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Did anyone say Soup Kitchen?

Eddy Daud: “TalentCorp is a dumb idea from day 1”

Twitter - eddydaud- Incentives to woo overseas

Twitter - eddydaud-another brilliant idea

Photos compiled by Helen Ang

Sez who TalentCorp is a dumb idea?

Prime Minister Najib Razak supports TalentCorp to TRANSFORMASI the nation

Idris ‘Pemandu’ Jala, the patron saint of TalentCorp

21 June 2014: TalentCorp will be in Dubai @ Oberai Hotel

TalentCorp was previously gallivanting in Australia and New Zealand

The Oberai, Dubai
The Oberai, Dubai

6 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Melbourne @ The Marriott

7 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Adelaide @ The Hilton

9 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Sydney @ Grace Hotel

Marriott, Melbourne
Hilton, Adelaide


Grace Hotel, Sydney
Grace Hotel, Sydney


Novotel, Perth

11 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Brisbane @ Sofitel

14 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Perth @ Novotel

17 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Wellington @ Rydges Hotel

18 Oct 2012: TalentCorp in Auckland @ Stamford Plaza Hotel

Rydges Hotel
Rydges Hotel, Wellington
Stamford Plaza Hotel, Auckland


the TalentCorp Aussie merry-go-round

swings again in 2013

Career Fair for FRESH GRADS!!

(not experienced talent, woi! )

TalentCorp Australia

TalentCorp Australia2


TalentCorp’s favourite city

Celebrating Hari Kebangsaan in England

30 Aug 2013: TalentCorp in London @ Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites

31 Aug 2013:  TalentCorp in Birmingham @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

Talentcorp: “these engagements help to establish channels for Malaysians to contribute from abroad, and potentially initiate conversations that lead to new ideas for cross-border business and professional opportunities”


Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites London
Crowne Plaza Hotel Birmingham Nec, Birmingham
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Birmingham


2 Feb 2013: As usual, TalentCorp in London … events @ Lancaster Hotel

26 Oct 2013: TalentCorp in London @ Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch

30 Mac 2014: TalentCorp in London again @ Lancaster




“Returning Expert Programme” konon but TalentCorp talking to fresh grads




TalentCorp supports World Environment Day




27 March – 7 April 2012

Talentcorp tour Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and London @ Royal Horticultural Halls (above)

Talentcorp frontline staffers … May Lyn, Yuvha Dharshini, Jaclyn Ang, dunno who else [??]

Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei
Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung, Taiwan

4 July 2012: Talentcorp in Taiwan @ Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung and @ Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung

Last year, they did the rounds of Doha, Manama, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, etc, etc.

TalentCorp in the Middle East
TalentCorp in their Middle Eastern tour

TalentCorp Holiday
Essentially, what TalentCorp is is a world tour holiday package for the “advisors” parked in the Prime Minister’s Office.

TalentCorp is a bloody con!

And while the PM’s pets nibble on croissant in the venues above, the poor or homeless rakyat can visit soup kitchens.

Or keep calm and eat kangkung.

Broke Kangkung


We take it TalentCorp enjoyed their European grand tour

The public must demand TalentCorp show us their results


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67 thoughts on “Did anyone say Soup Kitchen?

  1. Dear Helen

    There has been many outbursts over several years regarding talent corp. But it does not seem to have any impact on the PM’s office to take any action. However people in the know – like you – must not stop.

    Your relentless expose of the MCA and its ‘kuting dalam lipatan’ The Star, has now become main stream narratives, with Tan Sri Zam taking the torch. Well Done.

    Another good example is ex YB Wee Choo Keong’s relentless disclosures of the’rape’ of MAS by all sides. Again thanks to him – at least the MAS-AA share suap has been undone.

    But unfortunately the rest if society – me included – is just sitting and watching things go rotting by. We need to do more!!

    Allow me to quote from a recent article by Out-Syed-The-Box (wothout permission)

    “I have very little faith in the politicians. It is the public in Malaysia which must be more assertive. And don’t wait for the polls. The polls only come once in five years.

    You the public do not kick up a big enough fuss over corruption. You dunggus demonstrate in the street to cover Liwat’s backside. How stupid can you get?

