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Negaraku majority Chinese

Negaraku is a “people’s movement to reclaim our nation” that was launched yesterday.

The coalition of NGOs have named themselves after our national anthem. Even the name of our lagu kebangsaan also they want to grab and cause confusion to the public.

Since they call themselves the “people’s movement”, let’s see who these people are.

Among the better known NGOs in Negaraku are Aliran (headed by Francis Loh), Suaram (headed by Yap Swee Seng) and the Bersih satellites (Global Bersih 2.0, Singapore Bersih).

The Negaraku figureheads are a recycle of Bersih — Ambiga and Pak Samad.

Hannah Yeoh doing her Bersih Walk warm up

What kind of NGO is ‘Friends of Kota Damansara’?

Other NGOs in Negaraku are those involved with:

  • Human rights — Proham, Hakam
  • Women’s rights — WAO, SIS, Awam, Tenaganita
  • Religious rights — MCCBCHST (Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism), Islamic Renaissance Front, Muslim Professionals Forum, Ikram
  • Indian rights — NIAT, Tamil Foundation
  • Haris Ibrahim is right — ABU (Asalkan Bukan Umno), SABM (Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia)

Then there are those with ‘Sabah’ or ‘Sarawak’ in their names — SAWO (Sabah Women’s Action resource group), SRS (Save Rivers Sarawak), Saccess (Sarawak Access).

And those whose names that make you wonder what kind of NGOs they are — Friends of Kota Damansara, FIC (Friends in Conversation), Gentra (Gen Two Training Academy).


A lot of zongs in Negaraku

The backbone of Negaraku are the Chinese NGOs:

  • Himpunan Hijau (anti-Lynas protest group led by Wong Tack, the DAP candidate for the Bentong Parliament seat – poster above)
  • Dong Zong
  • Jiao Zong
  • Xiao You Lian Zong (United Chinese School Alumni Associations)
  • Federation of Zhong Shan Association Malaysia
  • Chung Shan Association, Selangor and Federal Territory
  • Liu Hua (Persatuan Bekas Siswazah Univesiti dan Kolej di China, Malaysia)
  • Federation and Alumni Associations Taiwan University, Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
  • Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall
  • Persatuan Kwangsi Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur
  • Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Hokkien Association
  • Kuen Cheng Alumni Association
  • Persatuan Alumni Chung Ling Wilayah Tengah
  • Penang Chinese Independent Schools’ Education Society
  • Dema (Malaysian Youth and Students Democratic Movement)
  • LLG Cultural Development Centre (LLG is Lim Lian Geok)
  • Malaysians for Beng Hock … this also an NGO, ah?


Repeat after me: “Unity, Unity, Unity”

Some (or many) of these Negaraku folks are uber Unity Seekers. They scream all the time that all they want is “unity” for the country.

If you don’t share their level of enthusiasm for “unity” – whether it be unity of the races or of the religions – then some (or many) of these Unity Seekers will brand you a R-A-C-I-S-T ! whose main goal in life is to create/cause “disunity” among Malaysians.

Any person who fails to proclaim that he desires National Unity above all else is most wicked and utterly evil.

However if you support the Negaraku movement, you’re a patriotic Malaysian First.

Negaraku will bring Malaysians together to fight against bigotry, hatred, extremism, intolerance and violence as well as to defend the weak, oppressed people from persecution and injustice.

All this about anti-“bigotry/hatred/extremism/intolerance/violence” and complaints about “oppression, persecution and injustice” is contained in their Mission and Vision statement.


The Democrats vs the Racists

Unlike the “racist” Umno (according to Hannah Yeoh) which is the United MALAY National Organisation, the “racist” MCA (according to Hannah Yeoh) which is the Malaysian CHINESE Association and the “racist” MIC (according to Hannah Yeoh) which is the Malaysian INDIAN Congress, Hannah Yeoh’s party the DAP is not racist.

