          When the Singapore government started to introduce Mother-Tongue in School in 1987, the Malay obviously chose Bahasa Melayu as opposed to Mandarin. Unfortunately, as they enter the job market later on, the additional requirement needed is fluent in Mandarin. About two months ago, an Ang Moh who married a Singaporean Chinese and I think he has become naturalized citizen complained in the Real Singapore Blog about him having difficulties to get a job in Singapore for most required Mandarin as prerequisite, and one of the Malay commenter remarked ” Tahu Tak Apa”. That is why many Singaporean Malays are fluent in Mandarin now as they had learned the hard lesson.

          Sometime in mid 2000’s when Hardy Mirza ( or was it Taufik Batisah?) won the Singaporean Idol, the Singapore PM made public comment which was flashed in the news “You see if you work hard you can succeed”, such a condescending message as if the Singaporean Malays is no better than that. I have tried to relocate the article to poke fun at their independent blog recently but to no avail.

          Re. I have had dealings with some of them and have found them to be intelligent, articulate and comfortable living in an increasingly cosmopolitan Singapore

          Comfortable living? When was the last time you were there? Only the Ang Mohs reap the benefits due their perks, but the local Sinkie is suffering due to high cost of living. Haven’t you read PAP stands for “Pay And Pay”. Plus on formal setting they won’t reveal their grievances.

          Singapore named the world’s most expensive city

          Do you know how much they look down on the Malay? When I was a club-hopper in the early 2000’s and Singapore is one the places that I used to frequent for partying. Acquaintances would normally think and assumed that I live in KAMPUNG JAWA for mistaking that I am a Singaporean Malay, and KAMPUNG JAWA spells UNGLAM (Unglamorous) to the local. But when I told them that stay at posh area e.g. Orchard (the condo not the hotel) or River Valley Road, they just look puzzle. Recently I related the story to one of my friends who hold PR status there and he just can’t help laughing.

          FYI, personal space is a luxury there in Singapore for if you are single you will almost definitely live in HDB with your parents or rented a room somewhere. That is why HOTEL 88 is flourishing in Geylang area – LOL really LOL.

          Re. Even among Singaporean Malay students in the top schools, JCs, ITEs, polytechnics and local universities, there is no fear of competition

          Have you checked the Star scholarship website and see how many Malays are there. You can say almost none. If you care to visit Singaporean Independent Blog you will read a lot of grievances from the Sinkies as the table is turning now, for what they did to the Malay last time has hunted them back, where opportunities have been taken away by foreigners.

          There are many articles published recently about the need for the PAP government to review its Foreign Students and Foreign Talents policy which has sidelined the local. Please google them yourself .

          1. And if you want to talk about Singapore economy let me save you some time, read here:

          Why Singapore’s Economy Is Heading For An Iceland-Style Meltdown

          2. If you want to talk about strong Singapore Dollar, please read here:

          MAS posts S$10b net loss as Singapore dollar soars

          3. If you want to talk about Temasek and its doubtful investment in below par bond read here:

          Temasek Portfolio Lost $39.91 Billion


          Janganlah padang orang macam tak ada mata. I have told many in this blog that I traveled extensively before as an analyst and Singapore is one of them.

          1. Add:

            Malaysian Chinese have benefited from ASEAN Scholarship program more than the Singaporean Malays in terms of education to be frank.

            Plus if you care to visit any of the offices, unless it is a professional field such as doctor, engineer and the likes, the Malays are only the second liner. The top management are almost all foreign talent or local Chinese and Malaysian Chinese PR.

            1. re: “Malaysian Chinese have benefited from ASEAN Scholarship program more than the Singaporean Malays”

              Similarly UiTM takes in foreigners whereas its doors are closed to the Chinese (generally speaking). Kalau adapun seorang dua penuntut Cina, these exceptions do not negate the norm.

                1. This “bumiputera” policy of exclusion has bred generations of Chinese who thoroughly resent the government.

                  It is what gives the DAP politics of hate their political capital.

                  1. But they forgot that through the generosity of Raja Raja Melayu via Jus Soli, has given them what they have now. They can’t have it all. I have said it before, if they want us to let go of our special privilege, then they should agree to give up their citizenship and become Foreign Guest just like the Bruneian Chinese.

                    Even in Indonesia, the Chinese have been stripped off their cultural identity. There is a report that thing have changed or rather improved a bit now, where there is a private Chinese School, Celebration of CNY etc. But do you think the natives of Indonesia are going to sit still and let things go unchecked?

                    When PAP wanted the Malays’ support in Singapore, they promised them special privileges, but that was only short lived and remain a history now.

                    Geylang Serai used to be my Almarhum Mom’s favorite shopping spot. It is a Malay majority areas but today it has become an official red light district where you can see China Dolls peddling their business on the street. That is how conniving is PAP to the Malays in Singapore.

                    1. re: “They can’t have it all.”

                      Sez who?