    But not one person went down to the streets over the Lembu Condo, the AES, now the upcoming fuel subsidy “privatisation”, the rape of MAS. You dont know what targets to aim at. (and now we can add talent corp to that list!!!)
    So we dont really have that many choices. Dunggus on all sides. This is where the people must step up to the plate. That’s you folks ok. You don’t have to demonstrate in the streets to voice your protest. There are a other ways. You have to make louder noises and organise yourselves. You can just boo. Tapi itu pun tak buat.”

    Indeed the people must step up. In the meantime we are very grateful for your continuous and tireless work. Please do not stop.


    1. and of course, the son, the entrepreneur, the team gen y leader working hard on these ‘tours’ boasting about it on instagram

  2. So, how do I get a job @ Talentcorp? Looks like a fun place to work. I would love to be able to fly business (oh heck, I’ll do it on economy) class and stay at all those hotels.

    1. Go to Talentcorp website -> About us -> Careers -> Deposit Resume

      As of today, there are 4 vacancies:-
      1. Contact Center Executive (Junior Executive Customer Service)
      2. Account Manager, Client Management (Manager / Others)
      3. Executive, Program Coordinator (Junior Executive / IT – Network/Sys/DB Admin)
      4. Senior Executive, Virtual Outreach (Senior Executive / Others)

      Fit your experience/ academic background? However I doubt you can fly biz class and stay good hotels with these Tom, Dick and Harry positions. The best way is to get link up with da big man himself- Mr Jala.

      Caveat: I’m not an HR representative from Talentcorp- apply at your own risk ya.

        1. Talentcorp belongs to the “consulting” industry (as per listed in Jobstreet). I took a brief glance at the job responsibilities for each jobs- seems very well crafted with jargons like SLA (service level agreement), MDO (multilevel disciplinary organization??), KPI. One of the job positions’ key responsibility (Account Manager) – “provide relevant feedback for customer and product segmentation”. Another job (Contact Center Executive)’s responsibility- “address customers with highest degree of respect and politeness…” I wonder who are Talentcorp’s customers and what product(s) they are selling.

          1. the jala guy, he was recruited from shell, locally or abroad? the so-called well crafted jargons including ‘kpi’, ‘jit’ (just in time), ‘value-added’, ‘leverage’ & what have you are all ‘cedok’ from american organisations – invented by consultants. (dah lama dah – fanciful power-point presentation pun). tak perlu pergi jauh2 kerana didalam negeri ada banyak yang berkebolehan. they are as good as those working overseas if not better.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    There are lots of talented people in Malaysia who do not have the chance to prove themselves so Talent Corp should look for ways to export these people instead of importing talent.

    Leaders should be selfless and responsible. They should serve the people first and do it effectively; not like having Pemandu, NUCC and others. Sadly the opposition governments are even worse, what choice do we have?

    1. re: “so Talent Corp should look for ways to export these people instead of importing talent”

      Yup. It’d be great to change TalentCorp’s directional flow. Instead of having TalentCorp entice Dapsters to come back to Malaysia, we ask TalentCorp to facilitate their departure to those countries that TC officers are currently visiting.

      For starters, find her some matching skill set (televangelist, maybe?) so that Madame Speaker will be accepted in Oz this time, and please TalentCorp, EXPORT her to Tasmania pronto.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,

        Yes, it would be real cool if Talent Corp could send all those people abroad to the countries that are supporting their dirty works to cause disharmony in Malaysia. Those countries like Dapsters so much, so they should give them citizenship.

        Over there Dapsters are free to demonstrate, laying on the roads, fight against all of their new countries’ policies and whatever they are doing here. I wonder if they’ll still want to call their gods Allah over there.

        Aunty Helen, why must PM be blinded by those people who are bad for the country and actually hate him?

        1. re: “I wonder if they’ll still want to call their gods Allah over there.”

          Very, very good question. I shall remember to highlight.

          re: “why must PM be blinded by those people who … actually hate him?”

          He’s a sucker for pain.

