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DAP attacks “bigots, racists, extremists and jihadists”

The Father, the Son and the Holy Hannah … these DAP politicians receive the support of 90 percent Chinese who staunchly share their beliefs.

DAP supporters are really in denial. They absolutely cannot fathom any point of view from non-Chinese eyes. Nothing can penetrate their thick skull. Nothing.

Hannah & her Hellish Mouth

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Well done BN, Long live BN!

hannah yeoh mouth

Lim & Son Co. diss Muhyiddin’s “Malay first”

Lim Guan Eng said in his statement yesterday:

“Such inflammatory remarks by a Deputy Prime Minister is not only irresponsible but has only encouraged and empowered RACIST, EXTREMIST and right-wing hate groups like Perkasa and Isma.

“Clearly Muhyiddin is only qualified to be a Deputy Prime Minister for BIGOTS AND EXTREMISTS and not for all Malaysians – Malays, Indians, Chinese, Ibans and Kadazans, especially when Muhyiddin had earlier renounced Prime Minster Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s now discredited propaganda of 1 Malaysia by stressing that he is a Malay first and a Malaysian second.”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Spent the last few hours listening

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Muhyiddin’s May 13 threat not mere reminder

‘Malay first, M’sian second’ … WICKED! EVIL!

There are no Malays.

No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All are Malaysians.

Lim Kit Siang says Muhyiddin Yassin’s “Malay first, Malaysian second” stand is a repudiation of the 1Malaysia policy to “create a nation where Malaysians regard themselves as Malaysians first and race, religion and region second”.


Kit Siang said in his statement yesterday:

“Firstly, no one expected the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to put them [the MCA and Gerakan presidents] in a bind by making his May 13 threat at a Ramadan event in Pagoh on Friday night.

“Secondly, instead of reprimanding or at least dissociating themselves from the May 13 threat, both the MCA President Datuk Liow Tiong Lai and the Gerakan President Datuk Mah Siew Keong sought to sanitise Muhyiddin’s May 13 threat by describing it as a ‘reminder’ to Malaysians to stand united.

“Muhyiddin was of course not making any such reminder as his reference of another May 13 was solely in the context worsening ethnic relations arising from the Malays and Islam in Malaysia under increasing attack, painting a false picture of Malays and Islam under growing attack by non-Malays and non-Muslims, which is not only untrue but utterly irresponsible coming from a Deputy Prime Minister as there is no basis for such political scenario.”

BELOW: Singling out “bigots, racists, extremists and jihadists”



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87 thoughts on “DAP attacks “bigots, racists, extremists and jihadists”

  1. We are all human beings and mammalian creatures. Yet humaneness is some quality not all mammals possess.

  2. Since Hannah can listen to LGE’s lecture about competency, perhaps LGE could lecture Khalid on how to supply water.

  3. Re The Father, the Son and the Holy Hannah … these DAP politicians receive the support of 90 percent Chinese who staunchly share their beliefs.

    DAP supporters are really in denial. They absolutely cannot fathom any point of view from non-Chinese eyes. Nothing can penetrate their thick skull. Nothing.

    And the 90% Chinese are cheering the Family and their cronies on. Just visit social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and you’ll see links to what the Family and their cronies say. The most exciting part is the comments part. Reading these comments, you can be forgiven for mistaking that you’re watching a movie of a cult following.

    Reading this

    You have a feeling that it now just needs someone or some people to pull the trigger and send the whole country into mayhem but for a certain minority, they are still in wonderland saying that nothing is going to happen. Really? Do they even know that things have changed radically since 2008?

  4. Can’t blame the Chinese as this is the result of being discriminated and humiliated by ketuanan Melayu UMNO style for past 20 years. Since MCA is not helping, they turned to DAP.

    1. Hmm….

      How many Malaysian Chinese in the top 10 richest in Malaysia ? Care to answer my question ?

      Who are the property investors making big money in Malaysia ? Care to answer my question ?

      Oh wait. You can’t. Answering my questions will simply reveal that what you’ve just said are just lies.

      But that’s okay. After all, lying is part of your DNA.

      1. ouch! this Malaysian really a typical cry baby who gets everything anytime and throws a tantrum once the parent say no. better go fly kite.

