Selangor solution: Khalid can become MB Umno-PAS

Let’s look at Terengganu where Umno engineered the fall of the PAS state government in 1961.

The general election was held in August 1959. PAS, led by Dr Burhanuddin Al-Helmy, presented a manifesto to turn Malaya into an Islamic state.

In the 1959 state election which preceded the federal voting, PAS won 13 seats in the 24-seat Terengganu assembly to form the government under its Setiu Adun, Mohd Daud Abdul Samad.

The Alliance won seven seats while Parti Negara (Dato’ Onn Jaafar’s party) won four seats – see pie chart below.


Role of the Sultan

A little under 2½ years later on 30 Oct 1961, a vote of no confidence was passed against the Mohd Daud administration by the Terengganu DUN.

Two PAS and four Parti Negara Aduns defected to Umno, giving the Alliance 13 seats to form a simple majority.

“The Alliance victory in Terengganu was made possible largely through the internecine feuds within the PMIP [PAS] followed by the deadlock and incompetence which characterized its rule,” wrote political scientist Gordon P. Means in his book Malaysian Politics (p.231).

After the Sultan of Terengganu “refused the PAS state government’s request to hold a snap election and denied its chance to win back the mandate”, wrote Wong Chin Huat and James Chin in Varieties of Federal Governance: Major Contemporary Models (p.218), an Umno Menteri Besar was appointed.


Now back to Selangor

PAS has 15, DAP 15 and PKR 14 seats in the 56-seat assembly. Umno has 12.

  • PAS + Umno = 27 seats
  • PKR + DAP = 29 seats

But wait.

Although PKR has 14 seats, Khalid Ibrahim is the PKR Adun for Port Klang. So minus Khalid’s own, PKR has only 13 seats.

Secondly, the Speaker does not vote. So take away one seat from DAP, which is the Speaker’s Subang Jaya. That leaves DAP with 14 seats minus Hannah Yeoh’s DUN.

  • PAS-Umno (27) + Khalid Ibrahim (1) = 28 votes
  • PKR (13 minus Khalid) + DAP (14 minus Speaker Hannah Yeoh) = 27 votes

So there you have it — 28:27.

Khalid as head of an Umno-PAS coalition will be able to secure 28 votes against Pakatan’s 27 votes in the Selangor state assembly.

‘Neuter the excessive authority of Mais’

Are Selangor Muslims happy with DAP evangelista leadership?

Madame Speaker demanded for the Menteri Besar to take action against JAIS over the Bibles seizure. Her former Personal Assistant, Rajiv Rishyakaran – now DAP evangelista Adun for Bukit Gasing – wants MAIS “neutered” (see FMT article above).

praise emmanuel assembly
Click 2x to enlarge

Construction of a four-storey church – see building notice (right) – is to begin in Seri Setia, the constituency of Deputy Speaker Nik Nazmi who recently received a 300 percent pay hike.

Clarion calls by the Christians – “Rise up and take Subang for Jesus!”, “Let’s take the city (KL) for our Lord!” can’t be too reassuring for the Muslims dwelling in Selangor.

The Chinese are just too loud and the Christians simply too aggressive. And boy are the DAP evangelistas cocky and bullies to boot.

Remember that PAS has been dreaming of an Islamic state ever since the party’s inception more than half a century ago. Perhaps Umno Selangor will make PAS an offer the Islamist party can’t refuse.


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20 thoughts on “Selangor solution: Khalid can become MB Umno-PAS

  1. I thought speaker has 2 votes, or at least that’s the general understanding..

    1. Go back to the Perak constitutional crisis.

      Pakatan made the “mistake” of putting one of their Adun as Speaker. In the subsequent BN takeover state government, the Speaker was not an Adun. Jadi tak rugi lah satu undi.

  2. Hahahahahah, that’s funny and wishful thinking Helen! PAS will never have the guts to do that. PAS in Selangor is and will always be subservient to DAP. PAS had labelled UMNO as Kafir because UMNO is in cahoot with MCA, MIC, Gerakan and many others. PAS is tooooooo pure to be in the same boat with the UMNO kafirs.

    If PAS can change its DNA from Negara Islam to Negara Berkebajikan (bodoh, masalah air pun x boleh handle, pi la berdoa satu stadium minta hujan, dulu boleh doa satu stadium mohon UMNO KO, takkan minta hujan pun segan?) to suit Buku Jingga rather than the Holy Quran and is always toooooo shy to speak up in the kalimah ‘Allah’ debacle, do you really think PAS has the guts to leave the Pakatan in Selangor? The Speaker Wears Prada will demand thousands of ‘jawapan mulut’ from PAS la. Hahahahahahahaha!!