  4. The leaders must improve their own talents before they go on searching for more new entries which are unproven.

  5. More like Tainted Corpse Incooperated no added value at all ,fat cheques, fat exemptions with no returns.

  6. “Essentially, what TalentCorp is is a world tour holiday package for the “advisors” parked in the Prime Minister’s Office.”

    “The Streets of London” to them: [YouTube]

    Let us introspect

    1. 1. Rather than spending all the money for travel and staying in hotel, it is better to spend those money to have better and proper website because this is the main source of place where people look for information.

      2. I once sat with a hardcore dapster who is working oversea. He was making a big fuss about brain drain speaking about how much brain has drained from Malaysia. So I ask him a very simple question, do you think just because you work oversea, Malaysia has short of one talent? I told him that there are many more Malaysian back in Malaysia who can easily match what he is doing now and probably better. He kept quite, some sort agree with it.

      3. For me, Talent corp is fine. It could be some incentive to woo Malaysian back, but no need for those unnecessary marketing and waste of money. Just a good website, and less bureaucracy will do.

      1. GrandMarquis,

        I notice that the wage in Malaysia is suppressed. No thanks to over relying on foreign workers.

        There are many reasons for Malaysians to work abroad. For quite a number of them, wage is of supreme consideration. Let them be. No need to waste money by bringing them back here. And there is another group of people who choose to work in foreign countries as their country, Malaysia, is not good enough as it is ruled by Malays(UMNO). so, they are willing to be dish washers(with due respect to genuine dish washers) in UK, Malta. More glamorous to them. And we certainly can do without these ungrateful people

        What need to be done is to increase the wages in Malaysia. There must be way to increase the wages. Way back in singapore around 20 years ago, Singapore introduced a law to automatically increase the wages. We can learn from Singapore.

        I know a friend who earns around RM1800 per month after working for more than 15 years in a hardware company in Sg Penaga industrial park, somewhere near Subang Mewah.

        Look into these kind of industries. The owners are making good money, By all mean go make money . But cant they increase the salaries by RM500. Here is the place where the authority can intervene.

        We can not expect our Malaysian workers to compete with workers from Bangladesh, Vietnam. The Bangladeshis can have 10 roommates. They are satisfied staying in 3 room apartment with 10 people. Malaysia workers have families. The expectation is different.

        We often lament that Malaysians are choosy. Perhaps some are. But in reality Malaysians shy away from these menial jobs simply because they cant survive with the wages offered. Increase the wages. We may see Malaysians queuing up for the job.

        No need over paid consultants to do the job that can be done easily. All we need is understanding the problem.

  7. I think Talent Corp just needs to be more focused. Example, say we need more genetic scientists for tropical diseases – then they should go all out to find existing Malaysian talent who are overseas and bring these back. Not go on roadshows at universities begging students to come back.

    Be targeted and focus on actual skills needed here, not by adding up the warm bodies you can bring back.

    By the way, why is CIMB filling up its management ranks with foreigners? The whole of Malaysia not enough bankers? Al Rajhi too. Maybank and Public Bank promotes from within and they are strong award winning banks. Actually this is a good example, mirroring what is happening with the government wrt Talent Corp: staff turnover is high in CIMB, morale is .. well. . depends on which area you’re in, company loyalty. . Err ?

    Contrast to MBB and PBB, especially PBB – do you see them ever hiring high flyer to parachute in? Do you ever see their staff resigning en mass? Never. Because they value loyal staff.

    So take this in a wider context, with Talent Corp, the government is sending a very clear signal: they do not appreciate the ones who stay behind or came back without incentives apart from love for family & country to build this nation. Kerja kat London = glamour. Never mind that what they are doing there is just an ordinary office job.

    Bring back the scientists, the doctors, the specialist engineers, the researchers. Right now, the scheme is being exploited by mediocre business executives who had intended to move back anyway (cannot hack it there) and get tax benefits at the same time!

    1. What you say points out the deficiencies of Najib Razak’s “thinking” that has been outsources to consultants.

      1. I think it’s more insidious than just lazy thinking. He doesn’t trust his cabinet ministers nor the senior civil servants for advise, yet he cannot replace them for whatever reason – beholden or otherwise.