      2. That’s the problem. The Malays think that if the top 10 riches are mainly Chinese, it means all Chinese are rich without knowing that most Chinese are struggling as well and they put the blame to gov.

        Even today if Chinese were to buy a house for own use, he has to pay more just because he is Chinese but the Malay tycoon buy a same house he got 7% discount. That’s why I say UMNO is smart to use divide and rule policy. The elites are having fun raping the common Malaysian regardless of race but the common Malaysian are fighting among each other for the pride of race and religion.

        1. There you go again. You have nothing to show and all you can do is rant and rant. You still haven’t answer the questions. Are you too afraid to answer the questions ? Typical uncouth behavior. When you can’t answer, you make all sorts of noises trying to deflect attention.

        2. On the 7% discount, let’s face it no amount of complaining will make it go away anytime soon.

          So instead of bitching about it, go buy from the secondary market.

          Nobody is forcing you to buy from developers, who are IMHO selling over priced substandard properties now anyway.

          Don’t be a loser, blaming everyone else when the solution is at hand if you just change your mindset.

        3. melayu beli rumah dapat 7% diskaun, heboh satu donia tapi cina dapat 10% diam. tak percaya? peniaga cina jual barang kepada melayu tak sama harga (lebih tinggi) dengan pelanggan cina. tak percaya jugak?. this has been going on DAH LAMA DAH. all malaysians konon. what language do malaysians speak?

          1. 7% diskaun beli rumah dari developer adalah peraturan yang ditetapkan kerajaan. Mana boleh disamakan dengan ‘peniaga cina jual barang kepada melayu tak sama harga’. Kalau pelanggan Melayu tak suka beli dengan peniaga Cina yang mengenakan harga tinggi, boleh beli dengan orang lain.

            Bolehkah developer tidak memberi diskaun 7% kepada pembeli Melayu? Tak boleh.

            1. Haiya itu 7% pun lu olang mau sapu meh? Ultrakiasu betul. Betul cakap Ridhuan Tee! FYI sudah ramai Melayu tak mahu beli bumi lot wor, seynn, nak jual susah. Harga pun tak boleh naik tinggi. Bumi lots for bumi ony!!! Ada development macam kat Kedah atas tanah rizab Melayu, so by law tak boleh jual sama non-Bumi!

              1. re: “Ada development macam kat Kedah atas tanah rizab Melayu, so by law tak boleh jual sama non-Bumi!”

                The fact of the matter is that we are truly a segregated country.

                To tackle the societal problems that we face, DEWs for one, requires us to bear in mind the “unique” milieu or frame of reference unique to our segregation.

              2. re: Haiya itu 7% pun lu olang mau sapu meh?

                Saya rasa awak tak faham ulasan saya. Kerajaan melalui undang-undang mewajibkan developer untuk menjual contoh 30% unit rumah kepada bumi. Kalau unit bumi dibeli oleh orang bumi, diskaun mesti diberi. Developer tak boleh tak bagi diskaun untuk lot bumi.

                Apa yang Ridhuan Tee cakap?

                re: FYI sudah ramai Melayu tak mahu beli bumi lot wor

                Soalan: Kalau Melayu tak mahu beli bumi lot dan sebaliknya beli non bumi lot, masih dapat diskaun?

            2. the examples given to illustrate the characteristic of the majority chinese malaysians. want to take all the good things but refuse to give any damn thing.

              the special position, privilages & rights will stay and it doesn’t matter which category are benefiting. (that’s is a separate issue). the ball is already in their court DAH LAMA DAH.

              1. re: “the special position, privilages & rights will stay and it doesn’t matter which category are benefiting”

                Methinks you’ve made a realistic assessment.

                There are many safeguards so there’s no way that Article 153 can budged. And it appears that the founding fathers (at least the Malay ones) wanted the Special Position entrenched in law, i.e. the FedCon, right from the outset.

      3. re: How many Malaysian Chinese in the top 10 richest in Malaysia ?

        All except 2. The wealth is owned by private hands. Not the ordinary Chinese.

        re: Who are the property investors making big money in Malaysia?