                      They even want to decide who is Malay (to them, Zairil is) and who is not (the Tun, Tan Sri Zam).

                      And now they want to police what is permissible behaviour (Hannah masuk masjid, OKM bersahur & iftar … claps claps claps) and what is not (not allowed to Instagram food pix, mesti tunjuk peka).

          2. What’s the Star scholarship website got to do with this?

            Unless you are confusing The Star with the Singapore Straits Times?

            If you want to bring up the point that Singaporean Malays have moved to Malaysia to become Malaysian PRs and take up jobs in Malaysia, then I can bring up the fact that there are Malaysian Malay PMETs who have moved to Singapore and taken up Singapore PR.

            What does that prove anyway? That skills and talent move to where they are welcomed, appreciated and rewarded.

            As for the other points you raised – they are nothing new. They are merely a rehash of points raised previously.

            Anyway, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The world still has no qualms about doing business with Singapore and investing in Singapore.

            And here’s a passing thought for you to ponder – get the Malaysian government have Iskandar Malaysia sever all links with Singapore and become a “standalone” play.

            Let’s see how that will play out.

  5. how should these non muslims politicians react during the puasa month?? please advice….

    1. Don’t be munafik.

      Surah Al-Kafirun (109:2-6)

      I worship not that which ye worship
      Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
      And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship
      Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
      To you be your Way and to me mine.

      Ni si Dapster yang memandai-mandai bukan setakat mahu mencampurtangani urusan orang Islam bahkan mahu bagi tunjuk ajar lagi. Sungguh melampau.

      These evangelista poseurs who insist Allah is 3-in-1 are determined to make a mockery of other aspects of Islam as well.

      Can’t they just bloody leave the Malays alone in their holy month instead of pipi tersorong-sorong dan mulut tersondol-sondol?

      1. islam & christianity has already become a political tool to survive. tak kira samada dap atau pas atau umno. the almighty doesn’t need nobody to defend him.

        1. Neither do Malays need some holier-than-thou Cina evangelistas to tell them that they can’t upload food photos in their Instagram during fasting month.

          Since when do the Cina munafik become ustaz and ustazah to regulate how Malays can and cannot behave in Ramadan or any other month?

          1. melayu sendiri yang dok ‘entertain’. it takes two to tango. evangelistas and the other side need each other to stay alive. (love & hate situation).

            dulu pas vs umno, sekarang dap vs umno (pas dah berterabur). umno cuma ada quality, itu saja. as i said earlier, masa, tenaga & strategi ditumpu kepada pertahanan, bila nak score?

          2. Nor do they need holier-than-thou bloggers to carp and cavil about displays of feminine pulchritude (cleavage, in other words).

            That would be hypocritical, would it not?

            Why impose your concept of morality on others?

            1. It would be stupidity, no?, when a commenter endowed with an ample vocabulary – using big words like “feminine pulchritude” when an ordinary bloke would just say “boobs” – is unable to distinguish between a critique of an EvangeliSTAR paper’s “Sex Sells” cheap and exploitative approach, and the personal dress sense of its interviewee?

              I’m not a Christian. The last thing I do is impose my concept of morality on others unlike the Evangelista Food Police squad. Don’t project your own hang-ups on me, please.

              In fact, I doubt if you’ll ever come across any mention of the masterchef Catherine Chin again in my blog in future, which goes to show how much interest I have in her much less her dress sense.

    2. Surrhead,

      They can help cleanup the brothels, give special MORAL or religious classes to rehabilitate these pimps and prostitutes in churches or temples?

      DAP and MCA kan kaya, isn’t there any other trade/business you people can help set up for them.

      I went touring once around Bukit Bintang.. So sad.. Seeing their faces, cld well be one of your daughter, sister or some as old as your mother! HELP LA..

      1. Are you talking about the girls along B Bintang Plaza all the way to Royal Bintang Hotel? Those girls from PRC, Vietnam and Thailand offer foot massage, but I am sure more can be arranged. Across the street you may see some lady boys offering the services late at night but there are not many of them. The “low class” group are not that obvious as they are mostly hiding behind the buildings and behind budget hotels in Jalan Alor. Long ago, when I first moved here they are all over Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, but as the area has been upgraded they have moved away from there.

        The high class one will be at Fahrenheit top floor (used to be KL Plaza) and behind Merriot Hotel called the Star Gazer (or something) where the entrance fees is RM10,000 according to my friend who took his boss from Korea there. As for Fahrenheit Top floor I know this for a fact because I used to have a GRO friend who worked there before, and a friend who is a hairstylist also do part time job doing hair for the GROs there until today.

        The Gomen needs to start curbing this otherwise it will become like Bangkok, though it is legal there if you bring guest into the room at night there will charge you 50% and the sign is clearly displayed in front of the elevators in all 5-Stars Hotel. Further, the China Dolls have been making this country their play ground as they are more popular here as compared to other countries. In Singapore, nowadays they can been seen “bersidai” in shopping mall along Orchard Road.