        So he “buys” his own team instead of relying on what is already available.

        His younger brother is doing the exact same thing. Of course, in a corporate environment, the impact is only within the organisation but if you do it on a country. .. well, this is where we are now. People feel angry, unappreciated and lose loyalty and willing to pick fights on anything because not happy. You can see it in the business world and you can see it played out on a nation wide level.

  8. I find that pro-gov blogs are getting jittery that they tend to just shoot everything first at anything they can get to what they may perceive as wrong regardless of reality. I have close friends and acquaintance working currently with or used to work with Talent Corp, they work hard and very serious bout their work. To say and to certain extend accuse them of being money wasters and public money spenders a big accusation, and burden of proof will be in your hand. It is true they have weakness, and not perfect, but imperfection is not to be mistaken for rejection and reason for false accusation. It is easy to accuse an organization and making them into a bogey man, but we should and need to remember that they consist of people who are just like you and me, and people who believe they are doing for the good of country.

    1. re: “I have close friends and acquaintance working currently with or used to work with TalentCorp, they work hard and very serious bout their work.”

      “They work hard and very serious ’bout their work” … hahahahahahahahaha

      re: “To say and to certain extent accuse them of being money wasters and public money spenders a big accusation, and burden of proof will be in your hand.”

      Watch Najib fall over this fiasco, and his other pet projects like NUCC, GMM, Pemandu and the like. Andd then we’ll see where your “close friends and acquaintances” who are the beneficiaries of Najib’s largesse will be.

      1. Hahahahaha

        No fair. Ia projek peribadi Najib Razak, perdana menteri yang paling boros tak bertempat dalam sejarah negara.

        Saya rasa penjawat am pun kecewa dengan PM yang telah menubuhkan satu birokrasi selari dengan pejabat dan jabatan kerajaan.

        1. ‘ Ia projek peribadi Najib Razak’

          alamak, you sudah pecah lubang lei! bulan puasa wor! apa lagi projek dia, plkn? dan……dan…..

          ‘penjawat am pun kecewa’

          depa berani ka lawan ksn? boleh frust menonggeng saja la.

  9. Telentcorp is a dump idea. Look at those medical specialists came back fr Taiwan , their standard is so poor, their post graduate training are not recognize by the Medical Council, n now we hv to send them to Govt hospital for 6 months training, but all of them already drive big cars cos they don’t hv to pay import tax, n we local specialist can’t even smell them

  10. Woo overseas Malaysian home? Are they able to match the salaries and perks those working overseas are enjoying right now?

    Sini even our PM gets only RM22K !

    1. This statement needs factual support. I am happy to provide the following,

      1. Undergraduates from UK (should be true for US, Canada and EU, to some extent) are transferring from their current universities to universities in Australia and Hong Kong, so that upon graduation, it would be easier for them to get jobs.

      They know that jobs are in Asia, particularly in HK, Taiwan, Korea, and China. Unemployment among UK young graduates, in the UK are at all time high.

      The government of UK are ( i know for a fact in Scotland) are not willing to extend student visas.Upon graduation – they are required to board the plane and return home. This is to preserve whatever job opportunities to Scots. They know it is tough for their young graduates, since whatever limited job opportunities there is, they have to share with applicants from all across the EU.

      Young graduates from these developed countries are looking east. So to assume our own graduates are still looking WEST – could be fallacious.

      So if Talent Corp is still doing it (Cik Helen’s pictures speaks volumes of it) – then Talent Corp is flying in the face of economic reality. This then is “perahu sudah terlajak”. Time to “cepat-cepat koner balik lah”.

      2. Although Talent Corp was originally created ONLY to ‘bring home’ Malaysian talents who were working abroad, then then extended their scope to also include fresh graduate. Our fresh graduates – well they are fresh. It will take years of practice — baru ada talent.

      Just imagine if the show “UK Got Talent” — were to feature bath room singers (fresh talent .. and pun intended) – Mr. Simon Cowell would be peddling pirated CDs on Oxford Street (or Jalan Pudu) today.

      But Simon Cowell is a multimillionaire because those that appear on the show – have been practicing their singing (sometimes dancing too) all their lives – barulah ada real talents.