        Unable to find official info.

        1. China companies are developing land in Penang.

          Some big property deals are also shaking down south but I don’t follow Johor developments.

          Interestingly, YTL opened something (not sure whether it’s a shopping mall or an outlet) in China and at the launch ceremony, the YTL spokesman in his speech said it was a “homecoming” for the Yeoh family, meaning their ‘return’ to China.

          As we recently learned, today some 80 percent of YTL’s business is supposedly conducted offshore.

    2. discriminate kepale otak kau, alasan basi dapster.. makin kaya makin kuat menipu.. cakap sajalah kau tamak nak control semua.. menyampah aku dgn cina mcm ni..

      kat sabah org mcm kau cara nak kaya kawin org dusun utk dpt tanah.. sebab di sabah ada undang2x adat yg diskriminasi cina dan org bukan pribumi.. kalau kau bukan dusun jgn mimpilah dpt tanah.. tapi sekrg byk sudah beranak pinak keturunan sino-kadazan terutama di penampang yg terkenal kononya sbgi kadazan paling standard.. suka berlagak pandang rendah org dusun lain.. perangai cm taik.. kerja sikit komplen byk eksyen lagi

    3. Ah Boy, I think you must be an angry young man not getting very far in this world.

      Yes, it’s tough making a living in these times. When is it ever easy, you tell me?

      But if you continue thinking that you are being discriminated and humiliated, then by your thoughts you are creating your reality.

      No one is going to make your life any easier or better if you maintain this kind of negative attitude.

      I suggest you divert your considerable energy away from cyber trooping and focus on improving your life. I’m sure you will be much happier.

  5. Tahniah LKS atas kepakaran anda memutar belitkan kenyataan yang mudah dan telus!

    Buktikan anda, anak/keluarga dan parti anda menjiwai dan menjuarai slogan Malaysia First, kemudian Chinese second!

    Jangan pandai cakap, BUKTIKAN!

    Cari jawapan kepada soalan soalan di bawah dengan jujur

    1. Kenapa parti anda mengandungi lebih 90% ahli terdiri dari kaum Cina sahaja?

    2. Mengapa DAP tidak mampu menarik bangsa bangsa lain menyertainya sedangkan nama parti tidak ada walau sedikit pun ‘bau’ bangsa seperti UMNO, MCA, MIC dll

    3. Mengapa badan Induk tertinggi parti anda tidak ada Melayu?

    4. Paling menarik sudahlah 99.9% mereka yang ada kuasa dalam DAP adalah kaum Cina tapi kenapakah ‘ramai’ kaum kerabat anda menjawat hairaki tertinggi kuasa? Cuma PKR saja yang boleh menandinginya!

    5. Sekiranya anda dan parti anda berslogan Malaysia First, kemudian Chinese second, apa sumbangan anda untuk masyarakat Melayu dan lain lain?

    6. Setiap masa anda terlalak lalak dengan ‘jeritan’ seolah olah Cina adalah second class citizen dan dipinggirkan! Buktikan yang menunjukkan Cina adalah second class citizen dan dipinggirkan!

    7. Apa yang telah dilakukan oleh kerajaan DAP Pulau Pinang untuk membantu masyarakat lain selain Cina untuk untuk kesejahteraan ekonomi dan social mereka?

    Kalau anda dapat menjawab dengan jujur soalan soalan di atas, anda akan tahu mengapa majority Melayu Islam tidak akan menyokong parti anda walau bagaimana pun mereka kecewa dengan UMNO dan Najib.

    Mungkin ISMA, Perkasa atau yang se ‘class’ dengannya yang akan disokong majority Melayu Islam.

    Kamu, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng tidak suka golongan ini kan?

    Apa kamu kata mengenai mereka? Ekstrimist, pelampau?,

    In Shaa Allah, sehingga Akhir Dunia, Melayu Islam TIDAK akan MENGUNDI DAP.

    Tanpa undi Melayu Islam, anak atau keturunan anda jangan haraplah hendak jadi PM Malaysia!

    Kecualilah kalau Allah swt mentakdirkan sebaliknya!