DAP is the Democratic Action Party which does not have ‘Malay’, ‘Chinese’, ‘Indian’ or any other race mentioned in its name. Unlike Umno, MCA and MIC, the DAP is not a “race-based party” which everybody must “HATE— see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet above.


Photo credit: Ellese’s blog

Multiculturalism is the DAP’s faces of many races in their party photograph above — double click to enlarge.

Nope. No, sirree. DAP is not at all race based. The DAP national leadership in their most recent annual retreat gathering is multiracial as you can see.

The truth of the matter is that DAP is “democratic” based. You can ascertain this fact by way (see bar chart, below) of how the party delegates voted in choosing their exco representatives.

BELOW: The Top 24 leaders who got the highest votes in the DAP 2012 December party election

DAP: Keputusan pemilihan CEC (2012)
Lim Kit Siang received the most votes, followed by his son Guan Eng
DAP: Keputusan pemilihan CEC (2012) kedudukan No.9 - 16
There are 2 Punjabis and 2 Indians in the Top 24 but no Malays
DAP: Keputusan pemilihan CEC (2012) kedudukan No.17 - 24
Chinese leaders comprise 83% of the vote getters in the Top 24

BELOW: The Top 40 vote getters

Beige – Chinese

Maroon – Indian

Brown – Malay


(741 words)


Tun might want to reclaim his “Bangsa Malaysia” from Haris & the horse thieves




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44 thoughts on “Negaraku majority Chinese

  1. Sekali lagi saya ingin ingatkan Ambiga, HY dan kumpulan yang sewaktu dengan mereka,

    Selagi aktiviti yang diwujudkan, disokong oleh hanya sekumpulan kaum, selagi itulah, matlamat yang hendak dicapai tidak akan berjaya!

    Cantik macam mana pun pekejnya!

    Reaksi biasa, bila orang dengar mengenainya, otomatik, minda mereka akan kata, ‘Ahhhh, buat apa sokong, tujuannya untuk kepentingan kaum itu sahaja!

    Pedulikan! ( maksudnya tidak usah pedulikan).

    Tapi kalau sekadar untuk ‘menghagatkan’ semula nama Ambiga, memanglah berjaya!

    Ramai yang sudah lupa dengan Ambiga. Tapi bila timbul, ‘Negaraku’, orang ingat Ambiga semula!.

    Ah, Ambiga Bersih!

    Selain daripada itu Ambiga menolong mempopularkan ISMA!

    He,he,he paling orang ingat gertak peniaga peniaga untuk berniga di hadapan rumahnya.

    Pandai pula buat laporan polis, golongan yang mereka kutuk!

    Muka tidak tahu malu!

  2. Negaraku is a “people’s movement to reclaim our nation”?

    Reclaim our nation from what/whom? The Sulus’ aggression? Tamil Eelam’s subversion? 40,000 Bangladeshi ‘ghost’ voters (yet to be located, maybe Tan Sri Khalid is hiding them from Anwar Ibrahim)? From gelandangans who pose a threat to Lot 10 Mall? From the a single national school system? From denggi in Selangor and JE in Penang? Aih, cukup-cukup la buat drama.

    p.s. Dear Helen, result Dis 2012 tu boleh pakai ke? The high-class people got it wrong coz they didn’t understand Microsoft Excel, so the new “results” put Zairil K in the 20th place with 803 votes (that’s 498 difference with the initial count, must be some very lousy version of Microsoft Excel). Plus, he’s a Malay? Ok, that’s news to me.

    1. Yes, I used the original results to generate the bar charts.

      DAP must stop using pirated Excel. And PKR must speed up their party election.

      The World Cup is going to be over soon. But the PKR election is taking longer to finish than the football fiesta.

      Our Election Commission can successfully conduct the GE polls throughout the whole country in just one day. Pakatan say that if they take over the country, everything would be improved. Imagine PKR to oversee the EC and DAP’s failed accountants to oversee the treasury.

      Wow! The kind of improvements that Pakatan promise to introduce will be staggering.