      What we see today in Talent Corp – is a classic manifestation of Parkinson’s Law — “that work expands to fill the time available to do it” . Unfortunately for us the Rakyat – in the case of Talent Corpse – it is to fill the money (very very easy money) — made available to it by the Government.

      So Talent Corpse (TC) should be asked to go back to its basic objective — to attract the Malaysians working abroad (assuming they have talent — a very BIG if ) to come back and do the jobs local executives, managers, engineers, scientists, technologists, etc — DO NOT have the talent to perform.

      Even this assumption needs closer assessment. I once attended a TC sponsored (paid for by Talent Corpse) forum at University Malaya. After giving the opening remarks – the big man from TC pun belah.

      I had supposed that TC staff would be on hand as the boss-man had left. It turned out this too was a very BIG supposition.

      When i asked the forum — had there been projects that we in Malaysia, the government or the private sector, could not launch, or were delayed or had to be cancelled because we did have the talents to execute the project?

      Before i sat down I suggested to the forum, that unless we have projects that could gainfully use these talents – it would be grossly UNFAIR too entice them to return, and then ask them to twiddle their thumbs and look for something meaningful to do.

      There was no one at the forum that could or want to answer that. I thought perhaps – there were no one from TC who had come or stayed after the boss-man left.

      The Chairman of the forum, who i thought was a senior lecturer, quickly moved on t the next questioner / commentator. So much for academic interests and thirsts for hearing both sides!!

      So I hope i have provided some information to support your assertion that — Talent Corp — could be redundant.

      Thank you

      1. re: “it would be grossly UNFAIR too entice them to return, and then ask them to twiddle their thumbs and look for something meaningful to do”

        Absolutely. TalentCorp are working like those salesmen at the shopping malls who accost you to sign up for credit cards.

        The TalentCorp recruiters just want to make up their sales numbers. What comes after is none of their concern.

      2. ‘Undergraduates from UK (should be true for US, Canada and EU, to some extent) are transferring from their current universities to universities in Australia and Hong Kong, so that upon graduation, it would be easier for them to get jobs. ‘

        Those talents will balik anyway, especially when they cannot cari makan anymore in those places. Three years ago I sat next to an Aussie guy transit from London, balik kampung because kerja susah kat London, locals preferred!

        Tak payah nak tour dan boros sangat, tolong gelandangan makan lagi mulia!

  11. People think that people like Idris Jala from Shell are brilliant, i know some and most of them have snobbish elitist mindset, most of them come from upper class middle family anyway and have no down to earth attitude, people like Tengku mahaleel, ex Shell is one example, who brilliantly destroyed Proton with his Asia answer to BMW while Idris jala famously cut cost in Shell Malaysia by firing staff and brought the same method to MAS where the sale of MAS building was used to creatively mess the account of MAS to make it seem profitable and Idris became the darling of the non Malays who think he is successful as he is not a Malays, not a Muslim, and from Shell.

    The way PEMANDU apwith their ex Shell boss shouldering PEMANDU and building their own PEMANDU PTD madia is driving government servants nuts with their powerpointd and pestering peoplemto fill in excel spreadsheets….

    Now the cancer has spread in the form of Talentcorp…

  12. Talent corp ? PM Najib is in hot soup… neh to soup kitchen. RPK asked about the zakat money… quite true though. Beside gomen has vast allocation on such.

    I love sup ekor…

  13. I have attended two TalentCorp events at ANU. More form than substance.

    I agree with the general thrust that TalentCorp is a waste of money for a simple reason — the reason Malaysians leave Malaysia.

    Beyond the lavish spending (both on salaries of its staffs and marketing of its events), the incentives that TalentCorp provides (which I agree is discriminatory towards local Malaysians) are incentives that does not address the reasons people leave Malaysia.

    There would not be any need for TalentCorp is the Malaysian government, in the first instance, addressed the reasons Malaysians leave Malaysia.

    1. ‘addressed the reasons Malaysians leave Malaysia.’

      And why would that be? What do you reckon the Gomen needs to do?