        To be honest, except for China Dolls, I don’t look down on these sex workers, as I have watched documentary on Human Trafficking and having a relative who managed to escape from her kidnapper unscathed after being locked up in a remote place in nowhere for few days. She escaped the night before she and a group of other girls were supposed to be sent to Thailand and various other destinations. She was duped by a tudung-wearing makcik in a van, on the pretext of giving a ride home, on her way back from part time job while waiting for her SPM results. Her father conducted “Solat Hajat” in many mosques in my hometown when she was missing. After the incident and the traumatic experience, her father arranged for her marriage upon her consent. I think it happened sometime in the late 1990’s. I believe many others are not as lucky as she is.

        Human Trafficking Movie Part 1


        1. Add:

          If you are having dinner at KFC across Bukit Bintang Plaza you may see young Ah Beng PIMP and the girls under their charge having dinner there too.

  6. Lepas buka puasa tak solat terawih ke Dr OKM? Kena ajaq depa juga yang mana wajib dan yang mana sunnat? Maybe they should really understand what Ramadhan is really all about then probably they would be less condescending.

    1. Yes, it’s very condescending for an evangelista to tell a Malay that he cannot upload food photos because it’s “insensitive”. Their perangai menunjuk-nunjuk political correctness is too really too much.

      1. Why? Is it because food photos will stimulate those fasting to think about food when they should be focussing on the remembrance of God or the food photos will cause those fasting to suffer from their cravings due to hunger?

        Really the DAPsters should join in with the fast for 30 days in order to get first-hand experience of abstention from food and drink, before they decide to clamour for attention towards their empathy with the “sufferings” of others.

        1. You’re right. The overt show of empathy is really attention-seeking to direct the focus to themselves to show the world how Bangsa Malaysia open-minded, building bridges they are.

          The kind of Dapster dude (or chick) who wears “Racism is so yesterday” slogan T-shirts. This kind of grandstanding is applauded by the Firster crowd.

          1. Let the empathy be focussed on the remembrance of God, in case we who are fasting become distracted by images of succulent delicacies. Alas, but will you prosperity evangelists not empathize with us when we plead with you against your invasive actions, that “ALLAH” is One and Absolute, neither begun in time nor perishing, wholly unlike the creatures of creation; ALLAH is not Jesus, peace be upon him; and was not born of Mary, peace be upon her.

            Strictly speaking, you should never ever again propagate any images or statues of Jesus the Messiah, as long as you want to claim in ignorance that the Creator God is ALLAH Most Sublime and High.

            Muslims practice by a famous hadith which says: “Part of person’s virtue in Islam is to ignore that which is of no concern to him.”

            NB: Our brothers in humanity, if you deem to establish true faith in men then empathize with this basic counsel of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and act upon its guidance – ignore what does not concern you. Or more blessed still, submit yourselves to the Beloved Lord of all hearts. Come to the religion of ALLAH.


            1. ENORMOUS CORRECTION in paragraph 2:

              “Strictly speaking, you should never ever again propagate any images or statues of Jesus the Messiah, as long as you want to claim in ignorance that JESUS IS the Creator God ALLAH Most Sublime and High.”

      2. What? Malay cannot upload food photos during Ramadhan? Itu bukan perangai menunjuk-nunjuk tetapi adalah suatu misrepresentation that can add fuel to the current surge of Islamic fanaticism.

        1. The point is that the “enforcer” playing the role of Sensitivity Police is not a Malay or Muslim but a Dapster poseur going overboard in showing off her political correctness.

          It’s like the accusation they level at Ridhuan Tee, i.e. not a Malay but behaving more Malay than Malay.

          This is a case of not Muslim but menunjuk-nunjuk peka / prihatin terhadap sensitiviti umat Islam tatkala bulan puasa.

          I agree that this kind of behaviour by the Chinese poseurs is fueling the surge of Islamic fanaticism, just like how Nancy Shukri, Siti Hasmah, Rosmah etc don’t wear tudung but some evangelista politicians and their followers have propelled bertudung (during mosque visits) into an agenda that has caught the attention of MAIS.

    1. Maybe the Cina oppo hypocrites should champion this issue instead of playing Sensitivity Police and stopping Malays from uploading food pictures.

        1. If the Dapsters wanna pose as the new champions of sensitivity to Islam, then take up this issue of the prohibition by the China government instead of patrolling Twitterjaya like they are Mao Zedong’s ideological cadres who policed public behaviour.

          1. Do you think their lack of sensitivity highlighted by you over Ramadhan plus Ms Catherine Chin’s pix is the cause of 180 degree turn i.e. from insensitivity to sensitivity.

            Positive public perception has been dented or marred, as their same old tactic that they play “Sex Sells, Sex Sells” has been unraveled. Otherwise that “Oleg something something” wouldn’t be that aggressive. I wonder how many views that articles garnered and shared the other day.

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