  6. Ms H. I do not understand why some people who did nothing for 48 years or more and will do the same for the next 48 years talk so big like this smelly HY ! They have no locus standi to talk at all. Talk ! Talk ! Talk ! All these dumbasses do nothinig and run away to homeland when crisis comes !

    1. Because people want entertainment. They want to be entertained, wined and dined. That’s what shallow people seek and that’s what they are getting.

      They will do nothing for the country, for the people. What they will do is start the fire and expect to benefit from any disaster. When things don’t go according to plan, then they will run away to another country as you’ve said.

  7. RE: ‘Malay first, M’sian second’ … WICKED! EVIL!

    A meeting of kindred souls in the Malaysian jungle . . .

    Malaysian Sakai: Good day my friend, are you of aboriginal descent? Where are you from?

    Australian Aborigine: Yes I’m aboriginal and I’m Australian. How does Malaysia treat you aboriginal people?

    Malaysian Sakai: Good, I’m proud to be Malaysian. Of course when I’m deep in the jungle, nationality doesn’t make much sense, and it’s my Sakai intelligence that keeps me alive.

    Australian Aborigine: Yep, must be like when I’m in my Dream World back down under, G’day mate!

    * * * * *

    I think we should not let political rhetoric get the better of our common rationality and the heart’s goodwill.

  8. If you observe some of the DAP linked Facebook pages, they actively curate the comments in this way:
    – Chinese cursing at BN = keep
    – Malay cursing at Chinese = keep
    – Malay cursing at BN = keep
    – Malay defending BN = keep

    – Chinese defending BN = delete
    – Chinese having moderate view = delete
    – Malay having moderate view = delete

    So you tell me, this is menghasut or what?

    1. Seditious indeed. That’s how they carry themselves in the virtual world.

    2. C72,

      Prior to PRU12, vast majority of chinese believed that BN(meaning UMNO) would lose the political power. A big part of it has to do with Anwar’s Ibrahim who conned the chinese into believing that Malays no longer supported UMNO.

      But the main reason is that Chinese do not understand the Malays or show initiative to learn the aspirations, concerns or nuance in Malay community.

      Blind hatred towards UMNO( deemed for committing sins simply as it is unthinkable for a Malay based party to reign supreme) led them into believing that UMNO will go “kaput” this time around.

      But as goes the saying “manusia merancang tetapi Tuhan menentukan”. Plan A did not materialise. Plan B is to paint UMNO as racist, scaring Malays into its fold.

      One thing that i learn is that sometimes we need to show our might in order to remind these communists not to cross the line. Which is why I told off my friend who accused UMNO(meaning Malay) as racist that should that be the case, Lim Kit Siang and entire family would have been “removed” from this world .

      He got the message. And he changed the topic

        1. Anun,

          Precisely. Chinese(those who worship DAP) also hate Anwar as they know the latter is willing to sell his soul( if he has one) just to satisfy his “nafsu” to the PM.

          But Anwar is needed to break the Malay community.

  9. It all comes down to a useless PM-Najib Al Sharibu who is kissing the chinese ass too much that things are getting out of hand. UMNO/BN is innocent but ******** like Najib is the culprit. Btw we all know chinese are greedy for everything. Look at the way they eat – like PIG.

    1. re: “Look at the way they eat – like PIG”

      Some Chinese women eat like birds … pecking away at very little food because they’re dieting and want to look like twiggy models.

      1. This guy is a Redbeanie, no doubt about it. Baling batu sembunyi tangan. Take potshots at Malays and at the same time pretended to be bashing the Cinas on behave of the Malays!

        Chap cheng langs bila lu nak mampus?!

        1. They’re so sneaky. Biawak licik.

          Must be the 3G variety. Think about it.

          How could a small corp of Foreign Office administrators, East India traders and white officers and soldiers take control of the teeming masses of India and make themselves the Mems and the Sahibs of the British Raj? The English were only a few thousands. The natives hundreds of million people.

          Begitu pandai sekali menipu:

          When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.

    “Berikutan harga rumah yang begitu tinggi di Johor khususnya Johor Bharu, bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad meramalkan bahawa negeri berkenaan tak mustahil untuk menjadi seperti Singapura pada masa akan datang”

    Sorry, I disagree with Tun M. Singapura Kedua is Penang. There are so many Singaporeans here that Penang lang have to move to Kulim and SP.