  14. The point being lost here is this. Just because you live and work abroad does not mean you have any special talent the country (Malaysia ) needs. Nor does it mean you are capable of contributing to making the country (Malaysia) any better than it is now.

    Many Malaysians who live abroad (and I count myself amongst them) live mediocre lives. Name me ten who have made a seminal contribution to their fields in whatever country it is they have migrated to because of their new environment.

    Many have become wealthy. But that happens in Malaysia too. So what’s this Talent Corp scam about?

    Of course someone will say the latest Tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios is an example because his mother is Malay. (the Greeks will say the same thing because his father is Greek). But is that really the case that Kyrgios beat Rafael Nadal because his mother a Malay lives in Australia? I ask you

    1. re: “Just because you live and work abroad does not mean you have any special talent the country (Malaysia) needs.”

      TalentCorp is supposed to source “EXPERTS” in critical areas to return to Malaysia, implying those with cutting edge professional expertise in their fields.

      But TalentCorp is instead organizing career fairs for fresh grads in the white countries. Ini namanya TIPU !!

      1. ‘TalentCorp is supposed to source “EXPERTS” in critical areas to return to Malaysia, implying those with cutting edge professional expertise in their fields’

        yes, tc is merely a glorified head-hunter co.

        ‘Ini namanya TIPU !!’

        no, they are the bunch of deviationist . from head-hunter to recruitment agency. the so-called malaysian astronauts, were they head-hunted?

  15. Helen

    I have few friends in TC, and yes they do go around gallivanting the globe .

    when asked on what do they do overseas, they tell me that they organise networking dinners, career fairs and have meet and greet sessions with students, attend ‘university games’ and mingle with the students with the aim to ‘convince’ them to balik Malaysia. what tha?

    do we really need TC for all that?

    when I was a student, there were career fairs (so its nothing new) and networking dinners? cmon!

    when on a work assignment to the states, both pemandu and TC sent 2 of their reps with us. these brilliant gen y-ers, all they did was networking, socialising, telling the malaysians there how great it is to work in Malaysia. they were there for work for only 2 days and yet spent 10 days there, shopping and sightseeing..

    i know how much they are paid, and seriously, buang duit aje.

    FYI, many of my friends there are pro opposition (which is a common trend, even amongst the gen yers in pemandu).. kutuk gomen and all and yet…oh well…

    1. The bottomline is that the original TalentCorp purpose was to get “experts” (in those fields where we don’t have the local expertise) to come back. Not fresh grads.

  16. A very simple solution to all the man made mass in Malaysia by the One PM. UMNO WAKE UP! Get rid of the ‘One’PM and his ‘Kuncu’ of consultants and move ON!. OOOooooopppppss.. again… zzzzzzzzzz

  17. Must find a solution to get rid of him fast. He wont listen to anybody not even Dr.M and he wont change. Harap kan UMNO, UMNO yang put him there.

    Malaysia maybe NEGARA MAJU but where will the Malays and Islam be. He doesnt seem to care. Our only hope lies only with Muhyidin our TPM. Please sir do something for the sake of orang Melayu.

    1. The preferred narrative by the opposition is that the fighting (if any) will take place between the Malay underclass and the “Umnoputras”.

      (1) I don’t see Umno as fighters. They’ve become fat cats.

      (2) I believe the Malays will again unite like they did in 1946.

      (3) The anti-Malayan Union movement was an amalgamation of Malay groups. Malayan Union 2.0 will see the Muslim groups coalescing. The next conflict will not be racial but religious.

      This is the trend worldwide albeit the religious grouping also overlaps with race. The fault line is ethno-religious.

      Malay vs Chinese rivalry has been with us since the last century. All Malaysian Malays are Muslim. The most vociferous anti-Islam Chinese are the Christians.

      The divide is ultimately Malay-Muslim vs Chinese-Christian.

      1. Poor countries split by ethnic religious lines, rich countries split by socio economic lines (if they are homogeneous or the numerical dominant race is also the wealthiest eg USA)

        We are neither here nor there. Not so poor to trigger mass racial splits (yet). Not rich enough across the board to segregate significantly by socio economic class.

        The government is not doing itself any favours by just playing the “split the pie” game. It needs to grow the pie and grow it fast.

