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Nevermore May 13 b’cos Dapsters love their neighbours and hate race-based parties

And also because their Mama is beloved of the Malays for diligently wearing tudung.

The Anak Bangsa Malaysia Love-Love-Love people below.

Puan Speaker at Surau Nur Iman yesterday


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DAP attacks “bigots, racists, extremists and jihadists”


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38 thoughts on “Nevermore May 13 b’cos Dapsters love their neighbours and hate race-based parties

  1. “New movement?” Errrr…..then how come I see the same ole faces?

    These so-called do-gooders/NGOs/human rights/multifaith etc fellas really ta’da malu. If one movement doesn’t succeed, play Ring-a-ring-a-roses and regroup under another name.. I’ve lost count of how many such groupings we’ve seen since 1998. As bad as Najib and his penchant for acronyms.

    Calling it Negara-ku, hopefully ALL members can actually sing the whole anthem and stand upright when it plays, including in cinemas.

    If this group doesn’t work out, suggest they form another one called Rukunegara. It would be interesting to see if members abide by “kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara”, “keluhuran Perlembagaan” and “kesopanan dan kesusilaan.”

    1. Not only that, if they form the movement known as “Rukunegara” as you’d suggest, they must put ‘Kepercayaan kepada Allah’ as the most important aspect.

    2. ‘Calling it Negara-ku, hopefully ALL members can actually sing the whole anthem and stand upright when it plays’

      Stand upright? I bet some, most, can’t sing the Negara-ku like average Malaysians does.

      Perhaps they sing better with Namewee, NegaraKuku? [YouTube]

  2. coming from DAP ha ha ha no wonder they only contest in chinese majority seat they are not racist. liar3 shame on u DAP 13th May was your doing, dont ever deny it, face the fact and history dont ever try to rewrite it. photo and pictures is the living proof until today LKS ur picture is there for people to see,

    1. may13 was umno’s doing to oust Tunku Abdul Rahman, and TAR did step down after may13….that’s the fact…..DAP were scapegoats, and were not politically savvy to counter that……..but, no worries after this, may13 is nothing more than mere history

      1. Surhhead,

        So the procession that strayed into Kg baru’s was UMNO’s doing? Kit Siang’s provocative speech in Bukit Bintang on May 11 1969 was also UMNO’s doing?

            1. I gave a you a legit picture. And you gives me opinions from the DAP kakis themselves to rebut the pic???

              Can you be more classy than that? I don’t even give a shit about what these people thinks or say. I know what I saw.

              1. and where was the pic extracted from? guess it’s from some umno propaganda paper

      2. this surrhead fella blogtrotting the cyberspace spewing stupid theory by in fact he has entirely no idea whatsoever towards the issue. it is obvious may 13 tension was raised by [DAP].

        please la knuckle head don’t play victim. remember the broom sapu melayu incident? or is it umno whose responsible of hiring that Chinese fella to provoke the malay masses? since you love to implicate every single thing with umno using your pea brain.

        1. jentayu, in politics it’s all about staying in power and how well you hold on to it. Those days ethics wasn’t paid much consideration, perception played a better role. These days, the rakyat has grown smart, and they want ethics. So, any party who wants to get to office, has to show ethics. Umno uses race, religion and may13. that’s bad…

          BTW, don’t bother implicating ethics and anwar, cos i didn’t buy any of the drama And umno is still with the perception game.

          But, i believe umno will be a very good opposition, cos they know every trick that there is in the book, and the ruling party will have to answer for every discrepancy, with the rakyat watching.

            1. Islam1st…i see that you would prefer to be at war then peace…so be it… are a living proof which relates Islam to terrorism and gives Islam a bad name …’s sad, but i can’t help you if you don’t want to help yourself……please continue hating fellow malaysians, IMO, hate groups are nothing more than small farts

  3. I think you posted the wrong picture. That looks like a picture from ABU, ermm no Bersih, I think. Ok, maybe Bersih2. Wait got Sasterawan Negara so this one the PPSMI. Or maybe this is more SUHAKAM/Suaram group photo.

    Oh, the f***! I think they forgot to include Hannah. That would surely elevate the status of this Negaraku to a whole other level.

  4. I wonder why we vote at all. Our MPs are simply not interested whether we have water, we die of JE or we are raped on the street. It is of national importance to our existence we:
    1. Define the word to represent God
    2. Tweet every damn moment so that we know our MPs are still breathing.
    3. Define and redefine history
    4. Make puasa reality shows and dress up in traditional costumes
    5. Call each other names
    6. Selfie all the time.
    7. Define racism.
    8. Call each other sexist buggers
    9. Tell people to eat vegetables
    Remember it is not important if we do not have any water to drink. It is better to have reality TV stunts. Remember not having water is healthier.

    Sorry. I will kill myself if my internet is down because I cannot Facebook or Tweet or comment. Water is NOT important.

    1. 10. Ong Kian Ming playing Shadow Foreign Minister and criticizing Bung Moktar for attracting international attention.

      1. I thought they’re forever running to Australia, UK, US etc crying wolf over how they’re treated like second class citizens, dirty elections etc?

        Yang tu bukan nak jade center of global attention ke?