      1. Ah I see. DAP used a pirated Excel? That’s not very CAT of them, don’t you think Helen? Both DAP and PKR (directly or indirectly through Bersih) kept on barking at the SPR for its alleged inability to conduct GE nationwide, but both DAP and PKR are even worse at their own party elections. Baru berapa kerat je tu and of course, Ambiga and Bersih are elegantly silent about that.

        If PKR oversee the SPR, the price of chairs, tables and many other furniture will go up drastically, because they need these items during the elections for the voters’ to express their newly found freedom. An extra set of 40,000 chairs possibly with GPS beacons attached are required to address possible anomalies.

        If DAP oversee the treasury, well, all numbers including the country’s total FDI will not be accurate coz they simply add things up to make the numbers look good, as alleged to what is happening in P. Pinang. If we complaint, they simply do cosmetic re-counting. Excel is such a simple software to use, I don’t know how people like DAP’s Lim Lip Eng is going to operate more complex software used in radar, air-traffic control etc. if he appoints himself to oversee TUDM and TLDM.

        Then when the country is already in ruins, Rafizi Ramli will come along and make a press conference saying something like all the mistakes were intended as this is part of the ‘Malaysia Move’. Malaysians will be better off after this. PAS as usual will ask everyone to pray and say something like, this is just a test sebelum semua orang boleh masuk syurga. Lagipun, dunia ni sementara saja, then Husam Musa said he found new telaga minyak berdekatan Pasar Taman Tun, so semua jangan takut.

          1. Yes on this score I agree with you. Make sure the quality is good and durable. You wouldn’t want a certain fat ass to complain that the plastic chairs are of extreme quality after she placed her ass on it and boom, it fell to pieces.

            1. Comes in handy during party elections too. Chairs get thrown among themselves. One or two should have landed on kepala anwar, if it haven’t already?!

    2. as i understand, Zairil is actually a Chinese adoptee to Malay parents.

      So go figure…

      1. not adopted. he’s the son of the late khir johari’s chinese wife. anak tiri kj la!

        1. Wahhhhhh, no wonder so perasan one!! That’s how he got to the 20th place of the CEC “election”.

    3. “From gelandangans who pose a threat to Lot 10 Mall”

      Yes. They are a threat. Luckily they shooed all the XXXXX from Sentul East. Must work harder to get rid of the XXXX from the rest of Sentul. When we go to Sentul becareful not to cross to the east as it is very smelly.

      That day my girlfriend’s Prada bag got curry smell because she accidentally came out of Sentul stattion and not Sentul East stattion. Stupid girl.

      Then we get rid of the XXXX from Kampung Baru and Chow Kit.
      Eee Chow Kit got transvestites and Indons. My poor Gucci.

      Replace with sweet smelling Mat Salleh and high class yellow jews.

  3. My Country. Talk about unity. Talk about beyond race and yet these are the most vocal people who reject the basic foundation of nation building, their rejection of the one school for all project. This is just the latest in a long list of scams to deceive the ignorant and the gullible.

  4. enough is enough lah these NGOs rebranding. ambigious ambiga should just refrain from riding on gullible so called ‘non-racist?’ NGOs and DAPsters to keep her afloat in the political arena indirectly. did not you notice most of NGOs are either race based or religious based and here these con artists are talking about unity? LOL.

    why are the DAPsters so easily piggy ridden in nature when most of the times they potrayed others as wicked.

    evangelistas DAPsters are good at deceiving and lying the ‘non-racist?’ to the extend that these people believe in them without using their brain if any.

    malaysia is more united and tolerance before the existence of these NGOs, don’t you think so.

    who governs these NGOs anyway and what are the policies to ensure they are not strayed against the objectives of their being?.

  5. Dear H

    To all these folks in ” negaraku”, I wonder how many can really sing our national anthem ?? I bet my bottom dollar, that more than half wont be able to. Yet they have the gall to name their group negaraku.

    1. re: “Yet they have the gall to name their group negaraku.”

      Setuju sangat. Memang sakit hati tengok diorang kebas “istilah” Negaraku. Melampau dah, puak yang takde had batasan. Semua benda nak sapu bersih.

