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Dapsters in denial about causes of May 13 as well

Putrajaya mustn’t be “in denial” is rich coming from Tasmanian reject who denies Daughter#1 is of Indian ethnicity when Daughter#2 is Indian

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Twitter - hannahyeoh- Putrajaya needs to make policies
“REALITY BITES”: … There are no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese, all Malaysians konon


Felixia Yeap: From mermaid to muslimah / Hannah Yeoh: From hypocrite to hidayah?



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  1. Hannah bertudung lagi pula Muslim pula ucap dia sukur ahlamduliah amin.

    ahmad ‏@Dd999333MONEY 14h

    @hannahyeoh sukur ahlamduliah amin

    HH ‏@MHarithN 14h

    @hannahyeoh looking good with Hijab :)

    Hannah look so good in hijab tapi tak mahu jadi muslimah.

    Pulak Kak Hannah pandai ke mesjid.
    JalalludinMD ‏@JalalludinMd 12h

    @hannahyeoh @dapmalaysia Tahniah. Menyantuni dan Membumikan aktiviti Ramadan

    Pula syukur Ong Kian Ming selamat berpuasa macam Muslim.

    Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman

    Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, makan roti! Selamat bersahur!
    Sungai Buloh, Petaling


    Hmmm. Orang Gereja di Selangor beramalan puasa.

  2. The facts point to her being an Aussie reject but to her legions of fans, she is the “one” whatever that means.

    But let’s get real about one thing though. For her and her legions of fans, reality is make believe. Is it any wonder why so many people continue to be taken in by her lies?

    She’s not that bright by the way. I mean, look at her tweets. No substance. No style. Average, really average stuff.

    1. My month of rest and I need to do other work which pays. Blogging does not.

      Long postings with a lot of research correspondingly require a lot of effort. I’m tired. I’m only human, y’know and I get little thanks but instead am at the receiving end of dedicated fitnah and devoted verbal abuse.

      If anything, I feel that we’ve reached a tipping point. For a whole year, I’ve been putting up my KOMA (Kick Out MCA Already) logo — since June 2013 in fact.

      Recently, Najib Razak snubbed MCA in his Cabinet top-up and now Tan Sri Zam is expressing what the Malay grassroots are saying, i.e. that MCA is a liability. As you will remember, I was so thrilled with the PM’s announcement.

      For perhaps the last two years or so, I’ve also been hammering away that The J-Star is a Gunting Dalam Lipatan and about the EvangeliSTAR. Initially I was a voice in the wilderness but now both ideas have gained widespread traction.

      I don’t have to carry all this burden on my shoulders anymore and be the focal point of the Dapster-evangelista vicious smear campaign. I deserve my R & R, don’t you think?

      1. Helen, among people you are the one who surely deserves R&R, but we’re afraid in your quiescence the Redbeanies will just Revive & Revolutionize without a conscience.

        1. You all memanfaatkan bulan puasa and I intend to do the same (in a different way, of course).

          As for the political situation, we’ve passed a point of no return (other more senior commenters have said this and I concur).

          Posting under a limit of 140-characters is a welcome break. The semi-hiatus will help me take stock and it’s also good for my discipline.

      2. Thanks for your tireless efforts. Even with only 140 words does attract comments. Clap clap clap.. may it put a smile or grin on you.

        1. ‘)

          140 characters (huruf/abjad) following Twitter limit. It’s actually between 20 and 25 words.

    1. Ah-huh, even the blade needs a rest.

      Line drawing is of Morgaine, see the book covers elsewhere along this thread (reply to Hassan). A good read; I recommend the three novels.


      1. Postscript:

        The trilogy is dark and atmospheric, like Lord of the Rings.

        Mostly it conveys how tired & exhausted Morgaine is (at least that’s how I read the mood of the book). Her sword is heavy.

        1. Thanks for the recommend.

          I like reading fiction too, mostly horror, mystery and fantasy though. Lighter stuff.

          The writer of that Morgaine series wrote quite a number of novels too, it always astounds me how some writers can be quite prolific.

          Any thought of writing fiction? Maybe satire or something? Maybe that will hit harder and make more people notice.

          1. Yup, the writer of that Morgaine series has got other pretty good stuff (she writes well about horses) but of her work, I like this trilogy best.