      1. The high class Singaporeans
        Tanjung Pinang (formerly Melayu – now kena halau), Batu Feringhi, Gurney Drive, Pulau Tikus
        The low class ones
        Green Lane

          1. Yes. Joined to Kampung Tanjung Tokong. The sea where the Malay fishermen used to fish are gone forever. Gone are boats ganti with kondo-kondo and bangalow.

            1. When I was a kid, there were vegetable farms there in Tg Tokong, just off the Gurney Drive junction.

              1. Today we have a new mall called City Mall from Ivory and opposite the super white as snow elephant Island Plaza – a condo cum mall which is so empty.

                And nearby the notorious Lizard King used to have a shop for people to buy endangered animals. Mr Pork is also nearby.

                1. No wonder the Dapsters there are having the Kiasu culture!!!! In Singapore where my son lives one can immediately differentiate bet local and Mainland Chinese.

                  Local Singaporeans exactly like LKS n son, Teresa, Tembam, Celaka Adun, bring on Mei 13 MP etc kind of perangai, kiasu and damn RUDE. Even kat opis they are the same. Kesian pulak tengok perangai depa, cara hidup macam terhimpit dalam pressure cooker at all times!

                  Kalau naik escalators silap berdiri on the right side, they tengking macam penyangak samseng tak kisah if ur a foreigner or tourist. Pi jampan semua kena calit tissue aje.. No tissue pandai2 owh! Perangai busuk macam pantat tak basuh! Muahahaha

              2. lepas balai bomba ada vegie farm. junction tu dulunya roundabout. Ms Helen memang penangite kah?

                1. I’m one of those halfers. Grew up there.

                  I prefer to be Selangorian. Born here. Anak watan Selangor.

    1. ‘Penang lang have to move to Kulim and SP’

      why, is it because the islanders especially the malays sold their properties?

        1. Does it make a difference to you living in Penang under a DAP-led state government compared to pre-2008?

          Or to put my question another way, does it affect the resident if she’s a person who does not support Pakatan?

          1. In short – yes UBAH. Harga semua naik. Harga rumah naik, sewa naik, barang naik.

            Worst of all, so many new overpriced condos which are empty.

            UNESCO status -ptui. Rental in the inner cities have multiplied. The original inhabitants have left and replaced by Singaporean inventors and their bistros for mat sallehs (or fake mat sallehs).

            We get more propaganda. Free propaganda paper every where.

            Please remember RM10 is quite useless in Heritage Penang. A small plate of mixed rice will cost you RM8. You got only RM2 for other stuff. Sometimes outside food in KL is cheaper.

            You need a car/bike to go everywhere. No proper transport because Pakatan is bitching on which form of transport the “evil” Federal government must give. Nanti monorail, nanti tram – but no solutions.

            This affects all. But of course LGE is a God that people worship him to the extent life suffers in doesn’t matter. Remember to always blame BN.

            1. re: “LGE is a God that people worship him”

              I’m aware they do. But WHY do the Penang Chinese do that?

              1. Penang Chinese are always like sheep. They idolised a politician is the craziest level or hate them until hell freezes over.

                For example Koh Tsu Koon – worshiped like crazy in the 1990s and then came LGE, he is hated like hell. Remember Bo Hood.

                (Remember your Jerusubang sheepies – many are from Penang. Penang Chinese love to idolize but cannot question and vice versa. That is the culture here.

                One day if LGE does not play his cards well, he will get the Bo Hood treatment and some new fella will become Ang Kong.

                1. re: “Koh Tsu Koon – worshiped like crazy in the 1990s”

                  I don’t remember this but then again, I wasn’t living in Penang for much of the 1990s. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to worship that Hannah lookalike [??]

                  1. In the 1990s, LKS was the most hated as he tried to remove Lim Chong Eu from Tanjung.

                    In came Koh Tsu Koon as to the LKS haters that time, he is the Messiah.

                    1. To have the DAP command centre operating from Penang island is disastrous. It’s such an insular and parochial environment. Judgment will be impaired because the rest of the country do not think and behave like Penangites.