        1. Maybe, if it’s ‘Jerusubangku’, the lyric would have something like “Rahmat bahagia, Allah kurniakan”. Innit’ ?

  6. Register as a new party, masuk GE14 and then talk la once you get the right majority support.

    Otherwise asyik bunyi macam anjing menyalak tak renti2, sakit telinga tau!

    1. Mengapa sakit hati? Sudah sampai masa untuk ‘sakit poket/dompet’ kerana semalam bank negara menaikkan kadar faedah. Jutaan rakyat Malaysia yang mempunyai pinjaman perumahan akan terasa bahang ‘Barang Naik’. Nantikan edisi ‘Barang Naik’ seterusnya:-

      1. kenaikan harga petrol sebelum hujung tahun;
      2. kenaikan tarif elektrik oleh TNB sebelum hujung tahun;
      3. kenaikan harga barang kerana GST April tahun depan;
      4. kenaikan harga rumah kerana GST.

      1. Bukan Barang Naik. Apa yang berlaku adalah penurunan daya beli rakyat, atau dalam Bahasa Inggeris The Decline of Your Purchasing Power. Adik Faham ?

        1. Apa beza dengan ‘Barang Naik’? Akhirnya, dengan nilai mata wang yang sama, nilai barang dan perkhidmatan yang kamu dapat telah berkurang. Contoh, roti canai. Sama ada harga naik tapi saiz masih sama atau harga dikekalkan tapi saiz roti telah dikecilkan. Yang pasti, kos hidup rakyat semakin naik.

          Adakah kamu nak mengalih perhatian orang dengan menggunakan istilah ‘ The Decline of Your Purchasing Power’? Abang faham?

          1. Adik tidak perlu begitu emotional. Adik perlu rancang perbelanjaan adik. Tiada guna adik mengadu sana sini. Adik faham ?

            1. Abang, kamu mesti orang golongan berada/atasan. Malangnya, saya bukan. Setiap ringgit adalah bernilai. Cuba pergi tanya pendapat orang golongan pendapatan rendah. Saya faham tiada guna mengadu kerana kerajaan tidak prihatin dengan kos hidup rakyat.

              Saya tak rasa saya beremosi kerana ulasan dan contoh yang saya berikan adalah fakta. Kalau tak percaya, tunggu dan lihat sampai akhir tahun ini sama ada edisi ‘Barang Naik-BN’ yang saya katakan terjadi ataupun tidak. Abang ok?

            2. Nampaknya adik tak faham pasal sistem kewangan wang kertas yang kita semua pakai sekarang. Adik mungkin nak kena simpan banyak2 wang dinar emas dan dirham perak, sebab ‘nilai’ kekal sampai bila-bila!

              Adik cuba google Fiat Money, supaya boleh faham

              1. islam1st,

                Apa yang kamu ingin katakan mengenai ‘fiat money’?

                Saya bawa isu kos sara hidup meningkat. Terbaru adalah kenaikan kadar faedah oleh bank negara yang memberi kesan kepada pinjaman perumahan. Yang saya tahu mulai sekarang, saya kena bayar lebih bulan-bulan untuk benda yang sama. Rumah saya masih sama dan tiada pertambahan kegunaan. Tetapi saya kena bayar lebih.

            3. Ada cara utk adik ni mengatasi masalah ‘decline of yr purchasing power’ nih semua.

              Discipline diri dan betoi2 DECLINE, yg tak perlu atau tak mampu doksah mengada beli, tak mati kan?

              Gomen ada senarai barang2 keperluan harian yg tak kena GST.. Banyak tau.

              Harga minyak, letrik dan lain2 naik.. Dulu semua bising tak suka tongkat. Gomen dok tarik sikit2 dah bising kot lain pulak. Bagi tak suka, tarik balik pun tak suka. Apa lagi U ALL mau?

              1. Polis tangkap orang salah. Tak tangkap orang salah. Polis tak jaga perhimpunan salah. Polis jaga perhimpunan pun salah. Memang cipan!