            I don’t think our society is able to take satire. When I said “Najib macam Nabi Noh”, the religious police came out in full force screaming “blasphemy”.

            Actually I can draw political cartoons (rusty, it’s been some time since I picked up a drawing pencil) but again, our Islamic fundamentalist society is unable to withstand offence, and satire is “offensive” to its target … mesti ada satu pihak yang terasa sindiran.

            In fact, some segments of our Islamic fundamentalist society are unable to even stand truth such as genuine photographs of pre-hijab Playboy bunnies and mermaids, which they want erased just like how the Taliban blasted the pre-Islamic Bamiyan Buddhist statues out of existence.

            1. ‘Taliban blasted the pre-Islamic Bamiyan Buddhist statues out of existence.’

              Apparently the Afghans Muslims does not have rights to do anything in their very own country, albeit partly occupied, for the sake of some egoistical Buddhists few thousand miles outside their country.

              Its funny, these so called Buddhists does not say anything about the very Afghan people being partially colonized in this day and age, by some highly civilized 1st world folks.

              These Buddhists also kept mum when these Afghans had nothing to eat and their children can’t go to school because some power want to keep hold of their highly strategic geographics.

              But yet, when idol no one seems to worship being flattened by the very descendants that had built it in the first place, the Buddhists suddenly gone berserk. It must be noted to suddenly some had brought aids too. But more money goes to the batu than the destitute people living around the batu!

              Sad is an understatement!

              1. re: “Apparently the Afghans Muslims does not have rights to do anything in their very own country, albeit partly occupied, for the sake of some egoistical Buddhists few thousand miles outside their country.”

                Using your theory, the Hindus had the right to demolish the Babri Mosque since it lies “in their very own country” India.

                And why should the Hindus of India care about the Babri Mosque “for the sake of some egoistical Muslims” who are not the majority in their country.

                re: “the Buddhists suddenly gone berserk”

                No, the Buddhists did not suddenly go berserk. They were no Buddhist riots, nobody was killed in Buddhist counter violence and there were no retaliatory attacks by Buddhists.

                re: “But more money goes to the batu than the destitute people living around the batu!”

                That’s the nature of historical monuments. The pyramids in Egypt are made of stone. Slaves in ancient Egypt must have been destitute people too living under very harsh conditions. Today the pyramids still stand but the slave labour that built the pyramids are long gone.

                1. The idol was accidentally found. And no local Buddhists around worshiping it.

                  Babri Mosque was being used but still it got demolished. Gone case already.

                  ‘That’s the nature of historical monuments.’

                  Priceless right, the hell with the people living around it!

                  1. re: “And no local Buddhists around worshiping it.”

                    There was no one worshipping in the Borobudor either when it was discovered in the thick jungles but you don’t blow up historical monuments. You wouldn’t blow up the Aztec and Incan temples either even though they are not used for worship anymore.

                    re: “Babri Mosque was being used but still it got demolished. Gone case already.”

                    That’s how the Buddhists felt when the Taliban blasted the statues.

                    1. ‘There was no one worshipping in the Borobudor either when it was discovered in the thick jungles but you don’t blow up historical monuments. You wouldn’t blow up the Aztec and Incan temples either even though they are not used for worship anymore.’

                      Who are we to decide, the local people chose whats best for them, you and I, simply don’t count!

                    2. re: “Who are we to decide, the local people chose whats best for them, you and I, simply don’t count!”

                      If you say so. I hope I don’t hear you complain in future if the Israeli Jews successfully evict the Arabs from Jerusalem and then proceed to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

                    3. ‘If you say so. I hope I don’t hear you complain in future if the Israeli Jews successfully evict the Arabs from Jerusalem and then proceed to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque.’

                      Helen, Palestinian people being occupied by the European Jews, and in later stage, the so called worldwide Jews, namely the Africans and Asians. Read la the Balfour declaration. Israelis are the colonizers la, the state is not sovereign to say the least.

                      Sometime your logic baffled me.

                      Perhaps are values are different. For a start maybe you can tell us your stand on Israel? Perhaps this can help some of us to read you better?

                    4. Power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Israeli Jews are the ones with the guns.

                      The Babri Mosque was destroyed because it was the nationalist Hindus who had power over its location.