                      Do Guan Eng’s worshippers there know how other Malaysians think and behave? Doesn’t look like it.

                  1. Yes. When he was newly appointed as Lim Chong Eu’s successor. For a few years – yes. He was the darling of US investors. The Intel, Seagate, NS love love love him. People loved him because LKS bullied Lim Chong Eu at Tanjong and because US mat salleh love him. (Selalu pergi US – important Mat Salleh love so we MUST love)

                    But then….. down hill.

                    Same with Pak Lah. He was popular as Endon’s patient hubby, then the grieving widower PM.
                    In comes Jeanne and KJ….. down hill.

                    Once, Penang people hated LKS for removing Chong Eu… now Penang lang love love love love love love him and his son and daughther -in -law and daughter.

                    Anwar – when he was with ABIM, when he Deputy PM. Penang lang tak suka dia – I know of one who called him Artifical intelignece. Now he is love love loved by Penang lang (after his sodomy I)

                    Penang memang macam ini.

                    1. re: “now Penang lang love love love love love love him and his son and daughther -in -law and daughter”

                      Can you share with us some url links as to what Lim Hui Ying has been up to politically of late?

          2. ‘does it affect the resident if she’s a person who does not support Pakatan?’

            what a question Helen, pemerintah are all the same. kuasa rakyat (demokrasi) hanya ujud 5 tahun sekali, itu pun cuma bertahan beberapa jam dari beratur sampai memangkah. bila kuasa dah berpindah ke pemerintah, mereka berkuasa 24/7. rakyat dah jadi persona non grata. minoriti berkuasa keatas majoriti. INI TIDAK ADIL!

            1. re: “rakyat dah jadi persona non grata”

              Rakyat Cina di Pulau Pinang memuja Lim Guan Eng ibarat dia tokong.

              1. betul tu. it’s a one-way street. depa dok sembah tokong tapi tokong buat dek saja… boh lang leh!

        2. is there a ferry service or titi connecting pulau tikus and pulau pinang?

          1. Pulau tikus is in the middle of Pulau Pinang. It is not a different landmass @ island.

            Macam Pulau Kambing di Kuala Terengganu. Nama je pulau tapi bukan pulau….

            1. Thanks Nikah Hatyai. Pulau Tikus, as you correctly say, lies between George Town and Tanjung Tokong.

              And here’s the small, rocky island of Pulau Tikus, about 2km offshore. You can look up a map of Penang.


    1. From the article you linked,

      “The best example I am trying to set; is to be a Muslim, a Chinese and a Malaysian,” [Felixia] wrote on Sunday.

      So she’s “Malaysian last”? DAP will be most displeased.

      1. “So she’s “Malaysian last”? DAP will be most displeased.”

        Ong Kean Ming will be so outraged that his puasa will be batal.

  11. “Malay first Malaysian second” TPM does not have to say that IMO.

    MALAYsia … duh!

    I suspect that when certain quarters can control the mind of 51% Malay and PR got the Putrajaya throne, they even want to change the name of this country.

    Probable line of argument: Malaysia sound racist.

  12. I don’t know what is the motive behind Tembam’s “Long live Hitler” @ Kinabatangan?

    Pasai kawasan Kinabatangan, dia kena bekajar rendah diri cikit ya. I was living there in the late ’70s. Locals there are d most peaceful of communities. Jalan raya besar mainly dirt/gravel roads, river crossings cable ferries, and foriegn pirates lurking to pounce at you 24/7.

    Google Kinabatangan today, see how far this place has progressed. Masalah penceroboh tu biasa la… Itu dbawa oleh oghang LUAQ untuk mengugat keamanan, kemakmuran dan kestabilan mana2 tempat. Macam dok jadi kat Selangoq sekarang.. Takleh lari, yg dok kacau tak renti sekarang mereka2 yg asal usul datangnya dari LUAQ.

    Kinabatangan has berpuluh jenis bangsa, adat, bahasa, budaya dan Agama tersendiri. Macam mana Adun/MP situ dapat MENYATUKAN mereka semua?