              2. RINA,

                Memanglah tak mati. Cuma dompet kering saja. Pergi tanya orang biasa. Jangan terlalu bergaul dengan ‘golongan atasan’.

                Sejak bila kita tak suka ‘tongkat’? Tongkat yang merendahkan kos sara hidup untuk golongan pendapatan rendah adalah tanggungjawab kerajaan.

                Tongkat yang kita tak suka adalah tongkat yang kayakan kroni. Contoh RM250 juta skandal NFC untuk keluarga Sharizat. Sampai sekarang masih belum bayar balik.

                Per: Gomen ada senarai barang2 keperluan harian yg tak kena GST.. Banyak tau.

                Terlalu awal untuk mengatakan harga barang akan naik ataupun turun kerana GST masih belum dilaksanakan. Yang pasti harga rumah akan naik. Try google.

                Sama-sama kita tunggu April tahun depan. Baru kita tahu impak GST.

                1. “Terlalu awal utk mengatakan harga barang Akan naik ataupun turun…” Pandai pun bnm123, tapi kat komen awal tu dah mengomel “3. Kenaikan harga barang kerana GST April tahun depan; 4. Kenaikan harga Rumah kerana GST” yg mana satu betul nasihat Adik bnm123 ni?

                  Bayaran instalment utk Rumah sbb BNM naik kan kadar faedah tu biasa lah… Managed economy so Kadang2 faedah boleh turun jugak, x pulak bising bila turun.. And bila RM depreciate bising juga, klu nak appreciate kan RM kena lah BNM naik kan kadar faedah.. Not to mention the use of kadar faedah in curbing the increase in debts n high property prices as well as to encourage savings.

                  We don’t live in an isolation, yg boleh control is our own behaviour n spending, disciplining ourselves to mitigate the declining in our purchasing power. That’s why it’s better to think of declining purchasing power rather than mengomplen ‘barang naik jer’… The former, we can do something whereas the latter is a form of blame game n refusal of Rakyat to take action.

                  1. zz2440,

                    Kenaikan harga rumah akibat GST adalah pasti. Cuba google ‘gst impact on property malaysia’ dan bacalah ulasan oleh pakar-pakar percukaian dan pemaju perumahan. Untuk barang keperluan harian, kita masih tidak tahu kerana senarai komprehensif masih belum dikeluarkan. Tetapi sampai sekarang kerajaan masih ragu-ragu untuk mengecualikan petrol dan diesel daripada GST. Bukankah kedua-dua barang jika dinaikkan harga akan menyebabkan kenaikan harga ‘across the board’? Mengapa kerajaan masih belum membuat ketetapan untuk mengecualikan petrol dan diesel?


                    per: Not to mention the use of kadar faedah in curbing the increase in debts n high property prices as well as to encourage savings.

                    Itu memang teori ekonomi dan saya faham. Berapa rakyat Msia yang mempunyai hutang tinggi, memiliki hartanah yang berharga tinggi dan mempunyai simpanan yang banyak? Tinggalkan status ‘orang atasan’ anda dan cuba fahami keperitan hidup ‘orang kebanyakan berpendapatan rendah’.

                    Rujuk sini untuk jumlah rakyat Msia yang berpendapatan rendah:


                    “The second payout will be made this year under Budget 2013 with an allocation of RM3 billion and is expected to benefit 4.3 million households.”

                    4.3 juta isi rumah? Kalau satu isi rumah ada 3-4 orang, cuba kira sendiri berapa ramai orang. Adakah mereka berhutang banyak kerana membeli barang keperluan atau memiliki beberapa buah kereta dan hartanah? Adakah mereka memiliki simpanan yang begitu banyak sehingga kenaikan faedah akan meningkatkan pulangan simpanan dengan jumlah yang besar?

      2. Yeah lah. Jahatnya Najib ya.

        Nak pergi Taiwan atau Australia cuti, Air Asia XXX kena GST.

        Bak Kut Teh pun kena GST.