                      I’m not saying that the Israeli Jews will destroy Al-Aqsa if they’re in control and they can successfully evict the Arabs from the location. I’m only mirroring you when you justify that the Afghans are in control of Bamiyan and as such it is their right to blast the Buddha statues.

                      Following your logic, blast Bamiyan … it’s their right; destroy Babri Mosque … it’s their right; demolish Al-Aqsa … ditto should the circumstances permit.

                    5. re: “Israel is legitimate to you?”

                      Like Malaysia it’s represented in the UN, isn’t it?

                    6. ‘Like Malaysia it’s represented in the UN, isn’t it?’

                      Malaysia does not recognized the state of Israel! Period.

                      So do you?

  3. Bunyi macam merajuk aja… your unsung hero (pejuang) masih prevail la Cik Helen teruskan kami sentiasa menanti isu kamu yang panas konsisten menarik yang diketengahkan dan dikongsi oleh your followers drpd yang lain-lain selain Che det

    1. If you care to read/Google The Chronicles of Morgaine


      Gate of Ivrel


      Well of Shiuan


      Fires of Azeroth


      then this sword & sorcery saga will absorb you into the story of how a woman warrior can be so driven to accomplish her quest.

      1. :) you might also want to check out “The Mists of Avalon” the Arthurian legend told from the perspective of Morgaine. By the late Marion Zimmer Bradley.

        Lots of Dapster-ish behaviour portrayed in it by new converts to Christianity ;)

        1. Yup, read the Mists of Avalon and watched the mini series too.

          Moral of our literary excursion today, ‘Do not give a strong-willed woman a sword’.

          And watch out where the blade swings when the tired woman with sword in hand gets cranky.


  4. My Penang lang esp the Chinese are going kurang ajar again. This guy signed P(censored) on the police ticket.

    Penang Chinese and kurang ajar. So many.
    Remember Leong Pei Koe, the Melissa former INTI Penang student, the terbalik Jalur Gemilang at Queensbay. Now Lim Pei Jye of Balik Pulau.

    And Penang puts the blame on Federal Government AGAIN.

    Penang Health Exco Dr Afif Bahardin is questioning what he describes as failure on the Health Ministry’s part to issue an earlier warning on the 16 Japanese Encephalitis (JE) cases which have resulted in four deaths since the beginning of this year.

    But Penang will not close pig farms.
    The Malay on blogsphere are very angry.

    ” Cuma sebagai Ketua Menteri Guan Eng boleh buat lebih dari itu , kalau gerai orang Melayu boleh dirobohkan dengan ratusan jentera kenapa tidak kandang-kadang babi di Kampung Selamat dirobohkan dengan segera memandangkan ia sudah membahayakan penduduk sekitar ?

    MMI rasa adalah lebih baik kalau babi-babi ni di angkut dengan lori-lori MPSP atau MPPP dan dibawa masuk ke bahagian pulau.Guan Eng pula cari satu kawasan di daerah Farlim , Paya Terubong untuk jadikan pusat penternakan babi.Kita tengok orang cina mau ka dak ?”
    “Tolonglah, aku rasa cukup tak adil dalam hal ini, cina yang makan dan ternak babi, tapi orang melayu yang jadi mangsa…”

    1. Leong Pei Koe is a Subang Jaya voter.

      As for the Malays being angry over the JE cases, rightly so. But looking at the big picture, all the inter-racial goodwill has been lost in Penang.

      So the next and the next and the next issue(s) to crop up – whatever the area of grievances – will also make the Malays (or the Chinese) angry. Previously there might be tolak ansur. Now no more.

      That’s why the kangkung, “celaka”, storming the Dewan gates, and cow head belligerence are all happening in Penang. Your state is the flashpoint.

      1. When wisdom’s call is abandoned, then people make religion the amplifiers of their personal biases and desires

        1. Both the evangelistas and the neo-fundamentalists (Muslim) are amplifying to very high decibels. They will clash.

            1. You remember how in those Rush Movies they fight Chinese villains only to find a white man villain in the end?

              I’m suspicious that here behind all those politicians and administrators from both sides there are Chinese tycoons and underworld overlords pulling the strings.