        1. Hi Helen, I think you are right that Muslims cannot accept Chinese or Christian leadership.

          “…Much of Widodo’s lead has eroded following smear campaigns suggesting that he is of Chinese descent, or even a Christian — a deal breaker for many in this Muslim-majority nation…”

          Reformulating it differently, Muslims will not accept leadership of any non-Muslim — Huntington again?

          Interestingly, Prabowo has support of the Islamic parties.

      2. Just re-read your analysis again Helen.

        You note, ” The next conflict will not be racial but religious.

        This is the trend worldwide albeit the religious grouping also overlaps with race. The fault line is ethno-religious…”

        This reads in some ways, like Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilisation” hypothesis i.e. that political Islam is incompatible with liberal democracy, and hence the natural fault line.

        Do you think as Huntington’s hypothesis or is your views based on some other theory/hypothesis?


        1. What do you mean, ‘political Islam’? That’s very insulting! Islam is all encompassing. Why don’t you call Christians in politics as political Christianity instead of ‘liberal democracy’, when that was all to it, really. You sounded like a typical Islamophobes!

          The Muslims has had Piagam Madinah to emulate when governing a country. Politics are never foreign to Islam. So when you say, ‘I have a problem with political Islam’, and then get to sugarcoat it with ‘personally I have nothing against Islam’, you simply says, Muslims must be suppressed and not allowed to self govern! No two way about it!

          So again what do you mean by political Islam?

            1. What do you wish to highlight? You used the word political Islam, I know whom you are parroting, btw, I wanted to know what do you really mean by saying that?

              Do you simply accepts the term without giving hoots about how Muslims would react to the racist term? Are you superior than us?

              When the book came out, there’s enough brouhaha, about it, my opinion on it was made years ago, it was written to give some legitimacy, although fake/make believe, of the ‘clash’.

              Like bunch of lies, you say it often enough, sooner or later some idiot will fell for it hook, line and sinker!

      1. Hmmm. I want to see Ong Kian Ming and his fellow good Christians stand on the streets of Chow Kit distribute food to the destitute.
        If you want to walk with Jesus, you have to do the walk like Jesus did.

        Yes. A Sunday of charity by DUMC and City Harvest. Or even Calvary Church open her doors to the destitute for ONE Sunday to distribute food.

        1. If you go to Calvary Church’s website you cannot find CHARITY as one mission of the church.

          Outreach is more important.
          None of the church events have charity to the poor.

          You can donate on line to the church.
          Online Giving
          Register for online bank transfer.

          Prayer and praises is very important. Charity is not a priority. Islam 1st and friends, comments please.

  18. Look at the comments of Kadir Jasin.

    “Our ministers will be more aware of the life of the ordinary rakyat if they spend less time in their posh offices or being rushed around in escorted convoys and spend a bit more time on the ground,” Kadir said in his blog posting.”

    “On the same note, he questioned why the ban specifically stated 2km away from Lot 10 as being off limits to the soup kitchens.

    “What is so special about Lot 10 anyway? I hope it is not because it belongs to YTL Corporation, whose managing director, Francis Yeoh (right) had famously declared that he was not Mahathir’s crony.

    “I am sure other high-end property owners also do not like soup kitchens to be operating in the vicinity of their establishments. So why did the government single out Lot 10 for this preferred treatment?” he asked.”

    My question: Will KJ walk the streets instead of the runway and bring the Veginatable along? I want to see him play football with street kids or talk about bringing out the talents of the street kids. Many Brazilian superstars came from the streets.

    I do not see any soup kitchens from the new Churches. I really want to see a City harvest soup kitchen.
    Taking out 10% from all the 10% the devotees fork out for the poor would be the answer that Jesus will give if asked how to do charity.

    (Most of the soup kitchens are from the Catholic and old churches and Buddhist – like Kencara)
    Or perhaps to the new Churches, with all the glory and gold NONE of their devotees would need a soup kitchen except those that serve shark fin and abalone soup.

    Why Lot 10… hmmm?
    Isn’t the 2km radius touching Chow Kit the area with most poor and destitute?

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