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Evangelistas ready to “fight”

What’s their main weapon -fitnah & hasut? Claiming Allah has a Son is biggest fitnah of all. DAP moving in on S’wak run-up to state election

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15 thoughts on “Evangelistas ready to “fight”

  1. ughhhh make them stay away!!

    i also recently read a statement by Tian Chua in the news saying how he thinks some people have rights to enter Sarawak and that Sarawak authorities should consider lifting either blacklist/ rule that keeps them from coming in – and I’m like: IT’S OUR GODDAMNED RIGHT TO PREVENT ANYONE FROM COMING IN IF WE THINK THEY SHOULDN’T COME IN.

    really contradicting themselves when they’ve been harping on how Sarawak n Sabah are not accorded their rights all these while ugh.

  2. So, Allah doesn’t have a Son.

    Christians believe that God has a Son, Jesus Christ. This is an article of faith for all Christians, regardless of denomination.

    So, is the “sin” claiming that Allah is God or that Allah isn’t God?

    It’s such a fundamental difference in faith belief between Christianity and Islam that’s it difficult to see how differences can be bridged.

    Maybe not at all, in which case, it’s about learning to co-exist peacefully with each other.

  3. They should since the Christian especially the east malaysian bumiputera Christian have been consistently discriminated by the Muslim extremist of peninsular. Some people just want to see the 2 religion fight each other. UMNO and their religion extremist must be rejected to prevent malaysia from becoming another Muslim doomed country.

  4. So they are going all out to move the Sarawak mountains into their pockets..

    Think they give a damn about the people there?


  5. Other than fitnah & hasut, DAP’s other weapons are the hapless, ignorant, naive and self-righteous supporters….

  6. Sejak ISA di mansuhkan DAP sungguh galak main perkara-perkara yang sensitif sambil menghasut dan mengadu domba perkara-perkara yang kita tak mahu sentuh sejak 13 mei, mungkin mereka ingat jenerasi muda melayu lupa daratan dan buta fakta sejarah, disarawak dan sabah puak ini telah dengan jelas menghasut supaya isu keluar dari malaysia dan hak sarawak sabah di mainkan dengan rancak menjelang pilihan raya negeri sarawak.

    Saya nak memeri pendapat bahawa banyak kesan buruk dilihat berlaku kebelakangan ini kesan tiadanya ISA pertama terlalu banyak tangkapan keatas kumpulan militan dan masih berjalan dan ini menandakan malaysia sudah jadi sarang militan,

    Bayangkan dalam masa akan datang dengan DAP menjalankan aktiviti menghasut dan mengapi-api agama dan kaum saya yakin 100% kemungkinan banyak perkara keganasan akan berlaku, ini bukan melemahkan BN malah semua rakyat akan merana terutama yang non muslim.

    1. Penceroboh suka buli Melayu!!!

      ‘Bielefeldt is also concerned that he has yet to get a response on a letter he had sent to the Malaysian government last November seeking clarification on the matter and voicing concern over the ban.

      His letter was supported by UN Independent Expert on minority issues Rita Izsak and UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, Frank La Rue.’

      Apa hal pulak nak masuk campur dalam urusan negara berdaulat seperti Malaysia?

      These people patut kena tangkap dan pancung sebab menghina YDP, masuk campur dalam hal ehwal Orang Islam!!!

  7. MCA also ready to fight, UMNO that is!

    Apparenty among the Cinas, Mary Yap is not Cina enough?!

    How racists is that?

    ‘There is nothing wrong for Mary Yap to defend herself and hint that MCA is trying to throw her out of the cabinet through media and public opinion since MCA has only been assigned 2 ministerial and 3 deputy ministerial positions in the new cabinet, which is far from the 3 ministerial and 5 deputy ministerial roles than expected. Coincidently, the Chinese teacher placement issue is taking place at this moment, once again, MCA has been teased by DAP for being powerless. All these have set the flame within Wee Ka Siong, the newly appointed minister.’

    1. Re Apparenty among the Cinas, Mary Yap is not Cina enough?!

      That’s because Mary Yap refuses to do their bidding. Just like how they used to mock Chua Soi Lek and his sex tape because he refused to entertain their demands.

  8. Dear Helen,

    Only knowledge can resolved any indifference and confusion and most important one should be able to decide the truth from falsehood. The basic foundation of a true religion is to learn how to fear GOD, because if you fear God then you will not fear human. You will not fear to speak the truth instead you will fear only God whenever you tried to conceal the truth. Interestingly when both Books speaks very parallel on the same subjects.

    Those who fear Allah among His servants are those who have knowledge. Surah Al-Fatir 35:28

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1:7

    In truth no Muslim will even bothers the Evangelista catholic church priest “religious activity” if they can behave just like their former forefather that have consistently stick to use the “IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST”. Could any Christian enlightened us of why they have abandoned that “Holy” name now? Or are they trying to tell us that the former God Holy Names have already expired? We are not trying to be rude but isn’t it seems to us that these Malaysian Evangelista and their KIasu DAP political ally are trying to create a new religion? What happen to the Holy Bible KJV version where there no Allah name mentioned in it?

    THE TRUTH IS, are these DAP*** evangelista nuts are treating the Christian faiths like a Microsoft product that needs updating from time to time? We said this because the majority of the Christian in Europe and America do not even changed their way of preaching. They should ask themselves CAN an experimental religion could necessarily be a true faith? Are these people nuts or what ?

    Basically these people are trying to argue out that Allah may have a Son too just like man and animal? This is PURE SHIRK in Islam. Associating partners with Allah is the act of destroying and harassing uluhiyyah rububiyyah God and prejudice to the creator of the universe. That is why we cannot AGREE !! Polytheism is equated with God’s creatures that this means equating imperfect creatures and do not have anything with substance that is great and the wealthy.

    Idolatry is a sin that our fears with him must be greater than our fear with it in others. There is even ALLAH dire in the Holy Quran
    إن الله لا يغفر أن يشرك به ويغفر ما دون ذلك لمن يشاء
    Which means, “Verily Allah will not forgive the sin of shirk, and He forgives all sins, apart from this (shirk), for whom He wills.” (Surah an Nisa: 48)

    To us the Muslim these stupid Evangelista are trying to teach us, how to create Allah wrath so that we can be thrown to hell forever.

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