              There’s too many of those massage and gambling dens too.

              1. I’m persuaded that your suspicions are indeed true.

                However the DAP supporters believe that their politicians are transparent, accountable and practice good governance whereas all 3.5 million “Umnoputras” are corrupt.

    2. What those Chinese are doing, they are sending a message, not only to Malays but to other Malaysians as well. That message is “So what ? What can you do to us ? Nothing !”.

      I m really concerned about this whole situation. The way it is developing, sooner or later the Malays, or for that matter, other Malaysians are going to take matters into their own hands and simply say “enough is enough, let’s get em all”. Then we have a disaster in the making.

      This is not good. In the event of a confrontation, many are going to end up as collateral damage.

    3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that Pu****k name facetious. I wonder why the police officer didn’t issue another citation for mocking the system and insulting him.

      But if I ever meet this guy who signed his name P*****k, I will definitely call him P*****k to his face and he can’t get angry, can he? After all, that’s the name he gave himself.

    4. It seems from the report that Lim Pei Jye wanted to bribe the policeman but policeman rejected his offer. So he signed P(censorerd)

      “Memetik entri sebuah blog masyarakat, pada kejadian yang berlaku kira-kira jam 9.50 pagi, sebuah kereta Chevrolet dipandu oleh Lim Pei Jye ditahan polis atas kesalahan tidak berhenti ketika lampu isyarat merah di hadapan Hotel Holiday Inn.”

      “Difahamkan pemandu tidak bertanggungjawab itu menulis perkataan lucah “Pu****mak” di ruang tandatangan menyebabkan anggota trafik berkenaan membuat laporan polis.”

      1. ‘“You orang tidak mahu kasi saya peluang, you tunggulah tengok nanti saya buat apa. Ok lah you tulis cepat sikit, I ada hal penting,”

        Walawei manyak lansi wor ini Tenglang!

  5. Ya tepat tekaan anda the flash point krisis kejatuhan wang 1967 hartal kemudian mei 13 1969 jika Allah izinkan

  6. I don’t understand what this fat mama text about. but from what I understand, she just said that Putrajaya must formulate policies ‘yang bukan sekadar tersurat dan tersirat’. errr then how ah.

    of course when you formulate policies you must take into consideration the current trend and situation (tersurat/the eyes can see) and future effects of the policy (tersirat/the eyes cant see). so mind boggling la madam speaker lately. maybe I live in denial kot?

    1. Jerusubang lingo is … mind-boggling indeed.

      Nanti kecelaruan kesan wabak air mukjizatnya itu berjangkit ke surau dan masjid pula.

        1. Can sell anything to the Jerusubang believers.

          On the Malay Muslim side, not short of the multitudes as well. But I must say more in the PAS than in the Umno camp, am I correct?

          1. Well, maybe because Pas has this culture of blindly following their leader while the majority of Umno supporters think (rightly?) that they are better than their leaders.

          2. According to PAS Hadi Awang’s “legal” fatwa in his Amanat 30 years ago, at least half the Malay people of Malaysia are heretics (kafir) . . . and of course you could get express to syurga by the “pangkah PAS” politikus pathway.


            1. How can Hadi Awang kafirkan orang Melayu Umno tapi bersekongkol dengan Cina DAP?

              I know it sounds like a rhetorical question but this is like the elephant in the room that both the PAS followers and Dapsters are ignoring.

              1. Indeed, it’s human politicking with religion that has gone awry. Principles have been obscenely compromised. Neither is PAS’ ideology the traditional Islam of the Malays nor is DAP’s Maoist socialism the traditional culture of the Chinese.

                1. re: “DAP’s Maoist socialism”

                  DAP, the current incarnation, appears to be more of an American Republican Christian revival party. In the Asian context, we might learn something from looking at South Korean politics.

                  It could be that the party financial backers are evangelista tycoons. Police tried to arrest the S. Korean ferry (that capsized and drowned the schoolkids) owner when he hid in the premises of a mega evangelista church.

  7. Ms H. I introduce you to the Mumbai (Bombay) Sunday Illustrated of India. There is a special page on match making with all the requirements as to sex, appearance, caste profession etc for a desired and proposed spouse. Acheh ! I am not aware the CASTE SYSTEM IS PRACTISED IN MALAYSIA !