        Orang yang tinggal dalam bangalow air con 24 jam boleh jadi susah sebab kena belanja 6% lagi.

        Lagi-lagi hutang beli Mercedes naik sebab Bank Negara yang jahat naikkan kadar faedah.

        Jadi kena ikat pinggang dan pakai tali pinggang Zara sahaja. Usahlah beli tali pinggang di Gucci.

  7. The above photos look like in the first instance a Chinese vernacular school on sports day. The second looks like the senior middle three end of year photograph from its composition.

    Is Negaraku an admission that Bersih has failed that all the other so called ‘civil societies’ funded nut fests have also failed, or become irrelevant or that Anwar needs a better and more relevant bunch of shoe polishers?

    More important is the statement by a writer above. Who are they attempting to reclaim the nation from?

    Loooosers and 2 bit wannabes.

  8. Hmmm.
    Negaraku (kepada orang-orang dalam gambar di atas)
    1st Choice: Australia, UK, Taiwan, USA (sebab Landon Donovon seksi), Canada
    2nd Choice: Sri Lanka, India, PRC, Republic of Punjab, Singapore

    Kalau application kena tolak dan tak ada choice: Malaysia.

    That is why those people are.

  9. RE: “No, sirree. DAP is not at all race based. The DAP national leadership in their most recent annual retreat gathering is multiracial as you can see.”

    A surreal sea of sino-socialists . . . Penangite cultural revolutionaries addicted to prosperity evangelism? [YouTube]

    Daniel Bell maintains that many people are attached to their cities more than their countries. Think of New Yorkers, who identify more with New York than with the US with t-shirts that say “I love NY”. He also says that the rise of ‘Civicism’ (a term invented by Bell and his co-author’s to denote the rise of urban pride) can be seen from the US to Europe to China.

    Bell also points out that Confucianism is experiencing a revival in China amongst some political reformers. Confucianism teaches that there is a duty to protect people who are voiceless, like our future generations who will be affected by today’s policies (about “climate change” for example) – liberal democracy lacks these kinds of representative considerations.

  10. “A lot of zongs in Negaraku” – that’s the major problem. Wonder what they are smoking with those zongs.

  11. Pertubuhan Jenis Kebangsaan Negara-ku

    ‘Dgn keyakinan itulah mereka membawa masuk segala jenis FASAD dan MAFSADAH seperti menerusi IFC, COMANGO, PAKATAN RAKYAT dan banyak lagi. Apa yang dikesalkan adalah KEDEGILAN kelompok-kelompok Islam yang kini menjadi petrol kepada Penggerak Mafsadah ini dan sekelompok dari Liberalis yang kini bersarang di dalam Umno dan Kerajaan yang bersifat oportunis dan gila kuasa hingga Najib menubuhkan MKPN dan kemudiannya menelurkan RUU Akta Harmoni yang implikasinya akan melahirkan NEGARAKU yang bersifat REPUBLIK! Justeru untuk membongkar segala kebejatan puak-puak ini kita tidak mempunyai apa-apa pilihan lain lagi kecuali menuntut penubuhan Sebuah Suruhanjaya DiRaja.

    Kita amat perlukan Suruhanjaya DiRaja untuk mengenalpasti unsur-undur perjuangan ke arah REPUBLIK yang sedang mereka lakukan!

    Sehingga itu, semua pihak harus berhati-hati dengan Pertubuhan Jenis Kebangsaan Negara-ku ini.’

  12. pertubuhan yang tidak diperlukan. tiada untung untuk orang melayu. lupakan sahaja mereka.

  13. DAP parti perkauman harap melayu islam malaysia jangan masuk DAP.Pilihanraya akan datang jangan undi DAP,undi BN UMNO sebab UMNO yang akan mempertahankan kuasa orang melayu islam,ugama.islam,sultan dan raja,politik dan ekonomi melayu islam.Jangan sekali percaya pada DAP nampak je berbilang kaum haqiqatnya sebenarnya parti perkauman.

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