    Hai.. Duk peghembang Sabah ke? Sort Selangor MB, water, election problems dulu nuuu. Itu FDI pon apasal dah turun ktangga bawah? Ikut teladan Kinabatangan. Makin lama makin maju, bukan makin menurun ya..

    1. But there are no synagogues or Jews in Kinabatangan, are they?

      And, so, the Bung’s comments are kosher?

      Maybe to him, the concentration camps and gas chambers are figments of imagination, and that systematic genocide is a matter of little consequence?

      It’s par for the course for demagogues…….

      1. Alaaaaaa… DAP reacted? Itu celaka takde reaction pon?

        These DAP fellas, anything on Sabah or Sarawak EXCITES them la, jerks their adrenalines and make them tremble tidoq tak lena maàa They are trying all means to move the mountains there into their pockets..

        Oghang Sabah very simple, happy go lucky wan.. No racial or religous issues pressure, makanan fresh2 hidup aman damai.. Not like those in Penang kalau tak dapat kejar gunung asyik duk menyalak tak kesudahan kat gunung aje! Hidup ni kena banyak2 sikit relax le, kasi itu hati BERSIH, automatically hidup akan tenang.

        BTW itu tanjung Apek, why so busybody wan, Penang’s latest FDI figures merudum lu apa macam buat kerja ni? Still got time to poke your nose kat Negeri lain ke? Setel your own backyards first ma.

      2. Alahai, nape you kalut semacam? Our dearest TDM macam2 nama lu oghang kasi termasuk MAHA FIRAUN.

        Tak denghaq you kata apa pun and not a word came out from you Dapster fellas?

        What la you play non-stop. Just ask LKS’s son to work la..

  13. And Helen attacks “evangelistas” with pit bull fury!

    Come to think of it – why don’t you take that Bung character to task for his “Hitler analogy” in referring to Germany’s win over Brazil in the World Cup semifinal?

    Unless you believe, like the Bung, that it’s a laughing matter and not to be taken seriously? That he was merely shooting off his mouth as he is wont to do?

    There are some subjects that you can be flippant about. Hitler is not one of them.

    1. re: “And Helen attacks ‘evangelistas’ with pit bull fury!”

      I take it that you agree with Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Hannah that a lot of people/groups who are Umno or aligned to Umno are “bigots, racists, extremists and jihadists”?

      re: “why don’t you take that Bung character to task”

      What exactly do you want me to say about Bung?

  14. Dear People of the Book.

    Real followers of Jeshua of Nazareth (a.s), do not consume alcohol, do not eat pork, do not commit adultry, do not gamble and certainly do not equate nor jointly worship the Almighty with another.

    Anual confession sessions were certainly not prescribed nor worldwide binge shopping to celebrate an egyptian deity’s birthday was ever imaged by Jeshua (a.s) nor his apostles.

    Only and until you understand and adhere to these commandments set by your own Book, will the other peoples of the Book give a hoot about what you have to say.

    1. ‘Real followers of Jeshua of Nazareth (a.s), do not consume alcohol, do not eat pork, do not commit adultry, do not gamble’

      you need volume in any consumer enterprises to prosper. in this
      case, the mualafs (meaning the fake followers) were given the green light to continue with their way of life, by none other than paul. the prophet of islam reportedly approached by a group of non-muslims requesting similar exception and the response was NO. go and fly kites (ini saya tambah).

  15. Dumb and Dumber.

    Bung Mokhtar ain’t Einstein for sure with his “Long Live Hitler!” tweet, but Madam Speaker, in her blind rage and hatred for the BN, to retweet it is utter stupidity.

    While Malaysians will know her tweet was sarcasm against the BN, to the outside world (which hasn’t a clue what BN stands for) it just shows the speaker of an elected legislative assembly backing and retweeting someone praising Hitler.

    Wonder what AIPAC, B’nai B’irith, the Anti-Defamation League, Simon Wiesenthal Centre will say?

    Blame it on Mahathir, I suppose.

    1. ‘Blame it on Mahathir, I suppose.’

      Hahaha. Good one Irma. I bet they would so too!

      But we can tell the jews not to worry, we are not bigots like they are, for once Jerat Yahudi is intact and well kept by us all.

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