  8. Ms H. Why are people who took part in the events leading up to 13 May 1969 pretend nothing happened ? The whole tragedy was not an instant imbroglio BUT WAS BUILT UP OVER MANY YEARS FROM THE APPEARANCE OF THE PAP IN THE DEWAN RAKYAT.

    I attended the Dewan Rakyat when fierce speeches were hurled at each other from both sides of the political divide. The General Elections of 1964 were fiercely debated in the streets. I was at Suleiman Court (now SOGO) for the PAP rally.

    There were the Penang Riots of 1967 and the intense and unfortunate incidents like the one in Kepong which fueled the fire to come on 13 May 1969. I was there at Foch Avenue (now Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock) when masses of determined demonstrators shouting intimidating slogans were in full display – And the more provocative and intimidating victory parades through Jalan Imbi and Chinatown Kuala Lumpur.

    The only difference is that at the moment there is no fear of the loss of POWER by the BN and the poor and weak leadership of the Opposition. And the front line troops of the Opposition COMES FROM THE MIDDLE INCOME GROUP which will lose BIG IF THINGS GET OUT OF CONTROL !

    1. re: “The General Elections of 1964 were fiercely debated in the streets.”

      Be that as it may, the PAP only won one Parliament seat Bungsar (as Bangsar was then called).

      Can you suggest any reason why in 1964 – this was before the emergence of the DAP founded in 1966 – the opposition proclaiming Lee Kuan Yew’s “Malaysian Malaysia” failed to grab the seats like DAP was later able to do in May 1969?

      1. Ms H. Sure. Malaysia was a much smaller place. Traditional values were still in place. All urban areas were populated mainly by the non-Malays who lived in these places for generations. There were few unhappiness and desires amongst the populace.

        After the 13 May 1969 Riots, it was the determination of the Government to have a fair mix of population in the urban areas concomitant with the policy of creating a middle income group of Malays. This only came about with the 22 year Administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad because between the demise of Tun Abdul Razak and TDM Administration beginning 1981 there was a hiatus in the direction and purpose of the Government.

        But people began to flock to find work in the towns after 1972. These people eventually adopted the life-styles of those who lived far away from home which eventually gravitated to the modern Malaysian life-style of today. There was definitely no freedom in sexual activity which we find all over today before 1972 !

        By the 1980s, the free expression of sexual desires was everywhere plus the easy availability of birth control measures changed the mind-sets and personal behaviour with some having low standards on monetary and personal behaviour.

        During this period, the NEP period, one of the very first ‘ so-called churches ‘ with the sole policy of garnering money, money, money was set-up for the purpose of the very rich founder in the mid-seventies. This was the root of all these RM 2 incorporated churches in shop-lots today.

        Before the NEP, there were none and if any, the churches were not interested in money, money, money.

        Hence, the great exploitation of the young and unguided minds of the Chinese who became spiritually rudderless in a fast and ever changing World. With the insidious brainwashing from Singapore, most of the Chinese became unhappy. The political parties were not looking on the spiritual aspect of these lonely and wayward Chinese from outstation during the NEP.

        By the 2004 General Elections, there was great hope from these educated and unhappy people that there might be a new dawn and were not yet exploited by the smart and cunning. But when the goodies, jobs and a better hope for living were not delivered, these flotsam in the great ocean of humanity took a dramatic turn and into the ready arms of the Opposition ! The results could be seen in the 2008 and 2013 General Elections – we are now in a World of instant information dealing with more and more educated people who demand a fair share of the cake !

        This why we find masses of young folk fervently praying and stomping in these shop-lots for a better life. We should not blame them but only the smart and cunning at the top with agendas.

        1. re: “masses of young folk fervently praying and stomping in these shop-lots”

          Wong Chun Wai wrote that his church is in a shoplot and to him, it is a church.

          If they wanted to build new churches that look like the heritage ones Malaysia inherited from the white colonials, i.e. those stately buildings with spires and church bell towers, apparently they can’t obtain the building permits from the authorities.

          And you get Ridhuan Tee and his ilk harping all time that the magnificence of churches cannot be allowed to overshadow the Religion of the Federation. No wonder the Christians are seething.