    1. Didalam tertib ketika permulaan melakukan ahwal (hal-hal), terdapat doa pohon dikurniakan diri sebagai ahli kebajikan. Sebagai ahli kebajikan permohonan termasuk diampunkan dosa-dosa, dosa kecil & besar, dosa sengaja & tidak sengaja dan dosa terdahulu dan kemudian. Selain pengampunan dipohon juga diri dikurniakan kasih sayang dari Allah swt dan dimasukan ahli kebajikan itu dalam golongan ahli mabrur dalam ketauhidan Allah. Amalan ahli tabbaru’ Ilmu taqqarub. Wallahu a’lam.

  3. You see Pas had a plan that would have been implemented had Pakatan won the last election and they should realise that they is no way they can win the next. So why prolong the agony and the humiliation of being in the PAKATAN. Now is agood time as any to just GET OUT. YES GET OUT NOW.

  4. hahaha! spot on pwincess!
    Pas has been calling Umno infidels. ‘cooperation’ with Umno will make pas ‘infidels’ as well.

    also, pas n dap are two of a kind. both use religion for
    personal gains n
    power. proven by their
    willingness to sell their
    god’s name n pas declaring
    heaven to those embracing
    pas. dap is fast learning
    from pas. dap used to play
    the racial card but pas has
    proven to dap that
    Racial plus Religion equals
    pas controls mosques n
    dap controls churches
    equals CHAOS.

    at least, during bn times,
    mosques, churches n
    temples are off limits from politics due to the
    sensitivity. unfortunately,
    mosques in selangor are
    now conquered by pas,
    with their loud hentam
    menghentam and
    pas political style of
    ceramah. spoiler betul! sakit telinga….

  5. Apakah kesalahan2 yg dilakukan oleh TSKI sehingga memaksa dia letak jawatan. Atau ianya hanya perebutan nak jadi MB oleh mereka yg gila kuasa.

    1. Re Apakah kesalahan2 yg dilakukan oleh TSKI sehingga memaksa dia letak jawatan

      Perjanjian untuk membina loji air Langat 2. Pakatan Rakyat, atau lebih tepat sekali, PKR dan DAP, kedua dua parti tersebut sejak dari awal lagi tidak setuju dengan projek Langat 2 kerana jika projek ni dapat dijalankan, maka ini terbukti kerajaan negeri dan pusat dapat berkerjasama walaupun berlainan parti.

      Bagi Pakatan, khususnya PKR dan DAP, sebarang konfrantasi dengan kerajaan perlu dimanfaatkan. Jikalau tidak, mana ada isu yang boleh dimainkan ? Langat 2 contoh yang terbaik. Lagi lama isu ni boleh dimainkan, lebih untung bagi PKR dan DAP, lagi banyak peluang boleh menyalahkan kerajaan pusat BN.

      Dengan adanya perjanjian Langat 2, tiada peluang lagi bagi PKR dan DAP untuk menyalahkan kerajaan pusat BN kalau Selangor hadapi masalah tiada air. Khalid ni, walaupun dia dari PKR, tapi kita tidak boleh nafikan yang dia ada berjasa kepada rakyat negeri Selangor biarpun ada banyak isu yang dia tak tangani dengan baik.

    1. History repeats itself the moment people say it will not happen again. Remember the anti Chinese riots in Indonesia that happened in 1965 and 1998 ?

      The warning signs are always there. But of course, the anarchists, the agent provocateurs, they will tell their audience that it will not happen again. For a lie to have the desired effect, the truth must be hidden from their targeted audience.

      Then there is the group that knows that what they are doing is wrong, but because they could never admit that they are wrong, they continue to do what’s wrong. They know things are amiss but because the risk is worth it, they proceed with it. I do not have to tell anyone here who this group is. I m sure our blog lady knows these people too.

      The other group, the group in the know, this group is busy preparing to flee the moment things go wrong. I m sure too that some of us know people from this group. They are putting everything in place to secure their safety. This group is apolitical.

      The biggest losers are the sleepwalkers. They are in a serious mess and they think everything is just fine. They are living a fantasy some people are making for them because the conspirators, the agent provocateurs need these people to sleepwalk into a disaster so that their plans can be executed.

  6. mustahil selagi ayatollah masih ada. dia dilaporkan berkata 1. merujuk kepada hadis ‘ janganlah kita dipatuk oleh ular yang sama, dari lubang yang sama’. 2. ‘umno bubar pas pun bubar, tubuh parti lain dengan syarat berdasarkan kepada islam’.

    ‘PAS has been dreaming of an Islamic state ever since the party’s inception more than half a century ago’.

    if the country is neither islamic nor secular, isn’t it appropriate to be labelled as ‘negara kapitalis’? win-win situation mah!

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