  5. halo Helen, kalau tak silap la,baju kurung yang dia pakai (never mind the black selendang or tudung – fave karer kot) sama macam tahun2 yang lepas? orang kampong pun mampu menukar branded t-shirt (chap pagoda) 2 kali sehari, prada dia boleh pulak?

    1. She’s got really a huge wardrobe befitting her … err, stature. Plenty of new clothes and probably another Prada for Aidil Fitri after she collects Raya bonus.

  6. Kak Rosmah says that Malaysians of all races have a responsibility to preserve the peace in this nation.

    Malaysiakini readers asks her to:

    Anonymous #59879079 Stay out of politics fatso. If you know what’s good for you, lose some weight and keep your trap shut.

    APA INI?
    Now, just looking at the size of that diamond on he finger is enough to bring anything BUT peace-ful thoughts. Think about it, Rosmah; you’ve got baggage the Rakyat hate you for! Stop provoking.

    Raja Chulan It will do so much good if Rosmah just behave herself. No need for her to advise others. Malaysia is in so much sh@t because of her many misconduct.


    This will never end, will it?

    1. re: “fatso. If you know what’s good for you, lose some weigh”

      Their Mama Dapster led the way with “hu hu hu” perli Rosmah’s size. It’s called Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan DAP.

    2. Tapi kalo dapat bergambar dengan MrsObama mereka ni akan sengeh macam kerang busuk! Lagi2 dpt shake hands, nah mesti masuk wiki. Muahahaha

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,

    What did Hannah Yeoh do at the surau? And who is the woman in the white short sleeves blouse with Hannah Yeoh? What is she doing at the surau, dressing like that? Did they all go to the praying hall?

    I know Pak Samad, but now I lost my respect for him. What is he trying to prove? Pity him being used by Dapsters.

    1. re: “What did Hannah Yeoh do at the surau?”

      Iftar even though she and her friends did not puasa.

      re: “And who is the woman in the white short sleeves blouse with Hannah Yeoh?”

      Looks like the wife of Hannah Yeoh’s guest.

      re: ‘What is she doing at the surau, dressing like that? Did they all go to the praying hall?”

      Perhaps MAIS should find out.

  8. Majority of Malaysian ( Malay mostly ) fully aware that their Negara is Malaysia and no others option, and they will defends it to their last breath.

    Negara ku Malaysia is always in their heart.

    No doubt many Malaysian I/C holders didn’t take it, “Negara ku Malaysia ” as their nation that they will fight for, it’s only a country that they will benefit from, I think this type of Malaysian needs this kind of movement to make them fully alert that they should gave, not just take.

    1. re: “re: “this type of Malaysian needs this kind of movement to make them fully alert that they should give, not just take”

      The purpose of their movement is to take back (“reclaim”) the country from the evil and the wicked people so that the good people can enjoy peace, harmony and love.

    2. I think this type of Malaysian needs this kind of movement to make them fully alert that they should gave, not just take.

      i doubt it will happen. Sound patriotic but with those lots. Hidden agenda clearly seen. Don’t need any gift from them, just get lost from this country.

    1. ‘ Hasutan Pertumpahan Darah Etnik Oleh Ramasamy : PEMBELA Membuat Laporan Polis
      Sebentar tadi, pada jam 3:56 Petang, wakil dari Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam (PEMBELA) telah membuat satu laporan polis di Bertam, Seberang Perai Utara, Pulau Pinang. Ia berikutan kenyataan tidak bertanggungjawab Timbalan Ketua Menteri II Pulau Pinang, Prof. Dr. P. Ramasamy yang mengeluarkan kenyataan berbaur hasutan yang menggesakan pertumpahan darah antara etnik berlaku.’

      ‘Former Bukit Aman CID chief Tan Sri Mohamed Zaman Khan Rahim Khan and an NGO have lodged police reports against Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy over the latter’s alleged seditious statement.’

      Harap-harap AG sudah bangun tidur.

  9. Tun Dr Mahathir, as quoted by Singapore Straits Times Senior Writer Salim Osman in the S.E.A.View opinion column today (“Malaysia’s terrorist recruits”):

    “If the opinion revolves around killing others and oneself to go to heaven, perhaps more Malays will wrap themselves in bombs and detonate them in order to kill other Muslims who are not known and are not hostile to them.”

    Salim raised the question: “so what is it that propels young Malaysians to leave the comforts of home for Middle East battle zones?”

    He puts forward three root causes:

    – the radicalising influence of Wahhabism, “the puritan brand of Sunni Islam that has been blamed for greater intolerance among Malaysian Muslims.”

    – a growing “religiosity among young Malays who aspire to become better Muslims. In their zeal to do good deeds in the name of Islam, they are drawn to its call to struggle against injustice.”

    – “the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; these help militant groups to spread their messages and win recruits.”

    1. Malaysians must thank the liberals for abolishing the ISA. Again the cerdik pandai worldly liberal simply knows best!

      Now how do we stop social extremism from rooting in the country?!

      1. Are you faulting Salim’s commentary or what Dr M opined?

        Have you even read the Salim commentary in full? Perhaps you can ask your contacts in Singapore to forward it to you!

        Interestingly, in Singapore, there are no problems between Sunnis and Shia’s. According to a recent report in the Singapore Straits Times, they even inter-marry. No controversy. No “social extremism”.

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