          1. ‘And you get Ridhuan Tee and his ilk harping all time that the magnificence of churches cannot be allowed to overshadow the Religion of the Federation.’

            Ridhuan Tee and his ilks are on point for saying that!

            1. So there is good reason that the Dapster-evangelistas peg him as the gold standard for Chinese Muslim converts lah.

              1. Chinese Muslims reverts comes in many colours too. Just like the Malay Muslims. Or Indian Muslims for that matter. Cinas can’t stand him, because he simply exposes their hypocrisies! He put it out in the open the double standard Cinas applied on Malays simply because they are naturally born kiasu!


                1. re: “they are naturally born kiasu!”

                  If you want to apply racial stereotypes, then the Chinese can turn around and say that Malays are naturally born “lazy”.

                  You shouldn’t judge Chineseness from looking at the Malaysian diaspora that only number 7.5 million, and many of whom are Christian. To know the Chinese, look to China with its over 1 billion Han people who are more representative.

                  1. ‘You shouldn’t judge Chineseness from looking at the Malaysian diaspora that only number 7.5 million’

                    I would of course talk about the Malaysian context. Time and again, RT had proven himself right all along about the ultra kiasu.

                    You had proven the same too. LGE had time and again proven the same with his RM600 ringgit bonuses, extra RM100 than the Fed. Gomen. OKM and his kakis had proven kiasu tak bertempat with their psuedo solidarity puasa stunts!

                    Namewee and his kakis are surely kiasu tak bertempat too. Lets not start with the tak mengenang budi MCAs.

                    Helen, the list are endless. As for Melayu malas, coined by the British looters and fast pick up by the pendatangs, is fine with me. The Malays are getting less and less gaji than most non-Malays anyway, in Malaysia, so by telling them that they are actually rajin is an insult!

              2. Ms H. It is better to be a Chinese Muslim convert with over 1,000 year heritage than those fakes who fake for money, money, money and do not know where is Holyrood or Jeruslam.

                Ridhuan Tee is right. The majority prevails in a democracy like in the great United States, United Kingdom etc. The 10 percenters in these places just keep quiet.

                1. ‘The majority prevails in a democracy like in the great United States, United Kingdom etc. The 10 percenters in these places just keep quiet.’

                  ED, only in Malaysia we have the Cina bullies come out full force on the Malays, thus the cries by RT, time and again for them to stand up and be counted. Only in Malaysia.

                  Whereas in the US, UK or Down Under, the Cinas decided to throw their Cinas tongue jauh-jauh! I wonder why???


                  1. Islam 1st. I was told to shut up on the brillilant Lee Kuan Yew with his 20 Failed Policies for Singapore and his pet Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP – the cause of all our ethnic problems since 1964. If you want more, I refer you to the Hansard, Malay Mail and the Straits Times of that period. He is the guy !

                    1. ‘If you want more, I refer you to the Hansard, Malay Mail and the Straits Times of that period. He is the guy !’

                      ED, as one of our elder, please Ceritalah lagi…

  9. Ms H. My take on the play on religion by the Opposition is way beyond the limits of the norm. In 1969, and the events which led up to it was nothing like what we are facing now. Then, it was the issue of POWER only. The power struggle to steer the Nation according to the precepts of those in Power. The riff-raff in 555 singlets were used.

    Now, the play for those who want POWER is all-embracing eg. everything thrown in, race, religion, etc. anything that could be thought of to bring down the BN Government. Something like ‘ hell is like the wrath of a woman scorned !’

    No one has talked about what happened after the 13th of May, 1969.

    Curfew was imposed for 24 hours around the clock. Those who relied on their daily keep like the hawkers, manual workers, etc. lost their incomes if not their lives.

    The Curfew went on for weeks and weeks. Very early on, the populace was permitted to shop for their daily needs only for a few hours in the mornings. All wet markets were closed. Only the few supermarkets were opened. During the day and the night, there was no traffic on the roads.
    The police was stretched to the limit at a time of a small population and towns with mainly Chinese inhabitants. Now, all towns have expanded at least 10 times and the police contingent does not keep up with the space they will have to cover.

    And a huge foreign workers population which will have no pay and food for days or weeks. What do you think they will do ? Rampage !

