9 thoughts on “On Aljazeera this weekend

  1. Malaysians of Indian origin, especially, ought to watch this program assess the condition of their lot vis-a-vis those covered by tis upcoming programme.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up; I will definitely watch. I have always love al-Jazeera’s programs- they tends to cover a lot of worldwide issues typically ignored by other international news networks.

    al-Jazeera has a promo of a program titled “Malaysia’s gang menaceMalaysia’s violent ganglands are luring many ethnic indians struggling to fit into a segregated society.” Probably the same program up there.

    1. Really? who gives two hoots on what you think. Why don’t you start you own media to propagate for the Goebbels truth in Malaysia. Can you? Funny, in Malaysia telling the truth on the predicament of fellow Malaysians are a revolutionary act with a continuous deceit for people like you. Oops I forgot, Malaysia boleh!!!

  3. Al-jazeera should also go into the lot of the underclass Indians in India, including the impact of the cast system. The Indians don’t have to be anywhere else but in their own country to suffer the indignity of being treated, considered, condemned to being excluded as human beings. The world’s largest democracy leads the rest of the world in having substantial number of households without toilet facilities.

  4. Saw the show.

    The true colours of the JSubang and similar neighbourhoods. The middle class (Malay, Chinese and non-functional Indians) have patrols in their neighbourhood to keep out of the Indians. So neighbourly.

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