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EvangeliSTAR getting more and more kurang ajar

Tun had the courtesy 2 respond 2 me by name. ChunWai reacted 2 TanSri Zam x-Cabinet Minister, Utusan grp editor by ref him unnamed “blogger”

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Show some respect please: Utusan editors were nationalists


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15 thoughts on “EvangeliSTAR getting more and more kurang ajar

  1. You can’t really blame these people. They are the descendants of coolies. The coolies were uncouth to begin with.

    My Chinese friend who is pro establishment even went as far as to say that when the British came to China to look for coolies, the Chinese were too happy to help them get rid of the undesirables among them. Hence, all those who came to Malaya to work as coolies were the unwanted.

    Pity Malaya and now Malaysia. The people have to put up with these uncouth people.

    1. So like australia. Hard core prisoners from britain sent over to australia.

    2. Descendants of coolies pun boleh dominate economy kalau ikutkan TunM. Apalah Melayu? Kalau yang pandai sikit dibawa ke Mesia, sekarang dah tukar jadi South Chinaland. Oops, itupun boleh berlaku kalau terus gadaikan tanah pusaka cam kat selatan. Money talks. Woot.

    3. No wonder…they do unto others what they don’t want others to do unto them. They blame others for the troubles they created. And they don’t even have even an ounce or rather a milligram, of shame when doing that. I refer to those with the DAP racist and chauvisnistic gene.

  2. Kesian, perangai tidak bersyukur DAPster + J-Star semakin menjadi-jadi…

  3. See how China and India progress today without them?

    Masih ramai dari kalangan mereka turut rasa meluat. My son shares a room with a Christian boy, katanya dia serta keluarga sendiri tak suka bercampur dgn jenis Apek2 yang tak sedar diri dan cuba lagak kiasu macam Apek2 Singapore. When parents bought their house, chose to live among the Malay community, peaceful and very dependable.

    Evangelists Christian Semenanjung yg dok mengoyan nak keSabah dan Sarawak.. Jgn kalau pi sana bawak cara hidup gedik dan merosakn suasana damai, keharmonian hidup belbagai jenis bangsa dsana.

    Masa saya tinggal Sabah, Church only 1km away from my house, muka2 Apek tak pernah nampak keluaq masuk church itu pon? Kalo kat gedung2 karaoke dan kedai2 nombor ekoq, situ nak cari berlambak.

  4. What’s your beef, Helen? You seem to be carrying a mighty big chip on your shoulder.

    What’s it about Christians and Christianity that gets you so worked up and hot under the collar?

    Surely, a minority religion in Malaysia shouldn’t be engendering feelings of insecurity and paranoia now, should it?

    Unless the insecurity and paranoia is endemic, fuelled by a massive inferiority complex, and stoked by racist rhetoric from those who have no idea what it takes to succeed in the modern world?

    If you spent half the time that you have used to post about “evangelistas” and “kurang ajar” types to reflect on the structural reforms that are needed to get Malaysia into the “developed nation” category, that would be time productively well spent.

    But, perhaps, that would be too much hard work, because it means taking a close look at what other countries are doing right.

    So, it’s easier, perhaps to settle for the lowest common denominator and go for the jugular in baiting a minority community and religion.

    Which is a common hallmark of bullies everywhere!

    1. Minorities need not necessarily be weak nor numbers correlated to strength either.

      One captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was exchanged for the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

      So how weak is the minority Israeli Jew in the sea of Arabs?

      And while Christians may be the minority in Malaysia, they are the majority globally and their networks the best in the world’s richest countries. They are the reds in the map below. It is the Buddhists (dark orange) who are the minority in the small, weak countries.

      As for who are the bullies, are the evangelistas meek and mild? Where in the world do you find an allegedly oppressed minority so loud and behaving so assertively?


    2. ‘Which is a common hallmark of bullies everywhere!’

      Hallmark of bullies everywhere is when some of us have the audacity to invite outsiders to meddle into our sovereign affairs’

      ‘Bielefeldt is also concerned that he has yet to get a response on a letter he had sent to the Malaysian government last November seeking clarification on the matter and voicing concern over the ban.

      His letter was supported by UN Independent Expert on minority issues Rita Izsak and UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, Frank La Rue.
      – See more at:

  5. “‘muka2 Apek tak pernah nampak keluaq masuk church itu pon? Kalo kat gedung2 karaoke dan kedai2 nombor ekoq, situ nak cari berlambak.”‘

    Yes agreed the chinese are hoodwinking everyone with their shadow play and christianity ,but to streotype them it begs to differ.

    Maybe some market research will justify this,

    Date ; 6 July 2014 or any Saturday, Sunday or Wenesday
    Place : Happy Garden Bangsar Kuala Lumpur West Malaysia
    Shops ; Kuda / Toto / Magnum
    Racial Break down: 30% Cina, 30 % Melayu 30% India and 10% dll

    Dont assume the data is only applicable in town, just back from Sikamat Chinese New Village to buy my black market numbers, same disposition there to 30/30/30/10

    Btw whats the difference between a karaoke and a dangdut joint, why dangdut selling sirap bandung ahh

    1. ‘Btw whats the difference between a karaoke and a dangdut joint, why dangdut selling sirap bandung ahh’

      Zero Cina!

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