    And the military, the soldiers are trained to do a different kind of work and are not familiar with dealing with a civiliane population.

    I do hope the Opposition recall that they have not succeeded to conquer Putrajaya in 3 EASY STEPS. Why repeat?

    1. re: “everything thrown in, race, religion, etc. anything that could be thought of to bring down the BN Government”

      They’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink — fitnah and hasut with total vindictiveness and vendetta.

      1. Ms H. No need to throw in their grandmothers as well. They missed control of Putrajaya thus.

        1. In 1997, if the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. But he listened to his kitchen cabinet and events which should not happened, happened. The kitchen cabinet is still strong with the BN.

        2. In 2008, if the 32 seats had been sorted out before the 12th General Elections and not after, the Opposition would have won 2 elections by now. But they forgot that by winning, the Khazanah belongs to them and there would have been zero cost options.

        3. In 2013, if the Opposition announced a 100 day fast and checked in at the lst Class Ward, KLGH. held Press conferences daily, and boycotted the 13th General Elections. The BN would have won 100% of the seats with less than 49% of the votes. The whole World condemned the result. The Opposition would have been in Putrajaya for 14 months by now. See how the Thais do it !

        So, how to support such bungling folks who do not think through the options in a deadly game like Malaysian Politics ?

        1. re: “The BN would have won 100% of the seats with less than 49% of the votes.”

          BN only got 47%.

          1. Ms H. With 47%, sure out of Putrajaya if the Opposition boycotted. Someone was stupid. See how the Thais did it.

  10. Saudara Islam 1st. Thanks for your response. Our news in the newspapers do not contain any Singaporean news since 1965 which I presumed was due to an understanding by Tunku with Singapore. OK. So since 1965, we do not know what was happening in Singapore good or bad to this very day. But since 1965, the Straits Times, Singapore was used by the PAP to turn the Singaporeans. For a while, the Page 2, was used as a social advisory service thus :-
    ” A Singaporean businessman went to China and got married. The wife got a Singaporean Passport and a HDB flat from him. She ran away !

    After the centre page, there has always been a page reporting the worst antics of Malaysian politicians except the Opposition. Or a glowing report on a speech by a young UMNO aspirant specially invited for the brainwashing flattery process by the Istitude of South East Asian Studies (INSEAS) an outfit specially set-up to flatter existing or potential up and coming personalities.

    The back page is used to warn Singaporeans about the state of the World’s financial affairs and masked to do the yo-yo on the CLOB, thus. ” The Fed is expected to drop rates.” This is the signal for the Singaporeans to rush to buy shares on the CLOB ” or ” The Fed is expected to raise rates.'” This tells them to sell shares and run.

    WHEN THE CLOB WAS CLOBBERED IN 2000 BY SEPARATING THE SES FROM THE KLSE, the vulgar curses, insults etc hurled at the Malaysian Government carried on for nearly ONE MONTH in the readers’ columns because since 1965, the Singaporeans were easy to organise on a small island whereas the Malaysians (mainly Chinese ) knew nuts about what they faced – a PAP organised force. UP AND DOWN THE SINGAPOREANS MADE MONEY WITH THE CLOB UNTIL 2000 ! Fantas !

    This just one solitary and sordid tale of gross interference with other peoples’ internal affairs like what they did to friendly, peaceful and prosperous Thailand with the Thaksin purchase in 2006.

    1. ed the educated dumbass, pap n umno r bro la, ur double std only make u sound like a fool, or but kisser, more likely the latter.

      1. HY. You are an Ass. You personal. Also I can be personal. No problem, wage earner !

        1. Saudara islam 1st. I hope the Malays understand that it is the Malays who either MAKE OR BREAK MALAYSIA. Consorting with the likes of PAP in the failed Republic of Singapore is just asking for trouble. Non-Malays no matter how these fakers behave will not make an iota of difference to the flow of the politics of the majority. I am surprised that there are Chinese (if they are really Chinese) still not aware after 1969. Stupid !

  11. Saudara Islam 1st. From 1965 to 2000, there were 9 Stock Exchange crashes. From 2001 to 2014, there was NONE. Hence, the CLOB WAS CLOBBERED.

  12. Ms H. My sincere advice to those young Oppostion aspirants are :-






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